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Annamarie’s Prophetic Word and SMELL comes to pass!!

Annamarie’s Prophetic Word and SMELL comes to pass!!

Hello my friend!

Last year, I went before the Lord and asked Him to give me a prophetic sense of smell.  Little by little He has been growing this gift in me.  While on our Live YouTube broadcast last Friday, June 12th – I was praying for the prayer requests of our listeners on the chat.  During prayer, I smelled an overwhelming stench in the spirit of cow manure. There were no windows open in my house and it came on instantly and very strong and then I went into a prophetic vision.


MY PROPHETIC VISION COMES TO PASS!! Last Friday on 6/12 the Holy Spirit put me into a prophetic vision over the area of Seattle that is now been taken over and known as “CHAZ” zone. While in the vision the Holy Spirit gave me a strong smell in the spirit of cow manure and brought a word over that place. I smelled the manure and saw the pile of it in the spirit (here is the word and the vision here on my video at the 1:33:14 mark: )

PROPHETIC WORD PROOF Days later on Wed 6/17 Charlie Kirk posts a video inside the ‘zone’ and there it was a pile of cow manure! So if the manure part was true, then we know God will do the rest of what He said He would in the word He gave us last Friday – watch my clip from that word God showed it to us ahead of time. WOW GOD!!! #prophecy #propheticvision #propheticsmell

Can you ask for more prophetic gifts? YES!  I am so excited to see how FAITHFUL God is! ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! GOD WILL DO IT!!

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A decree is an authoritative order to be carried out to completion, and prophecy is an event or thing to come at an appointed time in the future.

Both are done by the level of your faith, and by your seat of authority as a King and a Priest in Christ Jesus.

Ephesians 2:6 (KJV) “And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus

Kings issue decrees, and their armies and messengers run with them and carry them out and report back to the King. Angels are ready to be activated by your decrees and carry out these assignments on your behalf!

Job 22:28 (KJV) “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.”

Priests make intercession for others, yourself and represent the things of the spirit – in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

Revelation 1:6 (KJV)And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever.

First you have to believe, activate and use this authority and never let the enemy shake that.

Secondly understand this comes together with God’s timing.  Things have to be put into place for these things to come to pass. Heaven is activated by our words of faith in the name of Jesus.  These decrees and prophesies come to fruition in your life in steps.  The Holy Spirit is in strategy mode with you.  He gives you a step, or you get a piece or a part of this and you must be hungry and in expectation for more!  These are a sign of God’s faithfulness that He is putting all together for you!  I say: “SPEAK IT UNTIL YOU SEE IT!”  Keep asking for the next step, the next piece!  Praise God for the part that He brought and praise Him ahead of time that He will bring the rest of it!  This is the walk of faith.  If He gave it to us all at one time, that would not take any faith and it would not cause us to grow and seek a deeper relationship with Him.  Faith pleases God.  Starting with DECREES leads to you seeing more and hearing more in the Spirit which leads to PROPHETIC VISION, (seeing what God sees) which leads to growing in the gifts of the spirit and your authority in Christ.

The Holy Spirit and the Angelic realm goes into activation mode when you speak decrees (orders/commands you want to see) and when you prophesy (see in the future by faith based on glimpses God showed you).

Do this all by the authority of Jesus Christ in Jesus name speak it until you see it come to pass and apply your faith and keep pressing in even when you don’t see anything happening in the natural!

Once the Holy Spirit and the Angelic are activated people and places begin to be moved around in the natural and in the spiritual to bring this to pass for you.  You may not see this happening, but it is.  It may even look as if it’s going in the opposite direction, BUT with this, you must trust that things are being moved around in your favor, according to what you see, speak, decree and prophesy by faith.

Habakkuk 2:2-3 NKJV “Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.”

Also Prophetically, God shows us glimpses of what is to come.  This is always in pieces, fragments, dreams, visions, clues that we must partner with the Holy Spirit to help us see the full picture. This is to urge you to come deeper with God and a full partnership with His Holy Spirit.

I started with decrees, then I moved into prophecy.

Let me share something personal with you. A few years ago, I was in a difficult and painful situation in my family, my teen daughter who once loved Jesus and being home with us all of a sudden went prodigal.  She left home and went to live with a friend and their family who was not walking with the Lord.  It was so horribly painful, but the more I tried in the natural to get her home the more it seemed impossible.  I decided to take my seat of authority in Christ and activate heaven on my behalf of my daughter.  I decreed she would be back home that day.  I would say: “Today my daughter comes home in Jesus name.”  Even though it took weeks, I declared “DECREED” by faith and authority it would happen that day!  Then one night God did it! She came home! I realized that God had to bring the ‘perfect storm’ to bring her home one night.  Certain people and situations had to come into play all at once around her and BOOM she was calling her Daddy to come and get her and bring her home! It was God’s Kingdom aligning things that took a bit of time to bring my decree to pass.  So then my faith really grew!  I asked God to show me a ‘glimpse’ of my daughter’s future.  I asked for the Holy Spirit to come upon me and show me what He sees about my daughter’s future.  He showed me some ‘future pictures’ in my spirit.  That this is who she is and this is who she will be. These pictures were for me to receive by faith and speak by faith over her life.  Little by little I am seeing what were once ‘pictures’ shown to me in the spirit coming to pass in my daughter’s life.  Do I get upset because the FULL picture is not here yet?  NO!  I keep believing and speaking it.  I say, “God, this is what YOU showed me, so it will happen!” Don’t get discouraged even if you don’t see any of the prophetic word happening – even if the opposite is happening in the natural, stay firm on what God has said!  No matter how impossible it looks right now, no matter what bad choices other people are making in their lives – YOU are called to speak over their lives what God says for them!  If you don’t do it who will?





