Transcription of the word the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which was delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on May 17, 2021.

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Annamarie Strawhand: “Okay, so got something really cool to share with you all. This is so amazing. Now, y’all know I’ve been talking about this little horse—this little thoroughbred racehorse named Medina Spirit. I put out a word a couple of weeks ago right after the Kentucky Derby that the Lord was speaking to me through this horse, Medina Spirit. And right after the Kentucky Derby … 

I love horses. We have a horse, Pongo. I’ve always been, always been a girl about horses. I love the Kentucky Derby. I actually had some thoroughbred horses. I used to ride hunter jumpers back when I was a teenager. Uh, I used to help a horse rescue up here. They rescued, uh, racehorses, uh, that were retired and things like that. So, I’m really into this. And the Lord speaks to me through these racehorses. 

Now, several months ago, we had a word of the Lord. Now, if you want to go back and listen to all of my prophetic words, I have a playlist on my YouTube channel and a playlist on my Facebook page that says “Prophetic Words of Annamarie Strawhand.” It’s all in order by date.


 Well, a few months ago, we had a word from the Lord that says, “The Joy is coming.” That we shall have joy. Well, I kind of tucked that word away. I, I didn’t think anything of it. 

Well, um, Medina Spirit—the little racehorse—we know we had a word about him right after the Kentucky Derby. (See Annamarie’s 2021 Kentucky Derby Prophetic word first given about Medina Spirit here.) He was a little unknown racehorse. Just, they bought him for a thousand dollars. He got an opportunity to go to the best stable, the best trainer. He was trained, and he, uh, and he went out and be, and became a winner at the Kentucky Derby—the greatest race, the greatest horse race—and he dominated the race. And not only did he dominate the race, but it was, it was just a total upset. You know, he, he came from behind and dominated the race. 

Well, the Lord gave me a word about Medina Spirit. As soon as that horse won. The Lord said to me, “Esther, Esther.” And you know we’ve been talking about Esther. We know that it’s been prophesied that, that we will be in a time of Esther, uh, between President Trump’s two terms, and that we are to say yes to Esther, yes to Esther, yes to Esther during this time. We also had a Esther word that there will be a divine reversal with the election, okay, you know, a divine reversal with the, the election fraud, in other words. We know that President Trump won, but there’s going to be a divine reversal of exposure, right, exposure of the cheating, and the election fraud will be reversed back on those who did it. Okay? In other words, Haman will hang on his own gallows. 

So, I’m watching this horse, Medina Spirit. The Lord says to me, “Esther.” You can go back and watch the word that, that I got. And the Lord said to me, “Take the name Medina and look it up in the Hebrew Bible.” So, I took the word Medina. I looked it up in the Hebrew Bible, and it’s only in one place in the Hebrew Bible, one place in the entire Bible, even in the English translations. Esther Chapter Eight verse 17—the word Medina only shows up one time in the whole word of God. Esther, the book of Esther Chapter 8:17. 

Now, if you read Esther Chapter Eight verse 17, it’s a verse about joy. Joy. We’re talking about joy today. So, let’s just, let’s, let’s just recap real quick Esther 8:17. So the Lord said he was speaking through that little horse, Medina, and he was saying, “I’m giving you a word about Esther. That you are in a season of Esther right now, and this is what I’m speaking through this horse.” And he showed me Esther 8:17. That’s the only place that the word Medina … Medina is an ancient Hebrew word. It, it’s a word before the Arabs had it. It’s a word before the Muslims had it. It’s a word that God had first. It’s a ancient Hebrew word, so we have to go the root. 

We have to go to God’s word to confirm what he’s saying. Esther 8:17 “And in every province, and in every city whithersoever the king’s commandment and his decree came, and the Jews had joy”—there’s that word joy—”and gladness, a feast, and a good day.” Today is a great feast day. This is a double feast day, right? This is Shavuot when, when, when, uh, God gave Moses the word, the, the first books of the Bible, and this is Pentecost when the disciples of Jesus Christ received the Holy Ghost in the upper room. Oh, my goodness, what a great day this is, and today is a good day because we are speaking joy. 

This is the word of God for you. Today is a day of joy. Esther 8:17 “And in every province, and in every city whithersoever the king’s commandment and his decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast, and a good day, and many of the people of the land became Jews for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.” 

Esther 8:17 is all about the joy of the Lord coming upon his people, because why? Because God did a victory for them. God did a divine reversal that what all that the enemy meant for evil against his people were turned to good for his people, and it says in every province and in every city. 

