Transcription of the word that the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which she delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on August 30, 2021.

Watch the video, and then read the transcript below.


CORRECTION: I made an error in the broadcast when I said Dave Blaney’s father’s name was Dale Blaney. Dale is his brother. His father’s name is Lou Blaney.

ANNAMARIE: Many of you may not know that I, I spent 20 years working in NASCAR racing. Well, I’m sorry; I, I spent 30 years, my whole life pretty much, working professionally in motorsports. I worked in all types of motorsports—NASCAR racing, stock car racing, uh, asphalt racing, dirt racing, sprint car racing, road racing, Formula One. Uh, I, I’ve been involved in all of it, and, uh, I had a professional career in motorsports, and then I became a, uh, race car driver coach. And the main chunk of my career, mainly the last 15-20, well, maybe 15 years of my career was, was in NASCAR racing. And I managed many race teams, uh, managed many sponsors, managed many drivers, uh, in NASCAR, and then, uh, I went on and had a consulting company, and I was a, a, a coach and a mentor for our professional up-and-coming NASCAR drivers for many years. 

Uh, there was a race that was at Daytona this weekend. Now, I’m going to give you this word. The Lord speaks to me through the NASCAR races. Uh, he gave us a very powerful word back in February with the Daytona 500 about the gates of righteousness have been busted open, and, uh, the key to the house of David that is on Jesus Christ’s shoulder has come in, and that this was for America. If, if you have not heard that word that I had about the Daytona 500, uh, back in February, you need to go back and watch it because it’s connected to today’s word, okay? 

Okay. So this weekend, there was a race at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida, where the headquarters of NASCAR is. Uh, it’s, it’s one of the biggest super speedways and one of the fastest super speedways, uh, on the NASCAR circuit. 

NASCAR is one of the, um, the sports that didn’t get, uh, woke. Why is that? Because they have God. They have Jesus. I, I worked in NASCAR for many, many years. There is a ministry that is very powerful in NASCAR, called Motor Racing Outreach. Uh, it is a very powerful ministry for the drivers and the teams and the children of the drivers and the teams, and the women, specifically. I was very, very involved in Motor Racing Outreach. Um, my mentors, uh, Ron and Jackie Pegram, were the chaplains, and, Jack, Ms. Jackie was, uh, she ministered to the women and the children, and, uh, Ron ministered to the drivers and the teams, uh, and, they … just, just a powerful, powerful, uh, organization for the Lord; Holy Spirit filled. And so there was, there, it’s rooted in Christ. Okay? NASCAR is rooted in Christ, and, um, you know, it, it, the, the woke stuff did try to infiltrate in it, but it didn’t last. It didn’t last because we have too many praying people in NASCAR. It’s, it’s, it’s very rooted in Christ. And, um, it’s, it’s a, it’s a multi-generational sport, uh, you know, fathers and sons and daughters and, you know, people that are … you’re like born into it, you know. And it’s just a really blessed, blessed, uh, place. 

Well, the first thing I saw prophetically, uh, is the, uh, the national anthem. All right. Uh, Motor Racing Outreach, they, uh, they have a Bible club for the children of the, of the drivers and of the teams, and, uh, during the races and stuff like that. Uh, the families are there for quite a long time, and the drivers and the teams, they have these motorhomes. They park them like in a little motorhome paddock. And Motor Racing Outreach has a, a, a motorhome and a bus, uh, where they do children’s activities, Bible activities and things like that with the kids, and every year, they do a little choir, where a little chorus, and the kids, uh, sing the national anthem. They get all the children together of the drivers and the teams, and they sing the national anthem. So you, so this weekend at Daytona was, uh, one of the weekends that the, the kids came together and sang the national anthem, the children. 

So it was interesting because I was on Telegram, and I, I hadn’t watched the race yet, uh, and I hadn’t watched the pre-race yet, but General Flynn … I don’t know if he was at Daytona or he had just gotten this video from Daytona, but it was a video that someone had taken from the grandstands of the children up on the podium before the race singing the national anthem. And, uh, none of the teams wearing masks, nobody wearing masks, just, it literally was a, the spirit of freedom was coming, you know, just patriotism; red, white, and blue. And, and General Flynn commented, “Imagine that; patriotism, prayer, children singing the national anthem, and no masks.” 

