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Transcription of the word that the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which was delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on June 18, 2021,

Watch the video, and then read the transcript below.


ANNAMARIE: “The first thing, I’m seeing a prophetic, a prophetic picture of …. He’s showing me a compass on the ground, and the compass is being crushed. I see, I see, it’s like the foot of the Lord, like a sandaled foot, a, a sandaled foot that is crushing these compasses, and next to the compa, compass, it looks like these silver goblets, but these silver goblets have got the, it looks, look like these goblets are demonic, and they’re empty. And now I see, I’m seeing like a hammer coming down, and these compasses are being smashed, and these goblets are being smashed. 

What is this, Lord? Holy Spirit, reveal to me what I’m seeing. There, there, this giant sandaled foot crushing this compass and hammering these goblets with the demonic …. It, they’re silver, but they look demonic. They don’t, they don’t look …. They’re like a pewter silver but look like they got demonic carving on them. It’s, it, and there, the goblet, i, it’s empty. There, there’s nothing in that goblet. 

What is this, Lord? Lord, reveal to me what this is. Reveal to me what this is, Lord. His giant angels are on the earth right now. Their feet are on the earth, and they’re crushing and hammering the direction of the enemy. Their, he’s, the, the, his angels, his giant angels that have been appointed for this time in the earth are on the earth right now crushing the plans of the enemy. 

He says, “They have no more direction, no more direction! Their compasses have been crushed! I’m sending them into a state of confusion. I’m putting confusion in the enemy’s camp! They’re confused! They’re confu, the enemy is confused! Their compasses have been crushed by my angels. Their goblets are empty. Their demonic goblets have run dry.” 

He says—thank you, Lord—that confusion has been put into the enemy’s camp. Their compasses have been crushed. Their goblets have run dry. Their, they’ve been put into a state of confusion. His giant angels have feet on the ground right now in the earth—the angels of the Most High God. The giant angels of the Lord, of the Most High God are in the earth right now crushing the compasses of the enemy, crushing the direction of the enemy, sending their compasses spinning, sending them spinning, sending confusion into the enemy’s camp. The, the demonic isn’t gonna know what direction to go, and he says they’re coming at each other. He says, “Watch as they come at each other and throw each other down!” He says, “You’re gonna see news reports of they’re ratting each other out. They’re, they’re, they’re throwing each other under the bus. They don’t know where they’re going.”

The, the enemy doesn’t know where he’s going. He’s scur, they’re scurrying and scattering. They have no compass. They have no direction. The evil goblets that they were drinking out of have run dry. Their compasses have been smashed. There’s confusion in the enemy’s camp. It’s because we prayed it. It’s because we prayed it. It’s because we prayed it. It’s because we prayed it. We said, “Send confusion in the enemy’s camp.” 

Oh, my goodness, it’s because we prayed it. When we pray that, the enemy, the enemy, the Lord is coming against the enemy based on what we are speaking—the word of God. When we speak the word of God, and we say, “Send confusion in the enemy’s camp,” it’s happening. When we speak that, and we say, “Lord, according to your word, send confusion in the enemy’s camp,” the angels are being dispatched immediately by what we’re speaking right now, and it’s happening. 

He’s showing me compasses being crushed, being hammered, giant angels smashing, the tables are being overturned. Their goblets and all their demonic, uh, stuff is being thrown on the ground. The camp is being, the enemy’s camp is being trashed, and they’re scurrying, and they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re coming against each other, ratting each other out, throwing each other under the bus trying to save their own hive, hide, but no; they got no direction. They ca, they got no, they got nowhere to go. 

He says, ‘Watch what I do.” My goodness. He says the enemy is trying to wear us down so we can’t get to the finish line. He says, “But, no.” He says, “My people will come to this finish line in unity. It will be like photo finishes.” He says, “My people, they will carry their brother to the finish line.” He says, “You will see my people because they will be carrying their brother through. They will be going shoulder-to-shoulder with their brother, with their sister to the finish line, carrying their brother through. Even if they’re weary, if their brother or their sister are weary from all the time of praying, from everything that you’ve gone through at this time,” he says, “you will know my people because they will be carrying each other through to the finish line.” Those will be his people standing shoulder-to-shoulder coming to the finish together with great celebration. 

He says, “My people are battle weary but you will come shoulder-to-shoulder helping each other to the finish line in unity.” He says, “While the enemy, their, the, they’re gonna be taking each other out. They got no compass. They don’t even know where the finish line is. They’re, they’re, they’re in a state of confusion. Their compasses have been smashed.” 

God’s mighty angels, his giant angels …. He’s showing me this in the Bible where he says, where his angel comes on the earth one foot on the land and one foot in the waters. He’s showing me that in scripture. These angels are huge, huge, huge. They have giant hammers, and they’re, they’re smashing the enemy’s compasses, their goblets. They’re turning over their tables, confusion in the enemy’s camp. The enemy’s gonna be, they’re gonna be throwing each other under the bus. 

He said but his people, God’s people will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder, brother-to-brother, sister-to-sister helping each other to the finish line. “He’s not heavy; he’s my brother.” That’s so [Inaudible].

The Lord’s gonna give us strength in this time to help carry our loved ones through to the finish line, and even those who are very weary ….

Absalom will hang by his hair. What was that? What do you mean by that, Lord? Absalom will hang by his hair. I, I don’t, I, I …. Absalom was a traitor to King David. He was one of David’s sons. Anybody who came up against God’s anointed—President Trump, who is his David. Oh, this is …. 

Traitors, God’s dealing with the traitors. Traitors—Absalom will hang by his hair. He’s literally showing me Absalom coming off his high horse and hanging from the tree by his hair, and everybody can see it. 

What are you saying, Lord? Holy Spirit, reveal more. Lord, reveal more. I don’t know if this is what he’s meaning. He just said Absalom will hang by his hair. That there was an Absalom spirit operating in the brotherhood that was trying to come against his David—President Trump. But, instead, those who try to come against President Trump, those who were trying to be traitors against this nation, even though they acted like they were in the same family and everything, but, no, they were, they were against God’s will. They were trying, they were coming against God’s will. He’s saying, “Absalom ….” 

I’ve studied a little bit on the Absalom spirit and how it operates, and the Absalom spirit is an evil spirit. It’s like a coup spirit. It’s like a, a spirit that tries to come against the truly appointed king. It, it tries to come against God’s true, it tries to steal the throne. It tries to steal … [Gasp!] Oh, my gosh, we know who that is.

I just, I just got a notice that my girl is here to help me, uh, and I have to go. She’s in my driveway. Oh, my goodness. Let me just tell her I’ll be right there. Where’s my glasses? Oh, my goodness, I’m overwhelmed by the Holy Ghost right now. I can’t [Inaudible]. Oh, my goodness.

The Absalom spirit are those who try to, to do a coup against King David—the true ruler, the true leader. Those who have tried to take over the presidency, but they’re not the true one. Those who have tried to put a coup together. Those who come against God’s anointed—the true leader. 

Absalom. [Inaudible], Absalom will hang from his hair. That just came out, uh, just like came out. That was the Holy Spirit totally wanted to say that. Those who have been operating in the Absalom spirit …. The Absalom spirit is, is those who are, uh, wanting the throne, uh, and, are, are, they, and planning a coup against the true king and trying to come against the true king and trying to usurp …. How do you say that? Ursurp? Upsurp?—trying to take, take it from ….

Who has tried to steal the presidency from the true president? Who has tried to steal the throne of England from the true king and queen of England? God is dealing with the Absalom spirit. [Inaudible], you heard him. You heard what he said, “Absalom will hang from his hair.” That’s what he said. 

And what is the Absalom spirit? The Absalom spirit is those that you think were loyal, those that you think, right, those that you, right, like that are in that, the, the same circles as you plan a coup against you and try to take the, take the throne from you, take the leadership from you. They’re traitors.

Anybody that planned a coup, anybody who tried to come against the true rulership and true leadership of President Trump because it’s been prophesied that President Trump is a David. Kim Clement said he’s a David, that God called Ki, President Trump his David. We know that it’s, that we had a word that President Trump is of the bloodline of Judah—the right to rule—that he knew where the destiny stone was, uh, in Scotland. That’s his lineage—that the true kings must be of the, of the bloodline of Judah. That Queen Elizabeth, she usurped that destiny stone—Jacob’s stone, right, from England, and she got herself crowned on that destiny stone. But her family, her bloodline is not of Judah. She didn’t have the right to rule. Trump knew this, and Trump has the right to rule. And we also know that, the, the Lord also said Benjamin Netanyahu does. 

So those who are trying to, uh, come against President Trump or Benjamin Netanyahu—God’s rightful kings, God’s rightful leaders—were, are operating under the Absalom spirit, which Absalom was the one who tried to come against King David, and, and, and planned a coup against him, raised up a army against him, but God said, “No, you can’t come against my anointed king.” And Absalom, uh, was running away, and he had long hair, and his hair got caught up on the branch, and he got yanked off his horse and hung from his hair because he was a traitor.

