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Having a hard time praying or even dealing with distraction, discord and strife in your home?  It’s time to deal with these demonic frequencies and get them moved out and usher in the frequency of God!





2.) REPENT FOR SINS ON HOME, LAND AND FAMILY (repenting in the courts of heaven here)

3.)DEDICATE HOME LAND AND FAMILY TO GOD (do a land assignment here)

4.) INVITE THE HOLY SPIRIT AND ANOINT YOUR HOME (see anointing home here)

5.)DO SPIRITUAL HOUSECLEANING (see cleaning demonic clutter here)



PRAYER: “Father God I ask in Jesus name for You to send Your Warrior Angels and Heavenly Hosts over me and my household to take us off the frequency of the demonic. Scatter Your enemies Oh God far far away from me and block them and smite them down with Your fiery swords and shields so the demonic cannot see, hear, perceive or touch me, my family and household at all today in Jesus name! I invite the HOLY SPIRIT to come and hover over me and FILL my household so the ONLY frequency we operate on is YOUR FREQUENCY and YOUR KINGDOM Almighty God! Amen!”

You can also play a recording of the #shofar to usher in the Angelic of God and bring in the Frequency of God in your home.

UNDERSTAND there is a ‘frequency’ that is a sound and vibration that is of the demonic, as there is also a sound and vibration that is of God. This is not “new age” they stole that term and twisted it! It always belonged to God! God created the world with a sound, a word, He spoke it into existence and HIS sound is what is holding creation together. This is in the Bible. The demonic tries to come against this with their sounds, particularly in music. God’s frequency is 444 MEGAHERTZ. This is the KEY OF KING DAVID. Young King David played his harp in this key and demons fled! Read about David playing his harp for Saul! The sound of the Shofar – the rams horn is the sound of the voice of God in battle and summons the Angel armies and releases a Heavenly vibration and frequency to destroy demonic strongholds. This is what took down the walls of Jericho! Now this is all being re-discovered. Our music used to be tuned to Godly frequencies such as 444, 396, 528, 432 and, then during the Nazi era they changed it to 440 which is demonic! Look at the Holy Spirit based teachings and music of Michael Tyrrell of Wholetones, he has a list of GODLY FREQUENCIES. Johnny Cash and old Gospel Musicians knew to tune their instruments to 528 which is a Godly frequency! Study up on this and fill your home and atmosphere with GODLY FREQUENCIES.

– Coach Annamarie

Salvation Prayers – Give Your Life To Jesus Christ and Invite The Holy Spirit

Salvation Prayers – Give Your Life To Jesus Christ and Invite The Holy Spirit


 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6

The greatest miracle of all is the salvation of a person’s soul to Jesus Christ.  Maybe you’ve never prayed a prayer of repentance,  a prayer of salvation before.  If you would like to give your heart and soul to the Lord Jesus Christ and invite Him and The Holy Spirit to come into your life, join me in these prayers of salvation:

Pray out loud:

“O Father God, be merciful to me, a sinner. I’ve missed the mark and path with my life, and I’m sorry.  I need You Father God and I want the greatest miracle, the salvation of my soul. I repent of every sin in my life. I turn my back on the past. I renounce the devil. I receive Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior of my life and my soul. Come into my heart, mind, soul and spirit, Lord Jesus, and save me right now. I receive Your salvation power Lord Jesus. Wash me with your blood Lord Jesus and cleanse me of my sins, create in me a clean heart and make me a new creation in YOU Jesus. I believe You are the Son of the Living God, Lord Jesus and that You died for my sins on the Cross and rose again out of the tomb! I believe on the third day You ascended into Heaven and are seated at the right hand of Father God. I believe in the power of Your Holy Spirit, Lord and I invite the Holy Spirit into my life right now. I belong to You now Lord Jesus and to Your Kingdom Forever!  I have now become of the Family of Almighty God because of You Lord Jesus!  I proclaim this all in Jesus’ Name. Amen.” #salvationprayer

Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  Meaning a complete life full of purpose and victory!  John 10:10

Before you can prosper your soul and in your life, Jesus must live in you and work through you and you must invite the Holy Spirit to come and work in you and with you!  It’s good to also pray this to reconfirm your commitment to Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.