And I knew, I said, “Lord, okay, you’re speaking through NASCAR.” And I knew because, um, President Trump had taken his victory laps at Daytona in the, uh, presidential limousine, uh, last year. And the Lord told me that was prophetic. That was very prophetic, that President Trump was taking his, his victory la, laps in advance. So the whole thing with “watch Daytona, and watch what I do in Daytona,” it, it, it’s God speaking about victory for America, victory for our children, and that this wokism will not prevail. This Antichrist spirit that has come on America will not prevail. 

And, uh, so I want you all to be encouraged by what I’m, I’m, I’m about to tell you right now, okay? You’re going to be encouraged, but we also are getting instruction from the Lord about what to do right now, okay? So hear the, the word of the Lord. This is what the Holy Spirit gave me to speak for you all, to you all this morning. This is instruction, so I need y’all to pay attention! Okay? I say it with love. 

So I watched the Daytona race, uh, and, uh, it was riddled with major wrecks, fiery wrecks right down to the last lap. I mean, major pile up, fiery wrecks all the way. It was what we call an attrition-filled race, you know, a real battlefield, lots of fiery wrecks, lots of big smash ‘em ups, okay? It was, it was a battle on this 500-lap race. 

Now, I want y’all to understand something. This is a sport. People say, “Oh, how can race car driving be a sport?” Let me, let me give you a little insight here. I spent many, many years in this sport. These drivers and these teams, they train. They train; they train; they train. All week, they do pit stop practice. These guys, they lift weights; they train. And there’s girls too. There’s girls too. 

This is a sport where men and women can do side-by-side, and it’s, it’s the best team atmosphere you will ever be in. It’s, it’s amazing. It’s wonderful. And, um, you know, I, I miss it so much, but the Lord has me in ministry, and that’s where he trained me up. 

But, listen to me, all right? These drivers are in these cars for 500 laps. Those cars get up to 120 degrees, uh, inside. The heat in these cars is so much, and they’re in that car for 500 laps, for hours. They can’t go to the bathroom. They can’t … and I remember one time, you know, one of my drivers said to me, we were talking about it, and he said, he says, “Annamarie,” he goes, “I lose up to almost five to eight pounds after every race.” I was like, “You lose up to five to eight pounds after every race?” He’s like, “Yeah.” He’s like, “Just from the, the water that pours out of my body.” They, they get out of these race cars, their, their, their fire suits are soaking wet.

Now, we do have some things now that are in the cars to help the heat. We have, you know, uh, floor mats that are bolted into the cars that deflect heat that have, uh, NASA grade heat deflection. Um, we, the, the, the fire suits, uh, do, do have where, you know, um, and, and the helmets do have where they’re, they’re pumping fresh air into the helmets, into their fire suits, you know, so there is some cooling. They do have, uh, coolers, uh, bolted down into the cars now that, that circulate, um, uh, cold water into the driver, and he’s got a tube that goes, you know, into his, his mouth where he can drink, you know, while, while he’s in the race. 

I mean, these guys are up on the wheel like this, okay? It takes, it takes a lot of physical and mental, okay, and in order if you do get hit, if you do get in a wreck and you do hit the wall, the G forces from hitting those … you got to be in really good shape. I mean, especially their, their, uh, their neck. I had a lot of drivers, the biggest thing was the upper body area where you, you really have to have a lot of strength in your neck and shoulders, uh, you know, to be able to handle some of these hard hits, you know? So this is a sport, so if anybody wants to say it’s not a sport, I got news for you; it’s a sport. 

So anyway, Daytona 500 is a very, very grueling, physically demanding race. And the Daytona race that was this past weekend, all right, five, 500 laps, very intense, lots of wrecks, and the Lord said, “Watch! This is what’s going on with my people right now, but there will be victory, and this is what I want you to tell them, Annamarie.” He’s like, “Look at, look at what happens,” and so I was watching. 

On the very last lap of the race, there was a huge wreck, huge wreck, and, uh, I thought it was going to be green, white, checker because usually they’ll be like, “Okay, there was a big wreck. We’re going to throw the yellow flag.” But what ended up happening was they didn’t throw the yellow flag, and all of a sudden, this, this, this, uh, you know, this smoke and fire, and out of the smoke and the fire, here comes the #12 car. 