My friends, I just know what the Holy Spirit just said. You heard the word of the Lord. Whoever is coming against the rightful anointed king in a coup is a traitor. Th, the Holy Spirit just said Absalom will hang from his hair, and you saw the angels of the Lord smashing the compasses and the evil goblets of the demonic. Wow, we heard the word of the Lord, my friends. 

Father, we thank you. We thank you, Lord Jesus. We thank you, Holy Spirit. We thank you for your angel armies that have been dispatched to the earth. We thank you, Father, that you, Father God, that you are taking down evil and destroying evil. We thank you, Father God, that you are sending confusion in the enemy’s camp. We thank you, Father God, that you are destroying their evil goblets. We thank you, Father God, that, that you are dealing with the wicked. We thank you, Father God, that you are dealing with the traitors and those who have come against your truly anointed leaders for this time. Father God, we trust you that you are bringing justice and that you are bringing righteousness. We put our faith in you, Father God, and we enter your rest. We agree with your word today, Father God. Help us to be strong and faithful and give us understanding what you are speaking through this prophetic work, word through the power of your Holy Spirit by the authority of Jesus Christ. We cover all these words that have been spoken today by the blood of Jesus Christ. Let them only be used for the plans and purposes of God and for the glory of God, for your kingdom and for your glory forever and ever, in Jesus’ name, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

My friends, I love you all so much. I bless you in the name of Jesus. Remember, all of heaven is cheering us on to the victory. God is taking care of the evil ones right now, and his brilliant plan will go forth and nothing will stop it. Nothing will stop the plans and purposes of God. Put your faith in God. Enter his rest. Know that he is gonna ask you to have strength to carry your brothers and sisters to the finish line. We go to the, to this finish line in unity. We’re coming through. This finish line is a photo finish together, and God has put the enemy into confusion. They can’t see us. They can’t discern us. They’re in confusion. Their compasses have been smashed. Their evil goblets have run empty. They have nothing. But the people of God, the Lord is with us, and God is dealing with the traitors and those who have come against his anointed. You heard what he said. 

I ask you all to pray for covering for me and my household for the court covering of God and for protection. This is a very powerful word that came forth today. I ask you all to protect, I ask you to pray for my protection and the protection of my household and my family, and I’m gonna have Goose, uh, take this word and transcribe it for all of you. 

And, Father, I ask for your continued protection over me and my household and over everyone here and over our children and over our families by the blood of Jesus Christ and by your angel armies because all of heaven is cheering you on, wa, cheering us on. 

We are the remnant. We have the victory in Christ Jesus. I love you all so much. I bless you in the name of Jesus. All of heaven is cheering us on, and I’m cheering you on. 

Take this word and pray on it. Continue to speak that scripture, God send, send, uh, uh, confusion into the enemy’s camp. He told us our prayers are making that happen. We have the victory. Christ Jesus is our victory. 

I love you all so much. I bless you. I need to take my communion and go and put it over my garage, and I ask you to continue to keep me and my family and my household and this ministry in your prayers. I love you all so much. I’ll see you Monday. I bless you in the name of Jesus. [Blowing kiss]”



Transcription of the word that the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which was delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on May 3, 2021. 

Ministry assistant, Jennifer Klinger, was a guest on this episode. For identification purposes in the following transcript, JK is used to denote when she is speaking.

Watch video – then read transcript below …

ANNAMARIE: “Um, but listen, yesterday, um, the Kentucky Derby…, and I, I love horses. We have a horse. Uh, we have a horse rescue ministry here. And, uh, the Lord speaks to me through sports. He, he sp, speaks to me through auto racing, which I spent 30 years in NASCAR racing.

JK: Right.

He speaks to me through horse racing. He speaks to me through, he speak, spoke to me through the, uh …

JK: Football games too.

Football games …

JK: Yeah.

The Liberty …

JK: Yeah.

University Football game.

JK: Right, right.

Um, but, let me tell you something. Is the Lord speaking through major events—sports and things like that? Yes …

JK: Yes.

He is. You know, you just have to have discernment and say, “Lord, what are you saying here?” Now, I’m going to lead you through what the Holy Spirit told me about the Kentucky Derby yesterday, and it’s a great …

JK: It’s a great word.

Message for right now, and I’m encouraged. I’m very, very encouraged here. Um, and, um, now the, let me, let me get, let me pull up my, the information.

JK: Okay.

Um …

JK: [inaudible]

And we’re, we’re going to, with the prophetic word about the Kentucky Derby. Uh, we will be in the book of Esther. Okay?

JK: Okay.

Uh, and, uh, it’s Esther 8:17. Uh, the Lord spoke to me about Esther, uh, with this, uh, Kentucky Derby winner. So, let me go ahead and tell you how the Lord gave me the prophetic word, uh, from the Kentucky Der, Derby winner. Okay?

All right, so they ran the 147th Kentucky Derby yesterday.

JK: Okay. [inaudible]

Okay? Thoroughbred racehorse, uh, races. And the winner of the Kentucky Derby was, uh, a, a small, a small kind of, you know, not-too-noticeable, uh, horse named Medina Spirit.

JK: Spirit.

Medina Spirit.

JK: Spirit.

M-e-d-i-n-a Spirit. Now, um, this horse was only purchased for a thousand dollars. Nobody, he was, he was overlooked.

JK: Yes.

He was overlooked and, uh, nobody thought he was going to be a winner. Um, he was purchased for a thousand dollars and brought into the best, uh, horse stable, uh, for Kentucky Derby winners, and, uh, uh, Bob Baffert trained him, who is, he’s, Bob Baffert is the winningest …

JK: Yes.

Kentucky Derby winner trainer.

JK: Yes, I know exactly who you’re talking about.

He, he took this little thousand-dollar unknown …

JK: Yeah.

Thoroughbred horse who nobody wanted. He’s kind of small, overlooked.

JK: Right.

Right? And his name is Medina Spirit, and they said he went out and dominated …

JK: Yeah!

The race.

JK: Love that.

Dominated the race!

JK: Whew!

And he carries the number eight, okay. And we know, biblically, okay, listen to me. This is, this is a very, very important word for right now.

JK: Yes.

So, I’m giving a prophetic word, friends, about the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby that happened yesterday on May 2, 2021. All right?

Now, the horse that won the Kentucky Derby was named Medina Spirit, carrying the number eight. He was only purchased for a thousand dollars. He’s a little, overlooked horse that just by an amazing move of, I believe of the Holy Spirit …

JK: Mm, yes.

Got this unknown horse into the greatest training stable with the greatest trainer, and he became a, a winner of the Kentucky Derby yesterday—literally, dominated the race.

JK: Um, I love that.

Won the race. And so, I said, “Lord, what are you saying here?” And he said, “Esther.” I said, “Esther.” Okay, now, Esther was a orphan. Okay? She was kind of overlooked. Um, she had been living, of course, with her cousin, Mordecai. She was, uh, uh, a Jewish orphan that, um, was, was, uh, literally taken, okay, by the King of Persia’s, uh, guards and brought into the palace. Okay? And she was groomed …

JK: Yes.

And groomed and groomed and groomed and groomed. Uh, they said she spent, uh, I don’t know how many days in a milk bath with milk and myrrh and …

JK: Oh, wow.

You know, and she was groomed for her, her time before the king.

JK: Yes.

And the king saw something in her. He, the king saw something in this little orphan, okay, that, that nobody else saw, and he was overtaken by her beauty and her spirit. Right?

JK: Right.

And he married her, and she became Queen Esther. Well, Queen Esther was actually put into the palace for that time by God for a move of the Holy Spirit for just one, one major moment of her life.

JK: Right.

We know that the very famous scripture where she is to go to the king, uh, and do a divine reversal, okay, which Esther, um, she literally has to go rush boldly to the throne of the king and give her request.

JK: Um hm.

Boldly, okay, without any fear because if, if she doesn’t go and make her request to the king, then her people …

JK: Her people.

Will be killed and, but instead, God, God placed this orphan, this overlooked girl into the palace of the king. Gave her all the influence. Gave her all the winning strategy. Okay?

Now, we know that the chapter of Esther eight is the divine reversal chapter.

JK: That’s right.

Right? And we had a prophetic word here, uh, several months ago that there will be an Esther moment in America …

JK: That’s right.

Where there will be a divine reversal.

JK: Yes.

And that even other prophets, including Kim Clement, spoke and said that there will be an Esther that will come.

JK: Yes.

And we are to say yes to Esther.

JK: Yes.

And the time of divine diverse, reversal where everybody thinks evil is winning …

JK: Um hm.

Everybody thinks evil has all the influence. Everybody thinks, “Oh, it’s just death and despair and horrible and it’s just …”

JK: Yeah.

“Going to be horrible.” And then all of a sudden comes this Esther, and Esther comes, and everything is turned around and, and, um, the evil ones hang on their own gallows.

JK: Oh.

It’s a divine reversal. Now …

JK: Whew!

I saw this little horse, and the Lord said, Esther to me, that this horse represents Esther. Okay, hear me out. And the number eight—eight biblically re … uh, in the Bible means new beginnings, new beginnings and also represents Jesus Christ.

JK: That’s right.

