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Transcription of the word that the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which she delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on November 5, 2021.

Watch the video, and then read the transcript below.



ANNAMARIE: “Chutes and ladders. Chutes and ladders. Chutes and ladders.” Thank you, Jesus. I see parachutes coming down, ladders going up. What is this, Lord? “Chutes and ladders. Chutes and ladders.” It’s not the game. No, these are actual parachutes coming out, uh, down. Military. Mm, Jesus. Military coming from top; military coming from the bottom. “Chutes and ladders!” Thank you, Holy Spirit. Wow. Mm, thank you, Jesus. He keeps saying it’s chutes and ladders, chutes and ladders, parachutes coming from the air down, and then coming up from underneath. Chutes and ladders. Parachutes. Is this the 82nd Airborne again, Lord? Jesus. [Inaudible whisper] Mm, he’s showing me parachutes coming down, military, and ladders coming up from underneath the military. 

“This is the time of my four winds,” says the Lord. “My angels from the east, from the west, from the north, from the south, my angel armies are converging from the four corners of the earth. Arise, sons and daughters, for your time has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. It’s time to emerge, for I’m blowing my breath upon you. Get up and fight! YOU who have thought you lost in your run for office, do not take their word, for the Lord has said YOU are victorious! Keep fighting for your city! If I have called you up to be a leader, it doesn’t matter who’s name is on that office. YOU, your name is written in the heavens and the earth to be a voice for your city, for I, the Lord, have voted for you! Do not run away! If you are passionate about your city, GO and be a leader! I am the one that ordains the leaders and the kings,” says the Lord. 

Yes, Lord. There’s someone here that wanted to run for public office, but it got too difficult. I don’t know if this is Gene Ho, could be more than one person. But he’s saying, “Like I said to Elijah,” says the Lord, “come out of your cave and go BACK, and stand up for my righteousness for your city! Get into the face of those Jezebels and Ahabs and tell them who the Lord God is!” For the Lord is saying, “I’ve ordained you to be a voice for your city. Even if these voting have been in the fix, I sent you to be a voice. Do not go into your cave and hide! Go back, like I said to Elijah! Come out of your cave!”

Yes, Lord. I’m thinking that’s for Gene Ho, but it could, it could be for more. Thank you, Lord. 

“Ariel! I’ve called on Ariel! Ariel!” Archangel Ariel, I do not know what his assignment is, Lord. Is it his timing? I do not know. He’s calling out his name. Thank you, Lord. Oh, my goodness. This is a complete and total side-by-side convergence with our military of America with God’s. I mean, this is, whoa, it’s coming in from all sides. It’s coming in from all sides. It’s coming in from all sides. 

That’s why I said do not fear, do not hide in your caves. We got to, we’ve got to fight too. He’s calling up the sons and daughters of God, along with the angels that are coming in, along with the military. This is all coming to a … what’s the word … like a crescendo. This has been set in time. I see it coming from all directions—parachutes coming in, coming in from north, south, east, west. I see angels coming in. I see military coming in. He’s saying, “Those who’ve been called up to lead and get in the face of the Jezebels and the Ahabs, do not run away! Get back out of your cave and go in and get in their face. This is not the time to retreat.” 

He’s reminding me what Gene Ho said to me, the man who was running for mayor of Myrtle Beach. “Storm the beaches. Storm the beaches. Storm the beaches. Storm the beaches. Storm the beaches. Storm the beaches.” This is coming from all directions. I can’t even get a direction on this, and he keeps saying Ariel, and I have no idea, biblically, what that angel’s job is. 

He’s saying, “Sons and daughters, rise up! This is not the time to retreat! Get back out of your cave and go back and get in the face of Jezebel and Ahab!” Oh, this is strong. I’m shaking. Lord. Oh, my gosh. It’s soon. He’s summoned Ariel. I, I, he’s summoning him. He’s been summoned!

Lord, I want to understand what you’re saying. Give me understanding. This is coming air, sea, land—it’s coming from everywhere—military, the good guys. Plus, those who have been called up to be soldiers of the Lord, this is not the time to retreat, he’s saying. My goodness, just, I’m just, I don’t know. Uh, this is big. This is really big. Pray. Pray! Pray for our military. “Storm the beaches. Storm the beaches. Chutes and ladders. Chutes and ladders. Storm the beaches. Chutes and ladders. The four winds. The angels of the four corners of the earth. Ariel has been summoned. Those who’ve been called up to lead and be a bold voice for this time, get out of your caves! Go back! Get into the face of Jezebel and Ahab. Do not hide!” 

Oh, my gosh. Mm. There’s more, but I, I feel like, I, my whole body is shaking so bad. Please pray for me right now that I can get this out. Lord, please help me release this whatever this is. Help me, Holy Spirit. 

“Do you not see the volcanoes?” Oh, the birthing is happening. The birthing. Yes, Lord. Sons and daughters of God are being birthed. It’s time. [Inaudible] uni, “that UN, that UN, UN, UN, you smell like old urine, UN.” Ooh, it’s a stench to his nostrils. They have mocked God. It’s not going to be good for the UN. It’s not going to be good for them. [Inaudible] 

Thy will be done, O Lord. “You evil ones who have sat at your buffet tables try to give sloppy seconds to my people, YOU are the ones that will have the slop!” The Lord is saying, “My people shall have the delicacies. My people shall be honored. Their homes shall be filled with blessings. Those who have honored me,” says the Lord, “shall be honored. YOU TRY TO STEAL THEIR THANKSGIVING! HA! No, I will give them DOUBLE PORTION! They will still give thanks to me! YOU, O YOU EVIL ONES WILL NOT STOP THE VOICES OF MY PEOPLE GIVING ME THANKS, AND I WILL BLESS THEM!”

Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Oh. The Lord is angry about Thanksgiving and what they’re trying to do. He’s saying but he knows his people will still give him thanks. He will bless your tables. He says, “Do not fear.” He will bless your tables. He will bless your tables. Thank you, God. Now I feel the Father’s heart right now. He is, he is coming for those who have hurt his children. I feel the Father’s heart strong. Those who’ve tried to take food out of his children’s mouths, tried to feed his children sloppy seconds, he keeps saying, “Sloppy seconds, who do they think they are?” 

Please pray for me. There’s more. There’s more. I’m trying to get it out. There’s more. Holy Spirit. “Space man, space man.” Space Force? Please pray for me that I get out what God wants to say. Lord, help me. Thank you, Jesus. He says, “Look up; look up; look up.” Things are happening in the skies, in the heavens that have been prepared for this time. He has aligned it. He has ordained it, the Lord. Do not fear. Be bold and courageous. He is with us. Yes, Lord. “Did not my son say he saw Satan fall like lightning from the sky? You will see things falling from the sky, but do not fear. It is for the good.” Yes, Lord. “It is for your safety. I’m cleaning the heavens. I’m SWEEPING them clean!” Yes, Lord. 

He’s saying, “I’m teaching you in this time how to get your households in order. This is a time of cleansing, of renewal, of cleaning the clutter.” He says, “I’m cleaning the clutter too! There’s work to do for my ecclesia!” Yes, Lord. Thank you, God. “I will protect my children.” 

Thank you, God. He’s showing me the scripture. He’s showing me a scripture. He’s showing me the scripture. He’s taking our captivity captive. Those who’ve tried to hold his children captive, he’s taking them captive. 

“Do you not know how the story of Esther ends? My Esther! Do you not know how her story ends?” Yes, Lord, I know! It’s good! “Yes, it’s a happy ending. Did I not tell you to say yes to Esther, that I will always come through for my faithful ones, for my bold ones? Divine reversal. I take those who have tried to take you captive. They are the ones that shall be captive.” Yes, Lord. We did say yes to Esther, Lord. We did. We did. We proclaimed it. We did. You told us to watch your brilliant plan how it all unfolds. You told us divine reversal. 

[Gasp] That’s right! I just saw, he just showed me how Sight & Sound Theater in Pennsylvania, there’s only like two more weeks of that Esther play, and then they’re wrapping up the Esther play. And did the word for Pennsylvania go forth, Divine Reversal – Yes to Esther, there’s only two more weeks left in that play. Is that an alignment? [Gasp] Sean Feucht was in Lancaster bringing in the glory. He was in that field in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where the Esther play was playing. He was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Esther play is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He was actually in a harvest field bringing hundreds and hundreds of people to the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. The glory’s there, the glory. He ushered in the glory. 

There’s a timing going on here. There’s a timing going on here. Sight & Sound Theaters, they’re wrapping up that Esther play. There’s only two more weeks of it. It’s in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. God gave us that word, Yes, to Esther. It was alignment with that Lancaster play in Pennsylvania. Divine reversal. Sean Feucht was just there two weeks ago having a big revival meeting in the middle of a field that just had harvest. There’s, it’s a marker. There’s a marker. This is all, this is all happening at once. 