Jesus said: “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth, whom the world (worldly – those in deception and away from God) cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you. – John 14:16-17

Pray out loud:

“Lord Jesus, for too long I’ve kept you out of my life.  I know that I am a sinner and that I cannot save myself.  I repent of all my sins.  No longer will I close the door when I hear you knocking.  By faith, I gratefully receive your gift of salvation.  I am ready to trust You, Jesus, as my Lord and Savior.  I believe Your words are true, Lord.  I repent for my sins, and I ask you, Jesus, to wash away and cover all my sins and iniquities with Your blood.  Come into my heart and my life, Lord Jesus, and be my Savior and my King.  Thank You, Lord Jesus, for coming to earth to redeem us.  I believe You are the Son of God who died on the cross for my sins, took the keys of hell and the grave, then rose from the dead on the third day.  I believe that You, Jesus, then walked the earth in your glorified body and ascended into heaven.  I believe You, Lord Jesus, are seated at the right hand of the Father right now ruling and reigning over all!  Thank You, Jesus, that You paid the price so I could be seated with You next to the Father and become a son/daughter of God, too.  I am truly sorry for my sins against God the Father and His word and grateful that they are now all covered by Your Blood, Jesus.  I will not look back!  I renounce everything of the kingdom of darkness, I renounce satan and I come out of any agreements with sin or evil! I have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ out of the hand of the Devil and set apart for the plans and purposes of God!  Thank you Lord Jesus for taking on all my sins and giving me the gift of eternal life with You and access to Your Kingdom.  Thank you, Father God, for Your grace, mercy, and love.  Because of Your Son, Jesus. my sins are forgiven, cleansed, and remembered no more for Your sake.  Father God I ask for You to remove any consequences of my sins from me and my life. Father God,  I now invite Your Holy Spirit to come and baptize me in Your Spirit!  Heal my life, my body, my mind, my soul, heal all my soul wounds and live inside of me and beside me and be my helper and guide me Holy Spirit as I move forward doing exactly what You have called me to do for the kingdom and Your glory, In Jesus name, Amen.”

Now, let’s start on getting your soul healed and prospering because Jesus made it possible: 

  1. Repent for any known sins and unknown sins and ask God for forgiveness.
  2. Forgive anyone who has hurt you and forgive yourself.
  3. Ask Jesus to wash all these sins, hurts, and bitterness with His blood.  
  4. Thank God for His grace, mercy, and forgiveness.
  5. Ask God to remember your sins no more (wipe them out).
  6. Ask God to erase the sins and bitterness from your memory (wipe them out).
  7. Ask the Holy Spirit, with His resurrection power, to heal your soul wounds and prosper your soul.
  8. Do The Soul Cleansing Prayer Here (deep clean)
Land Assignments From The Lord: Blessing and Sanctifying Property and Homes – The Power Of Communion

Land Assignments From The Lord: Blessing and Sanctifying Property and Homes – The Power Of Communion

In July of 2016, while visiting Jamestown, Virginia and touring inside the old church – I heard the audible voice of God tell me to go up the altar, kneel down there – and if I was willing to accept an assignment He had for me.  I was obedient and even though I did not know at the time what the Lord was asking me to do, I felt an urgency in my spirit to say “yes”.  I accepted an assignment from the Lord, I was not sure what was next but I was sure He would show me.  Almost immediately after I returned home to Virginia Beach – the Holy Spirit began to download my assignment to me.  It was a “Land Assignment”.  I had never heard or seen one before and I was not sure even how to go about it, but when you say “Yes” to God – trust that He will show you, and bring you everything you need to do it.

My first “Land Assignment” was to gather a group of intercessors from my church at the time, (Oak Grove Baptist) and go to the First Landing Cross at Cape Henry to pray for the United States of America. Repent for the sins of our land and leaders, take communion, pour communion in the soil and decree certain scriptures, and re-dedicate the land to God. WOW. I was very overwhelmed at first, BUT GOD.  He lined up the intercessors to go with me, gave me all the scriptures and a step by step of what He wanted done there.  It was an amazing prayer location for my first land assignment because the First Landing Cross at Cape Henry Virginia was the exact place over 400 years ago the first settlers came from England, and upon stepping foot on the shore at Cape Henry (north Virginia Beach) they erected a wood cross in the sand, and thanked God for a safe voyage, and dedicated the land to God and decreed that from this land shall go forth the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and blessed all the inhabitants therof.  It was these same words that we spoke again that very day with my prayer group.  We did that assignment, gathered at the First Landing Cross Memorial site on November 5th, 2016 – just days before the American Presidential Election of Donald J Trump.  (see more about the First Landing Cross Land Prayer Assignment here.)