So, the number eight is Jesus Christ, the Alpha, the Omega. Right?

JK: Yes.

And the, um, infinity, infinity, right, the number eight infinity represents Jesus Christ. And the eight also represents new beginnings. This horse carries the number eight. Okay? He was purchased for a thousand dollars. We know that the main scripture in the Bible that’s about the one thousand is Deuteronomy 1:11. “I will bless you and prosper you a thousand times more than you are.” That’s God’s promise to his people—the promise of Abraham. Okay?  

JK: Wow.

So, we’ve got the thousand dollars, the, right?

JK: Yes.

The horse was purchased for a thousand dollars. He was like this overlooked orphan, right …

JK: [inaudible]

That brings that Deuteronomy 1:11 promise in. Right? I’m going to prosper you a thou ….

JK: Right.

This horse won millions of dollars yesterday.

JK: Yeah.

Millions. Okay? He was purchased for a thousand dollars.

JK: [inaudible]

That’s God’s showing his blessing of multiplication where I can take the overlooked, right, and turn it into …

JK: Right.

Right? The thousand-fold. All right, so, how do we get to Esther? Well, I looked at the horse’s name. I said, “Holy Spirit, what are you speaking about the horse’s name?” Well, I knew spirit had to do with the Holy Spirit, our, ours, our spirit, uh, you know, for, for God, right—the spirit of victory, the spirit of winning, the spirit of, uh, overcoming. Right? So, I knew that, and the Lord said to me, “Look up the word ‘Medina’ in the Hebrew.” So, I looked up the word ‘Medina’ in the Hebrew, and I always look up words in the Hebrew because that is God’s language.

JK: That’s right.

When God is speaking, th, he’s going to, he’s going to always bring us to the Hebrew. The Hebrew is what God wrote with his own finger in the Ten Commandments.

JK: Yes.

It’s his language. Okay? So, I said, “Okay, Lord; I’ll look up the meaning in Hebrew, uh, Medina in Hebrew.” And, okay, listen to this. According to the Hebrew, the word ‘Medina’ originally meant jurisdiction, but in old Aramaic, old he, the old ancient Hebrew Aramaic, okay, what it means is…. Oops, let me pull this up. Hang on. [inaudible] What it means is, um, sovereignty, sovereignty, of a city. Is, am I saying that word right?

JK: Sovereign.

Sovereign, right, a sovereign city, a jurisdiction. Okay? Um, and Medina means sovereign city or jurisdiction and it’s connected to the Hebrew, and it only shows up in the Bible one time—the word ‘Medina’. And guess where … in the Hebrew? Esther Chapter 8 verse 17.

JK:  Whew!

Come on!

JK: That’s powerful. Thank you, Lord.

This horse, Medina Spirit, with the number eight, right, an orphan, you know, overlooked …

JK: Overlooked. Everybody counted him out.

Everybody counted him out, literally went from nothing to the greatest horse stable in Kentucky.

JK: Yes.

Was groomed. Became an over, overcoming winner—dominated the race. Carries the number eight, which represents Jesus Christ …

JK: Yes.

And new beginnings. Come on!

JK: [inaudible], I love it.

The word ‘Medina’ in the Hebrew means sovereign city. Right?

JK: Love it. Love it.

Sovereign city has only been used in the Bible one time …

JK: One time.

Ever. I did a whole search.

JK: [inaudible]

Oops sorry. I talk with my hands.

JK: You’re okay. Hey, you’re Italian.

And the only time it was ever used was in Esther chapter eight verse 17.

JK: Wow.

Now, let’s read …. This word is for us …

JK: Yes.

In America. This is our Esther word.

JK: Right.

The Holy Spirit arranged for this little horse …

JK: [inaudible]

To win the Kentucky Derby to give us a message of hope—that we are having an Esther moment in this nation—a divine reversal. Get ready.

JK: Okay, get ready.

Okay, I’m going to read Esther 8:17.

JK: Seventeen.

Are you ready? This is amazing. And we know the number 17 means victory of the overcomer.

JK: That’s right. That’s important too.

So eight, eight represents new beginnings in, in Jesus Christ. The number 17 represents victory of the overcomer, and the only place that the word ‘Medina’ in the Hebrew shows up in the entire Bible is Esther chapter eight verse 17.

JK: That’s so, so powerful.

I’m going to read Esther chapter eight verse 17.

JK: Okay.

All righty? “And in every province…”. That’s where, uh, Medina comes in.

JK: Mm.

“And in every city whithersoever the king’s commandment and his decree came, the Jews had joy…”

JK: Joy and gladness, a feast and a good day.

“And gladness, a feast and a good day. And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.” That is the moment of victory. That is the moment of divine reversal that those who were the enemies of God’s people now fear God’s people. Come on! And the city being sovereign, right, which means it’s now under the jurisdiction of God’s …

JK: God.

People. It’s now under the jurisdiction of almighty God. That’s what that word ‘Medina’ means—a sovereign jurisdiction, a sovereign city under the jurisdiction of God, and it only shows up in the Bible one time—Esther 8:17. There’s the eight. The horse’s number is eight. He was an overlooked horse.

JK: Yes.

He was taken into the finest stable in Kentucky. Taken by the finest trainer. He was groomed to be a winner—overwhelming victory at the Kentucky Derby. Come on, God!

JK: Praise God! That is incredible. Something else that speaks to me too is, uh, Medina Spirit. You know …


JK: We have the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit upon us, and the spirit …

JK: Spirit.

Of God’s people. The spirit of victory.

JK: That’s right.

And so God is saying each city, each state, each, each …. Right now, what’s going on with the states, my friends; what’s going on with the states? Right? They’re coming into their sovereignty. They’re saying, “No more. We are not going to listen to the enemy no more. We’re not going to listen to the, the evil one.”

I just saw, um, I just saw, uh, the, the, she’s, she’s a, uh, congresswoman, or she’s a leader in the state of Arizona. Uh, she’s a, she’s a woman, and she is a powerful woman.

JK: Ooh.

I can’t think of what her name is right now, but I just saw her. She did a video, and she was talking about the voting, the, the ballots being …

JK: Right.

Uh, audited.

JK: Audited.

Uh, in Maricopa County.

JK: Yeah.

And, um, you know, and I think the word ‘Maricopa’ is connected to the word ‘butterfly’. I think it is. I think Maricopa is connected to the word ‘butterfly’, but anyway, um, and we all know butterfly, right, transformation …

JK: Transformation.

New beginning. Um, but she said that she’s going to say, “You federal people, you have no business in Maricopa County.”

JK: Mm.

“We run our own audit. We are saying what’s going to happen.”

There, these cities and states are taking their sovereignty, and they’re not going to listen to the federal government anymore. The spirit of the people is rising up for freedom.

JK: That’s right.

It’s that spirit of freedom, and where the, where the, where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

JK: There is freedom. Amen.

And she is standing up, and she’s saying, “You’re not going to send your, your, your, uh, Democrat groups, and, you know, your, your little …”

JK: Good for her.

“Federal people.” She goes, “This is Maricopa County, and we’re running our own deal.”

JK: That’s right. Good for her.

And that’s what I pray upon every city, every state because I believe when Maricopa County, when, when this audit happens, and, and this divine reversal …

JK: Yes.

That the Lord said was going to happen in …

JK: That’s right. That’s right.

The states, and he specifically said Pennsylvania. He said divine reversal in Pennsylvania, but it’s, it’s going to be like a domino effect.

JK: It, it, yeah, all the others will follow suit.

Yeah, it’s all going to, right, and, and v, overwhelming victory, victory, victory, victory …

JK: Victory.

Victory in, in these, in these sovereign cities, and this, this spirit of Esther …. Esther is a, a, a, a spirit of, of the kingdom of God. Right?

JK: Yes.

The spirit of Esther.

JK: Yes.

That divine reversal. That, that overcomers’ victory.

JK: Yes.

And I just, when I read this, and I say, “Lord, you are sending us a message from this little horse…”

JK: Yes, that was, that’s amazing [inaudible].

“Medina Spirit.”

And I just thank the Lord for this revelation, this confirmation. And let me tell you; you know the word is from God when he sends you to his Word.

JK: That’s right.

Everybody says, “How can you tell a false prophet? How can you tell if it’s really God? How can you tell if it’s …?” I said, “Does he send you to the Word for confirmation?”

JK: There you go. There you go.

Because God’s will is his Word. God’s will is his Word.

JK: That’s right.

Every prophetic word, everything that, um, you know, God is speaking in these times should confirm in his Word.

JK: Amen.

And I don’t ever release …

JK: That, now, that’s confirmation, right there.


JK: I mean, it’s incredible.

I, I don’t ever release a prophetic word unless the Lord gives me confirmation in his Word. And let me tell you something. Even if the Lord comes on me during a broadcast …

JK: Uh huh.

I take that word, even if it’s a live situation, I take that to him …

JK: [inaudible] seek the Lord on it.

And I say, “Lord, I ask you to give me confirmation in your Word about it.” You know, because I know that we have to read the Bible with the power of the Holy Spirit. We have, we have revelation that comes to us …

JK: Yes.