That’s right. We got to wear our crowns like Esther. We cannot retreat. We got to stay awake. These are the days of Elijah. These are the days of Esther. And he said, “I take my captivity captive.” Take those, he’s taking those, he’s taking our captivity captive. We’ve been held captive. Oh, my goodness.

Okay, I’m starting to feel some relief now. That was, whoa. That volcano erupted. He said, he just said what it was. What did he say? He said something about the volcano. He just said it. Birthing. Birthing. It’s the earth birthing the sons and daughters of God, us now! It’s a sign of us arising. 

Ooh, I just feel like I just had a baby. Oh, [Inaudible] That was intense. Whoa. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus. It’s not a tsunami. Lord already told us three weeks ago the tsunami is the outpouring of his Holy Spirit, and that any flooding that comes in is a cleansing of his Spirit. He’s already told us that. Wow. [Inaudible] Whew, this was strong. 

Father, I thank you and I praise you for your holy word. I thank you, God. We’re asking now for prophetic confirmation and understanding of this word. We thank you, Father,  and we praise you. We thank you, Father God, that  you are our defender. We thank you, God, that you have come in with your mighty right hand, and you are saving your children. We thank you, Father, that you are destroying all evil, that the battle is yours, Lord, and you are, you are avenging the evil for your children. That we, yes, Lord, we will be faithful. We will not retreat. We will stay bold and courageous. Father, protect our military. Protect your people. Protect those bold ones that are standing up for your kingdom and your glory. Protect those that are getting in the face of Jezebel and Ahab. Thank you, God. Father, your glory is our covering. Thank you for sending your angel, Ariel and Michael and all your angel armies, God. We thank you, God. We praise you. Thank you, [Inaudible].

My friends, I don’t know; there’s a lot here to piece together. I have to go back and listen to it myself because a lot of times when this is coming forth and coming out of me, um, I don’t realize all that’s being said, es, especially the Spirit is speaking, of the Lord, I have to go back and, and put it together. I’m going to ask my, my scribe, uh, Goose, to go through and scribe this. The Lord loves to come and speak to us after communion. We invite him, and he, he, he comes and he speaks, and we’re coming to a crescendo in time. But do not fear. Stay faithful. Keep your eyes looking up. Do, do not, do not listen to any gloom and doom. Know that God is here with us. The Lord is here with us. He’s saving us. He’s saving his children. He, he is avenging those who have hurt us that are his children because he’s a good, good Father. 

And I just , ooh, I just, uh, I’m asking you to pray for our military for their protection. Pray for the good guys. Pray for the plans and purposes of God to go forth. When we get a prophetic word, we must pray. Pray that those that have been called at this time to stand boldly for the Lord, that have been called to be the Elijahs to get into the face of the Jezebels and the Ahabs to, to not run away and hide right now. Turn back around and fight and do not fear if you won’t have, if you’re afraid you won’t have much on your Thanksgiving table. God is saying he’s going to provide and to just give him thanks. Okay? All right? 

Oh, my goodness, was this the first prophetic word that was spoken in here, in this room? Thank you, God. Thank you, God. You are so good and faithful, Father. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Holy Spirit. I feel like it’s all come forth. I feel that release. I feel that relief, but there’s still something stirring here right in the center of my spirit. It’s just like a, a expectation, like it’s coming. It’s coming. More is coming. More is coming. Not in a fearful way, but like get ready, expectation, you’re about to see the glory of God. 

My goodness, wow, wow, that was a lot. My friends, our prayers have gone up to Heaven. The Lord has heard us, and Father God is coming in and woe to those, woe to those who have taken food out of his children’s mouth and have hurt his children. Woe to those who try to ruin his children’s Thanksgiving.  Woe to those at the UN. Oh, my goodness. Oh, oh, my goodness. We prayed for them. We’ve prayed for them to turn from their wicked ways. Gosh, I’m still shaking. Thank you, God. Thank you, Father.

I’m trying to see what y’all are saying. Does anybody know the assignment of the angel Ariel from the Bible? I need a biblical meaning. Biblical meaning of Ariel. Lori? The Lord said one, in, in, in, he’s going to sweep it! I saw like a big, giant [Sweeping sound effect]. Is that what Ariel does? Mm. I’m still shaking. Whew! What is the biblical meaning of Ariel? What does that angel do? He’s summoning, he said he’s summoning Ariel. Thank you, God. And he said Chutes and ladders, it’s coming from the top down [Inaudible], oh, the enemy’s not going to have anywhere to go. I’m telling you. My whole body is shaking right now. [Sigh] 

Okay, Renee Foster says, “Ariel is over nature, Lion of God, air, wind, fire, water.” Oh, my goodness. [Gasp] Lizella Ornelas says, “God calls on the place of Ariel to wipe out the evil coming from the ground up in Judah.” 

Oh, my goodness. I can’t stop shaking. This … thank you, God. Thank you, God. Oh, my God. I’m so grateful to you, God. Ariel, the lion of God, chief man, sent by Ezra. Oh, my goodness. Ariel’s an angel who punishes the demons—the punisher. Ariel’s the punisher. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Thank you, God. Pray for me. Pray for me. I can’t stop shaking. 

[Gasp] The picture behind me, the lion and Jesus, the lion and Jesus. Something told me to bring this picture out here today. So, the Holy Spirit told me to bring this picture out here today. The Holy Spirit told me to bring this picture out here today and put it behind me. I almost felt bad because I thought, “Lord, I need to leave it in the house in my living room. I need to leave this picture in the house in my living room.” Jennifer Klinger gave this to me for my birthday this year, and we had a powerful communion when Jennifer was here and we held this up, this picture, and I love it so much. And I thought, “Oh, you know, I really need to keep it in my house,” but the Holy Spirit said to me this morning, “Bring it out and put it behind you today.” Thank you, Lord. He’s so faithful. He’s so faithful. I felt guilty about that I thought I need to leave something in the house, you know, just, but I thought, “No, this is the house. This is all still attached to the house. This is not separate. This is still the whole house.” He wanted, he wanted to be, he wanted, he wanted this sign to be here, this whole sign of him being the lion of Judah, the lion. He comes back as a lion, and the angel Ariel is with him. 

Oh, my goodness; oh, my goodness, it’s 3:26. It’s almost 4 o’clock. Oh, my goodness; oh, my gosh, I had it just here behind me. I’m just going to set it on my desk here, so it doesn’t fall over. Oh, my goodness. 

Wow. Whew. My friends, our God is a mighty God. This is incredible. You see, you invite him, and he comes. And he knew that this would be a day that he wanted to speak this powerful and profound word to us because we give him a place to speak where he wants to just flow here. I just, I’m in awe. I’m in awe of our Lord. I’m in awe of God.

I don’t know. Jennifer, how can you get this portrait? I don’t know. Jennifer Klinger got this for me. Jennifer, if you’re still on here maybe you can share where you got this from. I just absolutely love it.

And, um, remember, Jesus is coming back in all majesty. He’s coming back as a lion, my friends, and the Lion of Judah is here and the angel Ariel represents that, and that’s, this whole thing is just incredible. I’m just sitting here in awe of God. I just don’t know what to say other than our God is a mighty God, and he is here, and he is saving us, and he’s heard our prayers.

So, my friends, stay faithful. Our Father God loves us so much, and he’s protecting his children. Judah, behold the Lion of Judah. My goodness, hallelujah. What are y’all saying? I do, I have to go down and rest. I’m, I’m just completely, just everything is just drained out of me right now, but in a good way. So I’m just going to ask my scribes, my scribe, uh, uh, if, uh, Goose, and, uh, if you want to take that word and scribe it, and we’ll put it together, and I need to go back and watch it because I’m still trying to just understand. I’m still trying to just wrap my head around it. I just don’t, uh, what’s coming is going to be, this is our Father God coming in for us. 

My friends, I blessed you all in the name of Jesus. I just thank you all for being here today, and, um, I’m going to go rest and, um, I just want to thank you so much, and, um, God is good. He’s faithful. He’s heard our prayers, and I bless you all in the name of Jesus. And I just, I’m just in awe of God and his goodness and his faithfulness, and he’s such a good, good Father. He’s such a good Father. I love you all so much, and, uh, and I will see you Monday unless he has something else he wants to say over the weekend, and my team will be sending out, uh, emails and, and, and things of, uh, other words that we’ve had and prayers and, so make sure you’re on the, the, uh, prayer, or the, oh, my gosh. I’m so overwhelmed right now, my friends. Make sure you’re on my email list to get those. Okay? 

And, um, just remember when you’re looking up angels, and you’re looking up Ariel, only the Bible only. Angels are not female. They’re only male. So if you’re looking up things about the angel Ariel on Google, and it says that it’s a she and, no. Be careful what you look up. Those angel numbers and calling the angels female is New Age. Stay away from that, please! It would be irresponsible of me not to tell you that information because you’re being deceived if you think the angels are female and that they have angel numbers. No, that is not of God! 

