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During my broadcast on Friday, October 1, 2021, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me spontaneously and very, very powerfully bringing forth a very strong word. Over the weekend, he showed me many confirmations.

Below is the link to the broadcast on Friday, October 1, 2021, followed by a brief synopsis of that word along with the confirmations that I received over the weekend and presented in the broadcast on Monday, October 4, 2021. That video is linked right before the confirmations start.


The Holy Spirit began showing me Alabama and said that a curtain was being removed in Alabama and that something huge was about to be exposed there. He said that the blood of Jesus Christ was speaking in Alabama—something that’s been hidden is about to be exposed.

I kept hearing, “ALABAMA, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAMA.” He revealed that the enemy has tried to bully Alabama, and that this tsunami wave that everyone is talking about is actually a tsunami wave of the Holy Spirit coming across this nation. It’s a big red wave—a big roll tide. He showed me the University of Alabama football team and said that the crimson tide—the big red wave—represents the blood of Jesus that is going to be washing across this nation and cleansing it.

The Holy Spirit said that a curtain has been opened—the curtain between man and the Spirit of God. The curtain was ripped in half in the temple and God has said, “My presence is now with you. There’s nothing between you and I. It’s us together.” Jesus is our intercessor. The veil was torn, and, through the blood of Jesus, we enter into the holy place. That’s the curtain. Veils are being removed and people are seeing the truth for the first time. I believe he is also showing me that when the curtain is removed it means exposure. The fraud and corruption are being exposed. So the curtain is being pulled back; veils are being removed, and exposure is coming forth.

He showed me a sticker that used to be on the toolbox of one of my crew chiefs back when I was in NASCAR. I remember he was a no-nonsense crew chief—tough. He had a red toolbox with a sticker on it that said, “Dang right I’m from ‘Bama!”

When you say, “Bam, bam, bam,” it’s the enemy that’s going to get hammered. The enemy is going to get hammered by the hammer of God. The enemy’s going to get hammered by the big tsunami of the Holy Ghost.

The night before, I had seen a baseball player with a red jersey with #16 on it. Biblically, the number 16 represents the reckless love of God. That means that God loves us so much that he does things that may seem reckless to us like sending his Son to die for us and asking Abraham to sacrifice his own son, but at the last minute telling him not to lay a hand on him that he had a ram in the thicket for him instead. We’re going to see the reckless love of God across this nation for his people!


The Holy Spirit started showing me confirmations on Saturday, October 2, 2021, and Sunday, October 3, 2021.

I received another word from the Lord that someone who was hidden for a time is about to come forth with huge amounts of exposure and information. I saw the name, Jeff Sessions, again, and when I did my spirit leapt in confirmation. This could be what is coming out of Alabama. Former AG Sessions is from Alabama and is known to be quiet but then come out like a hammer.

Yes, God said the word “hammer—bam bam bam on the enemy,” and this would come out of Alabama. This is very much Jeff Sessions’s style. I think he is Trump’s secret hidden weapon that has been waiting to come forth. Remember Trump is a strategist and he said, “We have it all.” Remember when he acted like Sessions was not doing anything as Attorney General? I think he was! This was to throw off the enemy. Brilliant!! We shall see how this all happens! I have great excitement in my spirit!

Jeff Sessions works quietly behind the scenes, but when he comes out to take down crime, he comes in like a hammer. That was actually his nickname—Hammer. He is President Trump’s hidden weapon. He’s stayed hidden for a time, but he’s going to come forth, along with some other people who have been hidden, and it’s going to be like a tsunami of truth pulling back the curtain giving huge exposure, and the information will hammer the enemy. He’s been working with President Trump.


STATE BIRD – Yellowhammer 

The White House was recently lit up in red because President Trump and the military are in control. Biden does not live at the White House. He has no authority there whatsoever. He’s an actor being controlled by the Deep State. Everything he’s done has been on a soundstage. It’s all fake. Watch Lin Wood on Telegram. He’s a man of great truth and integrity. He’s telling the truth. The Lord has confirmed to me everything that he is saying. This is another confirmation of the red tsunami—the blood of Jesus, the red sea moment and time of deliverance.

I asked for confirmation on the words, “museum,” “legacy,” and “white pants.” Melania was wearing white pants in Nancy Drew’s video at the White House. 

Confirmation came three days later of a woman wearing white pants for Trump merchandise on the Trump store Facebook post.

God said he was going to save the White House “for Jackie’s sake” because she loved it and took care of it so well. This is the Legacy. It will be used for historical purposes as a museum.

I was shown children and ponies – Macaroni pony. Macaroni the pony was Caroline Kennedy’s pony when she was a child living in the White House. He became quite a celebrity, appearing with her on the cover of Life magazine and getting thousands of his own fan letters.

Curtains are open at White House windows after being closed for months.

Today is 10-4—October 4th. What does 10-4 mean? 10-4 means confirmation—”roger that.” This is a time of confirmation of the Lord—confirmation of the truth and confirmation of people receiving the truth. This is a time of a great purging of the truth out upon the people. The blood of Jesus Christ has spoken. The power of the Holy Spirit is coming over this entire nation. We have a big red wave of truth and the Alabama Hammer.  

It’s so important that we trust God’s timing with President Trump and don’t try to force his hand. God said this is his brilliant plan and Trump is guided by the Lord. He knows who he should listen to and not to listen to. President Trump is very smart!

I had a dream the other night that I was in a meeting with President Trump and Ivanka Trump. We were discussing a book that was to be written about restoring and helping families. President Trump excused himself to go to the restroom where we could hear him vomiting loudly for a long time. When he came back out he was smiling and said, “Wow, I feel better now that I could release that!” 