From the Word—the power of the Holy Spirit. And, but that’s how the Lord confirms everything.

JK: His Word.

So, I want you to take this word about this Kentucky Derby racehorse, okay, and I want you to just pray on it. Say, “Lord, thank you for your sign of confirmation for this little Kentucky Derby racehorse, Medina Spirit. Thank you, Lord, that your spirit of Esther is upon this nation, and we will have overcoming victory, that the overcomers shall have victory, and the joy of the people shall come and those ….”

Let’s read, let’s read Esther’s 8:17 again. “And in every province” (every city in America, every county in America) …

JK: Oh, yes.

And in every city in America and every county in America, right; take this word for ourselves.

JK: Yes, proclaim it.

“The king’s commandment and decree [inaudible] came.” The King—Yeshua, Jesus. Right? “And the Jews had joy and gladness …”

JK: Joy and gladness.

“A feast and a good day. And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell on them.”

Listen, this is for the Christians too—the Christians and the Jews—God’s people. We are one new man. We are coming together as one. We are coming together …

JK: Yes.

As one. You see, Deuteronomy 1:11, the thousand, the thousand-fold promise is for those, the chosen people of God—the sons and daughters of Abraham. Jesus Christ, when you become a believer in Jesus Christ, you become grafted in, grafted into that promise of Abraham—that Deuteronomy 1:11 promise that I will prosper you a thousand times more than you are. Listen, this is a promise.

JK:  A thousand, a thousand times a thousand is a million.

A thousand times a thousand is a million. Wow!

JK: So, I wonder how much he won.

So, he won, that horse won a million, over a million dollars.

JK: Oh, wow.

And this promise is for us. So listen, guys …

And yes, yes, Lori McNeill says she was just in Lancaster, Pennsylvania yesterday visiting the theater that Queen Esther play performs.

JK: Ooh, Sight and Sound Theater.

Going to, she’s going June 3rd for her birthday.

JK: Oh, wow.

Well, that word came to us about Esther when Ivanka Trump was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

JK: Ok.

And, at the opening of the Esther play in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Remember?

JK: Yes, I do remember.

If you go back to …. Maybe Lori can find the link to that word, um, I had a prophetic word …

JK: It says yes to Esther.

Several months ago. It says, it’s a Esther word.

JK: It’s a [inaudible]

And the Lord spoke to me when Ivanka Trump was, I, Ivank, Ivanka, uh, was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She was there the day of the opening of the Esther play. Uh, at, at Sight and Sound Theaters.

JK: Okay.

And the Esther play has run longer than the Esther season. You see, that Esther play has run, not just through the season of Purim, Purim, Purim … [inaudible] say it properly.

JK: Right.

But the Esther play, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has run all the way through Passover all the way through into Pentecost, and now we’re coming into Pentecost. Come on!

JK: We’re coming into Pentecost, guys.

This, we are still in our Esther season, my friends.

JK: Yes.

And God is doing this, and this message from this horse, I’m telling you, is confirmation for divine reversal in the cities and states taking their sovereignty, sovereignty and we are going to see a divine reversal. And God’s people have the victory, overcoming victory—8:17. So, listen, no matter what you see going on in the natural—like, “Oh, it’s just terrible [inaudible].” Stop it! They like it when I say that.

JK: I love it!

I remem … I’m going to say it again. Stop it! She thinks that’s funny when I say that.

JK: A lot of people do. [inaudible] love it. We love it.

Anyway, stop with the fear. Stop with the worry. Stop with the [inaudible]. Stop! Stop it! We say yes to Esther!

JK: Yes to Esther. That’s right.

Over, the victory of the overcomers.

JK: Oh.

Listen, my friends, do you think President Trump would just leave us like this?

JK: No, no.

I have worked with winners all my life.

JK: Yes.

I’ve worked with NASCAR drivers. I’ve worked with the best winners you’ve ever met. Okay? I’ve worked with Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt. The, they win for a living.

JK: Yes.

That’s what they do. Okay?

JK: He’s a winner, for sure. [inaudible]

And I understand their personalities, and I had to train up race car drivers and train them how to be winners and have a winner’s mindset. I wrote a book about it.

JK: Right.

Okay? President Trump is a winner. He doesn’t walk away from anything.

JK: No.

I know how a winner’s mind works.

JK: Right.


JK: He, you know, when he left the White House, he didn’t seem in fear or distraught or  

He wasn’t worried.

JK: It was under control, you know.

Everything …. God has got this, and now God is giving us messages through this little horse, Medina Spirit.

JK: Yes.

And brought us to the word, Esther 8:17, and we are still in this Esther divine moment. And the cities and the states are taking their sovereignty, and they’re saying, “No more of this federal evil, uh, you know, influence. No. No.”

I, I mean, I saw a group of people the other day, parents going in and taking over the school board. They voted out all the evil influences out of their school board …

JK: Oh, good.

And they’re like, “We’re coming in. We’re taking over.”

JK: That’s right.

You see?

JK: That’s the way it ought to be. Yeah, come on. [inaudible], yes.

That’s the spirit of freedom, the spirit of sovereignty, right, where the people come together and say, “No more …”

JK: No more.

“Of this evil. No more of it. We’re done with it. We’re coming in, and we’re bringing in righteousness and what we say goes—God’s word, God’s values, God’s righteousness.”

JK: Amen.

And I’m telling you, and this is what we’re going to start seeing, this ripple effect, and it, we are in a Esther 8:17 time.

JK: Wow.

And everything that the enemy meant for evil shall be turned to good, and our Lord and King, King Jesus, let me tell you something …

JK: [inaudible]

He has already spoken about revival and billion soul harvest. Jesus is getting his bride and he is getting his reward of the harvest. And revival is here my friends.

JK: It is.

And, and if you, if you think for one minute, let me tell you something …

JK: Yeah, come on.

If you think for one minute that these evil people can stop a move of the Holy Ghost …

JK: Yeah, that’s really funny. Mm hm.

I’m telling ya, I mean, it, it’s happening. The Holy Spirit is going to, whew, it’s going to be like a rush of fire …

JK: Wow.

Across this nation …

JK: Like a [inaudible].

And pouring out into other nations.

JK: Right. Like a tsunami.

Yes, yes.  Okay? So, come on, get on the glory train. Know that God has got this, and that little horse—nothing was stopping that little horse.

JK: Nope.

I mean, he was …

JK: He …


JK: He just blew, uh, blew past everybody.

He did. Uh, give me an amen and a woo hoo, people, for this word. Just know, my friends, that we are overcomers in Christ Jesus, and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, and the Spirit of the Lord is upon us here in America.

And that confirmation of that Kentucky Derby winner yesterday, uh, it just was amazing. And, uh, God confirmed it in his word. The only time the word ‘Medina’ shows up in the entire Bible in the Hebrew is Esther chapter eight verse 17 …

JK: That’s so incredible.

Which is the victory verse, right, where the victory ha, has been finalized, and the, the, those who were evil, those who were persecuting God’s people have, have come under the, the fear of God’s people. See?

Let me tell you guys something, and this is what I just love. I just love this. I just love, love, love this. I love it when the Lord confirms his Word. Okay? I just love it when he confirms his Word, and he, he drives, he drives me to a word to confirm prophetically what he’s showing us with what’s going on in culture. Do you not think, come on, when this happened to Esther thousands and thousands and thousands …. Well, I don’t know how many thousands of years ago.

JK: A couple thousand.

Couple thousand years ago. When this happened to Esther, right, because Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega. He’s the end from the beginning.

JK: Right.

He has written it all. He has written it all. Right? Jesus writes the best stories. Okay? Do you not know when this all happened that God had this very day on his mind? He, the, the Lord, the Father, and the Son had this very moment in, in, in time …

JK: It’s, it’s incredible when you think about it.

On his mind.

JK: I mean, he’s seen all the little details of everything. He’s so profound. He’s just, uh, I’m just in awe. I really am. I’m in awe when I just think about it.

We serve a mighty God.

JK: We serve a mighty God. Yes, we do.

And he knows the end from the beginning, and he always wins. Come on!

JK: Come on.

Whew! [inaudible] Esther, Esther is our Cinderella story, and, um, you know, it’s, it’s a story of us with Jesus Christ our King, and going boldly to his throne …

JK: Yes.

And asking, petitioning him, and, um, it’s, it’s a story of, uh, victory, and it’s our story, my friends. It’s the story of God’s people, and, um, you know, you were born for such a time as this.

JK: Right.

Each, each and every one of us. How is, how is God going to use you for that bold move that he has for you in your life? What is he preparing you for? Don’t think you’re overlooked. Don’t think that you’re overlooked. God wants you to have overcoming victory in your life. Right? You’re not a nothing. You’re not a nobody. You have great value for the Lord.

JK: Amen.

And, um, you have the blessing of Abraham. You have the covenant through Jesus Christ. You are in God’s family. You have victory in all things.

And I bless you all today in the name of Jesus, and I just thank God for that prophetic word with [inaudible].” 

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Transcription of the word that the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which was delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on July 2, 2019.

Watch the video, and then read the transcript below.