I want all that Christ died and rose for us to have!  How about you?  I want to SEE what HE sees!  I want to SPEAK from the RIGHT HAND of the Father and see Armies of Angels activated on my behalf!  So let’s do it!  This was all gifted to YOU!

So let’s get an understanding here just to be clear:

Prophecy are those glimpses that God has shown you that He has prepared for the future time.    It is our choice and free will to come into agreement with what God shows us for the future. You decide to agree with Him or not, and act out the steps in faith. The more you come into agreement, the more power comes behind it to accelerate it.

Decrees or declarations, are what you want to happen, what you want to see happen, the desires of your heart.  These are things that God has knitted into your heart to desire even before you were born!  God is waiting on you to realize these things and speak them boldly by faith.  A King knows what he wants, has confidence and boldness that it will be carried out.  God wants us to have that kind of boldness and confidence. He has Angels stationed around you ready to activate on these words spoken by YOU.  When you speak your decree and pair it with scripture, you are literally activating heavenly forces on your behalf.  The word of God is the will of God, the word in scripture in your mouth is a command of God’s word.  Angels are excitedly waiting for this to come out of your mouth.

 Psalm 103:20  “Bless the LORD, all His angels mighty in strength, who do His word, who hearken to the voice of His command. 21Bless the LORD, all His hosts, you servants who do His will.…

Jeremiah 1:11-12 KJV “Moreover the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Jeremiah, what seest thou? And I said, I see a rod of an almond tree. Then said the Lord unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it.”

I give prophetic words to many people, and many have come to pass – but for some they struggle with what has been spoken over them – let’s talk about that.  The “words” that a prophetic person prophesies over you are based on what they discern the Holy Spirit is showing them, glimpses of your life and future.  Sometimes I decree over a person and sometimes a prophecy comes forth – let’s discern the difference…..

If I have a student or an individual that is struggling with faith for what seems an impossible situation – during prayer over them I will say, “I have enough faith for both of us!  I DECREE and COMMAND ___________ in the name of Jesus!”  This is my bolder faith and authority that I am exercising over that person’s life.  It’s a command I did on their behalf in the name of Jesus! If that person was not able to do for themselves at that moment, my faith takes over – and I get into my seat of authority in Christ that they also have but are not quite ready to use it.  That’s a DECREE and I can command specific things in that decree!  I believe by faith for that person that Heaven was activated for them in that moment.  A decree is not a prophecy – God did not show me anything in the spirit.  It was done solely by my faith for that person.

The difference:

Now, a prophecy comes when I get under the anointing (the presence of the Holy Spirit) I will get a picture in my spirit, or hear a word in my spirit for that person that is coming from the presence of God who wants me, a prophetic intercessor to speak that word into that person at that moment in obedience. Sometimes it just comes on so strong and I cannot stop it, I have to speak it!  There is a supernatural power behind it!  I always say to that person, this is from the Holy Spirit and not me.   I do my best to be responsible as a representative of God’s Kingdom to let the person know whom I am speaking to – this is the Holy Spirit prophesying through me to them.  Almost always the other person will feel the presence of God on that word! I have had that happen so many times.  God wants to get a word to someone, He looks for obedient messengers to speak it.  Sometimes people are so wounded and blinded by the stuff happening in the natural that they struggle to receive from God’s messengers.  I have many stories where that has happened too – that breaks my heart, because as a prophetic person you give that word out of obedience, then you can’t help but want to see it come to fruition for them!  But they have to want it and believe it for themselves.

So what happens if someone else sees or hears something under the anointing from the Spirit of God and speaks it as a prophecy over your life?  These glimpses can be a picture or something God speaks through them, that the Holy Spirit prompts them to speak over you in obedience. They become God’s messenger to you. Do you want to receive the message or focus on the reasons why not?  God can speak through a donkey!  When He wants to get a message to you He will find an obedient vessel! Don’t beat up the messenger.  You can always check that person out, have they given words before? Have they come to pass? What is the fruit in their life, do they walk by faith? Have they produced fruit in other people’s lives?   Did God lead you to that person?  Did you pray for a divine appointment?  Did you pray for a word from God? Did you pray for a mentor?  Don’t ask for it, then scoff at it when God sends it.  Sometimes it might look like a donkey (not what you think it should be).  BUT God wants to get to you and He will send messengers that might not look like what you expected!  I mean who would have thought a gal like me who worked in NASCAR racing for over 30 years would be called now by God to have me speak His victorious purposes into people’s lives!  That’s our God!  He’s calling YOU to speak Victory too!

Again it is YOUR CHOICE to come into agreement with that word from that person/messenger or not.  You take this in prayer and if it confirms in your spirit, confirms with the word of God and you can ‘see it’ by faith then you take ahold of it for yourself.   Then you speak it in from that point by faith.  You ALWAYS take a word from another person to God yourself! 

The Holy Spirit will send divine appointments to you for a word that needs to be spoken over you to be released.  It’s up to you to discern this.  Ask God for the gift of discerning of Spirits to help you discern.  If it confirms with you and you take it to God’s word, then grab ahold of that word and take it for your own!  Remember, God’s word in the Bible is His will for your life.  Any word from anyone speaking into your life, or you speaking over your own must align with the word of God.

If another person who is prophetic and has stronger faith than you, they should pray and speak decrees over you through the authority they have in Christ.  They are speaking a command by faith what they want to see happen for you, this must be in the power of agreement from your faith as well – even if you use a tiny bit of faith – God will be faithful to these commands to be activated by His Kingdom forces!  Because of Jesus Christ, all of Heaven is working for us!  Ask God and He will send the right people into your life to do this for you while you are growing in your own faith!  We are all called to make intercession, someday you will be doing this for someone!