God’s angels are huge warriors, and they’re male. I’ve gone to God with this many, many, many times. You know what he says to me? “Are there any in my word with female names?” And I said, “No, Lord; they’re all male.” We do not pray to angels. We pray to the Father God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only way to the Father. Angels are servants of God and servants of us, the redeemed. And God has archangels with specific major assignments that are wrote, written of in his word. 

Stick with the word of God only. Do not get led down a path that is not of God. I’ve already told you the book of Zechariah. Go back to my Zechariah teaching. I’m getting weary. I’m getting weary. I’m not, strengthen me, Lord. What God says in the book of Zechariah, that he’s going to take the spirit of wickedness and stuff it into a basket, stuff it into a crate and put a talent of lead on top of it and seal it, and he summoned two females with wings like storks. 

People think that that means they’re female angels. No, they’re not! They’re demons! Even the demons have to be subject to Jesus Christ. Even the demons have to be subject to God. God summoned two demons to go and take out their own trash. Storks are unclean birds, so when he says, he summoned two females with wings like storks, they were not female angels. They were two demons that he told to come and take this basket of wickedness. God stuffed the spirit of wickedness into a basket, sealed it with a talent of lead, and told the demons to come and take out their own trash. 

Go back to my Zechariah teaching. So this is where people get deceived. They think, “Oh, angels must be female because of what Zechariah says.” NO! Those were demons! All of God’s angels are male, and I’m not being sexist because God is not sexist. God made his angels mighty warriors. They’re masculine. Archangel Michael, Ariel, Gabriel, they are major, huge, fierce angels with specific assignments. Gabriel is the messenger. Archangel Michael is, uh, the, the head of the, God’s army. Right? He, he, he’s the one that shoved Satan into hell. And Ariel is also a huge male angel that has a huge assignment. So all these paintings with female flowy angels, that isn’t what they look like. 

And I’ve already told you my experience in California when I saw the warrior angel that was over that region of California, and when I was in San Luis Obispo, California, and that the angel of the Lord revealed itself to me. And he was huge, in battle armor, and he was one big, tough … These are warriors. They’re fighting demons. They’re fighting the, the evil fallen angels. Okay? 

So stick with what the Bible says, the word of God says about his angels. And be careful of what you read online. I’m only going to go by what Lori said biblically about the angel Ariel, what the Bible says. If you’re seeing an angel that looks feminine, that’s a familiar spirit, or it could be something of your imagination based on what you’ve seen in paintings. But when you see a real angel, you’ll know because you’ll feel it in your whole spirit, and you will feel the awesome strength of that angel. They’re powerful. They’re warriors. They serve at the pleasure of King Jesus, and they’re no nonsense.

Thank you. Somebody gave me the scripture Isaiah 29:1-8. Ariel means Lion of God in Hebrew, also synonym for bravery and courage. Thank you for the Hebrew meaning. We know that’s important too. Also a symbol for the Tribe of Judah. Ariel is one of the names for Jerusalem and the temple of Jerusalem. Wow. 

The Cherubim that are around God’s throne are, are big too and powerful. They’re not little baby angels that look like cupid. That’s idolatry. The Cherubim, the Cherubim, they pull God’s chariot. Read Ezekiel. You know how big God’s chariot is? Huge. 

President Trump is called the punisher. That’s right; that’s right, and the Lord just said that his angels are partnering with those warriors here. It’s all aligning. It’s all aligning because God’s angels have specific assignments. 

I got, I have to go rest. I just want to make sure you all know the truth. There are some people that get mad at me when I say that. I’ve got a lot of people get angry at, at me when I tell them the angels of the Lord are not female, but you can’t look at it in your earthly way, like, “Oh, it has to be fair. It has to be male, female.” That’s, that’s man’s way. You see? We got to look at it as God’s way. Do you understand? And I have to share truth with you whether people get mad at me or not. I’ve gone to the Lord with this over and over and over and over again, and he’s brought me back to his word over and over and over again and says, “Is there any angels in my word that are with female names?” And I was like, “No.” 

And then ex, when I went to Zechariah, I said, “What about these two females with stork wings?” And the Lord said, “They’re demons that I summoned to take out their own trash.” Go back to that Zechariah teaching. And we’re in the Zecharia right now. God is taking the spirit of wickedness and stuffing it into a basket and making the demons take out their own trash.

[Gasp] Sweeping! Oh, my goodness, didn’t he just say that he’s sweeping? He’s sweeping all this … Zechariah, Zechariah, Zechariah, Zechariah, Zechariah. He keeps telling me we’re in Zechariah. He says in Zechariah, “I will take the spirit of wickedness and stuff it into a basket and put a lead of talent on it and seal it, and, and tell the demons to come and take it out.” Right? He’s going to summon those two women with stork wings and tell them to take it out. He’s sweeping out the trash and putting it into a basket and sealing it with a talent of lead. Do you know what a talent of lead looks like? It looks like a hubcap. Uh, not a hubcap. It looks like a, a, um, what are those things that cover the sewers? Really heavy. Manhole cover. Thank you, Piccirillo. He just said he’s sweeping it. 

We are living in amazing times, my friends, amazing times, amazing times. I bless you in the name of Jesus. I have got to go lay down. I can barely sit up anymore. Please pray for me that God will renew my strength. I’m going to go and rest and, O Lord. I bless you all in the name of Jesus. Thank you for being here. This has been an incredible time. I love you all so much. Thank you to my team. My team is so dedicated being here all this time, spending all these hours. Thank you all for being here spending all these hours. I bless you all in the name of Jesus, and we will, uh, take these words and, and the precious of the Lord. My scribe will put them together, and, um, continue to pray. Our God is faithful. 

Remember, all of Heaven is cheering you on, and I’m cheering you on. We’re the heroes of the faith now, and we have to stand up boldly for the Lord. And if you’re feeling depleted, just get back into the word, get back into the Lord, and he will renew your strength.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

UPDATE: After this broadcast, the Holy Spirit began to unpack this word for me and give me clarity on the biblical meaning of Ariel. Ariel is another word for Jerusalem and also means Lion of God. He led me to Isaiah chapters 29-31 and this book, Isaiah, by John F. A. Sawyer, beginning on page 236, which was very helpful in learning what Ariel means to us in this hour.

You can watch the follow-up broadcast below where I explained what the Holy Spirit revealed to me through these scriptures, the book, and confirmations over the next couple of days.

I encourage you to keep asking, keep seeking, and keep knocking. Go to God with  this for your own confirmation and deeper revelation. God’s word tells us, “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7 (NLT) We are, again, reminded to search things out in Proverbs 25:2 – “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.” (NKJV)

Prophetic Confirmation -Transference of Wealth – Holy Spirit-Led Investing Strategies

Prophetic Confirmation -Transference of Wealth – Holy Spirit-Led Investing Strategies

Back on July 9, 2021, God gave me a prophetic word during the broadcast about the Battle of AI and that we were going to get all the plunder. 

As a reminder, here are a few short excerpts of the transcription of that word:

“The captain of the host, the captain of the Lord’s army was with Joshua—Jesus Christ himself. And Jesus Christ himself was with us, and it’s prophetic—the Battle of AI. 

“And what happened the other day? President Trump—God’s anointed—proclaimed battle against AI—artificial intelligence—against, against the big tech companies. What do you think they were trying to do to us? Track our every move. Control us with their technology. Artificial intelligence, it’s going down. Their gates are being trashed. It’ll be burned right in front of us, and we’re taking the land, the people of God. Come on! O Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, I see it. I see it. I see it, Lord! Yes, Lord; do it, Lord!

“He’s saying these big tech companies are like demonic principalities. I said, I’m thinking, ‘Lord, we’re using YouTube. We’re using Facebook. We’re using Twitter. We, we’re using these platforms.’ It will be given to the people. [Laughing] It will be given to the people. He’s just, he’s saying right now, ‘Did I not allow Joshua and my people to plunder everything in those cities?’ Yes, you did, Lord. Yes, you did. We’re gonna get the plunder. We’re gonna get those platforms. They’re gonna belong to us! 

“I just said, I just said to the Holy Spirit yesterday, I said, ‘Lord, I named my business Faith Lane Media. I want to be a good media, a media for you. I want to help others have platforms for you. I want to teach them how to get out and speak and do videos and, and, and things like that.’ I just said to him, ‘Lord, I want to be your media.’ I want, I just asked him that yesterday. Oh my goodness, it’s all gonna belong to us. Oh gosh. He’s gonna take these platforms that were run by evil and wicked principalities and turn them over and give them to the people. Goodness! Talk about a divine reversal.”

You can watch the video below or read the whole transcript of that word HERE.  


On October 24, 2021, I saw the following article posted on George News in Telegram:

“’The Richest He’s Ever Been’: Trump Set To Gain Billions In Net Worth On Moonshot SPAC.

President Donald Trump’s new media enterprise – Trump Media & Technology Group – is already worth an implied $8.2 billion following last week’s buying frenzy following the announcement of it’s special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), Digital World Acquisition Corp. (ticker: DWAC).

