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Transcription of the word that the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which she delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on July 9, 2021.

Watch the video [Timestamps 1:25:15 – 1:52:19], and then read the transcript below.



ANNAMARIE: My goodness, my friends, I am just overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit right now. I am so overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit right now. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, God. I feel your presence, Lord. Holy Spirit, I surrender to you right now if you want to bring a word. I surrender to you, Holy Spirit, right now, in the name of Jesus. I’m your humble servant, Holy Spirit. I invite you, Lord, to come. Speak through me. What do you want to say? I will speak it. I’m in, I’m in the presence strong right now, my friends. Let’s just give God glory. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus. 

The Spirit of God is speaking, and he’s saying right now he is tearing down, tearing down the evil structures, tearing down the evil structures, and he’s building up his structures. He is giving each of us a portion of bricks, of mortar. Brick-by-brick, we shall build. He’s saying his builder angels are on the earth and are being assigned to people who have been asked to build, who feel called to build. We’re going into a great season of building.

He says, “Why do you think the enemy has tried to burn down all the trees? Ha! Does he think that if he comes against the lumber that will stop my people from building? No, I have given my people bricks. I’ve given them stones on which to build on because my houses are built on stone.” This is the Lord speaking. “You! Have you been called to build? Ask for your bricks. Ask for your stone. Ask for your mortar. Ask for your materials. For the builder angels shall be assigned to you because the plans have already been written in Heaven. The blueprints have already been released. Receive them now. Speak into the land what you want to see built there for the Lord God is with you. Go and put your feet on the land like Joshua. I will give you every place you put your feet. Go up and possess your land,” the Lord is saying, “and build what I’ve called you to build there for his kingdom is coming, and nothing shall stop it.” 

Your kingdom is coming, God. Your people are building what you’ve called them to build. You have given them a portion of bricks and mortar and stone. You will supply the lumber from wherever you want to supply it. Lord, we receive our building assignments right now. We receive our land. Show us where it is. We will go and possess it in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We claim the land that you have given us for your plans and purposes. Give us the finances to build. We receive these finances. We receive our land. We receive our blueprints that are written in Heaven for us. We receive the builder angels to come and assist us. We receive the leading of the Holy Spirit and our master builder, our chief carpenter—the Lord Jesus Christ. 

“For the plumb line has come,” says the Lord. “It is a season of building, and my people shall build what I’ve called them to build. Do not run away from this assignment! Do not be afraid. Do not say, ‘Oh, it’s too big for me.’” “Say, ‘yes, Lord.’” And the Lord is saying he will provide all that you need. He has brought you to this land for a reason. He has put your feet to the place for a reason, and he’s rebuilding his government. 

For the Lord God has spoken. His kingdom shall prevail, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. He’s saying, “I’m destroying the gates of evil.” Oh, my goodness. He’s saying that’s why I saw the sign of those two flags on a gate, on a brick gate to that house—the American flag and the Appeal to Heaven flag—for it has been done. Our appeal to heaven has been heard, and our land is being healed, and it’s being rebuilt the way God wants it to be built. That’s why I saw the flag on the gates of that house. It’s all about your gates, God, Yes, It’s always, always been about your gates, your gates. And the 12 tribes of Israel are all gates. Take the gates. 

[Gasp] Oh, my goodness. Okay, the revelation is just coming like a, it’s like whoosh. Okay, Lord. Hear the word of the Lord. Hear the word of the Holy Spirit. He’s showing me again the Battle of AI—the second battle of Joshua, in the book of Joshua, and this is what the Lord is saying. “Watch how I take the gates of AI—artificial intelligence.” He’s saying, “I gave those gates to Joshua and my people. So I shall again.” 

And what happened at those gates? What happened to the enemy at those gates? The leaders of AI were stacked in a heap in front of the gates, and there, they were burned for all to see. God is tearing down the evil gates, and he’s rebuilding his righteous gates. We are in the battle of AI right now with Joshua. We’re going up to possess the land. Jesus Christ was with Joshua, you know, all the way, all the way, the Lord Jesus Christ himself. Because and when Joshua went to begin his battles in the book of Joshua …

Go to my Joshua teaching here on my YouTube channel. I know that I know that I know that was Jesus Christ in the presence of Joshua. Joshua had an angelic visitation, and he said it was an angel. But the angel said to him, “Take off your shoes. You’re standing on holy ground.” An angel would not say that. You do not bow down and worship an angel. But the Lord Jesus Christ and the Lord God himself, you bow down and worship and you take off your shoes. The captain of the host, the captain of the Lord’s army was with Joshua—Jesus Christ himself. And Jesus Christ himself was with us, and it’s prophetic—the Battle of AI. 

And what happened the other day? President Trump—God’s anointed—proclaimed battle against AI—artificial intelligence—against, against the big tech companies. What do you think they were trying to do to us? Track our every move. Control us with their technology. Artificial intelligence, it’s going down. Their gates are being trashed. It’ll be burned right in front of us, and we’re taking the land, the people of God. Come on! Oh, Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, I see it. I see it. I see it, Lord! Yes, Lord; do it, Lord!

We shall build for the Lord. We are possessing our land for the kingdom and the glory of God. Jesus Christ is with us all the way. He’s giving us all bricks and mortar and stone. He is providing our building materials. He’s saying, “Do not be afraid. Go up and build what I’ve called you to build.” Possess the land, and he will give it to you. It’s already ours. [Inaudible] Come on. 

Yes, Lord. I’ll speak what you want me to speak, Lord, for your kingdom and for your glory. What do you want to say, Lord? Tell me more, Lord. He’s saying we have reached a goal, a goal. He’s showing me a goal post, a goal post. Could be a Hebrew letter. I don’t know the Hebrew letter that’s shaped like a goal post. Yahweh. We have reached a goal. We have reached a moment. We’ve reached a goal in time. We’ve reached a goal. Hm. Yes, Lord. More, Lord. “For this is the will of God for the servants of the Lord. For this is the will of God for the servants of the Lord, that we shall reach these goals of the kingdom of God for this time.” [Sigh] Wow. “Do you not remember when your president, my president,” says the Lord, “Donald J. Trump, my anointed, my man of this time, my David stood before the goal posts?”