If during a period of time, if your ‘word’ is not coming to pass then go back to God with it. Remind God what He said, what He showed you!  A prophetic word is like a seed that has been planted and it must be watered and called forth to fruition.  Keep calling it forth!  Then you have a TESTIMONY to give God glory and encourage others!

I think about my students and how I decreed faithful commands over them. I did the decrees to encourage them and to intercede for them where they were not confident yet.   Sometimes the anointing would come in our classes or sessions and a prophetic word from the Holy Spirit would show us something specific.  I wanted to make sure that the other person felt the Holy Spirit on that too,  I encouraged them to seek God on each thing that was spoken, and I taught them how to decree, and how to get into the presence of the Holy Spirit.  However they all had free will whether they wanted to come into agreement with the decree or the prophecy.   I encouraged it, and I wanted to see good fruit in their lives.  But ultimately it is up to them to seek these words, take them to God and partner with the Holy Spirit themselves to see it to fulfillment.  Any responsible prophetic person that God leads you to or sends you to should tell you always to seek God yourself for confirmation.

Some students grew very powerfully and quickly and saw these words that were decreed or prophesied come to pass in their lives.  Some struggled more, I believe it all comes down to really BELIEVING it can and will happen. That it’s been spoken so it’s done and it will surely come.

Jesus even had this happen to Him and he dealt with unbelief.  Before He did many miracles, He asked the person if they believed He could do it. He wanted to make sure they had the faith to receive.  My friend, if someone speaks a word over you, whether it’s a decree by authority or a prophecy from the Holy Spirit – it’s not so much about believing the person that spoke it, it’s about believing GOD spoke it through them.  The messenger giving the prophetic word is only the quarterback.  Once it’s released to you, you now carry that ball.  You can carry it to the goal by faith.  God brings the army of protection and assistance around you to get you to the goal line!

The key here is we are ALL to Decree and Command over our lives by faith and authority.  We are all called to seek God to show us our future so we can Prophesy what we He shows us! We don’t have to wait for a prophet to come along and speak over us.  Jesus already gave each of us this authority, and sat us right next to the Father with Him – we have access and authority to ASK AND RECEIVE!

John 14:12-13 NIV  “Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.  And I will do whatever you ask in My name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.…


It’s time to take that seat of authority, come into agreement with what God has shown you prophetic glimpses of and speak it and see it by faith.



Combine the two DECREE AND PROPHESY and you have a powerful force of faith to call things forth at an accelerated rate!!


– Coach Annamarie


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Prophetic Time In History Prepare for Deliverance!

Prophetic Time In History Prepare for Deliverance!

I have a powerful word from the Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. He basically sat me down yesterday and gave me this urgent and important word for all of you and for the United States of America and I believe it’s going to flow over into all the nations.
This word for God’s people at this time now as we are about to enter into the Passover season today is the first day of the Hebrew calendar Nisan. This Passover is crucial, more that ever before since the Israelites in captivity in Egypt! In this word, the Lord has given us specific instructions to carry out before Passover on April 8th, 2020 for His people now. This is urgent and is for Christians not just Jews. Please watch the video and share! [full transcript of this word below]




Decree this over your situation and the person you are praying for to come out of bondage and yourself: “Father GOD, YOU are the Great and Mighty DELIVERER! Today is the day of __________ deliverance! In the name of Jesus I decree Your word in Exodus 13:3 over __________: This is the day to remember forever! Today is the day of __________ leaving Egypt and slavery; for the Lord has brought __________ out with mighty miracles.” PRAISE BE TO GOD!

UPDATE: Yesterday on my broadcast I released a prophetic word from the Lord. “Meet Me at the Shore, Meet Me at Your Door.” This is the beach He wants me to meet Him at to pray and take communion. This morning there was a beautiful sunrise that reflected a GOLDEN DOORWAY on the shore!! Can you see it? CONFIRMATION!! Here is a close up –












Transcribed from Annamarie Strawhand’s broadcast on the morning of 3/25/2020

I have a powerful word from the Lord from the Holy Spirit he basically took me

yesterday and gave me this word for all of you and it’s actually for the United

States of America and I believe it’s going to flow over into all the nations

and it’s for God’s people it’s a word or God’s people at this time now we are

about to enter into the Passover season today is the first day of the Hebrew

calendar Nisan the Hebrew month Nisan okay Nisan is the time of Passover

alright and also the time when our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified and

resurrected out of the tomb okay so it’s a it’s a very very powerful month it’s a

very very powerful month for the Lord I say I always tell everyone that’s you

know I’m coaching or mentoring I said if you want to get into alignment with God

and you want to get into alignment with God’s timing follow the Hebrew calendar

because that is God’s timing that is his alignment okay for his people which we

are as Christians we have been grafted in to the promises of Abraham to the

promises of the Hebrew people through the blood covenant of Jesus Christ okay

so this word is for God’s people and it’s very very powerful so Saturday

night I had a vision from the Lord the night before my th birthday and it

actually and it had past midnight and I was already on my th birthday and the

Lord began to speak to me he was giving me some downloads and I just heard him

audibly say and this is Jesus I heard Jesus voice now I know the Holy Spirit

when he speaks to me and he speaks to my spirit and when I hear Jesus it’s it’s

got a different tone to it it’s a very sweet and loving voice with me very tender

