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STRONG VISION 1/8/21 Prophetic Revelation: Coming Days and Weeks in America and Trump Victory

STRONG VISION 1/8/21 Prophetic Revelation: Coming Days and Weeks in America and Trump Victory

Strong Vision and Prophetic Revelation OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Given to Annamarie Strawhand during her Live Broadcast on 1-8-21: The Coming Days and Weeks in America, President Trump Victory


FULL Transcript:

“WOW!  He’s showing me Sampson with the jawbone of the, of the A S S . I might as well say it because the Bible says it. Sampson destroyed all the Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. The Lord is saying there might be some things that we’re going to see that are going to be ugly, but it’s necessary. He’s actually showing me this of Sampson—I’m like seeing it in real time—of Sampson bashing with the, these Philistines with this jawbone, and it,  it’s bloody. Lord, are you saying this is what’s happening right now? He’s saying for everyone to continue to hold up the banner of Jesus Christ and be bold. 

Were there, in Washington, D.C., did somebody put up a cross? When they came and marched on Washington, D.C., did somebody put up a cross? He’s saying, “Keep raising up my cross and keep raising up my banner. Keep raising it up.” He’s saying there are Sampsons in the military—Sampsons that have been designated—that certain military people have been designated as like Sampsons, and like the anointing of Sampson is on certain people in our military and even, even leaders that are going out against this evil—they’re all going, the evil’s, they’re all going down. They’re all, the evil, they’re all going down. They’re all going down. They’re all going down, but they’re, they’re, this, it’s a fight. It’s a fight. 

He’s saying, “Tell my people to keep raising my banner. Keep raising my banner. Keep raising up the name of Jesus. Keep raising up my banner.” That the military is fighting for us and these leaders that have a Sampson anointing in the United States military, but the evil ones, which are under this Philistine spirit—this Goliath thing—that they’re putting up a fight, but he’s saying…

Lord, has President Trump released this simple stone? I mean, I have a question, Lord, and everybody’s wondering this, has President Trump released this simple stone that’s, that’s going, that’s going to be like…

Lord, reveal this to us. He says even though the ground fight right now is, is bloody and he’s given the Sampson anointing to these—there’s fights going on. There’s fights going on. We’re not seeing some of this, but it’s going on.  The, our military’s out there fighting right now, and I’m seeing combat, and it’s domestic. It’s here in America, but He’s like, “Do not fear” because he’s given the Sampson anointing to our warriors and that the angels are with them. We just have to keep holding up the banner of Jesus Christ. 

Now He’s showing me Moses holding up his arms. He’s saying, “Keep praying for President Trump. Keep holding up his arms.”

And, Lord, when will this simple stone happen—this one big boom? When is it going to be released? I’m asking the Lord to show me—just give me a sign. Give me an idea, if you, if you would, Lord. We need encouragement, Lord.  

He’s showing me Goliath, at the height of Goliath’s taunting. He says, “When you see the taunting of the president get to its highest thing—like to its highest level…. He’s saying, “Goliath taunted my David. He laughed at him. Do you see that they are taunting the people? That they are taunting the president? They’re taunting and mocking.”  He says, “Watch when the taunting and the mocking gets to its highest level, and then you’ll receive, you’ll see the release of the stone in the midst of their taunting and laughing.” That’s happening now. That’s happening like right now.

He says, “Keep holding up my banner. Keep holding up my banner. I see what everyone is doing. Keep holding up my banner. Keep praising my name. Keep saying America is a Christian nation. Keep repeating that. Keep holding up my banner.”

There’s a ground war happening. There’s something going on domestically in this nation and, and, these, there’s, it’s, there’s a ground war. He’s showing me Sampson hitting people left and right with the jawbone of an ass, and the anointing of Sampson has come on our military leaders to wipe out these Philistines, these, these enemies of God—domestically, they’re here ground, boots on the ground in America. But He’s telling us to keep holding up the banner, and then I’m asking him about the simple stone. He’s saying when the taunt…, again, when the taunting gets the, at the highest, at the loudest that’s when it’s, it’s, it’s going to be released. He’s saying, “They are such fools. They are such fools to think that they can come against almighty God.They are such fools to think that they can come against my ecclesia, my Holy Spirit, my people. They are such fools to think that they can mock God! But no, they will no longer be laughing and mocking.”