I asked the Holy Spirit what that meant, and he said that Trump has been holding back incriminating information on the enemy and huge things are about to be revealed that he had to hold back on and hold in for a long time. It’s about to be released—huge amounts of information. It’s going to come like the tsunami. Some of it will be unpleasant for us to hear, but we will all feel better when this happens! Wow, God!!! 

God brought me to the NASCAR race—told me to watch Talladega. They were racing in Talladega, Alabama. I spent 30 years in NASCAR. He speaks to me through the NASCAR races, so I watched Talladega. There were a lot of smokey crashes happening. He gave me a word to confirm everything that he had said to me in that prophetic word about Alabama. 

The word “XFINITY” connects to Jesus Christ. X is another symbol for Alpha—the Alpha, the beginning. Finity means end. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega. The word “XFINITY,” which is the sponsor for that series, means Alpha and Omega—the beginning and the end. 

Brandon Brown was the winner. It was a double-header race. Remember the Lord told us that we’re going to have double for our trouble—double portion, double victory, double jubilee, double blessing. This is confirmation of the word he brought last week. 

This is what the Lord spoke to me about Brandon Brown’s double-header win. Brandon Brown was the double-header winner and a first-time winner. He broke through. He broke through the smoke. He hammered through for the win. His car is black, but it’s got yellow on it for the glory and fuschia for the joy. Black represents sin, death, and mourning, but now there’s been a victory over sin, death, and mourning. What is layered on top of it? Yellow for the glory of God and fuschia for the joy of the Lord. 

Brandon Brown drives the No. 68, which brought me to Psalm 68, but he also has an American flag design in front of the number 68 on both sides of the car. He has it on his car the way our military wears it on their uniforms, which makes it look like the flag is waving as they are marching powerfully into battle. It’s layered in white over the black. The white represents the purity and cleansing of our nation and of our flag. So he went into battle like a soldier with his car waving the American flag. 

America has had sin, mourning, and death; like we’ve reached the brink, BUT God has come through for us. The Alpha and the Omega has come through for us, and over our sin, death, and mourning, there is the joy of the Lord! There is the glory of God, and we have the victory, and we shall have a double portion. This was a double header. 

Brandon Brown’s sponsor is Larry’s Hard Lemonade. The Lord said that we will come together and we, as a people, will make lemonade out of lemons. He said even President Trump and some other people will come out and say that even with all that we’ve been through, we’re going to make lemonade out of lemons. People are running around talking about how terrible things are, but there are people who will come out as encouragers who will say, “Don’t despair for what has happened in the past. Yes, we know the truth now. We have the victory now. We will make lemonade out of lemons.” We’re going to hear people actually saying that. This is why we have to write this down, because we’re going to hear them.

The Lord said that lemons represent cleansing. This nation is being cleansed, and our bodies will be cleansed.

This is a HARD lemonade. This has been hard, but we’re going to make lemonade out of lemons. The Lord said he’s looking for those who are standing strong—hardheaded. If you’re hardheaded it means you stand strong; you don’t back down. You hammer through.

This one is HUGE! The Lord said to me, “Watch what I did in this race!” Then I read that the NASCAR officials stopped the Talladega race with six laps to go because of darkness. It was getting too dark to race, and they had to stop the race. 

The Lord said, “I, the Lord, stopped that race. I have stepped in, and I, the Lord, am saying NO MORE DARKNESS, AMERICA! You will not go any further into the darkness, America! You will not go any further into the darkness, my people. I have stepped in, and I have stopped it before you go any further into this darkness. And I’m giving you victory. I’m giving you joy. I’m giving you cleansing. I’m giving you double for your trouble.” 

“Due to darkness, we will be coming back to the yellow/checkered.”- NASCAR

his is the exact quote from the race. It was even on NBC. “TALLADEGA, Ala. – Brandon Brown earned his first career NASCAR Xfinity Series win Saturday when officials stopped the race six laps from the finish because of darkness at Talladega Superspeedway. Brandon Jones placed second and was followed by Justin Allgaier, Daniel Hemric and Jordan Anderson.”

When Brandon Brown won the race, he jumped out of his car and gave glory to God. He did the sign of the cross, kissed his hand, and gave glory to God. 

The number six (6 laps to go) means “the flesh, man,” and the evil ones have been using the 666 symbol and 6 in everything, and God says, “No, my people will not go any further into this darkness.” This is God that’s doing this! God is stopping America from going any further into darkness! God has stepped in!

The name of this race was the Sparks 300. Gideon had 300 soldiers. Their light came. A spark represents the light of the Holy Ghost. Sparks 300 is the name of the race—Gideon’s 300. This is a win for all of us soldiers of the Lord. This was God giving us a shout out because we prayed, and the Holy Spirit has been with us. 

Guess what the trophy looks like for this race?! It’s a hammer and an anvil! The trophy for this race is a hammer—BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM! Listen to the word of the Lord and what he’s doing right now! We are being saved, and evil’s going to get hammered!

CLICK HERE to see the trophy.

After winning the race, Brandon Brown got out of the car and had overwhelming joy in victory lane. The joy of the Lord is here! He was so joyful he could hardly contain himself, and he said, “Dad, we did it. Let’s GOOOO!” 

This is a father and son race team that has been racing together for 20 years. The Lord said to me, “I’m turning the hearts of the fathers back to the sons, and I’m turning the hearts of the sons back to the fathers. This is a father and son deal—father/son, Father God and his son, Jesus. The Father and the Son are doing this and saying, “Let’s GO!” 

He showed me that when this all comes together and we see JFK Jr. come out, he’s going to actually say the words, “Dad, we did it!”