Shares in DWAC had been hovering around $9 before Wednesday’s announcement, before rising to $52 on Thursday and closing at $45.50. An incredible half a billion shares changed hands during regular market hours. Momentum continued on Friday despite five halts, as the stock opened at $118, hit a high of $175 despite momentum-breaking halts (, only to close at $94.20 at the end of the day (dropping to nearly $80 after hours).”

The Holy Spirit revealed to me that this was confirmation of the prophetic word of the Battle of AI, and that we were going to get all the plunder by investing in President Trump’s company. I spoke about this on the broadcast on Monday, October 25, 2021.



Previously, the Holy Spirit revealed some information to me about Kodak. This is a video clip of President Trump talking about the pharmaceuticals that Kodak is manufacturing under the Defense Production Act. This is confirmation of what God told me about investing in Eastman Kodak.

Please understand, I am NOT a stockbroker, and I DO NOT give financial advice. I’m a faith and victory coach helping people fulfill their purpose for the Lord. I am led by the Holy Spirit, and I’m only sharing what the Holy Spirit told me to do for me and my household. Freely I receive and freely I give.

These are the things that the Holy Spirit has given me discernment about investing in:

  • Zion Oil and Gas stock (ZNOG)
  • The Eastman Kodak Company stock (KODK)
  • Digital World Acquisition Corp stock (DWAC)
  • Precious metals – gold/silver (coins and bars)
  • Land
  • The Iraqi dinar as also prophesied by Kim Clement

The Holy Spirit has said “No” and stopped me repeatedly when it came to cryptocurrencies.

You may find this article helpful:  How to Invest in DWAC Stock: 7 Steps.

In order to invest in any stock, you need to open a trade account. I use E*TRADE.

This is how the Holy Spirit works in our everyday lives. He gives us “insider” information and instructions. It is then up to each of us as individuals whether to take hold of it or not. If we choose to listen and follow His instructions, we will have victory and will be thanking and praising Him and giving all the glory to God.

It is important to understand that this transference of wealth, according to the word of God, that is being stripped from the wicked and given to the righteous, is to be used for the plans and purposes of God in our lives. We are to be obedient with it and not squander it! Remember what happened to the Israelites after they got all the plunder from the Lord? They went back to their wicked ways, and it got taken away from them again! 

Everybody wants to get rich, but they don’t want to use it for God’s plans and purposes and be obedient to God with it. It’s very important to remember this and to use the “plunder” to further the kingdom of God. When you’re blessed by these investments, you must give the first fruits to God and be faithful with your tithes. Be sure to be a river of living water with it by flowing it out to the poor and the needy. You will need to set up investments and land and inheritance for your children as well. If you don’t do these things, you’re not in obedience to God, and you could lose it. As you seek first the kingdom of God, all the things that you have need of will be added unto you!



Transcription of the word that the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which she delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on October 15, 2021.

Watch the video, and then read the transcript below.


ANNAMARIE: So good morning, everyone. You’ll notice I have this beautiful painting behind me this morning. This, this painting, um, is very, very special. A prophetic artist did this, um, and it’s quite incredible—the story—uh, and it was sent to me. This, this is, uh, a vision that I saw in Heaven. I had an encounter, uh, in Heaven, uh, when I was in the courts of Heaven praying for my family.

And I, I’ve taught you all how to go into the courts of Heaven, right. I’ve taught you all how to go into the courts of Heaven and how to, uh, come before our Righteous Judge, Almighty God, repent for your family bloodline, uh, and also to, um, go in and, and, and petition our, our Father God, our Righteous Judge, uh, for, uh, you know, our needs. 

And so I was in the courts of Heaven interceding for my family, and, uh, for my, my, my daughter’s future and her future husband and our, my grandchildren and, uh, the nation. I mean, I was, I was in there for many, many hours, and I got very caught up in the Spirit. And I could see in the Spirit, and I could see in the Spirit in the court of Heaven. 

And, uh, while I was interceding for my family and petitioning the Father for my family, an incredible vision happened, and I, I saw the angels of the Lord leading a mighty, HUGE horse, uh, into the court where I was praying in the Spirit. This horse was massive. He was absolutely massive. Uh, and, um, he stood there and looked at me—the horse—like he was communicating with me. 

And, you see, in Heaven, there are animals in Heaven. They, they are, uh, they, they all can communicate. We know that Jesus has a horse, so this is all biblical. 

And, so I wasn’t even thinking about that when I was in there, when I was having this. I was very caught off guard. I was like, “What is this?” And this massive, massive horse, and he came in and stood there, and the angels were holding him, and he turned and looked at me like this, like, “I am the horse of a king.” He had such, this horse had such majesty and such a knowing in his eye. And then in that, in that powerful vision in the Spirit, the angels began to put the regalia on the horse—armor—and the horse began to get armored up, and he began to get all of these streamers on him, and, uh, then I saw the Lord. And I saw the Lord come up—Jesus—and I said, “Lord, what is this? What is this horse?” And he said, “Annamarie, remember you prayed? You asked to see my horse.” And I had totally forgotten that. You see, the Lord doesn’t forget our prayers. He doesn’t forget the questions we’ve asked him. He doesn’t forget them. 

And, um, I was like, “Oh, my goodness, yes, Lord; I did ask to see your horse. I wanted to see your horse. I love horses. I’ve, I’ve, I’ve just had this desire to see your horse.”

And, so, uh, the Lord, he got on his horse, and he was sitting on his horse, and he, he came into this full regalia—just this, as a king would be on his horse ready to go into the field, ready to go into the battle. And it was just the most incredible sight ever. I mean, I just, I’ve had some visions, and I’d have to say that this is the most powerful vision I’ve ever had. And this horse, to capture the majesty of this horse and the massiveness of this horse, and the size of his hooves were just gigantic, and the Lord said to me, “Bentley.” I was like, “Bentley? Bentley!” 

And I remembered I had followed this stallion on Facebook from Windermere Farms. And I love horses, so I like to follow pages on Facebook that are about horses. And there’s a farm in Pennsylvania called Windermere Farms. And this is in the natural. And they have a fi, five—there’s the number five—five-time, uh, World Champion Percheron Stallion, named Bentley. And this horse is, is, got that same massiveness, the same, he, he just, he knows he’s a champion. When he’s in the ring, he just knows he’s a champion. He’s got that, the horse has like an anointing, and I’ve just always loved following this horse. And the Lord said, “Bentley.” I said, “Oh, my goodness, Lord, your, your horse looks just like Bentley except he’s white.” I was like, “This is incredible.” 

On earth as it is in Heaven. The Lord will give us, give us signs in the earth of what is in Heaven, and he will prophesy to us to give us this sign in the earth to show us what is going on in Heaven. 

And then the Lord said to me, “I want you to have an understanding of what the name Bentley means.” He said it’s prophetic, and this is the timing that we are in. And I said, “Okay, Lord.” And I looked up, you know, I was still in the vision, and I was just taking all this in, and I thanked him and I just said, I just said, “Lord Jesus, I thank you for this opportunity to, to actually see your horse.” I was just so honored. I was so grateful. And, you know, he wanted me to prophesy what I saw to all of you to give you encouragement, and, uh, to give you an understanding. 

And when I said, “Lord, your horse is so massive. He’s so strong. He’s so huge.” I was just so, like, you know, he wasn’t like this little, wimpy, I mean, and that’s exactly what the Lord said to me. He said, “Annamarie, did you think I would have a wimpy horse?” I was like, “No, Lord, no.” I mean, I mean, I was like so overwhelmed in the Spirit when he was saying these things to me, and so I just was praising him and thanking him. I took it all in my spirit. I was trying to get a mental picture of this horse because I was like, “How can I draw this horse? How can I draw this vision? How can I, you know, show this, you know, I, I, or explain it?” 

And so, um, after the vision, I wrote it all down. I just wrote, I wrote the date. I wrote what I saw. I wrote what I was in the courts of Heaven praying, how, all of a sudden, this happened, you know, everything. I tried to describe what the horse looked like because I can’t draw. I, I, that’s not my anointing. My anointing is not being an artist. I mean, I, you know, and I was like, “Oh, I,” and then at that moment, I said a little prayer. I said, “Oh, Lord, if you could just send me an artist that could paint your horse and, and capture the essence of that power and majesty of your horse.” And I just said that silent prayer, and then I immediately did what the Lord told me to do—to look up the meaning of the name, Bentley. 

 In Hebrew, the name, Ben, means son, and, in English, the word ley, l-e-y, means fertile meadow or fertile field, like a, a beautiful meadow or a beautiful field, like a field of wheat or a field of, of, of barley, or, you know, like that, that, that meadow, that field, that land that is ready for harvest. 

And the Lord said to me, “Son of the harvest.” I was like, “Oh, my goodness, son of the harvest!” Because we know that Father God is Lord of the harvest. Jesus Christ is Son of the harvest. We are the laborers of the harvest. And the horse that Jesus was on was, he said, “Bentley, Lord of the harvest.” I mean, Son of the harvest … that Jesus Christ, the timing that we’re in right now is the harvest time, the time of the harvest of souls, that the fields are ripe, white with harvest. Like Jesus said, “The fields are ripe with harvest.” And he is coming and riding into the harvest with us, the laborers of the harvest to bring in the souls to Jesus Christ—his harvest of souls. 