when he talks to me and so I know the difference when it’s

the Lord Jesus because of the time that I’ve spent with him in communion and so

just very briefly I just heard his voice as I was laying there and he said

Annamarie meet me at the shore he said it again Annamarie meet me at the shore 

and when he said it I wasn’t sure what he meant about

meeting him at the shore because I’ve been getting a lot of land assignments

you know telling me to go pray here go pray there take communion go pray at

this piece of land go pray pray in this town you know claim the land for the

Lord repent for the sins even going to certain people’s houses so I I have a

lot of what I call land assignments and and I’m gonna be teaching on those quite

a bit and so when he said that to me and he repeated it twice

I knew anytime hey Jesus Christ is the word right needs the Spirit of Truth so

anytime something is repeated twice if it’s repeated in the Bible twice if you

hear it twice in the spirit that’s emphasis of importance urgency so he’s

thinking oh my gosh Lord do you want me to meet you at the shore do you 

want me to do a land assignment there do you want me to go to the beach and do a land

assignment and pray you know because I’m thinking about all this stuff going on

the coronavirus I called the Chinese virus all this stuff that’s happening

right there we’re in basically our nation isn’t a shutdown right now

everybody is is you know schools have been closed businesses have been closed

people are in their homes and it’s like a season of Passover where God is you

know taking his people and saying go into your homes and basically sequester

yourself for a time right hide yourselves for a time well I deal with the wicked ones while I

deal with Egypt and so it’s amazing we’re coming into this season of

Passover so I kept thinking okay there must be an urgency to do this land

assignment and I felt in my spirit that it was sandbridge beach because

sandbridge beach is very close to me and that’s where the Lord speaks to me at

sandbridge beach a lot I go there a lot he speaks to me a lot and Sandbridge

beach is where the morning of President Donald J Trump’s inauguration as

president a bald eagle an American bald eagle landed on the beach and there’s a

man that goes out there every morning to take sunrise pictures he’s called

Sandbridge son brah sunrise you can follow him on face and so but most of my 

assignments that the Lord has called me to pray for he’s showed me Eagles as confirmation

American Eagles so I have been called up as an intercessor for America and many

of you have and I know many of you have been going by that Scripture if my

people shall humble themselves and pray write repent and pray I will hear from

heaven and I will heal their land and so we know that the blood of Christ right

speaks louder than the blood of Abel so it’s been important for us to go and

pray on the land repent for the sins of the land repent for the sins of the

people repent for the sins of the leaders of America and pour the

communion in the land take community for the land a type of Passover right the

blood of Jesus Christ is a Passover okay so where the blood is there’s life where

the blood of Jesus Christ is there is life and where the blood of Jesus Christ

is there that is the marked by the blood of the Lamb and at all pestilence and

death will pass over right because we know from Scripture when God told his

people the Israelites to go into their homes and put the blood of the lamb on

their doorposts right that the spirit of death would pass over them right the

pestilence and the spirit that would pass over them oops so I knew I had to

go take communion so I’m I’m already I’m telling you guys Monday okay I’m going

to go to go to Sandbridge Beach I’m gonna do a land assignment I’m gonna try

to film it from there I’m going to do my typical prayers that I pray you know do

my declarations take communion plates shofar all that stuff I’m thinking okay

Good but then my tummy gets upset and I’m stuck at home and I got a pretty much

fast most of the day and the Lord begins to download to me this is powerful 

okay so are you ready this is what the Lord set Annamarie meet me at the shore 

pray cleanse repent take communion this is what he said

renew your love for me on behalf of America and he was lamenting Jesus his heart

Amerika Amerika somehow you got lost between the two Shores

my shiny diamond became like a piece of coal she forgot her value

I was like Oh Lord his heart at Jesus heart and love for America it was like

he was crying out for his beautiful bride that’s how I felt in his heart I

could feel his heart and when he said somehow you got lost between your two

Shores and then I thought Lord you’re crying out for America you’re crying for

her and so as he led me through that I didn’t hear anything for a little while

and then he starts showing me this diamond and it’s going from black and then she’s

shiny like a black diamond and then to shiny and a black diamond and then to

shiny and then he says something about the singer Neil Diamond and then he says

America and Neil Diamond and you know that song by Neil Diamond I’m coming to

America I’m coming to America today some of you may not know that Neil Diamond is

actually Jewish he’s Hebrew and his grandmother as a little girl came from

Kiev on a ship all the way to America by herself as a little girl Wow right

little daughter little daughter of Zion a little Jewish girl right came to

America some saying Lord is this about America and then he said I am I said

and the words of the Neil Diamond song see the Lord speaks to me he speaks to

me through colors pictures songs he puts these things in my head to tell me what

he’s saying what his feelings are this is what the words of the Neil Diamond song 

says I am I set but nowadays I’m lost between two Shores

at least five minute ain’t mine new york’s home but it ain’t mine no more

i am i set to no one there ain’t no one heard it all not even the chair i am i cried i am said i


and when I heard those words the Lord said that is how I have been feeling for

the longest time towards America and I I went for her I he was telling me he felt

like he was trying to speak to America for the longest time but somehow she got

lost between the two Shores it was like even the chair wouldn’t listen to him

that none of the people would listen to him and he kept crying out I am I am I

the great I am and we know that Jesus Christ when he was in the Garden of Gethsemane

and he was about to go to the cross and he wept and he wept and he suffered and

he wept and he suffered it he went to the point where he was on the ground

sweating blood for all of us for all the nations for all the sins and he cried

and he wept for us and he knew he had to go willingly to the cross and then the

angels came and strengthened him and they they came to arrest Jesus 

soldiers because they knew his power and the Pharisees came along with Judas who

betrayed him with a kiss can you imagine how Jesus felt at that time

and they came up to him and they said are you Jesus Christ of Nazareth

and he said I am he and when he said I am that’s the name of God I am is the

name of God all  of those soldiers fell to the ground by the power of his

name go back and read it in the Bible all  of those Roman soldiers and the

Pharisees fell to the ground flat when Jesus said I am the power of his name

and so two scholars who go deeply into that Scripture they said there was a little boy that