That was prophetic when President Trump went to that football game and stood before the goal posts. [Gasp] I remember that now. That was prophetic. It was the Lord showing us that we are facing the goal through our leader, President Donald J. Trump, and the Lord has chosen him to help us get to the goal of the Lord. And he’s saying we’ve reached a goal. We’ve reached it. A goal that was set, we’ve reached it. 

Lord, show us more. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Thank you, Lord. He saw it, it’s gonna just keep going forward, another goal, another goal, another goal to a championship. This is gonna be like win after win after win after win to, to a championship, but we’ve reached a goal. Thank you, Lord. 

We’re not seeing exactly what that is in the Spirit, but I believe these court cases that President Trump is going to do are already won in the Spirit against this big tech. It’s already been won. It’s already been set. It’s already been spoken in Heaven. And he’s saying get behind the president. Get behind him and support him because he is leading us to these goals. Again, God’s anointed, God’s leader, get behind him. He’s leading us to these goals that God has set because God has given him the strategy for us, and not just America, other, I’m seeing other nations.

He’s saying these big tech companies are like demonic principalities. I said, I’m thinking, “Lord, we’re using YouTube. We’re using Facebook. We’re using Twitter. We, we’re using these platforms.” It will be given to the people. [Laughing] It will be given to the people. He’s just, he’s saying right now, “Did I not allow Joshua and my people to plunder everything in those cities?” Yes, you did, Lord. Yes, you did. We’re gonna get the plunder. We’re gonna get those platforms. They’re gonna belong to us! 

I just said, I just said to the Holy Spirit yesterday, I said, “Lord, I named my business Faith Lane Media. I want to be a good media, a media for you. I want to help others have platforms for you. I want to teach them how to get out and speak and do videos and, and, and things like that.” I just said to him, “Lord, I want to be your media.” I want, I just asked him that yesterday. Oh my goodness, it’s all gonna belong to us. Oh gosh. He’s gonna take these platforms that were run by evil and wicked principalities and turn them over and give them to the people. Goodness! Talk about a divine reversal.

Thank you, Holy Spirit. You’re, you’re hearing the word of the Lord. He, he is, he is like [Sigh] right now. I can feel the Father right now in me, and how angry—righteous anger—of these evil, wicked people that have come against his children, that have come against his land, that have come against his ecclesia, that have come against his son … hmm-mm … God … no. 

Okay, God is, ooh, he’s tearing them down, and he’s going to turn around and give it all to us. And we’ve already, we’ve reached a goal already. It’s already done. It’s, we’ve already won in the Spirit, and God’s gonna give us the plunder. But we gotta keep praying for President Donald J. Trump and these men of righteousness that God has put at the helm—our Joshuas, our Calebs. Thank you, God. Wow, yes, Lord, we receive it. We receive your word today. We receive it, yes, yes, Lord, and we will be good stewards of these, this plunder. We will be good stewards of it, God. Help us stay faithful and obedient that it always honors and exalts you, Father, and your kingdom for your glory, in Jesus’ name. 

I’m thinking right now, now, now this is just my discernment. I’m thinking right now when President Trump is saying … now this is just my discernment, and I’m going to ask the Holy Spirit for confirmation. I’m thinking right now that’s why President Trump hasn’t come out with this social media platform that he keeps saying he’s gonna come out with because he’s going to win in court with all of us class action suit—We the People against Facebook, YouTube, Twitter because Google is the same as YouTube. YouTube and Google are one company. They’re, they’re the same company. 

He’s gonna end up owning them! Oh, my goodness. Oh, my gosh. I’m gonna ask the Holy Spirit for confirmation on that one because this is just discerning in my spirit right now. He showed me the battle of I, AI, how those evil leaders were destroyed. God’s people went in and took the gates, took the plunder.

[Gasp] This is connected back … oh, my goodness. All right. I know. Okay. Holy Spirit is showing me the word from Prophet Kim Clement when Kim Clement said that God’s gonna take Bill Gates and open up, use Bill Gates to open up something huge for the church. I discern what that word meant is the, stripping the wealth of the wicked and giving it to the righteous, but we know that Bill Gates has got his hands in all this evil big tech. We know he does, on the evil side of it. That he’s one of those big tech giants that’s coming down in the Battle of AI. It’s, he has an evil gate. God’s all about gates! All about gates! It’s considered the place of authority, the going in and the going out. Whoever takes the gates controls it, controls it. 

What that prophecy of Kim Clement meant was that God, through this Battle of AI that’s happening right now, which we already have the victory, the transference of wealth is gonna happen. All of the wealth of those big tech giants is gonna be stripped and given to the ecclesia for us to use for the church, to use for the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Oh, my goodness, we’re gonna take their platforms. It’s gonna be given to us because God’s people got to go in and take the plunder and take the land, take the gates to be used for God’s glory. 

That’s why I always say, “Lord, do you want me to be on Facebook? Do you want me to be on Twitter? Do you want me to be on YouTube?” And he would just tell me, he would just say, “Stay in there. Stay on there.” You know, just dedicate it to him. Continue to have that influence in here. Claim it for his purposes. Here we are. And those of you who have been thrown off of these platforms, get behind President Trump’s lawsuit. You can sign up for it to get, you know, if you’ve been thrown off of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any of those places. Okay? Get behind President Trump’s class action suit. This is gonna be glorious. 

You remember the other day when I told you 777 when Wednesday was July 7th—the seventh month, the seventh day, and the 21 is 7+7+7, and God has completed a thing. That’s God’s number when he stamps when he’s completed a thing. Well, when I started to do my biblical research the other day, on, on the number seven, right, God has completed a thing; it’s also the seven eyes of the Lord, the seven spirits of the Lord. 