And his horse was being prepared. He was on the horse. He was ready, and, um, the, the fact that that horse is so massive and powerful, um, I knew it, it was like a Percheron type horse like Bentley the stallion at, from Windermere Farms. And I said, “Oh, my gosh, the Percheron horses.” 

They were always used and bred for two major things. They were bred to carry the, the soldiers, the knights into battle to be able to carry that heavy armor. They carried kings in, into battle, and they also brought in the harvest, right. They were, they were, they, they pulled the huge, heavy wagons, the huge harvest wagons. I’m like, “Oh, my goodness, the Percherons.” They are draft horses. They were known to be war horses to carry kings and, and knights and soldiers into battle. Their hooves were so massive that they could pound, you; it was like a thunder coming, you know, when you heard those Percheron horses coming—those heavy horses, right? And they were, the ground would be thundering, and their hooves would be so massive it would literally crush the skulls of the enemy. 

And remember, the Lord gave us Psalm 68 last week? He said, “Psalm 68 – O God, arise and scatter your enemies.” That, that he crushes the skulls of his enemies, and I thought about that those humongous hooves, right, and the thundering. And I said, “Of course, Lord, you have this huge, massive horse that has majesty,” and this horse is, is, is not only a war horse that he can carry that king into battle with that heavy armor, but he also is the same type of horse that can bring in the harvest, that can pull that heavy wagon and bring in the harvest. And I’m like, “Son of the harvest.” 

This is where we are. The Lord is giving us his exact timing. He gave me that vision. It was two years ago he gave me that vision. And I wrote it down; I prayed about it. I came into the understanding of the timing that we’re in through that prophetic vision—that we are in the time of the great harvest of souls. And the Lord of the harvest, Father God, has commissioned this timing. Remember, Jesus said only the Father knows the time and the day, right, of these times. And so it, the Lord of the harvest is Father God, right; he’s like the Lord of the land—the, the, the one who owns the land, the owner of the land. And the Son of the harvest who brings in the harvest; he’s like the overseer of the harvest, and we are the laborers of the harvest. And Jesus was getting on his horse, ready to ride, and I was like, “Oh, my goodness.” 

And so, my friends, this is the time we’re in. This is why we’re getting the thundering and the shaking, you know, because the angel armies of the Lord are on their mighty horses. The Lord is on his mighty horse leading into the harvest. We, we have to be those laborers of the harvest right now because the fields are white, uh, for harvest; the fields are ripe.

Now, um, when I started, uh, praying on this, the Lord kept showing me more and more and more confirmation. And this is why the earth is shaking. This is why we’re being awakened because it’s this thundering sound of the Lord coming for the harvest, and we have to be the laborers of the harvest. And I knew the Lord was teaching me something to, to teach me how to prepare, uh, for this and prophesy that to all of you. And this is why the enemy has been fighting us so hard because the great harvest of souls is coming, and it’s been prophesied by prophets even before me, uh, of this century that the great harvest of souls is even here in our lifetime.

So, um, are you going to be a laborer for the Lord? Are you going to ride with Jesus and, uh, be a laborer in the harvest for the Lord and help bring souls into the kingdom of God? And, you know, where the thundering is happening, this shakening is happening, and, uh, it’s exciting. It’s exciting.

So when I began to tell about this vision here on my broadcast, and I began to share it, you know, and I had it all written down and, um, I’m going to do a whole post about it. Um, I had a, a woman who was an artist that was listening to my broadcast, and she was like, “I’m going to paint this horse, and I’m going to do it, uh, in, while in prayer.” And so I didn’t know she was painting this, and she painted it ba, ba, based on my testimony. And, uh, she reached out to my assistant. At the time, uh, Jennifer was helping me, and Jennifer’s back here now as, uh, uh, one of our lead intercessors, but she said, “I want to ship this to Annamarie. Can I have her actual mailing, uh, you know, shipping address. It’s a really huge box.” And so I said, “Yeah, sure; give it to her.” 

And this, I mean, it, when I opened this box, the Spirit of the Lord … and I saw, lifted out this painting, the, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me and into my house so incredibly strong, and I knew this was confirmation of what this ministry is to do, what I am to encourage you all to do, what I am to encourage you all to be laborers in the harvest, to help train you all, to disciple you all to be laborers of the harvest for the Lord. And I just want to cry. I mean, everytime I look at it, I’m just so overwhelmed at the goodness of Jesus Christ and our Father. He’s calling us up our, my friends; he’s calling, he’s commissioning us because the Son of the harvest is here—Bentley, the Lord of the harvest—and his horse is massive. And this artist, she didn’t want her name on it. She didn’t sign the painting. Uh, she called it, uh, God’s Percheron, and she got that prophetically through the Holy Spirit. She got that same look in the eye of that horse—his power, his majesty, “I am the King’s horse.” You know, just, it’s very hard to explain it the way that horse was communicating with me. He knew who he was. The majesty, he knew that he carried the Lord. Uh, he communicated me through the spirit, and the way he looked at me, and it wasn’t arrogant way, that horse, he was, he knew who he was. And she captured that; she captured that in this horse.

So I wanted to share that testimony with you all today, and I want you to be encouraged, very encouraged, my friends, because this is the timing that we’re in. We are in timing of the harvest time, and, not just for America, but for the whole world. America is going to be one of the leaders of bringing in the harvest, um, but all of us—the ecclesia, the, the church, the congregation, the laborers. We are the laborers of the harvest, and we are also the sons and daughters of the harvest with Jesus Christ through Father God, our Lord of the harvest, and we have to get out there into the field that God has called us to, whether it be youth, whether it be women, whether it be, wha, whatever, okay? And we have to be part of bringing in this harvest, and just know the Lord is going before us and his mighty army and his horse that, with his giant hooves is—Psalm 68, right—is scattering the enemy and crushing the enemies’ skulls so that we can go forth and bring in the harvest powerfully for, for Jesus Christ.

And this is the time we’re in, so, if you hear these fearful reports, uh, just don’t let them get into your spirit. This is what needs to be into, in your spirit right now. “Lord Jesus, how can I be part of this great harvest of souls for you? How can I be a laborer in the harvest? How can I be a part of this great awakening to you, Lord Jesus?” Ha, right? And this is what we need to be praying right now. 

Don’t worry about what you’ll wear. Don’t worry about what you’ll eat. Like Jesus said, just go out and spread the good news. Be a good disciple for him, and he will take care of all of your needs. Amen? Because when you are a, a part of the kingdom when you become, uh, a believer in Jesus Christ and he has commissioned you, ordained you to be a laborer in the harvest for him. Don’t you think he’s going to feed you, he’s going to clothe you, he’s going to take care of you, and, um, he’s going to take care of your household and your family and your children? Of course, he’s going to. 

So, you know, do not fear. Do not worry, and just know that, that you are of the kingdom; God is taking care of all of your needs; the great harvest of souls is here; that you are to be a divine laborer. Go forward in what God has called you to do because the Lord Jesus Christ is with us, and he’s riding a mighty horse. And so be encouraged, my friends, okay? 

And, you know, through this ministry, the Lord has commissioned us to come together and speak these things together. Several months ago, the Lord said to us, “I want everyone to come together and command the gates of righteousness to open.” And we had a broadcast, uh, several months ago where we all came together and we prophesied, and we, I told you guys to go outside and speak it and say, “In the name of Jesus, we command the gates of righteousness to open.” And we just had these powerful, just proclamations, and, let me tell you, the Lord wouldn’t tell us for months and months and months to be proclaiming these things by faith, to be speaking these things by faith … Every prophetic word that the Lord has brought through this ministry is, is messages of hope, messages of the harvest, messages of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ going forth like never before, messages of “It’s time to build the kingdom,” messages of “What are you called to do?” It’s time. The enemy is trying to throw the kitchen sink at us. He is trying to do everything he can to discourage us, to cause fear and doubt. Do not allow it in your spirit! This is what’s really happening right now. The great harvest of souls for Jesus Christ. The bridegroom cometh, and we, as the church, as the ecclesia, we’ve got to go out and prepare the bride without spot or wrinkle, right, the church, the ecclesia. And so this is where we are right now, okay? 



Transcription of the word that the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which she delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on October 15, 2021. 

Watch the video, and then read the transcript below.


ANNAMARIE: Revival is coming to the Southern United States. It’s going to sweep across very swiftly. The Lord loves that. He loves that it’s called Bible Belt. He says, “That is my belt of truth.” Georgia! This is where the sentence … The Lord gave me one word in a sentence the other night, and I just, I was talking to my team, and he just had me type it out prophetically, supernaturally. “The lights are going out in Georgia. The night the lights went out in Georgia. The lights are going out in Georgia.” That’s what he’s saying. The lights are going out in Georgia, but he’s saying, “Do not fear, those of you who are in Georgia. Pray!” He says, “The lights are going out, and they’re coming back on, and it’s going to be different.” He says, “The lights are going out, and they’re coming back on, and it’s going to be different.” 