had been because guess cemani if you go to Israel the guard I guess somebody is

right near a cemetery a Jewish cemetery and scholars said go back and in the

Bible it says that a boy ran from the garden a naked boy ran from the garden

well what happened was and I know many many scholars teach this Bible scholars

teach this that there was a little boy who had just died and was in the grave

and the power of Jesus words when he said I am rose that little boy from the

debt and he was just wrapped in you know like the grave clothes

what yeah go back to go back and read that so when I kept hearing I am I am

when he said that song to me and no one was hearing it all like for the longest

time America she was lost between two Shores she forgot her value

she forgot who she was and Jesus kept crying for her lamenting for her

interceding for her saying I am I am do you not hear me do you not see me

are you not mine anymore come back to me America come back to me

America and that’s what he was saying to me and finally the people heard the finally

the people woke up finally the people woke up and began to pray he was crying

out for his church he was crying out for his bride he was crying out for his

ekklesia between the two shores from sea to shining sea and I saw the Lord

you have interceded for America just like you did like you said you did for

Peter but when you said to Peter the devil is trying to sift you like wheat

Peter but I have prayed for you and that’s what you did for America you

prayed for us Jesus until we finally heard you and we began to stand up and

Pray and that I begin to feel the joy in his heart as he was speaking to me and he

was like yes he Annamarie yes Annamarie yes I said so Lord what are you saying

we’re coming upon Passover why are you telling me this right now

and he said Annamarie meet me at the shore for the joy is here the joy the

joy meet you at the shore for the joy is here ok so you want me to go and pray

and do the things I usually do but now you’re telling me the joy is

here and he said now go back to Neil Diamond song I’m coming to America go

back to that song I say okay Lord so I went back to that song and I listened to

it again a Jewish man singing about the joy of his mother a daughter a daughter Zion

coming to America the joy of this country and I said Lord you’re coming to America

aren’t you he said yes he said I need you to go to prepare and equip my people

they’re hearing me they’ve been crying out to me every day

my they’ve been hearing my prayers to them they’ve been coming into agreement

with my intercession like he said even the chairs the rocks the stones

everything in America is crying out for me now and I hear them

he said I’ll go to the shore and he said stand in the gap for America

and welcome me back and tell me how much you love me and how

much you want me back in your country I said Lord I will do it I will do it so

wherever you’re sure is my friends it is time to meet Jesus back again and I said

Lord so there is a strategy to this you want me to prepare the people he said

yes I said okay so we are to pray cleanse repent take communion and renew

your love for you on behalf of America so this is the strategy 

meet me at the shore meet me at your door this is what it’s called meet me at

the shore meet me at the door for Jesus now the shore is type of a gateway it’s

a type of a door okay so this is what this word is called

and meet me at the shore meet me at your door

okay now the Lord wants me to equip you

all to prepare for this get yourselves into position for this because there’s

going to be a shaking during right around Passover Passover is coming up

right now it starts what does Passover start at my friend’s 

Passover  starts April th and goes until okay so Passover season I’m sorry

Wednesday April th so Wednesday April th Passover begins so we need to go

ahead and get prepared to do this before April th all right now the Lord gave me

an urgency on this he wants everyone to do this before April th okay

meet me at the shore meet me at your door okay and what he wants us to all do

is take communion at our front doors okay wherever our front door is even if

you live in an apartment a house you know maybe you’re in a motor home right

now it doesn’t matter he said meet me at your front door meet me at your Shore

meet me at your front door maybe some of you might want to gather some

intercessors go to the gates of your city okay meet me at the shore meet me

at the door what he wants us to do is is pray repent again ask for grace mercy

and forgiveness and take communion all right yeah he said then take an extra

cup of Communion okay and pour some of it in the ground

in front of your door and then take the rest of it and you know you can dip your

fingers some of you if you have if you the Bible says they used a little

paintbrush of hyssop I don’t know if anybody has any hyssop it I just use my

fingers my hands or side cleanse my hands before I write and what we’re

going to do is you’re going to put the communion of course after it’s blessed

and everything over your doorpost okay across the top and down both sides okay

you’re gonna mark your shore your gateway your door that your

household your city right and in my case I’m marking the country belongs to Jesus

Christ meet me at the shore meet me at the door because I’m not trying to scare anybody

but he’s giving me some urgency on this and he’s saying I want my people to do

this it’s very important that they take communion that they pour it in the land

and cleanse the land and take part of the Communion and put it over their

Doorposts or Passover and dedicate their homes to me to Jesus Christ of Nazareth Yeshua

HaMashiach okay because something huge is gonna happen I don’t know what it is

he’s not shown me but he said there is there there was a a wave the wicked ones have

 I’m not trust scare anybody but he showed me some things

maybe some of you have seen this okay it doesn’t take a prophet to see this okay

that there’s there’s deep wickedness that has been trying to it’s it’s

literally a spirit of death of pestilence that is trying to come

against God’s people in the United States of America and all the nations

okay it’s a very very evil spirit it’s it’s the same spirit similarly that have

been operating against God’s people when they were in Egypt a spirit of slavery

and so they were told God would deal with the wicked ones and they were told

to go into their homes pray and put the blood the Lambs blood right but we have

the lambs blood now we have the blood of Jesus Christ okay

now what I’m gonna do Friday we’re gonna have our our prayer appraised report and

prayer requests on Friday and I’m going to do a special video on Friday March

th  and I’m gonna do a special video up my front door I’m gonna 

have my daughters shoot the video I’m not gonna do it live because

I don’t want to lose the signal this is too important and so Friday afternoon 

I’m gonna shoot a video after our prayer time now we’re gonna go

ahead and take communion like we always do on Friday together and I want you to

save some of your communion from Friday after we take it together okay and then

I’m gonna do a special separate video we’re gonna pray together you know and

then you go to your front door and we’re going to apply the blood to

your front door okay now this is not a religious ritual this is a prophetic act of faith the