Number 12. What does 12 represent biblically? The perfect government of God. Twelve, biblically, represents the perfect government of God. Out of the smoke, out of the fire, here comes the #12 car—the perfect government of God. The car is red and white with touches of yellow. Red represents the blood of Jesus Christ. White represents purity, cleansing. Yellow represents the glory of God. The sponsor on the car is Body Armor, is the main sponsor on the car—Body Armor. Everybody behind him is wrecking. He comes up to the front and just takes the win practically by himself. Out of the smoke, out of the fire, out of the battle, here comes the Armor car—Body Armor car, #12. Red for the blood of Jesus. White for the purity and the cleansing of God. Yellow for the glory of God. Number 12, God’s perfect government. 

And listen to me; listen up. The name of the driver is Ryan Blaney. I’ve known this kid for a long time. He’s a kid to me, but … because I knew his dad, David Blaney, and I knew his grandpa, Dale Blaney. This is a third generation driver—three generations. God is speaking about the generations. And, and Ryan Blaney is one of the rare third generation race car drivers right now that’s still racing. Okay? So his grandpa was Dale Blaney. His dad was David Blaney, and he’s Ryan Blaney. Third generation driver. God’s speaking about the generations. Okay? 

I know the, I’ve known this family for many, many years. They come out of Ohio, Ohio. Okay? I knew Dave Blaney really well. As a matter of fact, Ryan Blaney’s dad, Dave Blaney, I worked with him when I was working in NASCAR. As a matter of fact, I, I helped Dave do one of his first rides in NASCAR. He was a champion sprint car driver out of Ohio. I really believed in him. I arranged for a meeting for him to meet with my NASCAR team to come and drive for us. I’ll never forget it. Back in 1995, I was driving this big ole Bonnie, Pontiac Bonneville, and I went to go pick him up at the Charlotte airport. He had flown in from Ohio. I, I, I don’t even know if him and his wife had any kids yet. They may have had kids. I don’t even know if, if Ryan Blaney was born yet. I go and pick up Dave Blaney at the airport and go … I parked my car in the parking garage; go and get Dave, and I lose my car. I [Inaudible], I forgot, I forgot where I parked it in the parking garage, and Dave Blaney, thank goodness, he had a great sense of humor. And, you know, if, if I see him now, we still laugh about that—look, looking for my car in the parking garage. But it was a time of great bonding because Dave and I laughed about it. We were searching for my car. We finally found it, and I got him back to the team on time for his meeting, and he ended up getting an opportunity to start driving in NASCAR. 

So you see how the Lord does things? The Lord knew about this day of Dave Blaney’s son going to win that race at Daytona in the #12 car, the Body Armor car. God knew he was going to call me up as a prophet all those years ago. He connected me with Dave Blaney, his dad, that I was going to be the, the door opener to bring the, the Blaney family into NASCAR, so he could speak this word today because our God is a generational God, and he’s been planning this for years for America.

Now, listen to me. This word is for America. God is talking about the generations. He’s saying, “Do not despair. The faith of your grandmothers and your grandfathers and your parents shall be rewarded, and your faith shall be rewarded.” We are in some of the fieriest, fieriest, roughest parts of this battle, but keep standing on the gas, and keep your eyes focused on the victory, and stay armored up. Keep on your whole armor of God in this time, so you can get through these times, get through the battle because “my government,” says the Lord, “shall prevail and nothing shall come against it. You shall see my glory,” says the Lord. “And the generations of the faithful ones shall be rewarded. Those who have served this nation faithfully—the sons and the fathers going back generations that have fought for freedom—have not fought in vain.” 

But he’s saying that we are in the final laps of the battle, but he has cleared the way for our victory because his perfect government is coming forth in this nation, in America, and it’s bor, been ordained and nothing can stop it. Your enemies are all going to wreck behind you. You’re going to leave them in the smoke.You’re going to leave them in your dust. Keep standing on the gas. Get up on the wheel. Stay focused on the victory. Keep on your armor of God. Keep covered in the blood of Jesus Christ. “Know that my glory is covering you.” Stay strong in the battle. You are propelled by the prayers of your fathers and your mothers and your grandfathers and your grandmothers. That you have been, been called for the generations for such a time as this, and we have the victory, but we’re in the final laps. We’re in the final laps, and it’s going to be fiery, and it’s going to be rough. But we shall prevail. 

Now, the Lord is giving you instruction right now, that we’re in the final laps of this battle, but his glory is covering us. We must stay suited up in the armor of God. We must remember where we came from in the generations of America because it’s up to us right now to stay faithful. We must stay covered in the blood of Jesus, and we must stay focused on that victory, focused on that finished line. We can’t look to the left. We can’t look to the right, and we can’t look in that rear view mirror. We got to go, go, go. Go to the checkered flag. Go to the victory.