They’re restoring the White House for Jackie’s sake. When it comes out that JFK Jr. is really alive, and that he’s been working with Trump and he comes forth, God said, “Watch; you’re going to see him say these words, ‘Dad, we did it!’” He’s giving glory to God, but he’s also giving glory, like honoring the fathers—our fathers before us. JFK Jr. is doing this for his father, and even Donald Trump is doing it for his father. They were very close to their fathers, and this is the heart of the Father. 

Brandon Brown’s first words were, “Dad, we did it. Let’s GO!” He and his father celebrated in victory lane. This is the heart of the father for us. This is a gift from the Father from our fathers who have gone before us.

The Lord said to me, “Brandon’s been waiting 20 years for this victory.” How long has JFK Jr. been in hiding? Twenty years or more—(22 yrs). JFK Jr. said he would take down his father’s murderer no matter what he had to do to do it. This is all connected.

Brandonbilt Motorsports is a family-owned, professional stock car team competing full-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series (NXS). Owned and operated by Woodbridge, Virginia native, Jerry Brown, Brandonbilt Motorsports has quickly become a household name in the NASCAR Xfinity Series through hard work and determination. As a smaller team in the NXS, Brandonbilt Motorsports’ goal has always been to do the most with less, while also becoming a contending organization in every race that it enters. Brandonbilt Motorsports shocked the racing world in 2020 as driver, Brandon Brown, secured the team’s first playoff berth in only its second, full-time season in the NXS, before going on to finish the year 11th in the overall points standings. On the horizon in 2021, Brandonbilt Motorsports looks to pick up where it left off as a playoff-caliber team at each event it enters.

Brandon Brown’s team was about to close its doors this week. It was about to shut down. This victory saved them. This was their red sea moment—saved at the last moment.

Brandon – “Brand plucked from the fire” – (Zecharia 3) “And the Lord said to Satan, ‘The Lord rebuke you, O Satan! The Lord who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you! Is not this a brand plucked from the fire?’” 

I had a word last year about America being a brand plucked out of the fire according to Zecharia Chapter 3 because I had a sunflower growing in my firepit. Sunflowers are native to America. The Lord said, “America shall be like a brand plucked out of the fire at the last minute. This is confirmation of the word that the Lord brought me last year. He’s saying it’s been done, that America has been plucked out of the fire at the last minute. God’s people have been plucked out of the fire at the last minute. That, according to Zechariah Chapter 3, God has rebuked Satan for our sake, and he has plucked us out of the fire like a brand out of the fire at the last minute so we don’t burn up.

Brandon’s last name is Brown. Biblically, brown means humility (Esther 4:3), the people (Isaiah 40:7-8), and the earth. God is saving the earth. He’s saving the people. 

Brandon Brown’s initials are B. B. The Lord said that it connects to “B. B.” Benjamin Netanyahu, and that this is also for Israel—for Benjamin Netanyahu and the people of Israel. Those who are condemning Benjamin Netanyahu and saying bad things about him need to be very, very careful. Benjamin Netanyahu is God’s anointed. God has chosen him for this time just like he’s chosen President Donald Trump. Benjamin Netanyahu is part of this brilliant plan of God. He’s working with President Trump. He is doing with Israel what President Trump has been doing with America. God even brought Israel confirmations into this with Brandon Brown’s initials. 

Brandon Brown’s NASCAR Stats – One win in Talladega (this race) and 16 top tens. The Lord gave us the number 16 on Friday! Biblically, 16 means the reckless love of God. God loves us so much that he would give his only son. He would do things that most people would think are reckless. 

Brandon Brown is from Woodbridge, Virginia. Wood bridge – the Lord told me that he’s building a bridge between our hearts. He told me to prophecy a spiritual bridge between the shore of America and the shore of Israel. He said that he’s building bridges between our hearts. Love can build a bridge—I said that the other day. 

Brandon grew up racing at Old Dominion Speedway. Dominion—God’s saying, “This is my dominion.” 

Brandon Brown is a CCU – Coastal Carolina University Alumni. School Colors: Teal blue: Esther – Holy Spirit – “Cleansing Waters” – Blue/Aqua/Turquoise/White: Healing water (Psalm 1:1-3; Revelation 22:1).

Coastal Carolina University is a dynamic public institution located in Conway, just minutes from the resort area of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Esther means “Myrtle Tree.”

Gene Ho is a Christian patriot running for mayor of Myrtle Beach

Brandon Jones finished in second place. Two Brandons—double portion. Double portion plucking out of the fire. That’s America and her people, and I believe that’s other nations, possibly Canada. 

Justin Allgaier finished in third place – “Justice”—God’s justice is coming.

Daniel Hemric finished in fourth place. Four means door—door of the Lord.

Jordan Anderson finished in fifth place. (Correction: In the broadcast, I said he came in fourth place, but it was actually fifth place.) He was one of my drivers. I’ve known him since he was 13. I’ve prayed with him over his future. He loves Jesus. This is one of his top finishes ever at Talladega. Jordan Anderson crossed his Jordan [river]. We’re crossing our Jordan.

This is huge! This is more confirmation from the Lord. The sponsor is Larry’s Hard Lemonade Chevy Camaro No. 68. One of his sponsors is Young’s Motorsports – Young’s Building Systems. God is speaking to the youth at this time. The Lord showed me that there’s going to be stadiums, including speedways, across this nation that will be filled with young people having revival and coming to the Lord Jesus Christ—the billion soul harvest. Prophet Bob Jones prophesied the billion soul harvest would start with the youth and Alabama would be a part of it. God is speaking to the youth here.

Lawrence (Larry) is the English version of the Biblical name Lazarus—rising from the dead. It is derived from the Hebrew אלעזר, Elʿāzār (Eleazar) meaning “God has helped”.