Lord told me to tell you to do this I’m just gonna be flat-out tell you that

he told me to tell you all to do this meet me at your front door he said filled my 

whole egos so strong okay so we’re gonna take communion 

Friday and we’re going to save some of it we’re gonna pour some of it in your

land as we pray right I’ll lead you through the prayer alright and then I’m

gonna teach you what to say what scriptures to declare okay I’ll have

everything ready for you the Lord said equip my people to do this

it’s important this Passover is very important very important that we do this

in faith meet me at the shore and meet me at the door so we’re gonna do that

okay so I want you all to be prepared make sure that you’ve got grape juice on

hand now you’ve got time to go to the store and get some grape juice I use a

khadeem because it’s from Israel okay this is available at Walmart Walmart

every Walmart in the international food section the Kadeem grape juice is available at

Walmart however the Lord will honor any grape juice you use if because it’s the

prayer that we pray over it when we take communion together we’re going to take

partake of the bread okay and I’m even going to have you give the lands

communion with the bread and we’re going to put a piece of the bread in the

ground okay so that your homes will be blessed I use yahuda matzah right these

this this is Passover kosher bread this is available at every Walmart and the

international food section of course you can use a regular piece of bread if you

want but I like this because it’s from Israel I feel like this is you know a

very special thing okay now as the Lord continued with the instruction of what

he wanted me to give you all right he said to me if anybody has been called to

pray for their city their state their region or they’ve been told to go

somewhere and pray it is imperative that they do this before Passover that’s what

he said to me because something big is about to go down with the wicked once

and God is gonna be looking for the blood of Jesus Christ on thanks

just like the blood of the lamb to Passover now if you’re worried about

your family members you know like oh you know that what if they don’t have the

faith to put this on their houses what if they don’t have the faith to put 

either share this video with them all right go over their house and do it or do it

in the spirit by faith say in the name of Jesus because the Bible says you and

your household shall be saved so if your children live far away from you maybe

they don’t have faith okay the faith that you do just do it of the Spirit say

Lord I also apply this to the spirit you know keep the blood on your fingertips

and say father in the name of Jesus in the spirit I also apply the blood of

Jesus Christ to such-and-such address where my son or my daughter my mother my

father live today what the Lord will honor that in the spirit because there’s no time and

space in the spirit okay the Lord said to me anamarie meet me out the shore

meet me at the door it’s imperative that if people have been called to pray over

the land to get their assignments done before Passover which is Wednesday April

8th so we’ve got about a week come on Saints we got to stop

procrastinating we are in a crucial time in our history okay

thank you Jesus thank you Lord okay so and then Friday after we take communion

make sure you have all your supplies I’m going to do a separate video that I’m

going to record and teach you how to do this over your houses and also teach you

how to speak in the spirit over your loved ones houses and get them covered

in the blood of Jesus Christ because His blood is alive and it speaks

that’s what the Bible says the blood of the Lamb – Jesus speaks out louder 

than that of the blood of Abel the blood of Jesus Christ

okay so let me get the rest of the word here so here’s the word: 

“Annamarie meet me at the shore, meet me at your door”

pray cleanse repent take communion

renew your love for me on behalf of America and your household

somehow America got lost between the two Shores

 she forgot her value 

but the Lord says he cried out for us

 when he said that to me I could help start to cry because I

thought about him I thought about his heart I felt his heart and I only did it

for America he cried out for all his people his entire church his entire

ecclesia ecclesia all the nations but you see America specifically because she

was chosen to take the gospel to all the ends of the earth for the great harvest

of souls for Jesus reward you see those who our heirs of salvation

are the reward of Jesus Christ for him dying on the cross

Church we can’t sit on the pews anymore we got to get out and well this is the

time we’ve got a week and the Lord said to me and this is urgent

this is an urgent time and he said tell everybody to do this before Passover now

if you need more instruction you need more help you’re not sure how to do this

join my PowerUp group it’s free on Facebook I’m gonna be going in there I’m

gonna be doing question and answering it’s an extension of what we do here

okay if you don’t know how to join my PowerUp group on Facebook I encourage

you to go to my Facebook page Annamarie Strawhand life in the faith lane go to community 

all right so let’s finish up this word the Lord said to me anamarie equip my

people teach them how to pray repent for the land teach them how to take

communion in the land teach them how to meet me at the shore meet me at their

door alright and give them the strategy so here is the strategy my friends ok if

 so here it is this is what the Lord said

my sons and daughters meet me at your front door

pray repent take communion cleanse the land

repent for the sins of your family

repent for your sins 

repent for the sins of your land 

repent for the sins of your city and state

repent right going all the way back to Adam and Eve and ask for grace mercy

and forgiveness take communion pour some of the communion on the land front of

you if you have an apartment building or whatever okay we’re going to we’re going

to put the communion on the door anyway if you can go out to where the nearest

piece of soil is near your apartment complex or whatever get the communion in

the ground there 

okay that he said renew your love for me on behalf of yours 

yourself your household and America

renew your love for me on behalf of yourself your household in America this

is for Jesus Christ

okay and then apply the passover (communion juice) blood on the doorposts of your house and

proclaimed at your household and your home and your land belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ

that the blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ covering your household over your