Wow, I’m seeing in the Spirit right now, “Georgia, they have prostituted her, and she has been bleeding and bleeding and bleeding, but no more. This is how the people of Georgia must pray, they must pray like the woman with the issue of blood. Say, ‘The state of Georgia has grabbed ahold of the fringe of the Lord’s garment, and she has been made whole again.’ It’s going to be SUDDENLY! SUDDENLY! It’ll be a light, the lights went out, and the lights came back on. It’s going to be SUDDENLY for Georgia! SUDDENLY!” Yes, Holy Spirit. Thank you, God. 

Intercessors in Georgia … and I know Jennifer Klinger’s in Atlanta—my own intercessor—her and I have already gone into the courts of Heaven in Georgia. They have tried to bleed Georgia and tried to mark her for death, but no, the Lord says, “She will live! Georgia will live! The intercessors must cry out and grab ahold of the fringe of the Lord’s garment, and it’ll be a sudden, sudden thing for Georgia!” The Spirit of the Lord is speaking here, “And it’ll be a sudden thing, sudden! The lights will go out and come back on.” 

He says there’s a fake, there’s, there’s fake, it’s, it, the, there, the entire government of Georgia is fake. It’s fake! He’s showing me margarine. Margarine. Margarine. It, it, it’s, it’s like, it’s not, it’s, it’s not the real thing. The Lord is saying that this evil government, this, those who have been fake for the people, they try, they’ve, they’ve tried to take over. 

He’s showing me a, a dairy farm, and he’s showing me these fake politicians in the dairy farm, but their milk has dried up. They have nothing that comes from the Lord. Their milk has dried up. Their flow has dried up, so they’re sitting in this empty dairy farm, and they’re trying to make margarine. But, no, the people have rejected it, and the Lord says, “I will give my people the dairy farms. I will give them the cows. I will give my people the flows of income, and it’ll be from ME,” says the Lord. 

The Lord’s saying he’s going to raise up his true leaders out of Georgia. The lights are going to go out, and they’re going to come back on. In that sudden transition, these fake leaders … it’ll be like, it’s done. Something very swift is going to happen there. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus. 

He said, “Georgia, do not fear. Be like the woman with the issue of blood.” He’s looking at Georgia like a daughter. He’s looking at that state of Georgia like a daughter. Like Georgia is like a daughter, and Jesus said to the woman with the if, issue of blood, “Daughter, your faith has healed you.” Georgia, you shall be made whole. Shalem shalom, nothing missing, nothing lacking, nothing broken. Your affliction with the issue of blood has stopped suddenly, and the Lord is touching you, Georgia. And, Georgia, great revival shall come forth. You shall be a testimony of the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ in Georgia.” 

He says Georgia’s on his mind. He’s showing me Ray Charles. [Singing] Georgia, Georgia, Georgia’s on his mind. He’s heard your prayers, Georgia, but you are like the woman with the issue of blood. “You must reach out and touch the hem of my garment.” This is the Lord. This is Jesus Christ. He loves you, Georgia. He loves you. Intercessors in Georgia, reach out and touch the fringe of the Lord’s garment, and say, “Stop the bleeding in Georgia, Lord! You did it for the woman of the issue of blood. We ask you to do it instantaneous for Georgia. We are releasing our faith to you, Jesus. Georgia, the state of Georgia is your daughter. O Lord, make her whole. Make her shalem. You did it instantaneously for the woman of the issue of blood. Do this for the state of Georgia for she is a pearl for your ecclesia. Georgia is a pearl for your ecclesia, Jesus!”

Yes, Lord, we are releasing our faith for Georgia today, and these, these ticks that have been trying to suck the blood of Georgia are being burned up by the fire of the Holy Ghost, and they are no more. Georgia is a daughter of the Lord! She is a precious pearl. Revival for Jesus Christ; great and mighty things for the Lord Jesus Christ come forth from Georgia right now, in the name of Jesus! Every fake and false leader, YOU are being cast down! Swiftly and quickly, the Lord is dealing with you swiftly. You will not be a parasite on Georgia anymore, you fake and false greedy leaders. Your time is up, in Jesus’ name!

Wow! I didn’t expect a word for Georgia from all that. Whoa. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus. My friends, we must be faithful. We must not fear. We must speak the word of the Lord with our two-edged sword. If God has called up these men and women of truth, we must cover them in prayer because the great harvest of souls for Jesus Christ is, is, is happening, and nothing can stop it. The Armageddon, I’m sorry, the, the a, apocalypse is here. And what is the apocalypse? It’s The Great Awakening. Apocalypse is a Greek word that means the unveiling. Do not fear! This is good! This is good news! What has the Lord called you up for in this time? Let’s just give the Lord thanks and praise this morning, my friends. 

Father, we thank you and we praise you for all that you’re doing in this nation of America, for all that you’re doing through our president, Donald J. Trump, and the military that is working with him. We thank you, Father God, that you have ordained it in the heavens, the deliverance of America and the saving of America and of your people and that nothing can stop it, and the great harvest of souls is coming forth and nothing can stop it. We thank you, Father God, that you are doing this over all the earth. Even in this time of, of, of great chaos, we speak to the chaos in the name of Jesus, and we say, “O God arise and scatter your enemies.” We speak to the chaos, and we say, “Let the people of God arise. Let the sons and daughters of, uh, of God arise in the earth.” Thank you, God. 

Father, we, we, we praise you through all of this. We praise you through all of this. The veil has been rent open. Thank you, Jesus, for giving us access to the Father and access to the kingdom and the authority that we walk in. We serve at the pleasure of our king, King Jesus! We speak righteousness. We speak the salvation of the Lord. Nothing can come against the plans and purposes of God, in Jesus’ name. Let the words that have been spoken through this prophet, right now, today, go forth and prosper, in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Lord. 

When he showed me that dairy farm, I had this vision of all these fake politicians. There was nothing for them, and this was just a empty place. And he was saying Benedict Arnolds, and then they were still trying to survive on their margarine, but it was nothing. And we have the real thing. We have the milk and the honey and the butter, and every time I remember that the Lord, when the Lord shows me a cow or a dairy farm, that means streams of income that come from God, and the fact that their streams of income have been dried up.  

And the lights going out suddenly. They go off, and they’ll come back on, and it’ll be like sudden. So do not fear, my friends. What a glorious time to be alive. The state of Georgia is his daughter. He’s calling Georgia his daughter. Wow, he said that she was like the woman with the issue of blood, and the intercessors in Georgia have to reach out and grab ahold of his garment and say, “Bleeding, stop!” And the Lord will STOP IT! He’ll STOP the bleeding. That’s what’s happening in Georgia. I feel the Holy Spirit so strong right now, my friends.



During my broadcast on Friday, October 1, 2021, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me spontaneously and very, very powerfully bringing forth a very strong word. Over the weekend, he showed me many confirmations.

Below is the link to the broadcast on Friday, October 1, 2021, followed by a brief synopsis of that word along with the confirmations that I received over the weekend and presented in the broadcast on Monday, October 4, 2021. That video is linked right before the confirmations start.


The Holy Spirit began showing me Alabama and said that a curtain was being removed in Alabama and that something huge was about to be exposed there. He said that the blood of Jesus Christ was speaking in Alabama—something that’s been hidden is about to be exposed.

I kept hearing, “ALABAMA, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAMA.” He revealed that the enemy has tried to bully Alabama, and that this tsunami wave that everyone is talking about is actually a tsunami wave of the Holy Spirit coming across this nation. It’s a big red wave—a big roll tide. He showed me the University of Alabama football team and said that the crimson tide—the big red wave—represents the blood of Jesus that is going to be washing across this nation and cleansing it.

The Holy Spirit said that a curtain has been opened—the curtain between man and the Spirit of God. The curtain was ripped in half in the temple and God has said, “My presence is now with you. There’s nothing between you and I. It’s us together.” Jesus is our intercessor. The veil was torn, and, through the blood of Jesus, we enter into the holy place. That’s the curtain. Veils are being removed and people are seeing the truth for the first time. I believe he is also showing me that when the curtain is removed it means exposure. The fraud and corruption are being exposed. So the curtain is being pulled back; veils are being removed, and exposure is coming forth.

He showed me a sticker that used to be on the toolbox of one of my crew chiefs back when I was in NASCAR. I remember he was a no-nonsense crew chief—tough. He had a red toolbox with a sticker on it that said, “Dang right I’m from ‘Bama!”

When you say, “Bam, bam, bam,” it’s the enemy that’s going to get hammered. The enemy is going to get hammered by the hammer of God. The enemy’s going to get hammered by the big tsunami of the Holy Ghost.