ANNAMARIE: Good morning, everyone, and shalom. This is Annamarie Strawhand coming to you this morning, uh, for a very, very special, special broadcast. Um, I have a word from the Lord, a word from the Holy Spirit for the United States of America—a prophetic word. 

Um, I was going to release it yesterday, but the Lord stopped me and said he had more that he, that he wanted me to say. Um, so I spent a full hour in a vision yesterday, uh, with the Holy Spirit, uh, giving me notes and downloads, uh, to share with all of you. Uh, it’s a very, very powerful, exciting word from the Holy Spirit of God. I am so blessed and honored to be able to bring forth this word, uh, for my beloved country, the United States of America, and also for all of you. And if you don’t live in the United States, it’s okay because this word is also for the body of Christ, for God’s people, and, uh, it’s just absolute glorious.

So, um, I just want to give you all a quick good morning, and, um, we’re going to go right straight into this word this morning. Uh, and I know that we’re live, and, uh, I just ask you all to just, um, come before the Lord yourselves. Uh, just get, ask the Lord to fill you with his Holy Spirit, and we’re just going to have a prayer. We’re going to ask for the Lord’s covering this morning. I’m not even going to be looking at the chat because I’m going to be looking at the notes that the Lord has given me, uh, for this word. And I ask you all to just receive it with your hearts today, um, and, uh, just remember that our, our God is faithful, and He will speak through the prophets. 

It is written that He will speak through the prophets and that in these days, these last days, that “He’s pouring out his Spirit upon all flesh and your old men shall dream dreams and your young men will pro, young men will prophesy and the sons and daughters will prophesy.” 

And, you know, the Lord has been giving me words, uh, for America now for about three years. Last year, at about this time, uh, He gave me a word that He was releasing His hornets, His hornets, uh, ahead, uh, of His angel armies in America, and, um, so there’s a word about a year ago, a little over a year ago that was released. And now, um, there today, um, He’s given me another word to release to all of you, uh, about, uh, America and the sons and daughters of righteousness. The sons and daughters of God rising up, that there is going to be an event, a marker that’s going to happen, uh, that’s going to be a gift from God, a gift right from his heart, uh, to America.

And so I’m going to, uh, try and give this word to you the best that I can, but I just ask you all to just join me in prayer. And I ask for the covering of the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus Christ and, uh, the covering over this recording as we bring this forth. So let’s just pray, everyone. 

Father, we just thank You for who You are and all that You have done for us. Father, we thank You for Your grace and Your mercy. We thank You for Your Son, Yeshua, Jesus Christ. We thank You that He has redeemed us by His blood. We thank You, Father, for Your redemptive plan, Your redemptive plan and, Father, we thank You that You are faithful to Your word and that You will continue to send signs of Your faithfulness and Your goodness to us and give us hope; Lord, give us hope. 

And, Father, we know that we are in amazing times, and we are so honored to be alive at this time and that You are using all of us, Father God, for Your plans and purposes for the Third Great Awakening, Father God, and for the revival and the restoration of your gospel of your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, not just in America but across all the land, across all the nations, Father. And we thank You, O God, for Your love. We thank You for Your love. And we, we thank You, Father, that You are the Father of lights that gives us all the good gifts. We thank You for loving us, Father. We thank You for choosing Your people to rise up at this time and to carry out Your plans and  purposes to usher in the coming of your Son, Yeshua, our Lord and our King—the second coming. 

And we thank You, Father, that You, through Your prophets, are speaking at this time giving us hope, giving us strength, giving us a sound to rise up, giving us a word to stand on of Your faithfulness, O God. Father, those who are blind and cannot see right now, God, that cannot see spiritually what You are doing at this time, Father, we ask You to open up their eyes, O God. Give them ears to hear, eyes to see of Your glory and the glory of our coming King, Yeshua, Jesus. 

Father, we thank You; we praise You, and we ask You for Your hand to be upon this, this recording, this broadcast, this word, and let it go forth according to Your will and Your plans, O God. Anoint me, Father, to bring this word forth powerfully and give me utterance to only speak what You want me to speak, O God. 

I thank You, Father. Let Your Holy Spirit come now that this word shall be released. Let the courts of Heaven be opened and seated. Let the books in heaven be open. Let the cour, books in the courts of Heaven be open, and let this prophet speak for You, O God, in obedience. Thy will be done, in Jesus’ name, Father. Amen.

Okay. Thank you for coming into agreement with me on that prayer. Okay. And I’m going to put on my glasses right now, and I’m going to be reading from my notes. Um, like I said, I was in a powerful vision for about an hour yesterday when He was giving me this word, and, uh, I, I have all my notes together based on, um, what He, the spirit of God, the Holy Spirit told me. Very exciting. Okay. So I just ask you all to receive this word with open hearts, open spirits in the name of Jesus Christ. 

The Spirit of God has released a word for America—the Fourth of July, birthday present. Special birthday present for the United States of America. 

There will be the rising up of a son, a son of America. I’ve asked the Lord, “Is this son someone that we will all know and we will recognize?” And He said, “Yes, you will know. You will know this son, and you will know that it will be a great surprise. It will be a surprise for the people. It will be a surprise for the people of America. It will be a special birthday present for America. The faithful is being rewarded.” 

The Lord says, “I am pleased with your faith, people. My people have stood up and prayed. I am pleased with the faith of my people who have stood up and prayed and have been just in the trenches, in the trenches fighting for this country, fighting for righteousness, fighting for My word and fighting for Me and My kingdom.” 

He says, “I am pleased with your faith, the faith of My people.” He said, “You have drawn nearer to Me and my Son, O America, and the people of America, and those who have prayed for America, and We have drawn near to you. You have been proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ even in the face of adversity, and it has made the Father, very, very, very, very pleased.” 

He said His angel armies have been released all around America. And He says, “Open your eyes and see my angel armies, O people of God, just like Elisha’s servant did. And remember ‘greater are those who are with you than those who are against you, and greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.’” Spirit of God is saying, “Proclaim liberty; proclaim freedom; for My Son is the spirit of freedom in liberty—Jesus, Yeshua.” 

He said, “Patriots of America rise up. The cavalry is here. The cavalry is coming. Do you not hear the sound of the hoof beats of the angel armies?” He says, “The sound has been released. The victory trumpets of the Lord have been sounded.” He said, “It is time for the promise.” He says, “My plan and My ecclesia is here,” says the Lord. He says, “Justice for the evil ones is coming.” He said, “People of God, call down My fire. Call down My fire upon the land.” 

He says, “The rats are jumping off the ship and they are drowning themselves. Those pirates, those ones who have stole from America, have stole from my church, have stole from my people will be jumping off the ship and drowning themselves. Those pirate ships shall be sinking,” and He says, “My ships are coming in for my people right now. My people are being rewarded.” 

He says, “There will come a righteous son, a son of America that will mark the rising of the sons and daughters of God for justice in the land.” He says, “I am bringing a good gift. I am your Father of lights, O sons and daughters. You are from My DNA,” says the Lord. Okay. Okay. 

He says, “You, my people, My sons and daughters, you stand higher, you stand stronger, you drive forward faster.” He says, “You carry My banner,” says the Lord. He says, “Rise up, America. Rise up sons and daughters of righteousness for your light has come and My glory has risen upon you. Songs shall be sung and sounds of joy and celebration shall come forth and break down the barriers and break down the walls that the enemies have put up trying to close in my people, but, no, they shall come down. Those barriers and walls shall come down,” He says. “Instead of protests in the streets,” He says, “There shall be songs of joy, dancing, and joy and praise unto Me.” 

He says, “Those who have been broken in this time, those whose hearts have been broken, those who have been the, the, tried to be a vessel for me, they have tried to stand so strong but the enemy has, has broken them.” He says, “The broken vessels shall stand restored. They shall stand restored, and I will pour my oil onto them.” He says, “Those who are strong and even the ones that who have been broken, there shall be restoration, and I shall pour into their cups new wine, new wine.” He’s saying, “Lift up your cups to Me, and I shall pour in and it shall overflow.” 

He says, “There shall be equippers, teachers. Those who have fought in the trenches shall now lead and equip those who need equipping at this time.” He said, “The strong men, even those evil strong men will be taken down,” He said, “by the daughters.” He said, “The strong men who are trying to still have strongholds in the land will be taken down by the daughters because the daughters are the ones who have called in my armies, and I have sent them.” He’s saying, “Mama bears rise up.” 

He pinpointed California to me. He said, “California may try to be the last stronghold.” He said, “California may try to be the last stronghold.” He says, “But My daughters, My mama bears,” He said. He said, “California has a bear on her flag. He says, “That is My mama bear.” He said, “My mama bears shall rise up and roar. My angel armies shall come,” He said, “even Michael. I will even send Michael.” He said, “Mothers of California, Mama bears of California even though California is still trying to be the last stronghold, it’s still trying to hang on with its muscle beach.”

I, I, I saw, I, He showed me like a muscle man, muscle beach. He said “The mothers, the mama bears will roar, and they will claw, and they will call in My angel armies, and the strong man shall be defeated in California.” He said, “Call in Michael, O mo, mama bears, mothers of California.” He said, “Even call in my Michael.” 