The seven eyes of the Lord go through all the earth, right, the seven eyes of the Lord. Did you know that the seven eyes of the Lord are on a rock? It says the seven eyes of the Lord are on a rock. A rock. “And he will take a simple stone,” says the Lord, “remember the name, and they will laugh at him, but the plan is so brilliant it can only be given by God.” The rock of God, the stone of God that hit Goliath, seven eyes on the stone of God. The rock of ages is gonna hit these evil people so hard they won’t know what hit them. 

In the Battle of AI and Joshua, Joshua just had to stand like up on a hill, like up on a rock, you know, and with a javelin on his shoulder and just face that city while God gave them a stealth plan of, uh, armies of Israel to, to, to get them from behind; take them by surprise. Whew! Come on! 



Transcription of the word that the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which was delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on June 18, 2021,

Watch the video, and then read the transcript below.


ANNAMARIE: “The first thing, I’m seeing a prophetic, a prophetic picture of …. He’s showing me a compass on the ground, and the compass is being crushed. I see, I see, it’s like the foot of the Lord, like a sandaled foot, a, a sandaled foot that is crushing these compasses, and next to the compa, compass, it looks like these silver goblets, but these silver goblets have got the, it looks, look like these goblets are demonic, and they’re empty. And now I see, I’m seeing like a hammer coming down, and these compasses are being smashed, and these goblets are being smashed. 

What is this, Lord? Holy Spirit, reveal to me what I’m seeing. There, there, this giant sandaled foot crushing this compass and hammering these goblets with the demonic …. It, they’re silver, but they look demonic. They don’t, they don’t look …. They’re like a pewter silver but look like they got demonic carving on them. It’s, it, and there, the goblet, i, it’s empty. There, there’s nothing in that goblet. 

What is this, Lord? Lord, reveal to me what this is. Reveal to me what this is, Lord. His giant angels are on the earth right now. Their feet are on the earth, and they’re crushing and hammering the direction of the enemy. Their, he’s, the, the, his angels, his giant angels that have been appointed for this time in the earth are on the earth right now crushing the plans of the enemy. 

He says, “They have no more direction, no more direction! Their compasses have been crushed! I’m sending them into a state of confusion. I’m putting confusion in the enemy’s camp! They’re confused! They’re confu, the enemy is confused! Their compasses have been crushed by my angels. Their goblets are empty. Their demonic goblets have run dry.” 

He says—thank you, Lord—that confusion has been put into the enemy’s camp. Their compasses have been crushed. Their goblets have run dry. Their, they’ve been put into a state of confusion. His giant angels have feet on the ground right now in the earth—the angels of the Most High God. The giant angels of the Lord, of the Most High God are in the earth right now crushing the compasses of the enemy, crushing the direction of the enemy, sending their compasses spinning, sending them spinning, sending confusion into the enemy’s camp. The, the demonic isn’t gonna know what direction to go, and he says they’re coming at each other. He says, “Watch as they come at each other and throw each other down!” He says, “You’re gonna see news reports of they’re ratting each other out. They’re, they’re, they’re throwing each other under the bus. They don’t know where they’re going.”

The, the enemy doesn’t know where he’s going. He’s scur, they’re scurrying and scattering. They have no compass. They have no direction. The evil goblets that they were drinking out of have run dry. Their compasses have been smashed. There’s confusion in the enemy’s camp. It’s because we prayed it. It’s because we prayed it. It’s because we prayed it. It’s because we prayed it. We said, “Send confusion in the enemy’s camp.” 

Oh, my goodness, it’s because we prayed it. When we pray that, the enemy, the enemy, the Lord is coming against the enemy based on what we are speaking—the word of God. When we speak the word of God, and we say, “Send confusion in the enemy’s camp,” it’s happening. When we speak that, and we say, “Lord, according to your word, send confusion in the enemy’s camp,” the angels are being dispatched immediately by what we’re speaking right now, and it’s happening. 

He’s showing me compasses being crushed, being hammered, giant angels smashing, the tables are being overturned. Their goblets and all their demonic, uh, stuff is being thrown on the ground. The camp is being, the enemy’s camp is being trashed, and they’re scurrying, and they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re coming against each other, ratting each other out, throwing each other under the bus trying to save their own hive, hide, but no; they got no direction. They ca, they got no, they got nowhere to go. 

He says, ‘Watch what I do.” My goodness. He says the enemy is trying to wear us down so we can’t get to the finish line. He says, “But, no.” He says, “My people will come to this finish line in unity. It will be like photo finishes.” He says, “My people, they will carry their brother to the finish line.” He says, “You will see my people because they will be carrying their brother through. They will be going shoulder-to-shoulder with their brother, with their sister to the finish line, carrying their brother through. Even if they’re weary, if their brother or their sister are weary from all the time of praying, from everything that you’ve gone through at this time,” he says, “you will know my people because they will be carrying each other through to the finish line.” Those will be his people standing shoulder-to-shoulder coming to the finish together with great celebration. 

He says, “My people are battle weary but you will come shoulder-to-shoulder helping each other to the finish line in unity.” He says, “While the enemy, their, the, they’re gonna be taking each other out. They got no compass. They don’t even know where the finish line is. They’re, they’re, they’re in a state of confusion. Their compasses have been smashed.” 

God’s mighty angels, his giant angels …. He’s showing me this in the Bible where he says, where his angel comes on the earth one foot on the land and one foot in the waters. He’s showing me that in scripture. These angels are huge, huge, huge. They have giant hammers, and they’re, they’re smashing the enemy’s compasses, their goblets. They’re turning over their tables, confusion in the enemy’s camp. The enemy’s gonna be, they’re gonna be throwing each other under the bus. 

He said but his people, God’s people will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder, brother-to-brother, sister-to-sister helping each other to the finish line. “He’s not heavy; he’s my brother.” That’s so [Inaudible].

The Lord’s gonna give us strength in this time to help carry our loved ones through to the finish line, and even those who are very weary ….

Absalom will hang by his hair. What was that? What do you mean by that, Lord? Absalom will hang by his hair. I, I don’t, I, I …. Absalom was a traitor to King David. He was one of David’s sons. Anybody who came up against God’s anointed—President Trump, who is his David. Oh, this is …. 

