Get Mentored

Get Mentored

If  you are serious about finally stepping into what God has called you to do, then I am here to help you.  It’s time!

Hello my friend!  Annamarie here!  As you know, I am a Christian Life and Business Coach, Mentor and Teacher.  I have coached and mentored many wonderful clients and students for many years to success in their careers, life and business. That is what God has called me to do, it’s the most rewarding work and brings me great joy!

My mentoring and equipping you relies only on the direct help of the Holy Spirit.  He called me to be a mentor, teacher and coach and I take this responsibility very seriously.   I also come from my own experiences and the experiences of my clients over the years that has brought many life lessons.  Growing in wisdom to help others avoid pitfalls – that is something I thank God for every day – that He took me on my journey of ups and downs so I can help those He sends to me now.  I feel a sense of urgency with the Lord right now that He wants people to come into their assignments on earth – because YOU are part of His Kingdom plan.  There is a bigger purpose in all this.

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So many of you have been reaching out to me for prayer, advice and clarity on how to get the breakthrough you have been waiting for.  We have had amazing breakthroughs and praise reports.  God is so Faithful!   Sometimes, in our journey as Christians we also need the help of a mentor whom God puts into our life to help us get fully into our calling and purpose.  This is why I have created coaching programs that are based on biblical strategies – so you can come into alignment with God’s amazing promises for your life.  If you want live your best life,  advance your career and build a business that it will give glory to God – and be a living testimony to His goodness because of your success – this is the coaching and mentoring place for you!

“I am so thankful for Annamarie Strawhand and her mentoring. I have grown in so many ways because of her leadership. Thank you so much.” – Laurie Smith, Victory Lane Mentoring Group Student

I am excited to help you reach your goals and get you fully walking in your divine purpose.  If you are anything like me, you believe that God has a great promise for your life and created you to succeed and prosper. Our clients and students have been blessed with huge breakthroughs quickly and they have learned exactly how to activate their faith and God’s word strategically – coming into an understanding of how to operate in God’s Kingdom principles – bringing success in EVERY area of their lives.   I want to hear your story and learn more about you and your goals and dreams.


You and your purpose are VERY important to God!  He designed you for GREAT THINGS.  You were born to thrive, and to inspire and bless others with the abundance that comes from walking in the obedience of God for your life and calling.

Ephesians 1:11 says:  “In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will.”

We have both group and private mentoring programs available – scroll down….


  • Online Private Facebook Group
  • Group Video Calls with 2-3 Masterminding and Livestream Classes each week by Annamarie and her coaches
  • Connect with Like Minded People who Will Encourage You Because They Believe In The Promises of God!
  • Downloadable Materials/Tools
  • Teaching the 7 Mountain Mandate  (Helping You Discover and Take Your Mountain in Your Area of Influence!)
  • Creative Biblical Based Activities and Strategies to Help You Live a Victorious and Abundant Life
  • Connect with your “AB” – Choose an “Accountabilty Buddy” to help keep each other on track
  • Discounts on Annamarie’s events plus lots of prizes for our fun monthly challenges!
  • Requires a phone, ipad or computer (device with webcam and speakers) and a high speed internet connection for meetings
  • $33 Per Month (Recurring payment through Paypal)


One On One Christian Life, Purpose and Business Coaching: 

VIP with Annamarie

V – Vision /  I – Integrity  / P – Presence

    • Who You Are (Your Purpose) – >> Activated and Accelerated
    • Where You Want To Be and How To Get There ->> Clarity and Steps
    • What You Need Most Right Now – Solutions to your immediate needs
    • Strategies To Get You To Your Goals QUICKLY
  • How To Live Victoriously In Every Aspect of Your Life, Career, Business, Family, Relationships

VIP GOLD  (3 spots currently open)

    1. ) 3 months – 5 months – 12 months (min 3 month commitment)
    1. ) Weekly Private Online Coaching Call Sessions (one hour) with Annamarie
    1. ) Downloadable Materials
    1. ) 24 hour email and unlimited messenger access for questions/assistance to Annamarie as needed
    1. ) Get Victory Lane Mentoring Group for free
    1. ) Can bring family into sessions
    1. ) Includes 2 day Private Intensive (Hosted Privately at Annamarie’s home) 
  1. ) Yearly Conference Pass with Partner Lunch/VIP Reception in Virginia Beach 

VIP SILVER (2 spots currently open)

    1. ) Twice a Month Private (one hour) Coaching Call Sessions with Annamarie
    1. ) 5 months or 12 months (min 5 month commitment)
    1. ) Downloadable Materials
    2. ) Can bring family into sessions
    1. ) Get Victory Lane Mentoring Group for Free
    2. ) Includes 1 day Small Group Intensive with Annamarie in Virginia Beach
  1. ) Yearly Conference Pass with Partner Lunch/VIP Reception in Virginia Beach

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