John 11:11, Jesus is going to Lazarus. 11:11 means wake up; you’re about to see the glory of God, that God is stepping in at the last minute. In John 11:11, Jesus says, “I’m going to Lazarus. He is only sleeping, but I’m going to wake him up.” And the name Lazarus comes from Elazar meaning, God has helped. It’s God that has done this.

The English meaning of Larry is bright shining one. It comes from the Laurel trees. Laurel leaves are used for victory wreaths. God has helped, and we have won the victory. God has plucked us out of the fire at the last minute. He’s not allowing America to go any further into darkness.

The main sponsor on Brandon Brown’s car is Larry’s Hard Lemonade. We’re going to make lemonade out of lemons. Even if we’ve been hardheaded, it’s okay. We’ve had to stand and be hard. We’ve had to stand hard. We’ve had to stand strong. 

On Telegram, il Donaldo Trumpo congratulated his friend, Brandon Brown, on his victory at Talladega because when he was doing his interview on the front stretch in Talladega, the crowd was chanting “F*** Joe Biden.” The NBC reporter tried to cover it up by pretending they were saying “Let’s go, Brandon,” and it trended across social media. 

It was humorous, and one of the biggest things that people love about Brandon is his humor. He’s got a big smile. 

He’s red haired and has a ruddy complexion, and that’s what God said about young King David when he slew Goliath—he was  young and ruddy. Ruddy is when someone has red, rosy cheeks. Brandon Brown has that ruddiness to him like a young David taking down Goliath.

The Lord said to me, “Look, look at victory lane! I have driven the Monster Energy drink out of victory lane.” I realized when they got into victory lane that the Monster Energy drink wasn’t there. It was all Larry’s Hard Lemonade in victory lane because that’s the sponsor of Brandon Brown. They were spraying lemonade everywhere, and the Lord said, “Lemonade cleansing in the fermenting.” The lemonade is fermented like a wine, and the fermenting is the transition from one thing to another. 

The Lord said to me, “Look, I’ve driven the monsters out of victory lane. No more monsters.” He said, “I have driven the monsters out. I have scattered the evil enemy into the dry places,” Psalm 68, he says, “however, I will work with those who have been hardheaded, those who have been stubborn for me,” says the Lord, “those that have stood their ground,” he says, for his purposes. He’s proud of those. He’s saying well done, good and faithful servants who have stood their ground and been hardheaded for the Lord at this time, but the monsters are done. 


And the Lord said to me, “Read Psalm 68.” So, as I was reading Psalm 68 and I looked up, it was the next morning after that Talladega race. A post came up about Talladega the very next morning after Brandon Brown won, after the Lord said this was his doing, and it was pouring rain in Talladega. It was pouring rain the morning after in Talladega, Alabama. The Lord is bringing the rain. He is bringing the cleansing. He is bringing us blessing. He said, “Read Psalm 68. This is what I’m doing right now in this nation.

Correction at 2:29:15 – The prophecy of Bob Jones for the billion soul harvest for Jesus Christ is that it would start up in Atlanta, not Alabama; however, it would sweep across the south. CLICK HERE FOR THAT WORD.



Transcription of the word that the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which she delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on September 8, 2021.

Watch the video, and then read the transcript below. 


Proverbs 31 Women and Men Coming Forth!

ANNAMARIE: So, my friends, I had a prophetic dream last night. Okay? Um, and actually, uh, actually the dream was not, it would have been yesterday morning I had the dream, which would have been the morning of September 7, 2021. And I wrote the dream down, and I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal to me the messages that he had for y’all, for all of us, in this prophetic dream.

And so here we go. Uh, prophetic dream morning of September 7, 2021. Uh, you know, dream from, the dream from the Lord. President Trump and I were driving in a red Carrera sports car—bright red, shiny bright red. It was a Carrera sports car. We were driving to the shore. We got to the shore and pretty much got as far as we could get to the shore, and we stopped, and we parked, and we got out. And we were looking at the car, and we were both commenting that the car had been well cared for. And President Trump says, “Yes, she has been well cared for.” She—he called the car a she—has been well cared for. 

And when I asked the Holy Spirit to unpack that, he said that the car represents America, and that she’s covered in the blood of Jesus Christ—red. And that, uh, those, uh, who have cared for her well, right, those that have cared for America well have run a good course in this race, because the word Carrera means means course or to run the course, run a good race, uh, and this is connected to President Trump and America. 

And America is a she. It’s, America is, is a her in a lot of ways. Like I said, America and Jerusalem are like sisters. Jerusalem is always referred to as a she. America is referred to as a she in a lot of ways, and, uh, USA is right in the middle of JerUSAlem. And, so it’s like that precious, um, Jerusalem, the way God looks at Jerusalem, President Trump and I were looking at America in that way together like “Look at her. Okay, she’s run the course. She’s been cared for well. She’s running a good race. So I believe that was connected to the Biblical sense of the book of Hebrews where the Apostle Paul says, “Run the good race.” Right. Throw off all entanglements that hinder you. Run the good race. Run the course. 

This was a sports car—a Carrera—known to be very, very fast, uh, you know, high performance car, uh, red—covered in the blood of Jesus—got to the shore; the car looked beautiful and shiny. Yes, she had been well cared for. And President Trump and I got out, and we had a, a sense of accomplishment. He had a feeling of a sense of accomplishment. I had a feeling of a sense of accomplishment, and I believe it was those who have run the course with America and have cared for her well will have this great sense of accomplishment. We’ve run the course well. We’ve made it. We’ve done it. We’ve reached the shore even through this, this time of this journey. All right? And so as we were standing there at the shore this storm was coming in. We were looking out to sea, and this big storm was coming in. And, as we were coming, looking at the storm, I looked out and I saw a Jesus boat—a boat that looked like a fisherman’s boat. 

