Pongo The Rescue Horse

Pongo The Rescue Horse


Pongo The Rescue Horse, A Story of Faith, Friendship and Miracles! By Annamarie Strawhand, Illustrated by Nick Lewis

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A young abandoned horse rescued from the kill pen, adopted by a girl who needed to heal and rebuild confidence from being bullied in school. A story of faith, friendship and miracles!

If you are a young teen who is dealing with being bullied, struggling with your self-confidence and need to realize that God truly hears and answers your prayers – this will be a book that will speak to your heart, and give encouragement!  This special story will inspire both kids and parents to work together in faith for a goal and instill hope and confidence in their dreams!

“You are not rejected, you are rescued.”

Based on a true story. 

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Dreams do come true. Believe, with your whole heart and trust in God. Pongo’s amazing story began with a simple faithful prayer and vision on a bedroom wall of a lonely and bullied girl in Virginia who dreamed of having her own ‘paint horse’. Miraculously just months later, three year old Pongo, a horse rejected and in need of saving from the last chance pens of the auction, comes to the attention of this young girl. Her family and a local horse rescue, save him just hours from potential slaughter. Pongo and Leigh connect at the heart instantly and begin a journey of healing and acceptance – and build a friendship that will last a lifetime. Now this true story is a beautifully illustrated book is inspiring many to believe in their dreams.  This book is inspiring all ages! 

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Excerpt from Chapter 2 of the Book: Pongo The Rescue Horse:


Leigh was a shy and quiet girl. She loved school, but there were some kids who would tease her. She tried to make friends, but was afraid to do group things in school because the mean kids would try to embarrass her.
They made fun of her clothes and her glasses, pushed her out of her seat on the bus and stole her cookies at lunch. She was trying to be kind to them, but they would not stop doing mean things. She was very lonely, sad and tired of being bullied.
Leigh just wanted a friend to accept her for who she was. She asked her mom to homeschool her for a while. Her mom said OK we will give it a try.
One thing Leigh knew for sure was she loved horses. Leigh was learning all she could about horses, because she wanted her very own horse to raise and care for. She just was not sure how it could ever be possible. Her parents told her they did not have the money to buy her a horse of her own.
So many times in her young life, she felt like God was passing her by, that maybe He did not really hear prayers. She had been rejected by kids that she was just trying to be friends with. Sometimes she prayed to God to bring her a best friend and it just never seemed to happen.
How could she really have faith and believe God could bring her a horse that loved her and accepted her? Was this even worth asking God for?

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