He says, “California, you are in the 11th hour. You are in the 11th hour and I need my daughters to rise up right now. I need my daughters to rise up in California. I need the mama bears to roar and command the strong man out of California and ask my angel, Michael, to come with his armies and bind the strong man out of California and cast him out.” Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Thank you, God. 

He says, “Vision shall be enhanced to see in the dark.” He says, “The enemy will not be able to hide.” He said, “We will trample the enemy so easily. Again, we will trample him with our dancing and our praise in the streets as the cups are full and overflowing with My goodness and My righteousness.” He says, “Your lamps will be filled with oil.” He said, “Continue to pray into the night, into the fourth watch.” He says, “Keep your lamps filled.” 

He says, “You will now have the view from the top of the mountain, the top of the rock—My son, Yeshua, Jesus.” He says, “This is my gift to America here. It begins now here on this July 4th, 2019, and it shall be a season of acceleration into 2020 where you all will have 2020 vision, 2020 vision. You will be able to see, you will be able to see the vision for years ahead.” He says, “You will be able to see for miles and miles and miles.” He said, “You will be able to see the ships of My prosperity coming in.” 

He said he, he will, he’s placing us upon a rock and giving us vision. He’s saying 2020, the, the number is very prophetic, and we all need to ask, “Lord, give us that vision. Give us that vision. Give us that vision to see in the dark. The enemy will not hide.” 

He said, “This gift will come in complete with My hallmark, complete with My hallmark.” He was showing me Hallmark cards like, “This is My gift to you. I give it with My heart, America. I give it with My hallmark card.” And He says, “You will know. I will have My stamp upon it. I will have My hallmark upon it. You will know that this can, uh, this gift can only come from God. You will know it came from Me. It will be the greatest surprise.” 

And he had me look up the meaning of hallmark. He said, “Tell My people the meaning of My hallmark. It is a mark stamped on articles of gold, silver, platinum certifying their standard of purity, authentication, authenticity.” He says, “You will know it’s from Me.” 

He says, “The sons and the daughters will rise up. The ones that have been refined in the fire, that there will come a moment in time right around this July 4th, and there will be an announcement, a sign that will, that will just, everybody will be so shocked and surprised.” And we can, we will say, “Lord, is this a gift from you?” And He will say, “My stamp is upon it. It’s my gift for America.” He says, “I love America.” Father is saying, “I love you, America. I love you, America. You will take My gospel to all the world. Your fortunes will be restored.”

And then He said to me today, “I have released America from all her entanglements.” That’s what he said to me this morning. “I have released America from all her entanglements. She is truly free, has true liberty. Sound the sound of the trumpets.” 

And then He said again … I said, “Father,” I said, “Who is the son? Who is this, this man that is going to mark?” I thought it was President Trump and He was like, “No.” He said, “President Trump is already, uh, President Trump is part of ushering all of this in.” And I said, “Is it your son, the Lord? Is it your son, the Lord?” He says, “No, it will be a man, a man that is here on earth right now. It, it, it’s marking a time that this gift comes to America, this July 4th birthday celebration into the season of the 2020, into this clarity of purpose for God’s people.” And I said, well … I said, “Lord, who is it? Can You tell me who it is?”

And I, I, I started seeing JFK Jr., and I’ve been seeing JFK Jr. for a long time. JFK Jr., something with John F. Kennedy, JFK Jr., the Kennedy family. And He said, “Justice for the Kennedy family. Justice for the sons and daughters of righteousness. Justice for the United States of America.” And I said, “Lord,” I said I, I feel in the natural, and I felt this for a long time, but I asked the Lord, I said, “Is John F. Kennedy Jr. alive? Is he alive? Is he here? Is he alive? Is this the son that is gonna come forth, that is going to be a surprise to everyone? Everyone is going to be shocked, and it’s gonna mark that season of justice. It’s gonna be a marker that it’s time for the sons and daughters of God to rise up.” And I said, “Lord, is it, is it John F. Kennedy Jr., Jr.?” And He would not tell me. I said, “Is it him?” And I kept asking him three or four times, and this is what he said to me; “If I told you it would not be a surprise.” 

I said, “Lord, you asked me to be a prophet and, okay, I am, I am obediently bringing forth this word.” And I love that we are going to have justice with the evil ones. I love that America is going to have the best birthday present ever. I love that America has been released from all her entanglements, but I’m very, very excited about this surprise that He’s going to give America, this gift right around July 4th, that it’s going to be a huge surprise.

I said, “Lord, is it this July 4th or is it next July 4th, 2020?” And He said, “You shall see.” He said, “But prophesy this.” He told me to go ahead and prophesy this. Ask for the courts of heaven to be open. Ask for the scrolls to be open to speak this forth. And He said for the people to have their eyes wide open. And He said to, to receive this marker and know I, the Lord, have sent this gift, this gift of justice cause, because we have all been praying, “Lord, give us justice with our adversary. Give us justice for America.” 

And, um, you know, we know that there has been a lot of evil that has been coming against America. And many people have been crying out for justice. And the Lord is saying today, the Holy Spirit is saying today that a great birthday present is coming from God, from his heart on July 4th, and it’s gonna be a birthday present for America. And it’s gonna be justice and liberty, and it’s gonna be a marker of a son that, that, uh, of, of America that is going to come forth, and it’s going to be a marker for the, that season of the sons and daughters of God to rise up and, and, and to come out and speak boldly, and, and there will, [Inaudible] like He said, this is what He said, “It’s time for the promise. The victory trumpets have sounded over the United States of America. Do you hear the cavalry is coming? Do you hear the sound of the hoof beats of my angel armies?”

I’m seeing like in stone, a monument in stone, and I see the armies of the Lord standing there, and the armies of God coming out of the stone with these fierce horses. He’s saying, “Justice for the evil ones, and call down My fire.” 

So, Father, I just thank You for this word. I thank you, God, and this prophet, Annamarie, has brought this word forth for Your glory, for Your plans and purposes, Father. I pray that I have brought this forth in obedience to You, have given Your people strategy to, to pray, have given your people strategy, strategy to keep their eyes on You, to keep their eyes on Your marks, Your marks, God, that this is a sign for, uh, liberty and justice for all. This is a gift that comes directly from You, O Father of lights. And as this righteous son comes, uh, uh, a man that will mark the rising of the sons and daughters of God for justice in the land and for the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to go forth for all the nations. He says, “No more crying out for the sons and daughters of God to rise up.” He said, “This shall be the call, the call of the sons and daughters to come forth and to begin their assignments.” Wow. Hallelujah. 

So, Father, we just thank You for this word. We thank You that it has been written in Heaven and so it shall be on earth. I pray, Father God, that I spoke this word in complete and total obedience to You, Father God. We thank You that You are doing all things for our good, O God. You are doing all things for good for those who love You, O God, and we love You, Father. We love You, Lord. We love You, Lord Jesus. We thank You, Holy Spirit. We thank You, angel armies. We thank You, angels on assignment. We thank You for the faithful ones who have gone before us and prayed and prayed and prayed, O God. We thank You for this day. We thank You for the signs of Your faithfulness, O God, for Your glory to come. Your kingdom come now, O God. Your will be done now, O God, in America on earth as it is in heaven and out to all the nations as we await the coming of Your Son, the second coming of Your Son, Yeshua, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, our Lord and our King. Oh, come, King of glory. Come, King of glory. Your sons and daughters await at the gates. There is dancing in the streets as you come, O God. 

We thank You, Jesus, for who You are. We thank You for being our great redeemer. We thank You, Father, for Your words of hope and glory. In Jesus’ name, we seal this prophecy. We seal this in prayer in the precious blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Yeshua Hamashiach, our King of kings, Lord of Lords in whom we are seated, in whom I am seated in all authority to bring forth the plans and purposes of Almighty God in the earth, and to usher in our coming King—Yeshua, Jesus. We thank You, Father. We thank You, Lord Jesus. Amen and amen. 

The Lord wanted me to make sure that we continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. He said, “Jerusalem, My darling. Jerusalem, My darling.” And I had to write it down on a piece of paper. He said, “America, You are here for my daughter, my darling Jerusalem.” And so this word for America—justice, liberty—a great gift from the Father of lights. 

There will be a, a son that will rise up that will mark the beginning of the sons and daughters of righteousness, the sons and daughters of God, to rise up for this Third Great Awakening to take the mountains of influence. He’s gonna place us up on those mountains, and, um, He’s released America from all her entanglements. Nothing is holding us back from going to the top of those mountains. Justice is here, and it’s going to begin right here on this July 4, 2019, as He ushers us into the season of vision of  2020. Hallelujah. 

So, my friends, O faithful ones of God, I just thank you for receiving this word today. I thank you for coming into agreement with this word. The Father is very pleased with our prayers. We’ve been, we’ve been given our, our orders to continue to pray, to stand up boldly, particularly in California. I love that—mama bears rise up. The refining of the gold in us. The refining of the gold. 