Lord, I want to know—we will hold up our arms like Moses. We will not weary. We will hold up the president’s arms in prayer. We will hold up your banner, Lord, and we will keep singing “Glory, Glory Hallelujah,” and we will pray through this time, this process that is happening. We understand it’s necessary, Lord. And when the height of the mocking happens that’s when that stone is going to be released to take, take down that, that giant, that, that one big sweep. But the ground war’s happening. 

[singing] Christ is the victory. Christ is the victory. Oh, glorious victory is Jesus Christ our Lord. Christ is the victory. Christ is the victory. Oh, glorious victory is Jesus Christ our Lord. 

He wants us to sing songs of victory—”Glory, Glory Hallelujah,” “Christ is the Victory.” Hold up the banner of Christ. Keep holding up that banner. Keep holding up our president’s arms in prayer like Moses. 

He’s saying that there’s an, a, a, a bloody ground war happening, but do not be shaken! Do not  be afraid, that the simple stone will be launched against the giant. All of these evil, these like, they’re like Philistines. He’s saying all of them are going down. Those who have mocked God are going down! And when you see the height of the mocking, the height of the arrogance where they’re laughing, that’s when that simple stone that he’s put in President Trump’s hand is going to be released, and we’re just about there. 

We’re very close to this. Jesus, thank you, Lord, we will continue to sing our songs of victory. We will continue to pray and hold up our president’s arms. We will continue to hold up each other. We will continue to hold up the banner of Jesus Christ. We will not weary. No matter what we see in the natural, we will keep our eyes on you, Lord. 

Thank you for giving us understanding today, Lord. It’s very encouraging. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Thank you, Lord. He’s saying, “Do not weary. Do not grow faint.” He’s saying, “There are eagles and there are snakes, but the snakes have no chance against my eagles.” He’s saying, “Stay high in the glory. Stay in your third heaven authority. Stay high.”

He’s showing me there was a, like a, a meme or a little video somebody sent me a, a long time ago that a eagle, when it catches a snake and, even though the snake is fighting and wrangling and all that stuff, that the eagle clasps the snake in his talons, and he goes higher and higher and higher and higher and higher, so high that the oxygen level, uh, is, is—for the snake, uh, isn’t enough, and that the snake can’t live at that level. It can’t, it can’t go that high, and it, it, it, like gives, it gives up. It gives up and it, it dies, and the Lord is saying that we have to choose on this day whether we are eagle or snakes, and we have to decide—are we going to rise above this?  Are we going to, to seek His glory? Are we going to stay lifted up? Keep your eyes high. Keep your eyes lifted. Keep looking ahead. Keep raising the banner. We are eagles that will soar. We will, we will not, we will walk, walk and not grow weary. We will not faint. On this day, choose that you are an eagle. It’s going to be very obvious who are the eagles and who are the snakes, and the snakes will be no match for the eagles. As long as we stay in our authority in Christ, we stay operating in the glory. Wow! Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Holy Spirit.

Lord, we love you. We thank you for these words of encouragement. We thank you, Lord, that you always strengthen our faith because you are the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus. We believe you, Lord. We put our faith in you, Lord. We thank you for your Holy Spirit. We know, Lord, that you never lose a battle. You are our mighty, mighty God. We are in expectation of your glory. We are weathering the storm, and we know, Lord, that, even though it’s going to be ugly at times, that there’s a ground battle going on, that we will rise above it. We will keep our president’s hands lifted up like Moses. And we understand that we might see some things that are very ugly on the ground, but we need to stay high. We need to stay lifted up and keep our eyes lifted up. We need to come up to this level of Your glory. We need to be eagles at this time and keep raising up your banner—Jesus. 

We will do it, Lord. We will do it. We will do it, Lord. Thank you for being with us, Jesus, all the way. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for being with us all the way. Thank you, Father, for sending your angel armies to fight for us, to fight for our President, Donald J. Trump, to fight for your people, to fight for America for Your kingdom and Your glory forever, in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Lord. 

You know, it’s really interesting because I was putting away my Make America Great hat. I got it as a little Christmas decoration, and I had it on my Charlie Brown tree—Make America Great Again. I was getting ready to, to put it away and wrap it up for Christmas, and, just as I was getting ready to put it away—I was going to show you this earlier—uh, just as I was getting ready to wrap it up and put it away, I was opening up the box where all my decorations go, and, I don’t know, I saw this bag, and I thought, “Why is this bag in here? Why is this bag in the box?” And I pulled it out—look what it has on it—American Eagle Outfitters on it. American eagle—it had an eagle, and the Lord said to me, He said, “Take the MAGA hat,” He said, “And put it inside the bag,” and then He told me to lift up and pray. So I was getting ready to do this—and He’s just now giving me some more confirmation on this because ever since I started praying for this nation and praying for President Trump, He has shown me an American Bald Eagle every single time to confirm it. 