It looked like that boat that they use in that show, The Chosen, that, you know, Peter and Andrew have. That, it was that kind of a boat. It was a wooden boat, and there was nobody in the boat, however, but the boat was rocking, and it was becoming stormy and the waves were kicking up. And, um, I saw what looked like a tsunami, and I started to feel fear and then I looked at President Trump, and he was really, really calm, and I turned and looked again and it wasn’t a tsunami. It was a, a, a, it looked like, like a wall of water, but it was a storm with a, with a lot of water. It was, it was a storm with a lot of water, and I looked at him, and he was like, “It’s okay. It’s okay.” 

So I felt a sense of calm come on me. I saw the Jesus boat rocking, and I looked out and the waves were starting to come in, and I saw these little birds and they looked like Sandpiper birds, you know with the little, the little stick-type legs. And they were running along the shore, running along, and they were running along in the water, and they, they started swimming a little bit and then they would put their feet down and swim a little bit. So the water wasn’t too deep to where the birds couldn’t stand up in it. It was, it was like a, a flood was coming in. A wall of water was coming in. A storm was coming in, but it was nothing to fear, to stay calm, and the water will not be very, very deep. It’ll be enough where the, the birds can, you know, they’re, like you can stand in it. 

So the flood came in, and the flood was just up to our ankles, and it started to wash into the floorboards of the Carerra car. And President Trump and I were looking at the car, and, and it was washing, the waters were just washing over the floors of the car. And President Trump and I were like, “Hey, it’s all right. It’s just cleansing. It’s just washing.” It’s just cleansing off, like cleansing off our feet where our feet had been, you know, it’s just like, it was like a washing, a flooding coming in, but it was a washing of America like a, a rinsing off of her feet, a washing of the feet, you know.

And I think about Jesus and the Jesus boat, and how he washed his disciples’ feet. It was a, a, a cleansing, a purification, and it was always done before a feast, be, before a celebration. And, uh, and so all of a sudden President Trump says to me, “Let’s go into the cottage.” And there was a, a really beautiful seaside cottage. It wasn’t, it was very beautiful. It was very, uh, just a gorgeous like your, your dream cottage by the sea. It was absolutely beautiful. 

So I followed President Trump into this beautiful cottage, and when I got into the cottage, uh, Paula Deen was in there—you know, Paula Deen’s southern cooking, Paula Deen—and, in this beautiful kitchen, and there was, she was preparing every comfort food you can imagine—biscuits and gravy, dumplings. I mean, you know, chicken and dumplings, just every kind of American comfort food was, was being prepared that you knew that was traditionally American. And President Trump was like, “Here, get ready,” you know. “We’re, we’re get, we’re getting the food ready. We’re getting ready for the celebration.” 

And, all of a sudden, I looked around and all of the women that are connected with President Trump were there, uh, and very, very faithful women. They were all there helping cook and prepare, and, all of a sudden, it was President Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara. She was there. Like, she was kind of running things and preparing the event for the feast, and she turns to me and she goes, “Did you bring the flowers?” And I was like, “Oh, the flowers.” And she goes, “Go out into the car and get the flowers.” 

So I ran out in the car, and I was still, the floods were out there, and I was kind of trudging through the flood still only up to my ankles, and I went to grab the flowers, and they were in a pottery vase. And the flowers were baby’s breath, baby’s breath. You know, the little sweet, white flowers called baby’s breath and sometimes they mix them in with bouquets of roses?

And so, as I was going to bring the flowers back in and set them on the table with the baby’s breath, and, and, and Lara says to me, “Yeah, that’s right. Yep, the baby’s breath, the baby’s breath.” And everybody was like “Oh, yes, the baby’s breath.” And I knew, it’s all about saving the children. It’s all about saving these children and bringing America back and having our comfort again.

And so, all of a sudden, President Trump called me, called me back out to the back of the cottage, and the women were still in there preparing. And I went to the back of the cottage, and he takes me in with this back staircase, and, all of a sudden, I felt like I was in a school, like you know like those old-fashioned type schools, and then they have like the staircases that go up and down these, these brick schools. 

And, I, and, um, he says to me, “Come up, come up to the top of the staircase.” And I was standing there with him along the railing of the top of the staircase, and we were watching the floods rinsing and cleansing. And we, like just overlooking it, and while we knew the celebration was being prepared. And, all of a sudden, we’re standing there and this woman comes running in, and she’s all wet. She’s just drenched. And she’s dressed in this nice outfit, and she’s like frantic. She’s like, “Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!” And I looked, and the woman was the actress, Faith Ford, from Murphy Brown.

Now, this actress, Faith Ford, I believe she was in the Miss America Pageant. She’s known as like a, she was a Miss America contestant. But on the show, Murphy Brown, she played a, a news anchor, right, with, for the mainstream media. That’s, she played a news anchor, and her name is Faith Ford. And she’s like all wet, and she comes in. She’s like, “Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!” And she’s looking at me and President Trump. She’s like, “I had to report was really going on! I had to report what was really going on! I had to report about this floods! I had to report it!” She said, “Will people blame me for reporting it? Will people, I, I had to, to report it! Will people blame me for reporting it?” 

And I looked at her and I looked at President Trump, and I said, “You have to say what God says!” What I said to her. “You have to say what God says.” And she’s like, “Okay. Okay, I’ll say what God says. I’ll say what God says.” And then President Trump was like, “Yes,” and he beckons her up the stairs, and she, she starts to fix herself and, you know, get herself right. And she comes in with us, and we go back into the dinner, the feast, and the foods are all coming together, and while everybody’s preparing the feast.