Traitors, God’s dealing with the traitors. Traitors—Absalom will hang by his hair. He’s literally showing me Absalom coming off his high horse and hanging from the tree by his hair, and everybody can see it. 

What are you saying, Lord? Holy Spirit, reveal more. Lord, reveal more. I don’t know if this is what he’s meaning. He just said Absalom will hang by his hair. That there was an Absalom spirit operating in the brotherhood that was trying to come against his David—President Trump. But, instead, those who try to come against President Trump, those who were trying to be traitors against this nation, even though they acted like they were in the same family and everything, but, no, they were, they were against God’s will. They were trying, they were coming against God’s will. He’s saying, “Absalom ….” 

I’ve studied a little bit on the Absalom spirit and how it operates, and the Absalom spirit is an evil spirit. It’s like a coup spirit. It’s like a, a spirit that tries to come against the truly appointed king. It, it tries to come against God’s true, it tries to steal the throne. It tries to steal … [Gasp!] Oh, my gosh, we know who that is.

I just, I just got a notice that my girl is here to help me, uh, and I have to go. She’s in my driveway. Oh, my goodness. Let me just tell her I’ll be right there. Where’s my glasses? Oh, my goodness, I’m overwhelmed by the Holy Ghost right now. I can’t [Inaudible]. Oh, my goodness.

The Absalom spirit are those who try to, to do a coup against King David—the true ruler, the true leader. Those who have tried to take over the presidency, but they’re not the true one. Those who have tried to put a coup together. Those who come against God’s anointed—the true leader. 

Absalom. [Inaudible], Absalom will hang from his hair. That just came out, uh, just like came out. That was the Holy Spirit totally wanted to say that. Those who have been operating in the Absalom spirit …. The Absalom spirit is, is those who are, uh, wanting the throne, uh, and, are, are, they, and planning a coup against the true king and trying to come against the true king and trying to usurp …. How do you say that? Ursurp? Upsurp?—trying to take, take it from ….

Who has tried to steal the presidency from the true president? Who has tried to steal the throne of England from the true king and queen of England? God is dealing with the Absalom spirit. [Inaudible], you heard him. You heard what he said, “Absalom will hang from his hair.” That’s what he said. 

And what is the Absalom spirit? The Absalom spirit is those that you think were loyal, those that you think, right, those that you, right, like that are in that, the, the same circles as you plan a coup against you and try to take the, take the throne from you, take the leadership from you. They’re traitors.

Anybody that planned a coup, anybody who tried to come against the true rulership and true leadership of President Trump because it’s been prophesied that President Trump is a David. Kim Clement said he’s a David, that God called Ki, President Trump his David. We know that it’s, that we had a word that President Trump is of the bloodline of Judah—the right to rule—that he knew where the destiny stone was, uh, in Scotland. That’s his lineage—that the true kings must be of the, of the bloodline of Judah. That Queen Elizabeth, she usurped that destiny stone—Jacob’s stone, right, from England, and she got herself crowned on that destiny stone. But her family, her bloodline is not of Judah. She didn’t have the right to rule. Trump knew this, and Trump has the right to rule. And we also know that, the, the Lord also said Benjamin Netanyahu does. 

So those who are trying to, uh, come against President Trump or Benjamin Netanyahu—God’s rightful kings, God’s rightful leaders—were, are operating under the Absalom spirit, which Absalom was the one who tried to come against King David, and, and, and planned a coup against him, raised up a army against him, but God said, “No, you can’t come against my anointed king.” And Absalom, uh, was running away, and he had long hair, and his hair got caught up on the branch, and he got yanked off his horse and hung from his hair because he was a traitor.

My friends, I just know what the Holy Spirit just said. You heard the word of the Lord. Whoever is coming against the rightful anointed king in a coup is a traitor. Th, the Holy Spirit just said Absalom will hang from his hair, and you saw the angels of the Lord smashing the compasses and the evil goblets of the demonic. Wow, we heard the word of the Lord, my friends. 

Father, we thank you. We thank you, Lord Jesus. We thank you, Holy Spirit. We thank you for your angel armies that have been dispatched to the earth. We thank you, Father, that you, Father God, that you are taking down evil and destroying evil. We thank you, Father God, that you are sending confusion in the enemy’s camp. We thank you, Father God, that you are destroying their evil goblets. We thank you, Father God, that, that you are dealing with the wicked. We thank you, Father God, that you are dealing with the traitors and those who have come against your truly anointed leaders for this time. Father God, we trust you that you are bringing justice and that you are bringing righteousness. We put our faith in you, Father God, and we enter your rest. We agree with your word today, Father God. Help us to be strong and faithful and give us understanding what you are speaking through this prophetic work, word through the power of your Holy Spirit by the authority of Jesus Christ. We cover all these words that have been spoken today by the blood of Jesus Christ. Let them only be used for the plans and purposes of God and for the glory of God, for your kingdom and for your glory forever and ever, in Jesus’ name, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

My friends, I love you all so much. I bless you in the name of Jesus. Remember, all of heaven is cheering us on to the victory. God is taking care of the evil ones right now, and his brilliant plan will go forth and nothing will stop it. Nothing will stop the plans and purposes of God. Put your faith in God. Enter his rest. Know that he is gonna ask you to have strength to carry your brothers and sisters to the finish line. We go to the, to this finish line in unity. We’re coming through. This finish line is a photo finish together, and God has put the enemy into confusion. They can’t see us. They can’t discern us. They’re in confusion. Their compasses have been smashed. Their evil goblets have run empty. They have nothing. But the people of God, the Lord is with us, and God is dealing with the traitors and those who have come against his anointed. You heard what he said. 

I ask you all to pray for covering for me and my household for the court covering of God and for protection. This is a very powerful word that came forth today. I ask you all to protect, I ask you to pray for my protection and the protection of my household and my family, and I’m gonna have Goose, uh, take this word and transcribe it for all of you. 

And, Father, I ask for your continued protection over me and my household and over everyone here and over our children and over our families by the blood of Jesus Christ and by your angel armies because all of heaven is cheering you on, wa, cheering us on. 