Since that day at the First Landing Cross, I saw God responding to our prayers there.  Then I learned soon after that besides myself, God had called many other faithful and willing intercessors to pray over their cities, regions, states and the country.  I was shocked at how many had been called to these “Land Assignments” at this time. Surely the Lord was calling up His people to STAND IN THE GAP and pray, ask for forgiveness to redeem the land according to 2 Chronicles 7:14:

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

I have had many more “Land Assignments” to do after that, including my own land and home.  So many have asked me to teach them how to do this.  I have put together some video teachings and resources for you right here so you can begin with your own home and land, then be prepared to pray over other locations the Lord sends you to. Taking Communion and getting the Communion that represents the Blood Of Jesus Christ into the soil was something the Holy Spirit made VERY CLEAR to me that He wanted done at each land assignment.  It’s the Blood of Christ that speaks and makes intercession for the land and for us as a people of God! The kingdom of darkness is helpless against the Blood Of Jesus Christ, and by applying it we have, by faith activated the finished work of the cross against the enemy. It’s a LEGAL transaction against the enemy and they can no longer hold dominion in the land because the Blood Of Jesus takes over all authority and breaks all curses, cleanses sin and destroys all demonic assignments that were once operating there.

Most of my Land Assignments from the Lord have been at key gateway locations. Entrances to cities, an old ferryboat landing in my region that once was a main gate, bridges, courthouses and also on the beach in Sandbridge VA (coastal borders assignment) and all the way to the west coast too in Atascadero, CA and San Fransisco.   I found out that Daniel Boone had intended to build a road from the east coast of Virginia Beach, VA all the way to a point between those two cities on the west coast! There are still some old markers across the US where he intended to build.    These early places in our history have to be re-dedicated to God, especially if they were corrupted or used for sinful things.  Daniel Boone was a righteous man, however not every settler or leader was across these states.  These sins against the land must be repented for as well.  Sinful transactions could have even happened on your own land that need to be repented of – these sins can give a legal right of the demonic to hold a curse against the land and the region!  These curses cannot be removed until they are covered in the Blood of Jesus.

(Watch highlights from one of my “Land Prayer Assignments” at the Historical Virginia Beach Courthouse Here)

One thing I have learned, is each assignment can be different – depending on the history of the place.  So get yourself educated with these teachings – I know that the Lord wants me to give these to you and have more intercessors powerfully equipped to do this.  We start with our own homes and properties with my video below, then scroll down for more teachings for intercessors who would like to go and do bigger land assignments over a special location.  I am so excited that you are here to learn this.  I told God this was my goal of my heart back in 2016 to have “boots on the ground” intercessors all over America and the Nations doing Land Assignments and getting the land redeemed and healed by taking communion and blessing the land!  How glorious is this now that we are all doing this! God is so faithful!

Recently, I had a prophetic word (read here) from the Lord, that this year of 2020 (Hebrew year 5780) that it was very important that we as believers in Yeshua, Jesus Christ as an act of faith and reconciliation take communion on our land and also apply the communion to our door posts before Passover coming up on April 8th 2020.

We do this to repent of the sins of our land, cleanse our land and dedicate it to God. Also with the blood of the Lamb – our Lamb Jesus Christ our communion applied over the door like the Israelites did at Passover – as a prophetic act of faith – to declare our homes belong to God and are in covenant with God through the Blood of Christ. Therefore our homes are marked and covered in the blood of Jesus – the activated words I give you today as you do this will send the message to all of heaven and earth that you and your household belong to God and are blessed, that no curses or pestilence or disease can touch your home and must ‘pass-over’ in Jesus name! This is a powerful time of DELIVERANCE for all of God’s people. If we do these prophetic acts of faith, we will see God move in our lives and households and in our land! Follow along my video and also get more detailed teaching and free resources on how to pray over your land and home below…..

Watch My Teaching Video: Passover for Christians, Applying Communion To Your Land and Home

Resources For Intercessors and Land Owners:

Free Printable Downloads:

Checklist_Preparing_ Activating_Land_Prayer_Assignment_By_Annamarie_Strawhand

Prayer / Decree Guide For Intercessors and Prayer Groups: “American Gatekeepers” Pray For America By Annamarie Strawhand 

Suggested Books:

From God’s Hands To Your Land, Blessings By Jeanette Strauss