doorway okay now I’m going to do a separate teaching on this I will have a

special video so please stay tuned here to my youtube channel my facebook page

okay all right

if you come for communion on Friday we’re gonna save some of your communion

but if you don’t it’s okay because in my separate video I’ll teach you how to

bless the communion before you pour it in the ground and before you put it on

your doorpost alright so that is the word of the Lord of Hosts our King of

glory he’s coming to America

behold and then this is what he said to me he said Annamarie he said after every

this is all done after people take communion and get it on the doorposts he

said tell them to be faithful there will be a little bit of a shaking he said

because the enemy is very angry like Pharaoh all right

because Pharaoh wanted to keep his slaves because the enemy wanted to keep

us in slavery but Jesus said I have redeemed you I

have redeemed you Jesus said and he said another reason I’m telling everybody to

meet me at the shore and meet me at the door he said because deliverance is here for

my people and he said to me just like my people went to the edge of the Red Sea

I parted the waters for them he said this is the hour of deliverance right

after Passover he said you will see the deliverance of my people you will see

the deliverance of nations you will see the deliverance of cities of governments

he said you will see the deliverance of individuals of household

Prodigals are  gonna come home he said it’s gonna be unprecedented

Literally he said deliverance is coming after Passover and he said he wants his

faithful ones to put their toes on the edge of the water to come to the edge of

the water he is spiritually spiritually to come to the edge of the water to come

to the edge of the Red Sea and he says watch what I do this is a time of

deliverance and I said Lord that’s right you had your people go right to the edge

of the Red Sea and then you had your leader commanded

to part because we have the authority in our voice don’t we Lord he said yes he

said tell my people to use their authority and decree that the

deliverance is here


he said my people have cried out that verse if my people would humble

themselves or pray and repent I will hear from heaven I will heal their land

he said well now I’m doing it it’s happening the father is doing it Jesus

says I’m coming to America the hour of deliverance is here but we have to call

out we have to speak it and say the deliverance of the Lord is here and he

gave me a scripture let’s pull this up now he said this is a spiritual Shore

this is a spiritual front door you see and God did it twice he did it at the

Red Sea but they had to go faithfully to the edge of the sea

right and Moses had a command with his authority and then when they got to the

River Jordan they said the priests had to put their toes in the water of the Jordan and

Faith and when they did that when the priest put their toes in the water carrying the

Ark of the Covenant the presence of God and Joshua gave them the command the

waters of the Jordan it said they’d heaped back it rolled back all the way

to the city of Adam that’s that’s right that’s deliverance that’s that’s our sin

rolling back all the way to Adam and Eve right there so we’ve got to put our

right now we got to put our toes on the edge of the water we can’t look back

friends we can’t look back we’ve got to put our toes on the edge of the water

we got a decree that the day of our deliverance is here that we are crossing

the Red Sea that we are crossing the Jordan it is here

and we are all kings and priests we are all prophets we all have this authority

so here is the word of the Lord Exodus today is the day of deliverance and the

name of Jesus we decree Exodus over our households our families our

ministries our land our nations this is the day to remember forever today is the

day of my household my family leaving Egypt in slavery today is the day of

deliverance for the Lord God has brought us out with mighty miracles so let’s

pull up Exodus  


I think it’s kind of interesting that the Lord would bring me back to that

scripture because I’ve been using it in proclaiming it for quite a time

but when he said meet me at the shore and he kept saying it again

and again and again and he brought me back to that I said Lord oh when you brought your 

people to the edge of the water what came next what came next


the Lord is delivering his people out of all this darkness

and what happened when they crossed the Red Sea their enemies were drowned behind them

this is a time my friends we’ve got to take this very seriously what a time to be alive

what a time

okay I want to make sure everybody has this word everybody has this information and

that nobody misses out on this you share this with your friends and family this

is a very very powerful word of the lord

and it’s it’s urgent it’s urgent you know I’m but I’m putting a big red

 for all of you and and I’m not telling you to scare you but to prepare

you we’ve got to position ourselves Saints the time of deliverance is here

we are being delivered out of the hand of the devil and set apart for the plans 

and purposes of Almighty God through the blood of Jesus Christ and

our nation is being delivered our cities

are being delivered our children are being delivered 


because she’s because we got lost like Jesus said you got lost between two

Shores and it’s pretty amazing that when he said that how I felt his heart

because I thought this is the way a lot of people have felt a lot of people have

felt like where are you God where are you Jesus where are you well

he was saying it to us where are you


and I just felt the heart of the Lord so my friends that is a powerful word of the Lord for

all of you today I hope you all join me for communion on Friday go make sure

that you’ve got your supplies you will save some in your glass to take

communion at your front door and on your land and I’m going to do a separate

video teaching you how to do that what to say what to pray I’ll have scriptures

make sure you are ready to do this ok and if the Lord has given you any

assignments to pray on any land any other places get these done before

Passover ok and don’t panic your families but just share this video with

them if you can all right and then the email that I sent out you can share that

with them as well all right listen I’m not a gloom and Jim prophet I do not do

that I only share what he says and if he tells me to say it I have to be obedient

to say it you see by faith and I want to tell you all something fear is not from

God if you’re listening to those fearful prophets shut them off

fear is not from God Redemption and deliverances from God

we have the blood of Jesus Christ we have our savior yahshua

God always has a redemptive plan for his people always it’s the wicked that are

gonna be judged we have the grace of the blood of Jesus Christ see but we have to

activate it we have to come into agreement with it we have to be obedient

with it and we have to enforce it against the enemy

come on church come on Saints it’s time oh yeah your kingdom come your will be

done your kingdom is coming right now you are here Jesus you are right at our

Shores you are right at our doors and you are

giving us instruction you are giving us strategy come in King of glory

Hallelujah yes share the Prince of Peace

like this you share you decree over your situation my friends I am just overwhelmed at the word 