We are the remnant. We have the victory in Christ Jesus. I love you all so much. I bless you in the name of Jesus. All of heaven is cheering us on, and I’m cheering you on. 

Take this word and pray on it. Continue to speak that scripture, God send, send, uh, uh, confusion into the enemy’s camp. He told us our prayers are making that happen. We have the victory. Christ Jesus is our victory. 

I love you all so much. I bless you. I need to take my communion and go and put it over my garage, and I ask you to continue to keep me and my family and my household and this ministry in your prayers. I love you all so much. I’ll see you Monday. I bless you in the name of Jesus. [Blowing kiss]”



Transcription of the word that the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which was delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on June 14, 2021.

Watch video (Timestamps 37:00 – 1:15:58) – then read transcript below …


ANNAMARIE: “All right, so listen to me. I have a prophetic word for you, and I’m just gonna go ahead and read it off my Telegram, uh, stream because God just gave it to me while I was on there. So, I’m just gonna go ahead and, and read from it. Okay. Okay, are y’all here? Are y’all, can y’all hear good? You got a good signal, everyone? 

All right, hear the word of the Lord. Hear the word of the Lord. I’m sharing with you a word of the Lord regarding Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, okay? All right. So, at 9:39 p.m. Eastern Time last night, uh, the Lord spoke to me. It was June 13th. Uh, we know that the number 13 means righteous rebellion. The number 13 means, means righteous rebellion, biblically. And I said, “Okay, Benjamin Netanyahu is leading a righteous rebellion for his people for God. President Donald J. Trump is leading a righteous rebellion for his people for God.” 

And did you notice that, uh, the, the ballot count, uh, the ballot audit that’s happening in the United States of America in Arizona, there are 13 states that visited that audit and that are thinking about doing an audit? One of them is my very own state of Virginia. Thirteen states listed right now that went and visited the Arizona audit, come on, and have decided they’re going to do their own audit—13 states, right? What have I taught you about the number 13? It means righteous rebellion, America, Ameri, the number 13 has always been America’s number. I have a whole teaching on that. Uh, you can go back and look at my prophetic teaching—”America is Ephraim”. “America is Ephraim.”

We’re gonna talk a little bit more about the tribes of Israel in just a minute, but 13, right, the 13th tribe, 13’s always been our number. So, everybody says, “Oh, it’s gonna be like 1776 again in America. Thirteen states have come together and said, “We’re gonna recount these ballots.” Come on. I just love it. Okay, so getting back to my word from, uh, last night on June 13th at 9:39 p.m. Eastern Time, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me and spoke. This is what he said. God, I mean the Holy Spirit came upon me. “God is not done with Benjamin Netanyahu. God has chosen him for this time just like he has chosen President Trump. The people must use discernment and remember the words of Prophet Kim Clement. God has spoken and said that Netanyahu is his prophet and his king.” 

Okay, so that came through at 9:39. And the Lord had me remind everyone, “Remember, Israel has a deep state just like the United States, and Trump and Netanyahu are a team.”  He showed me, uh, that Netanyahu and Trump are like brothers standing shoulder to shoulder, right, shoulder to shoulder working to take the deep state down. And he said, “Pray for Israel.” 

And then the Lord brought me to Benjamin Netanyahu’s page. And last night Benjamin Netanyahu posted to his people. He posted to his Facebook page. These are the words of Benjamin Netanyahu. “Keep your head up. I will lead you to a daily fight,” come on, “to over, overthrow this dangerous left-wing government. With God’s help, it will happen much faster than you think.” Those are the words of God’s king and prophet, Benjamin Netanyahu. He is speaking prophetically over his people what’s gonna happen. Come on.

And then another, another post they put up just after that a few hours later. He wanted to address the people through the, through, uh, you know, a broadcast, but he wasn’t able to, and he said it’s a holiday and the TV studios and it’s not an easy evening right now for millions of citizens of Israel because he was voted out of parliament, and they put in a new prime minister—somebody named Bennett. Let me tell you something. That is not God’s choice. The bet, the people are upset. They love Benjamin Netanyahu the way we love President Trump. So, people are upset. They’re like, what’s going on? The same plan, you see? Benjamin Netanyahu was allowing that to happen so the people can wake up in Israel. Same thing like what’s happening in America. Come on. 

This is what Benjamin Netanyahu said. “It’s not a easy evening for millions of citizens of Israel, but I ask you do not fail your spirit. I love you, and I will always serve you. Will be back faster than they think.” Who else is saying that? Those are like, uh, those are the same words of President Trump. I’m telling you; God’s brilliant plan is working through these two men. 

And the Lord had me post the words of Prophet Kim Clement regarding Benjamin Netanyahu. Now, you can search these words. Freely I receive; freely I give. You can go and search this out yourself. Come on. It’s the glory of kings to search out a matter. You can go to the, um, and these are all of Kim, Prophet Kim Clement’s, uh, prophetic words have been transcribed. You see, that’s why I have a scribe now. Goose—Gynti—she’s transcribing all of my words and getting them in organization and getting them by date because these are the words of God. These are the words of the Lord, and we have to treasure them. We have to treat them like precious diamonds, like, like the precious words that they are. And they have to be transcribed. They have to be written down. 

And these are, listen to the word of the Lord from the Prophet Kim Clement, April 23, 2015, and I quote, “This is from the Lord God of Israel, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, our God.” This is what he said through his Prophet Kim Clement. “Israel is amazing. They are fighters, and I promise you, watch me. Israel is not who you must worry about. Worry about those enemies that are coming against Israel because God all, has always kept Israel and even when they have been outnumbered. You hear me, Bibi Netanyahu?” That’s his nickname. Benjamin Netanyahu’s nickname is Bibi Netanyahu. “The prophet that God raised up to speak to the nations.” Wow. Then, Kim Clement says, “I’ve got to be careful because, Bibi, God is with you, and so what you are planning, Bibi, go ahead and do it, says the Lord. I’ll say it again because some didn’t catch it.” 