Now, that’s where the word Medina comes in. If you look that up in the Hebrew, the word province and city, the word Medina is used. It’s a Hebrew word which means sovereign city, sovereign state, sovereign, right? It’s the people that are in charge—the people, right, under God. It’s just, it means sovereign city or sovereign state.  

My friends, what are we seeing happening? We are seeing the states in America take their sovereignty. I just saw, uh, uh, Ron DeSantis, who is an amazing governor, and he said, “It’s time for the states to take their sovereignty back.” Israel taking her sovereignty back. The states of the United States of America and America taking her sovereignty back—of the people, by the people, one nation under God, getting out from under these, these, uh, oligarchs and these elites and the, these cabal and all of these evil, demonic, controlling, antichrist systems. We’re getting out from under it, and we’re gonna have joy and feasting and, and this is what God is talking about. 

Somebody said to me, “Well, isn’t Medina a name of a city in Arabia?” Listen, my friends, I go to God’s word when he gives me a word. I don’t go and look at Arabia. I go to his word to confirm his word, and the word Medina is a Hebrew word. Hebrew is God’s language. God had the word Medina before the Arabs, and did you know, did you know that the Hebrew Aramaic language is the base of the, the Arab language, you see? God’s language first. God’s people first. Medina was first in Esther before it was in Arabia. And do you know what the word Medina … Medina just has a meaning. It just, it means sovereign city. That’s what it means. And God’s saying it’s his sovereign people, his sovereign city, and there is joy coming. It’s a good word. It’s a happy word. It’s a word of hope and expectation from our Father God. We are in a Esther season. 

Okay, so that was the first part of the word, Medina. Then, this poor little horse, Medina, the enemy comes at him. Enemy comes at him and starts accusing him. So what happens when the joy of the Lord is, is starting to go forth, right? The, the, the, the, the people are, are starting to, to get joy, right. The people are starting to get in the flow of the joy, right. Here comes the accuser, the accuser. Who did Jesus say the accuser was in the book of Revelation? The devil, the devil. Jesus says the accuser stands in the courts of heaven night and day, day and night trying to accuse the brethren, the people of God. 

Esther had to go boldly to the courts, to the court of the king with her petition, right. What are we doing right now? We’re going boldly to the throne of grace with our petition to God, right, for our nation praying for Israel, right. And who’s always … Haman, Haman, the devil, evil, right, he’s always trying to accuse. [sound effect], right. 

So, what happens? The accuser jumps in there, and tries to accuse this horse, Medina Spirit, that’s trying to bring a good message from the Lord, that’s trying to bring a Esther word to the people of joy is coming, uh, happiness is coming. All right. The only time the word Medina shows up in the Bible is Esther when there was joy and, and, and celebration, and here comes the accuser trying to accuse that little horse of being on steroids. 

And I, what did I say to you? Some of you … I had people telling me to retract my word. “You need to retract your word. You need…” I’m like, “NO! God told me that that horse, Medina Spirit, is a Esther 8:17 word, and it’s a good word, and it’s a happy word, and it’s a word of hope. And God is speaking hope to us, and I will not retract that word. I stand on what God says. Now, keep watching this horse. God is speaking. There’s more. God is speaking from this horse.”

 So, I stood my ground. I stood my ground, and I did not retract that word. I said, “God you said Esther 8:17, and I am not budging.” So, they find out that the horse really didn’t have steroids; that it was some antifungal cream that they put on the horse that mimicked the steroids. 

Now, we have horses. I know all about horses, and if they spend any time out in the pasture or they get any rain on them or they get sweaty, uh, and they’re not rinsed off really good and cleaned up really good, sometimes this little fungal stuff will get on their hind, like on their, over their rump, you know, and it gets real itchy. So, sometimes you have to put this cream on there. Now, our horse, Pongo, he’s never gotten it. He’s never gotten it, so that’s good. Uh, they call it sweet itch. They call it sweet itch on horses, and, so you have to put a little bit of a antifungal cream on it to heal it up. So, they were doing that. I mean, the horse was gonna run in the Kentucky Derby. He had to look his best. You don’t want him to have a rash on his butt; you know he’s running the Kentucky Derby. So, they found out that the horse really didn’t have any illegal drugs in him—Medina Spirit. See? It was just from this cream they put on his butt, so they allowed him to run the Preakness. 

And I’ll tell you what; y’all watch the Preakness. This Medina Spirit, he ran his little heart out. He ran his little heart out. He led that whole race. He led that whole race, and he was going. Boy, I’ll tell you what, and I [inaudible]. I was cheering for Medina Spirit. 