The night before, I had seen a baseball player with a red jersey with #16 on it. Biblically, the number 16 represents the reckless love of God. That means that God loves us so much that he does things that may seem reckless to us like sending his Son to die for us and asking Abraham to sacrifice his own son, but at the last minute telling him not to lay a hand on him that he had a ram in the thicket for him instead. We’re going to see the reckless love of God across this nation for his people!


The Holy Spirit started showing me confirmations on Saturday, October 2, 2021, and Sunday, October 3, 2021.

I received another word from the Lord that someone who was hidden for a time is about to come forth with huge amounts of exposure and information. I saw the name, Jeff Sessions, again, and when I did my spirit leapt in confirmation. This could be what is coming out of Alabama. Former AG Sessions is from Alabama and is known to be quiet but then come out like a hammer.

Yes, God said the word “hammer—bam bam bam on the enemy,” and this would come out of Alabama. This is very much Jeff Sessions’s style. I think he is Trump’s secret hidden weapon that has been waiting to come forth. Remember Trump is a strategist and he said, “We have it all.” Remember when he acted like Sessions was not doing anything as Attorney General? I think he was! This was to throw off the enemy. Brilliant!! We shall see how this all happens! I have great excitement in my spirit!

Jeff Sessions works quietly behind the scenes, but when he comes out to take down crime, he comes in like a hammer. That was actually his nickname—Hammer. He is President Trump’s hidden weapon. He’s stayed hidden for a time, but he’s going to come forth, along with some other people who have been hidden, and it’s going to be like a tsunami of truth pulling back the curtain giving huge exposure, and the information will hammer the enemy. He’s been working with President Trump.


STATE BIRD – Yellowhammer 

The White House was recently lit up in red because President Trump and the military are in control. Biden does not live at the White House. He has no authority there whatsoever. He’s an actor being controlled by the Deep State. Everything he’s done has been on a soundstage. It’s all fake. Watch Lin Wood on Telegram. He’s a man of great truth and integrity. He’s telling the truth. The Lord has confirmed to me everything that he is saying. This is another confirmation of the red tsunami—the blood of Jesus, the red sea moment and time of deliverance.

I asked for confirmation on the words, “museum,” “legacy,” and “white pants.” Melania was wearing white pants in Nancy Drew’s video at the White House. 

Confirmation came three days later of a woman wearing white pants for Trump merchandise on the Trump store Facebook post.

God said he was going to save the White House “for Jackie’s sake” because she loved it and took care of it so well. This is the Legacy. It will be used for historical purposes as a museum.

I was shown children and ponies – Macaroni pony. Macaroni the pony was Caroline Kennedy’s pony when she was a child living in the White House. He became quite a celebrity, appearing with her on the cover of Life magazine and getting thousands of his own fan letters.

Curtains are open at White House windows after being closed for months.

Today is 10-4—October 4th. What does 10-4 mean? 10-4 means confirmation—”roger that.” This is a time of confirmation of the Lord—confirmation of the truth and confirmation of people receiving the truth. This is a time of a great purging of the truth out upon the people. The blood of Jesus Christ has spoken. The power of the Holy Spirit is coming over this entire nation. We have a big red wave of truth and the Alabama Hammer.  

It’s so important that we trust God’s timing with President Trump and don’t try to force his hand. God said this is his brilliant plan and Trump is guided by the Lord. He knows who he should listen to and not to listen to. President Trump is very smart!

I had a dream the other night that I was in a meeting with President Trump and Ivanka Trump. We were discussing a book that was to be written about restoring and helping families. President Trump excused himself to go to the restroom where we could hear him vomiting loudly for a long time. When he came back out he was smiling and said, “Wow, I feel better now that I could release that!” 

I asked the Holy Spirit what that meant, and he said that Trump has been holding back incriminating information on the enemy and huge things are about to be revealed that he had to hold back on and hold in for a long time. It’s about to be released—huge amounts of information. It’s going to come like the tsunami. Some of it will be unpleasant for us to hear, but we will all feel better when this happens! Wow, God!!! 

God brought me to the NASCAR race—told me to watch Talladega. They were racing in Talladega, Alabama. I spent 30 years in NASCAR. He speaks to me through the NASCAR races, so I watched Talladega. There were a lot of smokey crashes happening. He gave me a word to confirm everything that he had said to me in that prophetic word about Alabama. 

The word “XFINITY” connects to Jesus Christ. X is another symbol for Alpha—the Alpha, the beginning. Finity means end. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega. The word “XFINITY,” which is the sponsor for that series, means Alpha and Omega—the beginning and the end. 

Brandon Brown was the winner. It was a double-header race. Remember the Lord told us that we’re going to have double for our trouble—double portion, double victory, double jubilee, double blessing. This is confirmation of the word he brought last week. 

This is what the Lord spoke to me about Brandon Brown’s double-header win. Brandon Brown was the double-header winner and a first-time winner. He broke through. He broke through the smoke. He hammered through for the win. His car is black, but it’s got yellow on it for the glory and fuschia for the joy. Black represents sin, death, and mourning, but now there’s been a victory over sin, death, and mourning. What is layered on top of it? Yellow for the glory of God and fuschia for the joy of the Lord. 

Brandon Brown drives the No. 68, which brought me to Psalm 68, but he also has an American flag design in front of the number 68 on both sides of the car. He has it on his car the way our military wears it on their uniforms, which makes it look like the flag is waving as they are marching powerfully into battle. It’s layered in white over the black. The white represents the purity and cleansing of our nation and of our flag. So he went into battle like a soldier with his car waving the American flag. 

America has had sin, mourning, and death; like we’ve reached the brink, BUT God has come through for us. The Alpha and the Omega has come through for us, and over our sin, death, and mourning, there is the joy of the Lord! There is the glory of God, and we have the victory, and we shall have a double portion. This was a double header. 

Brandon Brown’s sponsor is Larry’s Hard Lemonade. The Lord said that we will come together and we, as a people, will make lemonade out of lemons. He said even President Trump and some other people will come out and say that even with all that we’ve been through, we’re going to make lemonade out of lemons. People are running around talking about how terrible things are, but there are people who will come out as encouragers who will say, “Don’t despair for what has happened in the past. Yes, we know the truth now. We have the victory now. We will make lemonade out of lemons.” We’re going to hear people actually saying that. This is why we have to write this down, because we’re going to hear them.

The Lord said that lemons represent cleansing. This nation is being cleansed, and our bodies will be cleansed.

This is a HARD lemonade. This has been hard, but we’re going to make lemonade out of lemons. The Lord said he’s looking for those who are standing strong—hardheaded. If you’re hardheaded it means you stand strong; you don’t back down. You hammer through.

This one is HUGE! The Lord said to me, “Watch what I did in this race!” Then I read that the NASCAR officials stopped the Talladega race with six laps to go because of darkness. It was getting too dark to race, and they had to stop the race. 

The Lord said, “I, the Lord, stopped that race. I have stepped in, and I, the Lord, am saying NO MORE DARKNESS, AMERICA! You will not go any further into the darkness, America! You will not go any further into the darkness, my people. I have stepped in, and I have stopped it before you go any further into this darkness. And I’m giving you victory. I’m giving you joy. I’m giving you cleansing. I’m giving you double for your trouble.” 

“Due to darkness, we will be coming back to the yellow/checkered.”- NASCAR

his is the exact quote from the race. It was even on NBC. “TALLADEGA, Ala. – Brandon Brown earned his first career NASCAR Xfinity Series win Saturday when officials stopped the race six laps from the finish because of darkness at Talladega Superspeedway. Brandon Jones placed second and was followed by Justin Allgaier, Daniel Hemric and Jordan Anderson.”

When Brandon Brown won the race, he jumped out of his car and gave glory to God. He did the sign of the cross, kissed his hand, and gave glory to God. 

The number six (6 laps to go) means “the flesh, man,” and the evil ones have been using the 666 symbol and 6 in everything, and God says, “No, my people will not go any further into this darkness.” This is God that’s doing this! God is stopping America from going any further into darkness! God has stepped in!

The name of this race was the Sparks 300. Gideon had 300 soldiers. Their light came. A spark represents the light of the Holy Ghost. Sparks 300 is the name of the race—Gideon’s 300. This is a win for all of us soldiers of the Lord. This was God giving us a shout out because we prayed, and the Holy Spirit has been with us. 

Guess what the trophy looks like for this race?! It’s a hammer and an anvil! The trophy for this race is a hammer—BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM! Listen to the word of the Lord and what he’s doing right now! We are being saved, and evil’s going to get hammered!

CLICK HERE to see the trophy.

After winning the race, Brandon Brown got out of the car and had overwhelming joy in victory lane. The joy of the Lord is here! He was so joyful he could hardly contain himself, and he said, “Dad, we did it. Let’s GOOOO!” 

This is a father and son race team that has been racing together for 20 years. The Lord said to me, “I’m turning the hearts of the fathers back to the sons, and I’m turning the hearts of the sons back to the fathers. This is a father and son deal—father/son, Father God and his son, Jesus. The Father and the Son are doing this and saying, “Let’s GO!” 