You see, this is why a prophet repeats themself. I always repeat myself because the, because we feel the intensity of the Spirit of God on us, and when we speak a prophetic word, we want people to get it because God is saying, “You better get this. You better get this.” 

“I’ll say it again because some didn’t catch it.” This is the word of the prophet, Kim Clement—the word of God. “Because Bibi Netanyahu is seeing this. He will see this.” See, Prophet Kim Clement, uh, he, several times, he took trips to Israel and prophesied over Benjamin Netanyahu, several times. So, they knew each other. 

Every great leader, every great king, God has put a prophet, uh, uh, a true prophet by his side. Like, King David had Nathan. Our Lord Jesus Christ had John the Baptist, and then Jesus came, and Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy. And all prophecy is Jesus—Yeshua. 

Prophet Kim Clement says, “They know me. They know my prophetic anointing, but, Bibi Netanyahu, the Lord is with Israel. Go ahead and do what you have planned to do, but don’t hold back. Do it quickly,” says the Lord. 

I believe that is for right now because the words of Kim Clement, the prophet, Kim Clement, everything that he spoke in 2014 and 2015 is happening right now, prophetically. It’s just incredible. 

“So, whatever you are planning, Benjamin Netanyahu,” says the Lord, “do it now and do it quickly. The Lord God is with you and the Lord God is with Israel.” And then, Prophet Kim Clement says, “God just spoke a word to our beloved Israel. God just spoke a word to our beloved Israel.” 

We have to love Israel the way God loves Israel. Come on. You want a heart of God? You want, uh, you want to be a man after God’s own heart like David? Love Israel the way God loves Israel. 

The word was, “Don’t worry. They’ll try and attack, but what you have planned, prophet and king, Bibi Netanyahu, it is the will of the Lord. Do it quickly.” Do you think God has changed his mind? No, he is with Benjamin Netanyahu right now with this plan, and he called him his prophet and his king. 

Do you believe God? Do you believe the word of the Lord that was spoken through a true prophet, Kim Clement, about Benjamin Netanyahu? 

Okay, and then the Lord led me to this second word that was just a little bit before the other word, on February 21, 2015. This is the word of the prophet, Kim Clement—the word, the words of God, of the Spirit of God through his prophet, Kim Clement, regarding Benjamin Netanyahu. “I shall send my prophet to Israel when they vote, and God says there shall be a change and many will weep, but I will take Netanyahu, whether a ruler or not.” 

This is for right now. This is for right now. They just had a vote. People are weeping because Benjamin Netanyahu was voted out as prime minister. And what does God say here? “Whether a ruler or not.” What? Like a, uh, a ruler over Israel, right, whether he was, uh, you know, official, official. So, look this is what God says, “And they shall call him, they shall call to him,” listen to this. “I will take Netanyahu,” says the Lord, “whether a ruler or not.” Which, what he meant by that is whether he’s like officially prime minister at the time. Right? Like, you know, Trump may not be sitting in the White House, but, to God, Trump is still in charge. Netanyahu may not have the official name prime minister right now, but, to God, Netanyahu is still in charge. 

“And they shall call to him for he is not just a king. He is a prophet.” Again, he calls Netanyahu his king. God does! And he calls him his prophet. So, what does that mean? What he speaks, what he says goes according to the will of God. Come on. “Therefore, tremble when peace treaties begin, for God says that at that point you shall know that I look from my heavens and that which has kept me back shall begin to be fulfilled.” Abraham Accords, the peace treaties, the Abraham Accords, that was a marker. That was a marker that God’s plan shall begin, come on, through these men, through President Donald J. Trump, through Benjamin Netanyahu. Come on, “and it shall begin to be fulfilled quickly.” That was one of the last things that President Donald J. Trump did while he was in his first term was the Abraham Accords Peace Treaty, and this plan of God is kicking, that was kicked off was, right, he said, “watch.” 

You see, this is the thing that I want you guys to understand about the prophetic. When he speaks to a prophet, he shows us a marker, a marker, okay. Like, when God said to me, “Watch 11:11; that’s when my brilliant plan is gonna begin to unfold.” You see, God is, is, is unfolding these things, and, like, he’s saying right here. This is how the prophetic works. God says a marker, okay, so when the peace treaties happen, you shall know that’s a marker, that God looks from the heavens and everything that has kept him back shall begin to be fulfilled. Well, what, what possibly could keep God back? Unrepented sin. Why do you think I’ve been telling everybody that we have to pray, right? “If my people should humble themselves and pray, repent, I will hear from heaven, and I will heal their land.” And the people prayed. We prayed. We repented. The blood of Jesus Christ has been poured in the land. People have been praying over Israel. In other words, God has heard our prayers. He has received our repentance, and also, I believe several things had to, had to come into effect, right? There were things that God had to have in his timing, right, come into effect for this to happen. 

“All the words of the prophet that have been spoken through the centuries shall be fulfilled and shall begin to be fulfilled quick, quickly. Study the word.” Keep your eyes in the word, my friends, the word of God. Says the Lord, “Study to show yourself approved,” and that’s why we’re going to be in Isaiah 40 today. Show yourself approved; that’s coming into agreement with God’s word, and when these things happen, rejoice. What is the last three words, prophetic words that God has brought through this ministry? Has all been about the joy. “The joy is coming. Be prepared to rejoice. Prepare for celebration. When these things happen, rejoice; for your redemption draws nigh. I will not allow my people to fall, but I will bring light.” 

Okay, so I took those two words of Prophet Kim Clement. I put them before the Lord Jesus Christ, and I prayed. And I said, “Lord Jesus, I agree with your prayers for America and for Israel and for your people.” And I came before the, the throne of the Lord a, and the courts of Heaven. I asked the blood of Jesus Christ to speak for me and for us. And, um, I asked for Prophet Kim Clement and any other prophets that are in the courts of heaven right now as a cloud of witnesses, I asked them to witness to Jesus Christ for me because I’ve had several dreams about Prophet Kim Clement. He’s told me to keep the fires going. Um, he’s told me to pay attention, and, um, it’s been confirmed to me through another prophet, uh, that, um, Kim Clement, and there’s some other prophets that are in my cloud of witnesses, and that I have a very big responsibility to make sure that I keep the words of Prophet Kim Clement going forth. That we continue to pray over them. That I continue to speak them again as a prophet, and that, um, that the new words that are given to me, that I deliver them with great responsibility.

