Annamarie Strawhand / Faith Lane TV –  Ministry and Outreach


Our ministry is focused on mentoring, equipping, building and restoring the “called” for the plans and purposes of God. To do our part in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ going forth to all the world and advancing the Kingdom of God for these times of Great Awakening, The Kingdom Age and Revival:

  • Boots on the Ground Regional and National Prayer Intercession Groups (Gatekeeper/Watchman)
  • Youth Discipleship and Equipping Kingdom Leaders Scholarship Programs/Academy
  • Mission and outreach work and support with abused women and bullied children
  • Biblical Horse Therapy and Apostolic Teamwork Programs (with Rescue Horses for Healing and Restoration of Purpose)
  • Book Donations (Pongo The Rescue Horse)
  • Building Grace Estate “Psalm 23” Refresh and Restore “Wells of Living Water” Center
  • Creeds Virginia – Great Awakening Hub for Revival – Revival Tent Meetings!
  • Growing-Supporting “Home” Church Start-Ups
  • Directly Supporting Israel
  • Multi-Media Outreach and Training New Ministries for Media

Give an offering, tithe your 10% to God or sow a seed for your need today as the Lord leads you –  any amount! Be a part of what God is growing here!  Our ministry is fertile ground! We have a prophetic covering the Lord has given us. We have witnessed those who give by faith and have received a “prophet’s reward” according to Matthew 10:41:  “Whoever receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward, and whoever receives a righteous man because he is a righteous man will receive a righteous man’s reward.’   We have also witnessed many quick harvests back to those who have named their seed offering!  God is faithful to His word in Isaiah 55:11 – “so My word that proceeds from My mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I please, and it will prosper where I send it.”  

FREE KINGDOM FINANCES TEACHING >>> Learn the difference between sowing a “seed” and an “offering” or “tithe” to God means biblically for you and your household.  Decrees on how to claim your harvest from the seeds you sow here today!  Click here to download my free kingdom financial teaching with decrees (pdf

Sow a seed into this fertile ministry to bless your household – we will pray a blessing over your offering for your financial multiplication according to Deuteronomy 1:11
“May the LORD, the God of your ancestors, increase you a thousand times and bless you as he has promised!”

In the note area of your payment, write what you are naming your seed (what you are believing God for and I will come into agreement with it when I receive the note online or by mail.)

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Checks made payable to:
Annamarie Strawhand
P.O. Box 7068
Virginia Beach, VA 23457
Thank you so much for your support and I am believing for a quick, abundant harvest on your seed, tithe or offering today!
God Bless You! – Annamarie

Read Below – Why I am not a 501c3….

I have sought the Lord for guidance of becoming a 501c3 non-profit for my ministry.  He spoke to me prophetically on why He does not want my ministry to do this. Here is a copy of the prophetic word given to me by the Lord regarding this matter.

Saturday,  September 21st 2019 @ 2:10am Eastern Time

I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to wake up and watch traditional Jewish weddings on youtube.

I saw the bridegroom singing to bride up the aisle – she is waiting to come, waiting a long time!

Is this Yeshua yearning for his bride?

Why waiting so long Lord?

When, Lord can you have your bride, your wedding?

How can I help?

What is taking so long Lord?

He shows me the Jewish bridal covenant “marriage contract”…..

Yeshua Speaks To My Spirit: “My bride, My church is in covenant with another and must be broken must be changed to only be in covenant with me!” (shows me Mike’s old girlfriend)

Me: “What Lord? Is my husband is still in a covenant with his old girlfriend and not me his wife?”

Yeshua: “I showed you that so you would understand how I feel….”

Me: “Lord, is your bride in covenant with another?”

Yeshua: “Yes, the government.  Do not do the 501c3  do not do it!”

Yeshua: “Only be in covenant with me.“

Me: “Yes Lord.  Show me how.”

Me: Crying.  Heartbroken for my Lord yearning for His Bride.

Hearing Confirmation Loudly in my spirit: “Ministries must only be in contract with the Kingdom of God!”

Me: “Lord, what about the LLC Lord for my coaching, books, dvds, courses, publishing?”

Yeshua: “Are you doing business to support yourself and your family?”

Me: “Yes, Lord”

Yeshua: “Ok then, just like you did before when you coached your racers, that is your gifting – coaching and writing books and courses. Plus we need publishing houses for my writers.”

Me: “Ok,  So the ministry is different, is it separate?”

Yeshua: “Yes, Annamarie, The Ministry is what you GIVE out – prayer, healing, prophetic words, teaching the Bible, sharing my Gospel, helping, restoring the poor and broken people and places.”

Me: “Yes. I see Lord, Just like when you released me to do both business and ministry last summer with the Ezekiel 47:12 word.  That You will bless both banks of my river, one for food (provision) and one for healing (ministry)…..

Yeshua: “Yes. People will give to your ministry from the heart, and your business, books and coaching will support your ministry too so we can build.”

Me: “Yes Lord, I understand and will be obedient. So the business will support my family pay taxes with the LLC, and the Ministry will be only of your Kingdom will help build and give to your people in need and where you want to direct it?”

(Holy Spirit then reminds me of Mark 12:17 Then Jesus told them, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”)

Yeshua: “Yes, Annamarie. There will be loyal partners that will sponsor you like Joanna did Me, too.”

Me: “Yes, Lord – Are You happy with what I am doing so far? Guide me on this Lord, I want to be in Your will!”

Yeshua: “Yes, I need my people in the media and on the internet, keep going!”

Me: ” Yes Lord, Please Help me explain all this to my Husband, Lord”

Yeshua: “I will give him (Mike) a business, too. These businesses will support the Ministry, and you will begin a Home Church. You will give financially into your own ministry and church to build it from what you make in the businesses.”

Me: “Wow, So Mike and I and You Lord are in Business and Ministry together and one supports the other!”

Yeshua: “Yes, We are Melchizadek together. It is all together. It’s of My Kingdom. Only what has been given to you By Me. I have authorized your business to grow and finance the ministry.  Do not worry.  I will send people to help, too.”

Me: “Thank you Lord, I trust You! I dedicate it all to You Lord!”

Yeshua: “Teach My people to do this, as I have told you, it is time.”

Me: “Yes, Lord I will tell them!”