He showed me that when this all comes together and we see JFK Jr. come out, he’s going to actually say the words, “Dad, we did it!”

They’re restoring the White House for Jackie’s sake. When it comes out that JFK Jr. is really alive, and that he’s been working with Trump and he comes forth, God said, “Watch; you’re going to see him say these words, ‘Dad, we did it!’” He’s giving glory to God, but he’s also giving glory, like honoring the fathers—our fathers before us. JFK Jr. is doing this for his father, and even Donald Trump is doing it for his father. They were very close to their fathers, and this is the heart of the Father. 

Brandon Brown’s first words were, “Dad, we did it. Let’s GO!” He and his father celebrated in victory lane. This is the heart of the father for us. This is a gift from the Father from our fathers who have gone before us.

The Lord said to me, “Brandon’s been waiting 20 years for this victory.” How long has JFK Jr. been in hiding? Twenty years or more—(22 yrs). JFK Jr. said he would take down his father’s murderer no matter what he had to do to do it. This is all connected.

Brandonbilt Motorsports is a family-owned, professional stock car team competing full-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series (NXS). Owned and operated by Woodbridge, Virginia native, Jerry Brown, Brandonbilt Motorsports has quickly become a household name in the NASCAR Xfinity Series through hard work and determination. As a smaller team in the NXS, Brandonbilt Motorsports’ goal has always been to do the most with less, while also becoming a contending organization in every race that it enters. Brandonbilt Motorsports shocked the racing world in 2020 as driver, Brandon Brown, secured the team’s first playoff berth in only its second, full-time season in the NXS, before going on to finish the year 11th in the overall points standings. On the horizon in 2021, Brandonbilt Motorsports looks to pick up where it left off as a playoff-caliber team at each event it enters.

Brandon Brown’s team was about to close its doors this week. It was about to shut down. This victory saved them. This was their red sea moment—saved at the last moment.

Brandon – “Brand plucked from the fire” – (Zecharia 3) “And the Lord said to Satan, ‘The Lord rebuke you, O Satan! The Lord who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you! Is not this a brand plucked from the fire?’” 

I had a word last year about America being a brand plucked out of the fire according to Zecharia Chapter 3 because I had a sunflower growing in my firepit. Sunflowers are native to America. The Lord said, “America shall be like a brand plucked out of the fire at the last minute. This is confirmation of the word that the Lord brought me last year. He’s saying it’s been done, that America has been plucked out of the fire at the last minute. God’s people have been plucked out of the fire at the last minute. That, according to Zechariah Chapter 3, God has rebuked Satan for our sake, and he has plucked us out of the fire like a brand out of the fire at the last minute so we don’t burn up.

Brandon’s last name is Brown. Biblically, brown means humility (Esther 4:3), the people (Isaiah 40:7-8), and the earth. God is saving the earth. He’s saving the people. 

Brandon Brown’s initials are B. B. The Lord said that it connects to “B. B.” Benjamin Netanyahu, and that this is also for Israel—for Benjamin Netanyahu and the people of Israel. Those who are condemning Benjamin Netanyahu and saying bad things about him need to be very, very careful. Benjamin Netanyahu is God’s anointed. God has chosen him for this time just like he’s chosen President Donald Trump. Benjamin Netanyahu is part of this brilliant plan of God. He’s working with President Trump. He is doing with Israel what President Trump has been doing with America. God even brought Israel confirmations into this with Brandon Brown’s initials. 

Brandon Brown’s NASCAR Stats – One win in Talladega (this race) and 16 top tens. The Lord gave us the number 16 on Friday! Biblically, 16 means the reckless love of God. God loves us so much that he would give his only son. He would do things that most people would think are reckless. 

Brandon Brown is from Woodbridge, Virginia. Wood bridge – the Lord told me that he’s building a bridge between our hearts. He told me to prophecy a spiritual bridge between the shore of America and the shore of Israel. He said that he’s building bridges between our hearts. Love can build a bridge—I said that the other day. 

Brandon grew up racing at Old Dominion Speedway. Dominion—God’s saying, “This is my dominion.” 

Brandon Brown is a CCU – Coastal Carolina University Alumni. School Colors: Teal blue: Esther – Holy Spirit – “Cleansing Waters” – Blue/Aqua/Turquoise/White: Healing water (Psalm 1:1-3; Revelation 22:1).

Coastal Carolina University is a dynamic public institution located in Conway, just minutes from the resort area of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Esther means “Myrtle Tree.”

Gene Ho is a Christian patriot running for mayor of Myrtle Beach

Brandon Jones finished in second place. Two Brandons—double portion. Double portion plucking out of the fire. That’s America and her people, and I believe that’s other nations, possibly Canada. 

Justin Allgaier finished in third place – “Justice”—God’s justice is coming.

Daniel Hemric finished in fourth place. Four means door—door of the Lord.

Jordan Anderson finished in fifth place. (Correction: In the broadcast, I said he came in fourth place, but it was actually fifth place.) He was one of my drivers. I’ve known him since he was 13. I’ve prayed with him over his future. He loves Jesus. This is one of his top finishes ever at Talladega. Jordan Anderson crossed his Jordan [river]. We’re crossing our Jordan.

This is huge! This is more confirmation from the Lord. The sponsor is Larry’s Hard Lemonade Chevy Camaro No. 68. One of his sponsors is Young’s Motorsports – Young’s Building Systems. God is speaking to the youth at this time. The Lord showed me that there’s going to be stadiums, including speedways, across this nation that will be filled with young people having revival and coming to the Lord Jesus Christ—the billion soul harvest. Prophet Bob Jones prophesied the billion soul harvest would start with the youth and Alabama would be a part of it. God is speaking to the youth here.

Lawrence (Larry) is the English version of the Biblical name Lazarus—rising from the dead. It is derived from the Hebrew אלעזר, Elʿāzār (Eleazar) meaning “God has helped”.

John 11:11, Jesus is going to Lazarus. 11:11 means wake up; you’re about to see the glory of God, that God is stepping in at the last minute. In John 11:11, Jesus says, “I’m going to Lazarus. He is only sleeping, but I’m going to wake him up.” And the name Lazarus comes from Elazar meaning, God has helped. It’s God that has done this.

The English meaning of Larry is bright shining one. It comes from the Laurel trees. Laurel leaves are used for victory wreaths. God has helped, and we have won the victory. God has plucked us out of the fire at the last minute. He’s not allowing America to go any further into darkness.

The main sponsor on Brandon Brown’s car is Larry’s Hard Lemonade. We’re going to make lemonade out of lemons. Even if we’ve been hardheaded, it’s okay. We’ve had to stand and be hard. We’ve had to stand hard. We’ve had to stand strong. 

On Telegram, il Donaldo Trumpo congratulated his friend, Brandon Brown, on his victory at Talladega because when he was doing his interview on the front stretch in Talladega, the crowd was chanting “F*** Joe Biden.” The NBC reporter tried to cover it up by pretending they were saying “Let’s go, Brandon,” and it trended across social media. 

It was humorous, and one of the biggest things that people love about Brandon is his humor. He’s got a big smile. 

He’s red haired and has a ruddy complexion, and that’s what God said about young King David when he slew Goliath—he was  young and ruddy. Ruddy is when someone has red, rosy cheeks. Brandon Brown has that ruddiness to him like a young David taking down Goliath.

The Lord said to me, “Look, look at victory lane! I have driven the Monster Energy drink out of victory lane.” I realized when they got into victory lane that the Monster Energy drink wasn’t there. It was all Larry’s Hard Lemonade in victory lane because that’s the sponsor of Brandon Brown. They were spraying lemonade everywhere, and the Lord said, “Lemonade cleansing in the fermenting.” The lemonade is fermented like a wine, and the fermenting is the transition from one thing to another. 

The Lord said to me, “Look, I’ve driven the monsters out of victory lane. No more monsters.” He said, “I have driven the monsters out. I have scattered the evil enemy into the dry places,” Psalm 68, he says, “however, I will work with those who have been hardheaded, those who have been stubborn for me,” says the Lord, “those that have stood their ground,” he says, for his purposes. He’s proud of those. He’s saying well done, good and faithful servants who have stood their ground and been hardheaded for the Lord at this time, but the monsters are done. 


And the Lord said to me, “Read Psalm 68.” So, as I was reading Psalm 68 and I looked up, it was the next morning after that Talladega race. A post came up about Talladega the very next morning after Brandon Brown won, after the Lord said this was his doing, and it was pouring rain in Talladega. It was pouring rain the morning after in Talladega, Alabama. The Lord is bringing the rain. He is bringing the cleansing. He is bringing us blessing. He said, “Read Psalm 68. This is what I’m doing right now in this nation.

Correction at 2:29:15 – The prophecy of Bob Jones for the billion soul harvest for Jesus Christ is that it would start up in Atlanta, not Alabama; however, it would sweep across the south. CLICK HERE FOR THAT WORD.