Well, come to find out, these two other horses came up beside him, right, and they were running, and they just nudged ahead for the first, second, and third finish. So, it, it, it, it came like this—first place, um, uh, so, okay, so let me go back. Uh, let me get the exact finish, okay? So, y’all ready? Okay. All right, so here we go. Okay, so they finished like this: Rombauer (R O M B A U E R) won the race, so Rombauer was first. And second was, uh, Mid, his name was, uh, Midnight Bourbon, and third was Medina Spirit. Okay? 

So, I said, “Okay, Lord, I’m, I’m putting this before you, and I ask you to show me what you’re still speaking through this little horse, Medina Spirit, and through this Preakness, uh, race.” Because I knew the Lord was still speaking, so I waited. I, I just gave it to the Lord. I asked him to speak to me. 

Well, someone who follows me on YouTube messages me. And I did a screenshot, and I shared it with you. Uh, Cory Keplinger messages me and says, “Annamarie, this is no joke. I just got done watching the, the Preakness Stakes. Medina Spirit finished third, but the official order of the finish was six, six, five, three. I felt led by the Holy Spirit to look in my Bible on page 653, and I kid you not, the very la, last verse on that page is Esther 8:17.”

Come on, God!! You see, when the Holy Spirit starts to flow in a ministry, when the Holy Spirit starts to flow, when the word of the Lord has gone out in faith, right, watch what the Holy Spirit does. He starts to bring people in alignment with the word. He starts to speak, right, to, to all of you to bring his confirmation. 

He is giving us hope, my friends. He is showing us joy is coming. So, when Cory Keplinger said that to me, looked in, in her Bible—I don’t know if Cory is a girl or boy, but I think it’s a girl—on page 653, that [inaudible], so, again, the word of God is confirmed. 

See, this is how you know it’s a true prophetic word. Is there a witness to it? Two or more witnesses to it, right, come forth, and it confirms in the word of God. It confirms in the word of God. So, again, God confirmed it in his word again—Esther 8:17. We are in a Esther season. Get ready. The joy of the Lord is coming. Celebration is coming. God is making good on his promises to us. He has heard our bold prayers. The accuser will not prevail. Come on!! And God confirmed his word in Esther 8:17. Come on! 

So, the Lord says to me, Holy Spirit says to me again, “I want you to take those numbers—six, five, three—and add them together in Hebrew gematria. 

Now, listen. Hebrew gematria is not numerology. Numerology is of the enemy. Hebrew gematria is of the Lord. Our God is a mathematical God. The Hebrew alphabet is a alpha-numeric alphabet. The letters mean numbers. And this is not anything that is evil. It is how God speaks to us. The Holy Spirit speaks to us through numbers very powerfully. 

So, the Lord says to me, “Add up the numbers 6+5+3.” So, I add up the numbers six, five, three. They come up to the number 14. Listen to me; this is amazing. Biblically, the number 14 represents generational promises of God and the genealogy of Jesus Christ. It always has to point to Jesus. That’s when you know a prophetic word is true. Ultimately, it points to Jesus Christ because everything in the Bible points to Jesus Christ. The spirit of prophecy is Jesus Christ, my friends. Love you, Lord. 

So, Hebrew gematria—6+5+3=14. That’s how the finish was. Biblically, the number 14 represents the generational promises of God and the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Let’s go to Matthew 1:17 … and Jacob, father of Joe, of Joseph, the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus who was called Christ. Okay, here we go, Matthew 1:17 “In all then were 14 generations from Abraham to David. Fourteen generations from David to the exile of Babylon and 14 from the exile to Christ.” 

This is how the word of Jesus Christ came about. I love the book of Matthew because he’s so meticulous with the genealogy and the numbers, and 14 … I told you God said to me, “Watch this horse, Medina Spirit. I’m gonna be speaking through everything he does.” Keep watching him. He told me not to retract my word, to keep watching. 

So first God is speaking to us about Esther. Esther going to the throne of grace and the king’s favor coming upon Esther is a picture of us with Jesus Christ. Again, Medina Spirit finishes third. On the third day, redemption. Medina Spirit got to race again in the Pre, Preakness, and guess what? All the accusations were taken away from Medina Spirit just like they’re taken away from us. Come on. This is a word of joy and promise, and what is God’s greatest promise? Jesus Christ, again, and 14 is generational promises. 