And yesterday, I was getting a lot of warfare. I had a lot of trolls coming on the channel. I mean,  people were being nasty, and so I was sitting here in this chair praying, and I said, “Father, I need confirmation that you are pleased and that you want me to keep moving forward with this on this assignment.” 

I was needing encouragement from the Lord, and so I decided to go out and start putting away my Christmas decorations, and when I went to take the MAGA hat and I pulled out this bag—I don’t even remember what I bought at American Eagle—I, I don’t, I don’t shop there. I don’t even know, know how old this bag is. It happened to be in stuck with all my Christmas decorations, and I, I pulled this out and I knew. I knew. I had the MAGA hat in my hands ready to put it away—wrap it up in bubble wrap. I pull this bag out and the Lord spoke to me. He said, “There’s your confirmation. Haven’t I always shown you an eagle when you’re on the right track? Keep going. Keep encouraging my people.” He said, “Do not put that MAGA hat away with the rest of your Christmas decorations. Put it inside this bag, and then lift it up to me” and keep proclaiming the words that He’s given us and encourage us to stay strong. 

We are eagles, my friends, in this whole thing, and the Lord has confirmed His word. And when I look at American Eagle Outfitters—right, what’s an outfit? An outfitting or an outfitter is to equip you. You’re being outfitted with something. You’re being equipped, right? And, wow, is the Lord equipping us right now! He’s equipping His people. He’s equipping us to come to the higher place. He’s equipping His ecclesia for the Kingdom Age that is here now, and the enemy’s fighting, and it’s, it’s, it’s ugly. But, you know what, we are eagles and we got to keep going higher and higher and higher. 

So I just thank the Lord for coming to our table today and supping with us and the Holy Spirit coming and speaking to us today and confirming His word and strengthening us and encouraging us and giving us some more on this word to, to receive and to pray on and to have understanding in this time and to stay in the high place with Jesus.

And we’re getting outfitted. We’re eagles, but we’re getting outfitted. He’s equipping us. He’s equipping us to, to fly above this and to have that eagle vision—to look ahead into the year 2021, ‘22, and ‘24 and see all the good that he’s about to do. “Do you not perceive it? I am doing a new thing,” says the Lord. “Do you not perceive it?” 

When President Trump says “the new administration,” he’s not conceding the presidency. No! When President Trump says “the new administration,” he means HIS, President Trump’s all new administration with all new people that God has ordained for the second term. That’s what President Trump meant yesterday in his speech. He’s saying, you know, the transition into the new administration—he means HIS administration, President Trump’s administration. His second term with his all new cabinet with the new people that God has ordained for this new time, this new thing God is doing in America. 

As you can tell, in President Trump’s old administration, there were traitors in there. There were Judases, unfortunately, sadly, but I believe that was all part of God’s brilliant plan. And, now, we see it all. We see all the traitors. We, they’re exposed. This all had to happen. The roots of this, the ugly roots of this had to be exposed. Now the bloody battle is happening and the, and the mocking, but God says, “No, watch what I do!” We’ve got to rise high above this, and President Trump is talking about his second administration, his new administration, his second administration with all his new people—his new vice president, his new cabinet members. It’s going to be awesome! People that God ordained to be there that President Trump picks. Wow! 

Be encouraged, my friends. Rise high like an eagle. Keep looking forward and know that ALL OF HEAVEN IS CHEERING YOU ON! We are the heroes of the faith now. All of heaven is cheering you on, and I’m cheering you on. I love you all so much. 

We’ve been on for a full two hours, oh whoa, almost three, well, three hours, yes. And, you know, it’s worth it to me because so much right now has to be the move of the Holy Spirit, and it’s going to get more and more and more, and this broadcast, this ministry is in the move, in the obedience of the Holy Spirit. If He wants me to go five hours, I’ll go five hours. Whatever, however long he wants to go, you see? But the thing is, is we’ve got to surrender to that move of the Holy Spirit, allow it to work in our lives, right, step into our, our rightful place for the kingdom, boldly, rise above all this stuff like an eagle, and keep raising up that banner for Jesus Christ, unwaveringly, unwaveringly. 

And even if there are some Christians that are discouraged right now, encourage them, even if they don’t want to listen, okay? Just plant that seed of encouragement to them, and, if they really don’t want to listen, send the Holy Spirit to do a work in them, to open their eyes to the truth of what God is doing because it’s glorious.