And I know so many of you have been feeling this. And when He was telling me to release this word this morning and I had all my notes together, uh, I checked on, on my Facebook very quickly this morning, uh, just, just to check on things this morning, and the very first thing my eyes saw this morning was a art piece, uh, by prophetic artist, James Nesbit, um, and it is literally exactly what this word is. It’s a son of liberty, all gold, holding up a torch in one hand and the American flag in the other coming up out of the United States. 

Um, I’m going to share this post with all of you. Um, I don’t know if I can screen share and read this, um, but the Lord will continually send me confirmation. As I got up this morning, I said, “Yes, Lord, today is the day that You want me to release this word. I have all my notes together. I pray for another sign of confirmation, Father.” Uh, because I, as a prophet, I want to be very, very responsible to the word that I am releasing to God’s people. Uh, I take it very, very, very, very seriously and very sacredly. And, um, I said, “Lord, give me another sign of your faithfulness and your confirmation for this word.” And the minute I opened my eyes this morning, I saw this art piece. I had never seen it before. Absolutely magnificent, um, and I’m going to share this all with you for you to see it. Uh, let me see if I can screen share here. 

Um, and it says, “Lord of the mighty, mighty, Lord. Oh, how we magnify your holy, holy name. On this 163rd day of President Trump’s third year in office and the 893rd day of his first term, on this 163rd day we say, ‘Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth, for the Lord has spoken and He is speaking. The ox knows his owner and the donkey its master’s crib. 

“Of the 25 desiring to sit in the Oval Office in 2020, do they truly know you, Father? How many give honor to, to Your name? How many protect the life of the unborn and the sovereignty of our nation? Who among them understands that righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to my, to any people? 

“Wisdom rests in the heart of him who has understanding, but what is in the heart of fools is made known. We saw this on full display in the Democratic debates. They talk about climate change, none having a clue that it is the spiritual climate of the nation, and that is the root of the matter. Alas, sinful nation, a people ladened with iniquity, a brood of university trained evil doers, children who are corrupters, who have forsaken the Lord and have provoked to anger the Holy One of Israel. They have turned away backward. They celebrate perversity and call it pride month. 

“Father, in your mercy we thank You for awakening our nation to see and have not cast votes for these blind politicians who haven’t a clue who the King of the universe is. In Your mercy, O God, please do not give these children to be our princes and these babes in understanding to rule over us. For all they know is to tax the people and the people will be oppressed. Just look, lookk at the rule of Democrats in the Illinois state. Starting today the state’s tax on motor fuel will double from 19 cents to 38 cents per gallon. For most of Illinois’ homeowners it has become painfully obvious that they will pay some of the highest property taxes in the country. The average property taxes paid in Illinois have grown by nearly 48%. It’s not just Illinois but every state governed by the socialists who call themselves Democrats, unfortunately, are governed by the same mind set. They kill the innocence, unfetter perversion in every form and fashion, and legalize drugs. 

“O Lord of hosts, the Mighty One of Israel, rid us of these unrighteous leaders sprouting their insane ideas like saving the planet by ridding ourselves of cows having flatulence and having no border patrol or no borders to patrol. Only the awakened people can come out from under the hoodwink and the sorcerer’s confusion. 

“Thank you, Father, for turning your hand against this insanity, this evil and for thurg,  thoroughly purging away this dross. I say, O God, this is, this what is coming into my spirit right now. Father God, release your holy fire right now upon the land, upon the United States of America and purge away this evil dross. Take away this demonically fueled confusion off of our land of the United States of America and those who call evil good and good evil who put darkness for light, and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Thank you, O God, for restoring our judges as the first and our counselors as at the beginning. Grace our cities of America, the United States of America, to be called cities of righteousness and faithful cities once again. Oh, thank You, good, good Father, for redeeming us with Your justice, pure justice moving in every water. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray.’”

Now, I asked the Lord for the wisdom of Deborah this morning. I asked the Lord for the Deborah anointing months ago, and in His faithfulness, He gave it to me. And then He gave me this word yesterday at about 2:00 in the afternoon when I was in my vision.

He gave me this word that justice, liberty is here and the sons and daughters of righteousness shall come forth. And the Lord is giving a great birthday present to the United States of America, and the pirate ships are sinking, and the rats are jumping ships, and to call down His holy fire. 

I’m telling you, my friends, this was the biggest confirmation of the Lord that I saw this morning when I saw this prayer, when I saw this this morning, when I saw literally a gold son of righteousness with a torch in one hand and the American flag in the other. I knew that I knew that I knew that I was supposed to release this word this morning. And this is what the Lord is saying to you today and to the United States of America. Glory hallelujah. 

And so I’m going to try and share this picture with all of you right now. Um, It is just absolutely amazing. And, uh, let me see. Okay. So I’m going to try and screen share with all of you so you can see this image, this absolutely glorious … and, um, it is just beyond amazing, so just bear with me, um, as I do this. All right. I’m going to do a screen share. I’m going to do a window capture. Let me see if I can get my desktop picture here. Okay. I’m going to transition this over to you. 

Okay. This is, this is the … I don’t know if this is the art of James Nesbit. This is the art of David, uh, Nunez art. I don’t know if you all can see this. I pray that you can see this. I asked the Lord for the Deborah anointing three months ago to, uh, release, uh, words that, uh, will give me, uh, wisdom and to be seated as a judge for the Lord. So I asked for this three months ago and then he gave me this word the last few days for the, for, that I just released to you today, a, as, as a gift for the United States of America. It’s so glorious. 

Now, what I’m going to do is, uh, since my window capture … I’m, he going to see if I can capture this as a desktop picture right now so you all can see it. Uh, just bear with me so I can share this with all of you. Okay. Let me just change my desktop picture so you all can see this, this image. It is absolutely glorious. Okay. Um, I don’t know; oop, it’s quite large, so let me see if I can change it to … I don’t know, let me see if y’all can see it. Okay.  Um, hang on. I’m going to have to adjust this so you can see this image. Mm, hang on, I’m gonna do, what I’m gonna do is a screen share so you can see, um, another scene here. 

I’m trying to get my screen to share this image with all of you. Let’s see if I can, can bring this a little bit bigger for all of you and maybe, uh, make it big or small here. Hang on. Basically, if you can see this, it’s, it’s a, a son of righteousness standing up with an American flag in one hand and the other. So right now I’m trying to do my screen saver for all of you. Some of you can see it; some of you can’t. Let’s see, I’m trying to do a screen saver here. Ah, here, now I can adjust. Here we go. I’m going to center it. Ah ha, yea! Okay. We did it. Okay. 

Now, I don’t know if you all can see that. This image was the first thing I opened my eyes to this morning with this prayer after I asked the Lord for confirmation to release this word over America that the Lord is giving a great gift to America on this July 4th as we come into the, from the season of acceleration, uh, into the season of 2020. That the sons and daughters of righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ, this shall be a marker, uh, that it’s time for us to rise up, uh, for justice, liberty, and freedom in the land and for Jesus Christ and for the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to come from America, uh, as a Third Great Awakening and, uh, into all of the nations. 

This was the art piece that I saw first thing this morning as confirmation. A torch in one hand and the American flag in the other, and it was literally the son of righteousness. Right. This, the son, right, the son coming up, uh, up out of the United States of America, and I was absolutely floored and it gave me confirmation because, my friends, we are all sons and daughters of Christ. We are all sons and daughters of God. And we are the sons and daughters of righteousness. We are the sons and daughters of God that the earth has been crying out for centuries. Since Jesus Christ rose out of the tomb and ascended into heaven and the Holy Ghost came upon the apostles, this has been happening. This has been happening. All of creation has been crying out for the sons and daughters of God to rise up in America. 

God loves liberty. He loves freedom. His son, Jesus Christ, is the Son of freedom, the Son of liberty, the Spirit of freedom, the Spirit of liberty. Who the Son sets free is free indeed. 

I am just absolutely overwhelmed right now at the glory of God, the mercy and grace of God. And, um, you know, many of you know that, uh, I am kind of a studier or scholar of the tribes of Israel and the lost tribes of Israel and how America, um, is actually considered a lost tribe of Israel, and, um, that America is actually, uh, Ephraim—one of the sons of Joseph. And Ephraim was to be doubly fruitful. So if you, if you go back to your Bible where, uh, Jacob blesses … actually, Jacob’s name is Israel. Jacob blesses Joseph’s two sons and he crossed his hands and, and, and blessed the younger son over the older son. And it was supposed to be the older son that got the blessing, but Jacob crossed his hands and gave it to the younger son, and that’s America. America is the younger son, and, uh, he, that he will be doubly fruitful. 

And, um, it’s all about coming back to Israel. It’s all about coming back to, uh, the people of Israel and, of course, for our King Jesus to come and rule and reign in Jerusalem, uh, for the thousand year reign. And, uh, so we will all be there ruling and reigning with him. And we are just in an amazing time. 

So I wanted to share this art piece with all of you, and I just want to thank you all for, uh, being, um, here and, and, and being so faithful and supportive of this, this ministry and this prophetic ministry. 