Now, what does the Faith Ford connect with? The Holy Spirit told me, he said, “Look up the meaning of the word ford.” The meaning of the word ford means a shallow place to cross over a river to get to the other side. We will ford through. We will … A ford is, uh, a shallow place in a river to cross over to the other side without getting swept away. So, you know, pioneers, and, and as they were going across the country, as they were carreraing across the country, as they were, you know, finishing the journey, uh, they would, they would come to a river. And, in order to cross the river, they would look for the ford—the shallowest place in the river to cross over, right, so they wouldn’t get swept away by the waters. And her name is Faith, and her name is Ford, so that’s connected to the faith of the people. And, uh, fording through, we will, we will, we will  cross over. We will not get swept away by the waters. We will ford through. President Trump is with us. God is with us, and the media will have to say what God wants them to say. They will have to report the truth. They will have no, no way to get out of it. They will have to report the truth. And, after she reported the truth, after she, re, President Trump welcomed her after she said, “Okay, I’m going to, I spoke the truth.” And he welcomed her. I was like, “Wow.” 

So we all went in, back into the kitchen where Paula Deen was cooking, and all those really warm, delicious comfort foods, and everybody was busying around, and, all of a sudden, uh, someone comes up behind me and, and, and says, uh, “It’s time for Paula to do her television commercial.” And I was like, “Oh, her television commercial. Okay.” And, and the, the voice says to me, “You’ve got to help her with the television commercial, and she’s got to go out to the front of her, her house.” 

So her and I went out to the front of her house. There was this whole camera crew. I was sitting on the hood of a car, and, all of a sudden, I felt like I was like a PR person again in NASCAR and that Paula Deen was like this TV person again, and she had these corporate sponsors. And so the, the producer of the television commercial was flashing cards at her and giving her a script and everything like that, saying, “You say your corporate sponsors! You say your corporate sponsors!” And she was like, “No, I can’t read it. They’re all faded away. No, I can’t read it, all faded away. I don’t care about this anymore. I don’t care about the corporate sponsors anymore.” And then they gave it to me. They were trying to shove her script in front of me, and the cue cards and say, “You make her say those corporate sponsors,” which used to be like what I had to do in NASCAR, you know. And I was like, “Okay, I’ll try.” 

And so, all of a sudden, Paula Deen and I were like trying to read the corporate sponsors, and we were putting on our glasses and everything, and they were all, they were faded away. And the more we looked at the list of the corporate sponsors, the, the more the ink was fading. We were like, “We can’t read these dang corporate sponsors!” [Inaudible] She’s like, we’re both like, we’re like, “Whatever.” And we threw, we threw the list of corporate sponsors away. We were like, “You can have your corporate sponsors. We’re, we’re going in, and we’re going to go eat, and we’re going to go fellowship.” And we said, “fellowship.” And we left all those corporate sponsors and the TV cameras, all those guys, outside. And they were like sitting there with their cue cards like, “What just happened?” And so, it was really funny.

So then her and I go back in to the feast that, you know, the beautiful feast with the comfort foods, and all we wanted to do with, was fellowship with each other. We didn’t care about the corporate sponsors. They meant nothing. They were fading away. They  had no more influence. They had no more importance. All we cared about was being real and, and having fellowship and, and cooking and sitting around the table.

And the Holy Spirit said to me, said, “Watch! These corporate sponsors will lose all their influence even in entertainment, even with sports figures, television sp, figures, uh, the, even like the television figures won’t care about their corporate sponsors anymore. All they’re going to care about is doing right by the people and doing right and, and, and blessing people,” and I was like, “Good,” you know, because I left that life behind, uh, you know, that whole commercialism and the corporate sponsors. And, you know, God told me, “I am your sponsor. I am your sponsor, and I will fund you, and I will finance you.” 

And so I said, “Lord, is that confirmation in the dream that you were telling me that these corporate sponsors that have been manipulating people, that have been manipulating celebrities, that have been manipulating our entertainment industry, that have been, they, that they will have absolutely no more influence? You are wiping, erasing their, the corporate sponsor influence?” I was like, “Yes, come on!” And so, and it was funny because the producers and everything, they were shocked, like, “How could you not even care,” you know. We were like, “Pffft, whatever!” So funny. 

So we go back in the dream, and we go back into the kitchen, and it was so cozy and warm in there and laughter and fellowship and everybody cooking and just, you know, it was so wonderful. And the baby’s breath, and President Trump was sitting back watching all, he was watching, he was like,”Oh, you know, it smells good in here. Mmmm delicious, looks really good.” He was like, you know, overseeing all of it. And as we, uh, were serving the food, Paul, Paula Deen, uh, just grabbed a few people. She said, “Let’s go sit around the fireplace,” in her fireplace. So we went to go into this beautiful, cozy room and sit around the fireplace, and I was sitting next to her. And the fireplace was so cozy and warm, and we were just, just like .. 

And all of a sudden this fear came over me, and I turned to President Trump, and I said, “What about the internet? What about the internet? We got to have internet!” Right? And I, I jump up off the couch, and I’m running around trying to plug in the internet. Well, everybody’s looking at me like, “What are you worried about? Who cares about the internet?” You know, “Who cares about that?” You know? And I’m running around trying to plug in the internet, and President Trump looks at me and goes, “Go sit down.” And that was a order. He says, “Go sit down! Don’t worry about it. I’ve got this.” And then he says this very strange thing to me. He says, “You won’t have to plug into the internet anymore.” I said, “I won’t have to plug in anymore?” He’s like, “Don’t worry. I got this figured out.” I was like, “Okay.” 

And I know that could have been something stirring up from my soul, you know, because I’m always like, “Do we have, do we have a signal? Do we …” you know, and to me, prophetically, that means that people are going to start unplugging more. People are going to start unplugging from their devices and things like that. It’s going to be more sitting around the fireplace, enjoying good food, enjoying fellowship, uh, enjoying the things of life again, and, uh, I believe also there’s a new technology coming, uh, where we won’t have to plug into modems and things like that. I do believe that very strongly.