And so, I asked the, um, I asked the blood of Jesus Christ to speak for me in the courts of Heaven. I asked the Lord Jesus to pray for me that my faith would not fail me, and that I would speak only what God wants me to speak, and that I would do it with respect, responsibility, and humility. And I asked the prophet, Kim Clement, and any other prophets and whoever is in my cloud of witnesses, uh, to witness in Heaven for me to the prayers and the plans and the purposes of Jesus Christ for these prophetic words. 

And so, I went into prayer, and while I was in prayer, uh, the Lord said to me, “Look up the meaning of Naphtali.” Now, I don’t know if I’m saying, uh, Na, Naphtali correctly—um, that supposed new prime minister that they swore in supposedly. You know, fake prime minister just like Biden is a fake president. Um, he’s not recognized by God or the military of our country, and same for, uh, Israel. And he told me to look up Naphtali. And I looked up that, uh, tribe, and I looked up the meaning of that tribe. 

Uh, you know there’s 12 tribes of Israel, and it’s been prophesied here that we have to look at the number 12 also. That, uh, Israel represents the number 12—God’s perfect government. And, um, it’s interesting because Israel is represented by the number 12—God’s perfect government—and America is represented by the number 13, which is, uh, the Joseph, right, the, the, the sons of Joseph. And, uh, you know, we know Jacob, whose name is Israel. Uh, he wrestled with the angel and until, uh, it came to a point, you know, all night to where, uh, the will of God is going forth through, through, uh, Jacob’s life, which God renamed him Israel. 

He had 12 sons, and, uh, Joseph, uh, who was his eleventh son and Benjamin, which means son of my right hand, right. Benjamin Netanyahu, right, son of my right hand, right hand of God. Means he’s using his right hand. God is using his right hand through that person, which is his authority. And we know that Joseph, uh, was betrayed by his brothers, but not Benjamin, and he ended up in Egypt. And, right, a different land, and, uh, Joseph had two sons, uh—Manasseh and Ephraim—and when Jacob was a old man, he gave the blessing, the blessing of the sons to the grandsons. The only two grandsons that received the blessing of the father were Joseph’s sons—Ephraim and Manasseh. And Ephraim was the youngest, but he got the greatest blessing, which is America. 

So, all the tribes of Israel represent different, um, nations, different situations. It represents God’s perfect government. And, um, when I looked up Naphtali, his name means wrestle. His, the, right? Naphtali was the sixth, sixth, the sixth son of Jacob. Six, the number six represents man’s ways and ways of the flesh. Okay? Uh, the tribe of Naphtali, uh, their, their name actually means wrestle, wrestling. 

And, um, neither one of Jacob’s wives bore Naphtali. Naphtali was born, was birthed by a handmaiden named Bilhah who was his beloved Rachael, it was her handmaiden. And because Rachael couldn’t, she was barren. She couldn’t have any children at that time. Um, he, she gave Jacob her handmaiden, and he had, they had Naphtali with the handmaiden. 

So, there’s something there. There’s something very prophetic there with the word wrestle, uh, with the, with the fact that Naphtali was of the handmaiden, not of the actual wives of … Right? And there’s other things that God showed me about that tribe that connect with, uh, what’s going on right now in Israel. A wrestling, uh, like, you know, like a tightness, right, and we’re, we’re in a time of Tammuz, the month of Tammuz in the Hebrew calendar, going through a tight place. Wrestling through. wrestling through that tight place. Right? And so, I’m like, “Lord, what is going on?” And then he spoke to me, and this is what he said. 

Y’all remember Jacob wrestled with the angel, and the angel ended up breaking his hip? And Israel, who is Jacob, he wrestled with that angel all night, and he said, “I’m not gonna let go until you bless me. I’m not gonna let go until you bless me.” Well, this is what’s happening in Israel, and the Lord showed me the vision and he spoke to me.

This is what I wrote at, uh, what was the time? At 10:59 p.m., the word of the Lord came forth to me on Sunday, June 13, 2021. This is what he said. Hear the word of the Lord. God is showing me Jacob wrestling with the angel. Jacob is wrestling with the angel right now. Israel is wrestling. Jacob is Israel. Joseph, son of Jacob, shall be revealed to his brothers. In other words, Joseph was like, uh, they were jealous of him, and he was exiled out, right, or they just, you know, threw him out. And they thought he was dead, but he wasn’t, and the brothers ended up going to Egypt. And Joseph was the second one in command in Egypt. They had to go to Joseph for help. And little Benjamin, who was Joseph’s little brother, right, he wasn’t compromised because he wasn’t part of the other brothers’ folly against [inaudible]. 

Joseph represents Jesus Christ, Yeshua, Messiah. You see, Joseph shall we, be revealed to his brothers. This is a time where Israel is in a tight place, right, and why, because Yeshua, Jesus is about to re, reveal himself in a big and amazing way to his brothers, the tribes of Israel. Why? Because there’s a Great Awakening happening. Why? Because many, manyHebrews are going to come to Yeshua, Messiah. This is why the enemy is fighting Israel so hard. 

So, this is the word of the Lord. God is showing me Jacob wrestling with the angel. Jacob, who is Israel, is wrestling with the angel right now. Jacob is Israel and Joseph shall be revealed to his brothers. Unity shall come, 12:12. He gave me the number 12:12 again, which is God’s perfect government to Israel and America, which is the 12 tribes of Israel government, and the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ coming together as one—one new man. The one new man is happening. The one new man is happening that has been prophesied. Come on. The Great Awakening is coming upon Israel right now for Yeshua Hamashiach. Many will come to know their true Messiah. 