And like I said, even if you, uh, don’t live in America, uh, continue to come into agreement with these prophetic words because what the Lord is showing me, what happens in America is going to be like a cup overflowing that’s going to flow over into all of the other nations, so just absolutely glorious, absolutely amazing. 

I am just feeling so humbled and so privileged today, uh, to be able to share this with all of you. And, um, wow, I’m just so, just so amazed at God’s goodness, glory, faithfulness, how He’s heard our prayers. It’s just how justice is coming. God is so, so, so faithful, my friends. And He brought me to a Scripture this morning: (2 Corinthians 1:10) “He has delivered us from such deadly peril, and He will deliver us again. On him we have set our hope that He will continue to deliver us.” 

Our redeemer lives, past, present, and future. By His mighty right hand, O God, You have delivered us out of slavery, out of captivity, out of the hand of the enemy. We declare liberty. We declare freedom. We declare justice for all. Jesus Christ is Lord. Jesus Christ is King. Jesus Christ has rescued us by the grace and the glory of Almighty God. Hallelujah. 

This is an amazing day, my friends, and I feel so excited and so privileged to be able to share this all with you. I ask you to share this word, uh, with everyone. There are so many people that are needing hope right now. Um, you know, they see what’s going on in the natural and they’re just like, “God, when are you going to bring justice? When are these people who have been so evil, when are we going to get justice, Lord?” And he’s saying to you today that today is the day of justice in the land. Today is the day, and there will be a great gift, a great marker, a great celebration, and the sons and daughters of righteousness shall come forth and the victory trumpets of the Lord have been sounded over the United States of America, and our cup runneth over. Our oil lamps are filled and we are to stand in faith and call down his holy fire to burn off all the, dro, the dross and the chaff.

And the rats are jumping ship. Literally, that’s what He showed me. It kind of scared me when I saw it. I was like, what are all these rats, Lord? What are all these rats? What are they, and he show, showed me an evil ship, like an evil, yucky pirate ship just like … and it was starting to get on fire, and the, the rats were jumping off of it. Hallelujah. 

And I’m just so intrigued by who this person is that is going to be the marker. I believe in my spirit that it’s JFK Jr.—a Kennedy. I believe, but He would not confirm it with me. So I cannot say that the Lord said that it was JFK Jr.. All I can say is, it’s going to be a great surprise, that there will be dancing in the streets, that there will be rejoicing, um, and 

people will say, “Truly this is from God. God did this.” And it’s a sign of, of the, it’ll be a marker for the sons and daughters of God to, to rise up, what the earth and all creation has been crying for. 

And so I brought my,  um, prayer mantle in today. I’m asking you to all stand up with me today and call down the fire from heaven and, uh, call forth the, the justice and the glory of God and, uh, just, just come into agreement with me today. We’re going to make a proclamation together and just stand together, my friends. Let me just make sure that, uh, you all can see, uh, this broadcast clearly. Like I said, I thank you all for being here today. This is just a, a special day, uh, to release this word, just a special day. And I’m just thanking the Father God. And I just want all of us to stand together in unity and just proclaim as boots on the ground. 

Okay. All right. So, my friends, I ask you to just stand with me right now, if you can. If you’re riding in your car or whatever, then you can come back and pray and stand. Okay, and we’re going to just proclaim and decree what God has told us to call down—the fire—all in agreement. Okay? All right. Chair. Camera [Inaudible] can still see. Let me check the camera shot. Up. Okay. 

And [Inaudible] decree together in faith. O Father God, in the name of your Son, Yeshua, we stand today in unity for You and Your kingdom and Your glory and Your ecclesia, O God—Your church. And, Father, we stand in unity today for freedom, liberty, and justice for Your people, O God, for the nations, O God. 

Father, we call down Your holy fire right now upon the United States of America, upon all the nation, Lord, to burn up the dross, to burn up the chaff, to burn up anything, any remnant of anything, Father, that is evil, any remnant of evil in the land, Father God. Drive out Your enemies, Father God, with Your holy fire, and we call forth Your angel armies. 

Yes, Father, we hear the sounds of Your victory trumpets. We hear the roar of the Lion of Judah. Let the sound of the kingdom of God go forth into all the land, into the United States of America, into all the nations. O God, we call forth the King of glory. We ask for the gates to be open right now, every portal over the United States of America to Heaven, every portal over every nation, every angelic portal to Your kingdom, Father God. 

Let the gates be open. “Lift up your heads, O ye gates, and be ye lifted up everlasting doors, and the King of glory shall come in. Who is the King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O ye gates, and be ye lifted up, ye everlasting doors, and the king of glory shall come in.” Come in King of glory. Come in Lord of hosts with your angel armies, and drive the enemies out of the land. Scatter your enemies, O God, just like you did with Gideon, O Lord. 

Raise, we raise up a shout, a shout, a shout of praise to our God. Let the victory trumpets of the Lord be sounded and every fortress of the enemy be crumbled to nothing, O God. Let the plunder come to God’s people and into the House of the Lord. And so it shall be, O God, for these times, the King of glory is here. 

We walk in the righteousness of the Lord, Father God, let your Holy Spirit be poured upon all flesh right now at this time, O God, so we go forth into your plans and purposes right now in, in the United States of America and then into all the nations, O God. Every eye shall see the glory of the Lord coming, and every heart shall know the Lord Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. 

We decree that this is the beginning of, of the great harvest of souls for the Lord Jesus Christ, for your great awakening, for revival, for restoration, for restitution for your people, O God, and for the new harvest that is coming, for the souls to come to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Father God, send out your harvest angels, as well, Father God, to pull up all the tares. Pull up all the weeds and cast them into the fire, and let the, the sons and daughters  be, come, come into your barn, O God. We pray for our children right now. We raise our hands for our children for the next generation, O God, that they shall be, they shall be the great prophets, the great teachers, the great, uh, evangelists, O God, in this land. Father, raise them up, O God. 

We, we, we say now that the people of God take the mountains of influence in government, education, entertainment, family, and business, and in the marketplace—all seven mountains—O God, for your glory God. 

Release your holy fire right now, O God. Release your holy fire. We receive the gift that You have for us. We thank you, O Father of Light, from who all good gifts come. In Jesus’ mighty name. Hallelujah. 

Okay. Wow. I thank you all for coming into agreement with me with that prayer, with that declaration. We raise up a banner for the Lord. We carry His banner boldly, my friends. This has been a glorious time, just a glorious time, and I want to encourage all of you, my friends, to be in hope because He is our hope and glory. 

Do not look at what’s going on in the natural right now, my friends. Keep your eyes on God and what is going on in the spiritual, right, wh, what is going on in the spiritual. And make sure every morning you suit up and you, you, you get on your armor of God. You take your seat of authority in Jesus Christ. 

Those of you who’re, who are battling for your, your families right now, this is a word for all of you, right? Because not only is it going to come upon the United States of America, but the Lord is saying the cup is going to spill over on to his people, on to the nations. And I just pray that you receive it today. This is such a beautiful gift  from God, and I just thank you all for tuning in today. I bless you all and remember all of Heaven is cheering you on. There’s a cloud of witnesses up there that are cheering on the people of God, the heroes of the faith, to rise up and be bold in these times and these days. 

He goes before us. As a matter of fact, this morning, I saw the words “before you.” He said, “Remind my people that I go before them.” He goes before you. Clearing the way, so do not fear; He is with you. He goes before you. 

We’re in glorious, glorious times. Stay in hope. Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ and see what the Lord is doing for such a time as this. Glory to God. I love you all. I will see you tomorrow. Please share up this post. Encourage the people who have just been in despair right now. Encourage them and let them know that justice is here, that justice of the Lord is here. 

It is time for the hope and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is freedom. He is liberty, and whom the son sets free is free indeed, and then I go to Isaiah 22:22 “The key is on His shoulder. Whatever doors He shuts, no man can open. Whatever doors He opens no man can shut.” And the Lord has spoken. And it’s Him, the Lord Jesus Christ, our King of kings that opens and shuts these doors and these gates in the times and seasons, and He leads us through them. 

So be faithful, my friends, be faithful. And if you feel called up for these times to do something for the glory of the Lord in these times—I know many of you do—now is the time for you to ju, just say, “Yes, Lord; Go before me, O God, O Lion of Judah. Release your roar before me. Burn your holy fire all around me. Raise up a hedge around me, O God, and go before me. And my Lord Jesus Christ, has the keys that will open up all the doors before me to do exactly what You have called me to do in these days.” 

Be not afraid. Be not afraid. You are all Joshuas on this time. The Lord God is with you wherever you go. Be bold and courageous. The Father has driven the enemies out of the land. He sent the hornets before you. His angel armies are fighting for you. We called down the fire of God. We raised up a shout. It’s time for the promised land. Come on! Wooooo hoo hoo! Hallelujah!

I’m ready, my friends. This is a glorious day. Happy birthday, America. God loves you very much, America. Happy, happy birthday, America, from your Father of lights, giver of all good gifts. And, Father, we love the gift and we love the gift giver. We love You, Lord. We love You, O God. We love You, Jesus. We love You, Holy Spirit. We thank You, God, for Your faithfulness and Your goodness. Amen.