And when the Lord showed me what happened in that race over the weekend with everything with the, the patriotism, the children—the voices of the children singing the national anthem. That’s what that race started with, the voices of the children, and it was a battle, fiery, fiery wrecks all through that race, but the #12 prevailed—God’s perfect government—the Body Armor car armored up with the armor of God; red, white, and yellow. Red for the blood of Jesus. White for the purification of God, and yellow for the glory of God. A third generation driver, race car driver—Ryan Blaney, from Ohio, which we had a word about Ohio. 

Remember the word about Ohio from Prophet Bob Jones? Probably was all the way back in 1995. I’m not sure when Bob Jones gave that word, but Bob Jones was a, a powerful prophet to the nations, particularly America. And he had a word. It was called The Gulliver Word, and he said that revival, the awaken, The Great Awakening of America—it’s like a, the big giant in the story, Gullliver’s cha, Travels. Right? He’s tied down by the little people, but he begins to awaken, and he begins to awaken out of Ohio. And then it spreads to the south, right? 

Uh, I think Goose can pull the link up for that word from Bob Jones. It’s called The Gulliver Word, and, uh, it’s interesting because the Blaney family is, uh, uh, you know, that third generation driver that won Daytona. They’re, they’re famous for being race car drivers in a, in a race car driving family from Ohio. And I’m not sure, but I do think that, uh, there’s also something very famous about, uh, the grandfather, uh, Dale Blaney. I do believe he served, uh, in, in, uh, the military, but I’ll have to go back and check that. There’s more to this. There’s, there’s, there’s something very, very deep here.

But let me tell y’all something; The Great Awakening is here. Revival is here. God’s perfect government shall be established in America, in this nation. It is, it is a done deal. God has already spoken it, but we have to do our part right now. We’re in the final laps of the battle. We got to stay armored up every day. Do not miss a day of putting on your full armor of God. It’ll keep you from getting discouraged, and it’ll keep you forward focusing. It’ll keep you focused on that victory. It’ll keep you from speaking negative words. It’ll keep you strong in the Lord in the power of his might. We’re in the final laps of the battle my friends. 

Stay covered in the blood of Jesus. Keep your, and if, if your loved ones don’t know how to put on the whole armor of God, armor them up in the spirit. Remember when your kids were little, and you would put their little hat on and their coat on and their little boots and their little mittens, right? You would put their, their nice warm, safe clothes on. When they were swimming, you would put on their little life preserver and their little arm floaty things. Do, do that for your kids right now and even if they’re grown up. If they don’t know how to put on their whole armor of God, you say, “Father, I am all armored up, in the name of Jesus, and now, by faith in the spirit, I armor up my child. I put on the shoes of the gospel of peace on my child right now. I put on the belt of truth on my child right now. I put on the breastplate of righteousness on my child right now. I put on the helmet of salvation on my child right now.” You see, you can do this in the spirit. This is all done in the spirit. So this is the instruction from your Father God right now to you and your households and your family. 

We are in the final laps of this battle. Do not look to the right. Do not to, look to the left, and don’t look in the rear view mirror. Stay focused on the victory. Stay focused on the finish line. Stay armored up in your armor of God. Stay covered in the blood of Jesus Christ. Know that the glory of God is your covering, and you are in God’s perfect government, number 12. 

You are of the kingdom, and even if all this stuff is crashing and spinning out and fires and smoke, you will come through the fire. You will come through and you won’t even smell like smoke, right, like in the book of Daniel with Meshach, Abadinga, Abednego, and, right? They were in the fire. They didn’t get burned. They came out of the fire. They didn’t even smell like smoke because the Lord was with them. Do not waver in your faith. Keep standing on the gas. Get up on the wheel. Stay focused on that windshield, and do not give up! We have the victory! Hallelujah! 

So that is my word today. I want to thank you all for being here, and I thank the Holy Spirit for bringing you here because, my friends, God is with us, and he needs us to stay faithful and strong. And he needs us to keep, keep on our armor and stay covered in the blood of Jesus and keep moving forward because this is the most glorious times ever. Nothing is going to come against the plans and purposes of God, but we are part of the plan. We have to step forward, move forward in faith and do what Father God wants us to obediently do. Our obedience is important at this time, at this time in the battle. 