What did I tell you about President Trump’s lineage? President Trump is of the tribe of Judah. I, we, I, I’ve showed you all the proof for that. I’ve showed you the research. And God said the scepter shall never depart from Judah, from the bloodline of Judah. 

This is the time we are in, my friends, great and glorious times. All of God’s generational promises are coming forth for his people. He has not forgotten us. We are having a time of great, great celebration. Get ready. 

Okay, so, guess what? I decide, “Lord, is there more to this word?” I said, “Talk to me more, Holy Spirit. Speak to me more. Speak to me more, Holy Spirit.” Okay, you see, you, you, you know not because you ask not. It is the glory of kings … the Bible says it is the glory of kings to search out a matter, and we are all kings and priests. And I, I am to speak these things out to give you the message from the Lord, and the message is all about joy, celebration. Blessings are coming. God’s generational promises are coming forth for us. This is a message of hope from our Father God. Will he speak through a horse, a racehorse? Absolutely. Absolutely. God can speak through anything. We just have to be awake. 

All right, so listen to this. This is so good. This is so good. There’s more. Wait, there’s more! Wait, there’s more! This is so good. Y’all are gonna be like jumping up and down with joy. Okay, so we know we’ve got Medina, means sovereign city and state—Israel taking back her sovereignty, not allowing the evil Hamas, Haman, Hamas, Haman, come on. Israel shall prevail. There shall be joy and celebration. America, the people, those in the cities in the states that are taking back our freedom, our constitutional rights, we shall prevail and have joy. God is making good on all his generational promises to us—the number 14. 

Okay, so I got all that from the Lord. Wait, there’s more! So, I said, “Lord, what about the two horses that finished in front of Medina Spirit in the Preakness?” And the Lord said to me, “Look up the meaning, look up the meaning of the name Rombauer, and study about the horse, Rombauer.” So, I look up the meaning of the name, Rombauer. The name Rombauer—the horse that won the Preakness—the name means gratitude in great joy. You can’t make this stuff up. The name Rombauer, the word Rombauer means gratitude in great joy. It means joyful gratitude. The horse that won the Preakness, that’s what his name means—joyful gratitude. 

Then I study about the horse. The horse that won the Preakness is from California. The family that owns this horse, Rombauer, whose name means joyful gratitude, own a winery, okay, Rombauer Wineries in California. It was one of the only wineries in California that survived the Glass Fire. Remember the fire that was in California? It was called the Glass Fire, and it burned up about everything. But Rombauer, Rombauer Wineries survived that fire. The vine, the winery, right, the wine … hang on; it gets better. It gets better. 

The people that own this horse, Rombauer, whose name means joyful gratitude, own a winery that survived the fires, oh wow, and their most famous wine that they’re famous for, the wine is named, Joy. I told you I had a word of joy for y’all! These people that own this winery, that own this horse that won the Preakness in California, Rombauer, okay, they have a wine named Joy. The horse’s name, their last name, means joyful gratitude. We had a Esther word from the Kentucky Derby through Medina. The word Medina only shows up once in the Bible in Esther 8:17. That’s all about joy and celebration. You think God is trying to speak to us about joy? 

Okay, wait, it gets better. It gets better. It gets better. Y’all aren’t gonna believe, no, you’re gonna [inaudible]. This is God. Okay, this is God. So, this horse’s name, his horse, the horse named Rombauer means joyful gratitude. He’s from a vineyard and a family whose name means joy and joyful gra, gratitude. It’s the only vineyard that survived the Glass Fires in California, and guess who this family … and the, their most famous wine is named Joy. Their wine, joy, wine, the wine, Jesus, the fruit of the vine. What is, right, the fruit of the Holy Spirit—love, joy, peace. Come on. Come on. This is so amazing. I told you God told me to keep watching this horse and not retract my word because he had more for us. I, I feel the excitement of the Holy Spirit right now. 

There’s more. This family, Rombauer family, California, you know who their mother was, their mama? Their mom wrote the most famous cookbook in American History. I know all your grandmothers had this cookbook—The Joy of Cooking. Irma Rombauer wrote The Joy of Cooking back, I think, in the 1950s and the 1960s. I’m telling you, this wa, this cookbook was in every single American kitchen. Many of you, your grandmothers may have had The Joy of Cooking. I know my grandmother had this, this cookbook. I know she made a lot of recipes out of this cookbook. So, this little horse, his grandmother was Irma Rombauer, who wrote The Joy of Cooking. And what, what are the main recipes that are in this cookbook? American comfort food. American comfort food. Comfort, joy, comfort, celebration, feasting, food, wine. The wom, the, the grandmother, the mom of the people that own Rombauer—the horse that won the Preakness, whose name means joyful gratitude—is the woman that wrote the most famous and well-loved American cookbook of all time that is pretty much in everybody’s, was in everybody’s kitchen in the 1950s and sixties and seventies. How many of you [inaudible] remember your grandma or your mom having this cookbook—Irma S. Rombauer, The Joy of Cooking?