We love you, God! Thank you for your glory, Father; we praise you! It’s your government, God, that is in the United States of America, your government, God, through your servant, Donald J. Trump, through your David, and Goliath is going down. The Philistines are being destroyed. Hallelujah! 

Be blessed, my friends. I love you. Have a nice Shabbat. Uh, you know, when the sun goes down this afternoon, rest in the Lord. Light some candles. Make a nice meal. Thank the Lord for His goodness. Just bask in His goodness. Rest in His goodness, okay? Because the Lord has already promised us after this battle we’re going to enter His rest on all sides. President Donald Trump will have rest on all sides. We will have rest on all sides. So enter His rest right now, in the Lord. Enter His covering, and be blessed. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s important that we take this rest in the Lord. It’s very, very important. I take Shabbat every Friday. 

Shabbat shalom, everyone. Shalem, shalom. Be whole. Be complete—nothing missing, nothing lacking, nothing broken. I bless you, and I bless your households in the name of Jesus. I love you all so much. 

If you need more prayer, please, come on to our Facebook group, and we will pray for you, okay? And, uh, it looks like I have a couple of questions before I say goodbye this afternoon. I have a couple of questions. Elaine Barnet says, “Yes, keep looking at the things that are unseen and walk by faith, praise, God can do it. Our God is well able to take this battle.” That’s right. God already has the victory. Donna Ray Benz, she is an eagle. That’s right. You are an eagle, Donna. Yes. 

I won’t be back on Monday. I won’t be doing a broadcast on Monday.I’ll be heading to North Carolina on Monday, but I will be checking in. 

Lori Mcneil says, “The giants are going down by us, the living stone in our prayers.” Amen. Elaine Barnet, “Speaking blessings over all here and over all who come and watch this program later. Speaking blessings over Annamarie—restoration and refreshing.” Amen.

All right, I love y’all so much. God bless you. Be blessed and remember to suit up. Stay suited up. Keep that armor of God on. Stay in your seat of authority in Jesus Christ. Rule and reign from your third heaven authority. Be an eagle. You know, stay in the high, the high place, right? And, uh, just know, that, um, that God is fulfilling His words to us because He is good and He is faithful. I love you all so much. God bless you. 

And I won’t be back Monday because, uh, I will be in North Carolina, so Monday, Wednesday, Friday’s broadcast, uh, maybe I’ll be back for next Friday’s, it just depends on how long I need to stay in North Carolina. But I’ll be popping on here on and off from North Carolina, so make sure you’re subscribed and the bell is clicked to get all of my notifications, all right? All of heaven is cheering us on. All of heaven is cheering President Trump on. All of heaven is cheering us on, the saints, right? And, my friends, it’s going to be glorious. Glory, Glory Hallelujah! I love you all! God bless you.  


Prophetic Update – President Trump – January 6th – Second Term – Visions of The National Monument Garden

Prophetic Update – President Trump – January 6th – Second Term – Visions of The National Monument Garden

I am getting many questions about January 6th 2021 with President Trump, and God keeps bringing me back to His word He gave us back in November “WATCH MY BRILLIANT PLAN UNFOLD / BE CONFIDENT!“

(watch/listen to the word the Lord gave us back in November regarding the 2020 election here:

I feel totally at peace for President Trump’s second term and already The Holy Spirit is showing me prophetically what President Trump is going to do in this year 2021. I am getting prophetic glimpses of President Trump touring the beginning of the building of the National Garden of Monuments to our National Heroes that he instituted by Executive Order. God is with him on building this Garden, because God loves Gardens and monuments. (monuments are not idols – God had Joshua make a monument to remember what God did for them when they crossed the Jordan so all their children of the coming generations would remember). Many of the Heroes depicted in the new Garden President Trump is building are in the Cloud of Witnesses in Heaven with Jesus for America, and are agreeing and witnessing with Jesus Intercession and the prayers of the people for America to Father God. I feel in my spirit powerfully that Heaven is excited for this Garden as many children for generations will visit and learn the truth of American History, which Jesus wrote from beginning – America’s purpose is and always will be about a Nation Founded on The Gospel of Jesus Christ and Judeo-Christian Values – Biblical Values. Jesus intention for America is to grow His Ecclesia and be a brother to Israel. God loves generational thinkers – who want to continue and agree with God’s Plans and this is why He calls President Trump His anointed and a man after His own Heart like King David. Visually, I see an entrance to the Garden with the one of first of the monuments being the Ten Commandments, It’s important to our President to make sure God is honored in this Garden. I also saw a vision of the President and First Lady Melania watching an Eagle being released and flying over the Garden (this was confirmed by the Holy Spirit showing me Isaiah 40:31). The Holy Spirit of God says: “This is why I chose a builder to lead my beloved America – Donald Trump and this Garden shall be built – you will see MY Love for America, and I will be honored in this Garden as well as those who were anointed by ME to fulfill the destiny of this Nation for MY purposes!”