So that was kind of prophetic too, like, you know, something was being told to me about a new technology that was coming that, and also people are going to be more, more unplugged and not so addicted to their devices and things like that. So that was pretty awesome part of the dream.

So I went to sit down back next to Paula Deen and the other ladies, and we were sitting there fellowshipping and just enjoying food, and President Trump was looking over everything, and, uh, just, I felt this satisfaction. But the storm, there was a storm outside the, the storm, we could hear the storm. We could hear the thunder happening outside the cottage. We could hear it. We would look out the window and you could see the flooding coming and just washing everything, but it was only about ankle deep. 

And, um, I went to sit back down, and we were just sitting there on this really comfortable sofa watching the fire, just relaxing, and Paula Deen nudges me, and she goes, “Annamarie, what do you think?” She says, “Look at my fireplace mantel.” She said, “Don’t you think I have to unclutter my mantel? Is there too much on it?” And I said, “Yeah.” I said, “We have to unclutter our mantel.” And that was the end of the dream. 

I was like, “What a way to end a dream.” I said, “Holy Spirit,” so I mean, I got up, and I started typing this all out, and I said, “Holy Spirit, I ask you to reveal to me what you’re speaking in this dream prophetically for everyone. What are you saying about America? What are you saying about President Trump? What are you saying about what’s to come?” 

Unclutter your mantel? Unclutter your mantel? What’s the mantel? Mantle is an, a special authority given to anointed people of God, people that God anoints for a certain purpose. A spiritual mantle comes on them, a spiritual authority, a spiritual covering. The mantle is more than the anointing. The anointing is, is, is the Holy Spirit coming upon somebody to do your gift very, very well, right, with the power of the Holy Spirit, but the mantle is a special authority from Heaven upon a person for a specific purpose at a specific time. And that person has such an authority in that area an, that they’re supposed to use their mantle faithfully. They’re supposed to use it according to the will of God for a certain purpose for a certain, uh, um, uh, assignment from God. 

You know, I’ve been given a mantle that, uh, I am to, to teach and coach people about faith. I have a mantle, uh, of, a, a, a teacher and, and, and a prophet, but, you know, that’s my anointing, but my mantle is for a certain authority I have in it, and that God himself has given me this authority and we can’t clutter up our mantle. We got to keep it holy and pure for what God has called us to do and not use that mantle authority for things of the world, you know, for man’s ways. 

In other words, like Paula Deen or whoever, right, she, she has an authority to teach people how to do things of cooking and of the home, and, uh, you know, old-fashioned goodness and things like that, and, uh, you know, that, that when she started cluttering up her mantle by getting too commercialized and allowing too many corporate sponsors and allowing herself to get drawn into the things of the world, she was cluttering up her mantle, you know.

So like there are certain people that are anointed, uh, you know, for cooking, for things of the home, you know, Martha Stewart, you know, Paula Deen, things like that, uh, the Pioneer Woman. They’re, they’re, they’re to help women and mothers, grandmothers be those, those who build up their home, right—Proverbs 31 women who are supposed to build up their home. They are anointed and mantled by God to, to help women build up their homes, and, and, and God mantled them or anointed them to be a representation of the Proverbs 31 woman who God is their sponsor. 

They are, they are supposed to keep things, things pure and not get too commercialized. And what they’re supposed to be doing is helping God’s mothers, God’s daughters, um, God’s women be women that build up their homes, right, cook the good meals and keep a good house and keep the home fires burning. That, that, that President Trump is ushering this back in for America where mothers and grandmothers will be back at the homes cooking and making good meals for their families.

And the moms are going to be unplugging, and they’re not going to be so, “Ooh,” you know, into their phones and internet, and they’re going to be like, “Wow, let’s keep the home fires burning. Let’s focus more on fellowship and not on making the almighty dollar.” And that’s not an almighty dollar anymore, right? You know, it’s, it’s more of what, what’s more important, right, keeping the home fires burning, putting, putting beautiful meals on the table, blessing and fellowshipping with others, uh, building up your home, and, and the breath of the babies—the breath of the babies, nurturing our children. I mean, I was so blessed by that dream.

And we can’t clutter up our mantles. If God has put you in a place of authority where you have influence  on people and you are, you’ve been mantled for a certain area, whatever that is, whether it’s to be a teacher, a homemaker, a mom, a person of influence in entertainment, a singer, whatever it is that you have been mantled to do that God has given you a special authority in that area, don’t clutter up your mantle by getting commercialized and, and you prostituting it, right, to, to corporate America, I mean, no, no more. God is saying that stuff isn’t going to matter. He’s taking away the influence of corporate America. And those that he has mantled and anointed for the things that are so beautifully American, he’s going to purify it again. He’s going to clean the clutter off of those things. We’re going to have our home fires burning again, our, our, our beautiful, delicious comfort foods again and fellowshipping again, especially the women, the women building up their homes again. 

And look at Faith Ford; even though she was, uh, freaking out because she was worried that they were going to get mad at her because, right, the, the people that control the media, she was breaking away from that. She was breaking away from being controlled by the media, and she said, “I said the truth. I said the truth.” And she was, she was so, she was afraid that she said the truth, but President Trump drew her in and said, “Come,” you know, “come and fellowship with us.” You know, “Come out of the storm. It’s going to be okay.” And she was glad that she got away from the evil lies of the media. She didn’t want to tell the lies anymore. She wanted to tell the truth. And I said to her in all authority, “You have to say what God wants you to say. You have to speak the truth.” And she was like, “Yes, I do.” And she came, she literally stepped away from the evil of the mainstream media and decided to be a, she was a truth speaker, and she, she came, and it, Ford, right, Faith Ford, she, she stepped over to the other side. And this is what I’m talking about right now. 