My friends, the devil is scared crapless. He is doing everything he can to stop this Great Awakening. Millions and millions and millions, including Jews, coming to Messiah Jesus. He is so scared, but he can’t stop it. God’s brilliant plan is going forth, but what we see happening right now in Israel, in America, there’s a wrestling going on, a wrestling. we’re going through that tight place in the month of Tammuz, right. [Sound effect] Right, wrestling is always a squeezing, a tight grappling [Sound effect], right, but what happens? Jacob, he stood strong in his faith, and he said, “I am not letting go of you until you bless me.” 

You see, my friends, this is where we are. We’ve got to stand strong in our faith. We gotta stand strong through this tight place, right, because God is going to bring us to the large place. There’s a huge blessing coming. There’s a huge blessing coming for Israel. There’s a huge blessing coming for America, and it’s going to pour out to all the nations. And the glory of God is going to be revealed in such a way through Jesus Christ like we’ve never seen before. 

Now, this is the word of the Lord. He brought me to, he brought me to Isaiah right after this because he always confirms his word. I said, “Lord, confirm your word. Bring me the scripture,” and he brought me to Isaiah 40 verse five. And this is what the Lord spoke to me for all of you, for the nations, for Israel, for America. This is what he said, “And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and humanity together will see it, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken.” 

It’s a done deal. God has already done it. He’s already spoken it, and it’s happening. And nothing can stop it. All we have to do is stand firm in our faith and believe God. And that, my friends, that, my friends, is where we are right now. Israel and America, a brotherhood, coming back as one together, the brothers of Joseph. Finally, Joseph revealing himself to his brothers, his true identity. Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus, revealing himself to thousands and thousands and thousands of Jews. Revival coming across these nations. Hundreds and millions coming to Jesus Christ. Jew and Gentile coming together as one new man as prophesied. The perfect government of God—12 and 12. The 12 tribes of Israel, right, and the 12 disciples coming together as one. America and Israel shoulder-to-shoulder. The glory of God coming upon all the nations. Revival happening worldwide. The power of the Holy Spirit pouring out on all nations. 

What you’re seeing right now is the grappling, the [Sound effect], right, between good and evil coming together. [Inaudible] not between good and evil, but, but the grappling of Israel. You see, Israel is grap, wrestling with God right now, wrestling with God. 

And, yes, we are see, we have been seeing this fight of good and evil, but, you see, the wrestling of Jacob with the angel was a prophecy, a prophetic thing that was happening, uh, what would, would happen with Israel—that Israel would wrestle with God. You see?

Let me tell you something; the blessing shall come upon Israel. It always will, and always it’s Jesus Christ, Yeshua. God’s promise is for Israel. And what did God say through that prophetic word with Prophet Kim Clement? “Rejoice; the glory is coming.”

My friends, I’m telling you right now, if you are listening to anyone or watching anyone that is saying bad things about Benjamin Netanyahu, walk away. If they’re throwing any doubt into Benjamin Netanyahu or any doubt into President Donald J. Trump, God’s anointed ones, walk away because the Lord says over and over again, “Speak not against my anointed.” And you don’t want to get caught up in that. I’m telling you this because I love you, and I’m telling you this, use sharp discernment right now. Guard your eyes. Guard your heart. We’re going through a tight place. There’s wrestling going on, and the enemy’s gonna try to twist everything he can, try to take your eyes off of what God is really doing through his anointed ones. 

It’s his brilliant plan, God’s brilliant plan that is going forth through President Donald J. Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu. Do we know exactly how it’s happening? We don’t know every detail. We only know the prophetic little nuggets that God has been showing us trying to connect the dots. But God just said through his word, through Isaiah 40 verse five, this is what we are to expect right now. There’s a wrestling going on, especially with Israel, but then at the end of the wrestling, what happens? The blessing. 

(Isaiah 40:5) “And the glory of God, the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all humanity will see it. For the mouth of the of the Lord has spoken.” This is our word for right now. 

So I’m going to repeat the word of the Lord that he spoke to me. These are the three things that came from God last night starting at about 9:39 p.m. on the 13th of June 2021. Hear the word of the Lord of the Holy Spirit. “God is not done with Benjamin Netanyahu. God has chosen him for this time just like he has chosen President Trump. Use discernment and remember the words of Prophet Kim Clement. God called Netanya, Netanyahu his prophet and king.” 

And then, again, God is showing me Jacob wrestling with the angel right now. Jacob is wrestling with the angel right now. Jacob is Israel, and Joseph shall be revealed to his brothers. Unity shall come, 12:12—12 tribes of Israel and the 12 disciples. God’s perfect government coming together as one with America and Israel. To Israel and America, the Great Awakening is coming upon Israel for Yeshua Hamashiach. Many, many will come to their true Messiah. And Isaiah 40 verse five, “And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all humanity together will see it. For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.” 

Now, my friends, I want you to take this. I want you to pray on it. I want you to go to God yourself with it, and I want you to keep your eyes on the word of the Lord. Do not be deceived. Do not be shaken. Stand firm in your faith right now. Keep your eyes straight ahead. Guide your eyes and your heart and pray for Netanyahu. Pray for President Trump and pray for America and Israel. And know that God is doing what he said he would do. He hasn’t changed his mind. God is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow. He’s, he, God, God is the same yesterday, today, and, and tomorrow. You see? He never changes. 

And let’s not be like the, the, the children of Israel that, you know, got frazzled and forgot all the good that God has already done. If God promised he would do it, he’s gonna do it. Be Calebs. Be Joshuas. Stand firm in what God said, and do not be moved. 

And what are y’all saying? Because we’re getting ready to go in … It’s 12:22. Come on! It’s 12:22 Eastern Time. Twelve—God’s perfect government, and then 22—(Isaiah 22:22) “The key is on his shoulder. The key to the house of David is on his shoulder. Whatever doors he closes, no man can open. Whatever doors he opens, no man can shut.” That is our Lord Jesus Christ. He holds the keys. He has closed doors that he wants closed, and no man can open them, and he has opened doors that he wants opened, and no man can shut them. Come on!”