– Annamarie Strawhand


Executive Order on Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes, Issued By President Donald J. Trump on July 3rd, 2020






UPDATED 12/28/20

UNDERSTAND We do not have to go into the COURTS OF HEAVEN for every need or situation – it’s just like in the natural realm of life you don’t have to go to court in your city or county to solve every problem.   When you go into the courts of heaven it’s for something that you have been dealing with for a while and the basic solutions are not working.  For example when you need to see a breakthrough and no matter what you have been doing – it does not seem to be coming. This is a sure sign that there is a legal right of the accuser (the devil) to hold back your breakthrough! Discern that it is time to take your case into the Courts of Heaven.  What gives the accuser a legal right to hold back your breakthrough? SIN. Your own sin and the sins of your bloodline.

As a faith and victory coach and mentor, I have experienced great breakthroughs in my own life and in the lives of my clients and students by going into the Courts of Heaven with our cases.  We have the right to do this as the redeemed of Jesus Christ. You must be a born again believer in Christ to access the courts of heaven and to be able to ask for the Blood of Jesus to speak on your behalf.   I want you to get good at this, for your own lives, for your family and to help others. It is time for the Body of Christ to go boldly to the throne of Grace and Mercy and enforce the finished work of the Cross and the Blood of Jesus against any legal rights of the enemy and get these demonic accusations and curses removed so they are never allowed to come back and have any effect ever again! Let’s get this taken care of once and for all!

Teaching note: In the Courts of Heaven, forgive those who have hurt you or your children, and release/renounce all bitterness and negative words against them on the Cross of Jesus. Forgiveness strips the enemy of any legal right he is using in your relationships.  The more you repent for holding bitterness and unforgiveness of those who hurt you or hurt your kids, this breaks any strongholds the enemy had. Don’t blame your ex husbands/wives, family members or their friends or teachers for causing your kids to rebel.  It’s the legal right of the accuser to operate through these people, once you forgive and release all bitterness and blame – those influences will leave and you / your children within weeks you will see breakthrough. Trust me on this, I had to do this with my own child and forgive and release all bitterness against a horrible friend she had in her life that I was doing warfare against for years. It was not until I forgave, loosed all bitterness and prayed for their salvation was my daughter finally released from that ungodly influence! The enemy uses our own bitterness, blame and unforgiveness against us. I have spent countless hours in the courts of heaven for myself and my child and others and their children/families and the accuser has screamed this at me in the courts in the spirit. I am grateful I finally know this and my child is set free.  Look at yourself first, and stop blaming others and instead destroy the case of the accuser operating and strip him of his legal right! Remember most likely the issue that you are dealing with that you need a breakthrough in is usually connected to a sin in that area. For example if you need a breakthrough with finances, there is usually sin in your life or your bloodline with money or not being good stewards to the Lord with your money.  This is how I have learned and been set free of these accusations and see breakthroughs within weeks of repenting in the courts. –  Coach Annamarie



Prepare and Pray: Ask the Holy Spirit what is holding back your breakthrough or causing a negative issue in your life or family.  Tell Him of your specific issue or need and ask if the enemy, the accuser is using a legal right to hold you captive to this, and what is the accuser accusing you of?

Then Ask The Holy Spirit For a Court Appearance in the Courts Of Heaven – The Court of Judgement/Accusation

Just Before Your Appearance – Pray: “Holy Spirit, I am asking in Jesus name that you will reveal all to me clearly during my court appearance,  so that I can repent clearly for my wrong and follow through after the verdict is rendered.  I am also asking for my Angels to accompany me. Thank you for your help Holy Spirit, Amen”

  • Picture yourself standing in a courtroom with your Angels and the Holy Spirit beside you assisting you (I physically stand while doing this)
  • Picture yourself facing The Father God on His throne
  • Picture Jesus to the right of the Father
  • Picture the Mercy Seat just to the front of the Father, near Jesus and in front of you (ark of the covenant)
  • Picture Jesus Blood on the Mercy Seat
  • Picture the accuser’s place on the other side of Jesus (Jesus stands for you in-between the accuser and Almighty God our Righteous Judge
  • Picture the Recording Angels with desks and scrolls and pens recording what is being said in the courtroom
  • Picture the Cloud of Witnesses witnessing in your case and agreeing with Jesus and the Verdict