What does our Esther 8:17 word say? Joy, feasting, and celebration. My friends, get ready for joy, feasting, celebration, good old American comfort food. We’re coming back. America’s coming … God hasn’t forgotten us. God hasn’t forgotten us. He hasn’t forgotten the prayers of our grandmothers and our mothers and our grandfathers. He hasn’t forgotten us. He is speaking hope through this horse, and Jesus Christ is the vine, and we will once again be sitting around the kitchen table celebrating in our freedom. 

My friends, listen to me. Our Father God loves us. He’s heard our prayers. We’ve come boldly to the throne of grace with our petitions, petitions, and he’s reached his sceper, scepter out to us, and the evil ones are hanging on their own gallows. The evil ones, the pit that they have dug for the American people, they are falling into themselves. Medina Spirit, God is talking to us and telling us, “Stay faithful. Esther is here. Joy is here. I am raising up the Medina Spirit in the people again—the sovereign cities, the sovereign states of freedom for the people to take their freedom again and get out from under the, the federal government.” 

And President Trump has been trying to wake us up. He’s been trying to get us to think for ourselves. He’s been putting the attention on things. When President Trump puts out a very loud, you know, b, boisterous tweet, it’s because he wants to get our attention on something. He’s saying, “Think for yourselves. Look! Pay attention.” So is God, he’s trying to tell us, “Look! Pay attention. I’m talking to you.” 

And let me tell you something. I just told you about the man of truth, and God is confirming his word with this wine and the joy and Esther 8:17 and Medina Spirit and Rombauer, that, th, th, that all the things that God loves about America—families, comfort food, gathering around the table, and beautiful California being restored, her vineyards being restored, and what did … Talk about a message of hope. What did General Michael Flynn say in that interview several weeks ago? When the interviewer said to him, “Well, I bought a bottle of wine to celebrate trunks, Trump’s victory. Should I give that wine away?” And General Michael Flynn said, “No, do not give that wine away. Hang onto it. You’re gonna need it for a celebration.” 

How many of you have hung onto that word? I’m telling you, my friends, God is speaking. He’s telling us to have hope. He’s telling us to keep our eyes on his promises. He’s telling us that joy is here. He’s telling us that the people of God shall have victory, and we shall have joy and feasting and all the things that we love about America and the prayers of our mothers and grandmothers and the generational blessings. God hasn’t forgotten it. 

I’m so overcome with the goodness of our Father God and how much he loves us. He saves the best wine for last. All about the wine—Jesus Christ, the fruit of the wine, joyful gratitude, generational promises. This nation of America was found, founded to bring the gospel to all the world, to be of the great awakening and the great harvest of souls for Jesus Christ. We haven’t even received our harvest yet. When President Trump says the best is yet to come, he means it, and now God is confirming that with us with this word of joy and wine and celebration and that the prayers of our mothers and all the work of our mothers and all of the work of our fathers and of the generations before us, it’s all coming to fruition. And we shall have our celebrations again and our comfort food, and we are being, gonna be, and we are out, we are out from under; we are free from the oligarchs and the cabal and all those evil, disgusting, nasty, antichrist systems. This is a word of joy and hope from God. 

That’s why God told me to keep watching that horse, Medina. Now, you say to me, “Annamarie, what about the horse that finished second, Midnight?” Well, there was a time, excuse me, there was a time from, uh, the cross to the resurrection, that was a time in the tomb, in the night, right? There was a time where we had a midnight hour. The second-place horse name was Midnight—Midnight Bourbon. What is bourbon? Bourbon comes from wheat or corn, and it’s fermented in oak barrels, and it’s, it’s, it’s known for its perfect aging. So, we’ve got Midnight, and we’ve got the perfect timing, the perfect aging of this. We’ve been a ti, in a time of some darkness. We’ve been in a time of not knowing. We’ve been in a time of waiting, right, for this perfect coming of age. But, my friends, it’s here, and I believe it’s gonna be, there’s gonna be some suddenlies, some suddenlies that are gonna happen in the midnight hour.”

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