So what are you going to do from this point forward? You’re going to stay focused on the victory. You’re not going to be distracted by what’s happening over here, what’s happening over there, what’s happening behind you. You’re going to stay moving forward. You’re going to stay armored up in your armor of God. You’re going to stay covered in the blood of Jesus Christ. You’re going to know the glory of God is your covering. You’re going to say, “I am of the kingdom. I am of God’s government, and we have the victory, and I’m doing this for the generations before me who prayed and fought, and I’m doing this for the children.” 

Now, don’t you give up! Don’t you waver one bit! You stand on the gas. You get up on the wheel, and you stay focused on the finish line, and you bring that thing into victory lane! Do you hear me, driver?! You got a copy?! This is your crew chief speaking, and I’m on the radio right now, and I’m telling you, “The victory is yours because the victory is the Lord’s.” Come on! You got it, driver. You got it. [Static sound effects] I’m on the radio with you right now. Come on, driver. They’re all spinning out behind you. You got the win. You got the win. Last lap. Last lap. Last lap. Checker flag. Checker flag. Checker flag. Take the win. Take the win, driver. Stand on the gas. Stand on the gas. Ya, you’re clear. You’re clear. You’re clear. You’re clear. Whoo hoooo!!

One of the greatest things a race car driver loves to hear on the radio when his spotter’s up there on that, or his crew chief is up there on that radio talking in his ear saying, “You’re clear, driver. You’re clear. White flag. White flag. You’re clear! Clear.” This is how they talk; they say, “Clear. Clear. White flag. White flag. Clear.” What’s that driver do? Puts a little tug on his seatbelt, tighten it up a little bit. Gets up in the seat. Gets up on the wheel. Stands on the gas; goes to that finish line. And that’s what I want  you to do right now. 

Now, Coach Annamarie is encouraging you today, but the Lord is encouraging you. The Father is encouraging you, and you have been given instruction. Do this by faith as we shall see God’s perfect government established in America. Revival. Awakening. Victory. It’s going to be fiery. It’s going to be smokey. Whew! But you stand on the gas; stay armored up; stay covered in the blood of Jesus. Know the glory of God is covering us. Let’s win this thing for the Lord. Hallelujah! 

So if you want to go back and see my first word about Daytona and how it connects to today, you can go back to my words in February. And then this word, we’ll, we’ll take this word, and we will, uh, turn it into its own video, and then my, my scribe, she will transcribe this, and you can see how the two words come together. And, my friends, stay encouraged because the Father is encouraging you right now. This word came straight from the Father’s heart to you, and this morning, he said, “This word is from me.” This is from our Father encouraging us. 

Thank you, Father. Thank you, Father God, for the encouragement. Thank you, Father God, that you love us so much that you are encouraging us in this battle. That you are with us. Your glory is covering us. You have given us the tools for the battle. You have given us the weapons for battle. We will make you proud, Father God. We know we have the victory in Christ, and your government shall be established in this nation of America for all the faithful ones who were before us and for the children and for your plans and purposes, O God, to go forth for the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and for the billion soul harvest that was prophesied by your prophet, Bob Jones. That this billion soul harvest would begin and start in Ohio and spread. Thank you for showing me this, this weekend with the Daytona race. Thank you for the encouragement, Father, and the instruction. Father God, we will be obedient. We will be faithful, and we will do this, Father God. We, we ask the Holy Spirit to come and assist us in this assignment. We thank you, Jesus, for your precious blood. We thank you for the finished work of the cross. We thank you, Father God, for your word. We stand on your word as truth, and we bless your holy name. 

God bless America. God bless our children. God bless our families and those who have come before us in faith. They’re in our cloud of witnesses right now cheering us on. Are you excited?! I am! I’m just like, “Whew!” Glory to God! Our Father is so good. He will never leave us. He will never forsake us. He will instruct us. He will guide us. 

We must step forward in faith, so take this instruction today, and go forward faithfully, my friends. You got three things to do: stay in faith; suit up. Right? Get on your armor of God. Stay covered in the blood of Jesus Christ, and stay focused on the victory. DO NOT WAVER! Do not look to the left. Do, do not look to the left. Do not look to the right. Do not look behind you. Straight ahead. “The victory is ours,” saith the Lord. Amen. 

***If you haven’t heard the previous word about the Daytona 500 that I spoke about in this broadcast, you can watch it below. It’s called: PROPHETIC MESSAGE FOR AMERICA – DAYTONA 500 – VICTORY AFTER MIDNIGHT and was delivered on February 17, 2021.

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