Ask Jesus to be your Intercessor in this Case and for the Court to Convene

  • Thank and praise the Father for allowing you to come to court and hearing your case
  • Thank and praise Jesus for being your intercessor and attorney with your case
  • Thank the Holy Spirit for His help in showing you and telling you what is being said
  • Ask the Father in Jesus name  to demand that the accuser be summoned to appear
  • Ask what is the accusation against you (things you have said or done against God or His commandments or someone in your bloodline has done)
  • In the spirit you may hear, remember, or even see a visual of that accusation
  • Agree with the accusation
  • Confess to the accusation and the sin associated with it – express fully that you are very sorry
  • Repent to the Father for this sin against Him and His word
  • Renounce all your actions or words connected to this sin
  • Ask the Father for His Grace Mercy and Forgiveness
  • State that the Blood of Jesus is your ONLY defense
  • State that the Blood of Jesus on the Mercy Seat speaks for you now
  • Ask Jesus to cover your sins with His Blood
  • Wait while Jesus does this and thank and praise Him
  • Thank the Father for His Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness
  • Ask the Father for His Judgement in your case
  • Ask to be found “Not Guilty” because of the Blood of Jesus
  • You will receive a “Not Guilty” Verdict – agree with this (because of Jesus we are all found Not Guilty)
  • Thank The Father and Jesus that because of His Blood, you are Not Guilty
  • Ask the Father in Jesus name to tell the accuser of His Judgement and Not Guilty Verdict in your case
  • Ask the Father to now move you from the Court of Judgement/Accusation to beside His Throne of Grace and Mercy with Jesus
  • Ask the Father  in Jesus name to strip the enemy of his accusation and any legal rights he has to you because of the Blood Of Jesus is now covering these sins
  • Ask the Father in Jesus name to tell the recording angels to wipe your record books/scroll clean of these accusations because they are now under the Blood of Jesus
  • Ask  in Jesus name for all curses connected to this accusation to be removed and rendered null and void on earth and in heaven and ask the Father to release you and your family bloodline from all consequences of these sins
  • Ask in Jesus name for this new “not guilty” verdict regarding your case to be written in your record book/scroll
  • Ask for a new document to be rendered for you from the court with the new verdict for you to take with you
  • Reach out and receive your document with your new not guilty verdict
  • Ask the Father in Jesus name  if you can tell the accuser to leave and never accuse you or any of your descendants again of this same thing ever again because the Blood of Jesus has spoken on yours and their behalf
  • Turn to the accuser and tell him his assignment is over. He no longer has a case.  By the blood of Jesus and this Not Guilty Verdict rendered by the Court of Heaven and God Almighty in your hand, he must leave! Every curse and demonic assignment has been cancelled according to the word of God, a curse causeless cannot light!  Then in the name of Jesus forbid him from ever accusing you or any of your descendants ever again – No Recourse! Tell him this case is OVER and He has NOTHING on you because of the BLOOD and the righteous judgement of God!!  Tell him he is FIRED and take his curses with him in Jesus name! (you may see him stomp out of the court!)
  • Ask in Jesus name for the Father to command His angels to decree your new Not Guilty verdict out loud in the Heavens
  • Ask for any restitution that is available to you and your family (from the curses being removed there may be blessings, healings etc that have been held back)
  • Ask if there will be need for a specific Angels to be assigned to you to carry out restitution

Upon Preparing to leave the Court:

  • Thank the Father and Praise Him for His grace and mercy, thank Him for allowing you to come before Him with your case
  • Thank Jesus for interceding for you, thank Him for the power of His Blood which is your only defense
  • Thank the Angels who are recording, thank your angels for accompanying you and thank the Holy Spirit for His help
  • Ask the Father in Jesus name for the Verdict to be immediately to be fully carried out and enforced on earth and in your life and family line by the Authority of Jesus Christ, the Angels on Assignment fromGod and the by the Anointing of the Holy Spirit
  • Hold up your Verdict and decree:  “By the Blood of Jesus and the Grace and Mercy of Almighty God – I am no longer guilty of this sin. I am free of all accusation and curses in Jesus name!

Annamarie Strawhand Ministries / Faith Lane Media




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