of the Lord I’m glad I waited to go to the beach and

didn’t just go there and pray like I normally did that this was something

much more than I got the rest of the instruction and what he wanted me to

decree and declare and renew our love for him on behalf of America right and

invite him back in and back into our shores back into our doors and 

Wow amazing amazing thank you Jesus isn’t he wonderful

Lord you are so wonderful

Jesus we thank you thank you for crying out first Jesus thank you for not

forgetting us even though there were those who were not hearing you and you

were crying out for us there were so many at the church your bride

your ekklesia you you felt like she had abandoned you but we heard your cry

because you never gave up on us Jesus thank you Lord for never giving up on us

you never left us you’d never forsake us like you promised

thank you Jesus

and you kept interceding for us like you did for Peter

and finally your bride awakened – Talitha koume

your daughter of Zion awakened in America and awakened

in the nation’s you had to send a wrecking ball you had to send things to

shake us awake but you awoke us just like you did Jarius his daughter

and you are giving us something to eat just like Jarius daughter you are

bringing the blessings you are bringing the camels you are bringing provision

and you are at our shores you are here Jesus and we renew our love for you lord

and the blood your blood Jesus is speaking from the land it’s going to be

applied to our doors or households our families

and we have grace and mercy because of your shed blood Jesus thank you Lord

your blood is speaking for us you have spoke for us your prayers before the

Father your blood before the Father and the courts of heaven has spoke on behalf

of America on behalf of her people on behalf of the nation’s thank you Jesus

for your intercession and so now it’s time now is the time meet you at the shore

meet you at the door oh how we love you lord

we say welcome Lord Jesus back into our homes back into our country back into

our shores profess our love for you  it’s the time of great and mighty miracles this is

time of deliverance behold the Lord Jesus comes and we comes with the camels

he comes loaded down with blessings miracles signs and wonders that he’s

providing for his church his bride is ecclesia so we can do what we need to do

in this chai for the great harvest we’re building barns we’re building home

Churches oh the glory of the Lord is here Lord Jesus we are so excited we will carry

out this strategy in obedience like you have told us to do thank you Jesus for

telling me this thank you Lord and I know everyone here is excited to do it

because they all love you rather I asked for you to take this video and multiply it 

and get it into as many people’s hands as you can so they can hear this instruction 

in Jesus name thank you for this message Lord and we

praise you today and give you all the glory and help us make the special video

that we need to make on Friday Lord as we prepare as we position prepare get

our supplies everything we need to do we gather our families together and we pray

we apply the blood to our doorpost to our lands we proclaim who we belong to

Jesus Christ and we welcome you in this is the time of great and mighty

miracles this is a time of great deliverance of God’s people this is the

time that the Lord is delivering us out of Egypt and out of slavery again

for you Jesus your blood your finished work on the

cross we need to continually enforce it which we are doing

you Jesus for by the blood of the lamb the blood

of the Lord Jesus Christ we have been redeemed out of the hand of the devil

out of Egypt out of slavery for the Lord God has delivered us with great and

mighty miracles and through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ we have been

redeemed out of the hand of the devil and set apart for the plans and purposes

of Almighty God great revival great Refs restitution

great restoration resurrection time is here and the glory of the Lord is upon

us thank you Jesus thank you Lord


share this up this is a powerful word of the Lord

this is to get the Saints equipped he’s giving us a special assignment this is

so beautiful

sometimes when the Lord gives you an assignment it’s time to sit it’s good to

sit down and pray and say Lord is there more to this assignment because a lot of

times he’ll just give you one piece of it and then he’ll give you more over a

matter of days and that’s why you’ve got to write things down you’ve got to ask

you’ve got to get confirmation because you know sometimes with Jesus it’s like

wait there’s more wait there’s more thank you lord you know and cuz he wants

to make sure that you carry everything out in obedience and I know you want to

I know you want to carry everything out in obedience and you know it’s important

my friends that as we each hear the Lord and what he’s calling us to do you see

because we all have a spirit of prophecy through the Lord Jesus Christ the spirit

of prophecy is Jesus Christ the Spirit of Truth is Jesus Christ the word is

Jesus Christ so I encourage you all to seek him out in the next two days about

this this word that I’m giving you maybe he has something special he wants

you to do at your house or on your region or at your land


seek him out my friends it’s very important we are in a great time you see God does

things according to his calendar and we’ve been getting prophetic

warnings we’ve been getting the blood moons words have been coming to pass

it’s been amazing it’s just amazing what the Lord is doing

and so you know what’s so exciting we get this done by Passover and then we

have the day of the crucifixion then we have the resurrection day right

and what happens fifty days after that outpouring of the Holy Ghost Pentecost

the outpouring of the Holy Ghost I’m telling you this is all happening this

is all happening when God said I will pour out my flesh upon all people I

believe it’s this year more and more people are getting

prophetic words and it’s they’re all starting to come into alignment and when

people say they you know when I give a prophetic word on here I have so many

people say look that’s what the Lord told me that’s what I’m hearing from the

Lord that’s what I’m hearing from the lord  that’s what I’m hearing from the

Lord it’s no it’s no coincidence he is speaking to his people he’s speaking to

his ecclesia he’s pouring out his spirit on all flesh

so get out of the frequency of the demonic that’s that spews fear

Exodus and Moses said unto the people remember this day in which he

came out of Egypt out of the house of bondage

for by the strength of hand the Lord brought you out from this place there

shall be no leavened bread be eaten that’s why for communion if you can go

and get the matzah they have it at Walmart everybody has a Walmart near

them you can even order it online and get it shipped to you quickly if you can

get the grape juice from Israel okay I’m not saying you have to but I would say I

believe it’s important that we are is obedient as we can possibly be to the

Word of God