So this prophetic dream is telling me a lot of things. Number one, the storm is raging. The storm is raging, but we have nothing to fear. The cleansing is happening of America. She’s coming to the shoreline of her journey, the Carrera, right, the, the journey, having a good run and a, a faithful run. America has thrown off all her encumbrances, and we have to stand, and we have to stand through the storm. But don’t worry; the flood is only going to come up to our ankles because it’s, it’s just a time of cleansing. Do not fear. There’s big shifts and changes that are going to have to happen. There’s certain people in the media that have to speak the truth, that God is going to tell them, “You say what I want you to say.” 

And we know Prophet Kim Clement already prophesied that. He said, “‘The media will say what I want them to say,” says the Lord.’ Well, that was confirmation, the dream with Faith Ford who played a media person, right. She came over to the other side and said she had to speak the truth even though she was afraid, and she was worried about backlash from her bosses, it was okay. She was ready to step over to the other side and speak the truth and what, what she had to say. And I, I assured her, “You say what God wants you to say.” And she was okay with it. 

And we know the word “faith,” right; those who are faithful will get over to the other side. Ford, the word “ford” represents that shallow place in the river that the pioneers were able to drive their wagons through in, in a safe place where they wouldn’t get swept away. So we are fording through this river. We were, we are fording through any flood waters. We will not get swept away from it. We will get over to the other side, and we’re coming into our, our times of comfort, the home fires burning again. 

You know. It’s all for the children, the breath of the babies will be preserved and blessed, and the mothers and the daughters and the moms and the grandmothers will come back into the homes and build up their households. And the, the comfort foods will be again, and President Trump is saying, you know, “Just don’t worry about it. I’ve got this.” You know, and that’s God, really, it’s God that’s got this because he’s using President Trump in this plan. 

And this, this was a Holy Spirit dream, a dream from the Holy Spirit showing me what’s happening right now to bring you comfort, to encourage your faith, to help you understand what’s coming and not to fear. There were two times in that dream where I felt fearful, but the Lord said, “Stay calm,” right. “Don’t worry. It’s going to be okay. Stay calm through this, and don’t be worried about, ‘Oh, where’s my internet; where’s my devices? Where …’” He’s saying unplug at this time. It’s okay. Unplug. Get comfortable with your families. Stay in fellowship, and focus on uncluttering, uncluttering the things of the world off of what God has called you to do. Wipe away those corporate sponsors. Don’t, don’t make everything about money. God’s going to provide all of your needs and there, there, there’s a big change coming, a cleansing coming, a shifting coming, but don’t worry. We’re making it through. We will not get swept away by these waters, and there’s new technology coming. New technology coming, and people are going to be more focused on fellowshipping, gathering together again in our, our cozy cottages. 

And you knowing that there’s, there’s safety in our fellowshipping and in our faith and using the gifts that God has given us faithfully without prostituting them to corporate America. That’s done. That’s over with. Nobody will manipulate our mantles or our, our, our, the gifts that God has given us ever again. We’re, we’re savvy to it now. It’s time to unclutter our mantles.

And so I was so encouraged by that dream, and I love the Carrera, the red Carrera because I’m a car girl. And I was like, “The journey, the run, we’ve run our race well. We’ve run ….” Right? Those in faith, those are, that are on this journey with America, we, we, we’ve taken care of America. We, we’ve nurtured her to, to get to this point. America is not lost. She’s reaching her destination. And, and it, it’s going to be so glorious and so beautiful and so comforting, and the things that we thought were important, the things, they’re, they’re not even going to matter anymore because what’s going to be important is our families, keeping the home fires burning, sitting around and fellowshipping with each other, using, uh, our gifts and our mantles that the Lord has given us, purely. 

And there’s going to be certain people in the media that are going to cross over. They’re going to, they’re, they’re going to tell the truth, and they’re not going to worry if they get backlash from their supposed bosses. And President Trump and, and, and all of us are going to welcome them over to the other side. They’re going to have a change of heart. And we’re not going to be swept away by this flood. We’re going to ford through it by faith. And the babies, babies, the breath of the babies will bloom and nurture and precious and beautiful. 

So I had to share that prophetic dream with you all, and do I believe there’s going to be some flooding coming? Yes. Do I believe it’s a cleansing? Yes. Do I believe there’s a big shift in change that’s coming with technology and the internet? Yes. Do I believe there’s going to be a shift in change of our mindset of what’s really important? Yes. Do I believe there’s going to be, um, celebrations coming and joy coming. Yes. Do I believe there’s going to be a lot of, you know, so called celebrities, whatever you want to call them, celebrities and people of influence and even news people that are going to have a complete change of heart? And we, we’re already seeing it happening, you know, where they are stepping away from that whole, uh, you know, corporate, uh, control and saying, “No,” you know, “I’m going, I’m going to go to the other side. I want to be honest. I want to be, uh, I want to be a truth speaker. I want to be on the side of righteousness and truth.” 

And that’s, we’re going to see that a lot. We’re going to see, um, I think we’re going to see especially women, especially women that, uh, are news anchors, um, that are going to come forth and say, “No more. I’m, I’m not going to be controlled by these evil, uh, corporate, uh, you know, oligarchs anymore, and I’m going to come to the side of truth, and I’m not going to be afraid of the backlash, and I’m going to report the truth.” And, um, I believe that’s going to be happening very … I think we’re already going to see it happening just in the coming days. I believe this is, I believe all this is going to be coming very, very soon because I felt a sense of that it was, it was fall, that it was autumn time when this was happening because there was a, a coolness and a Christmas in the air, and, um, yeah, so and, and the foods that we were eating were fall-type foods—warm foods, comfort foods, things that you would eat when the weather starts to get chilly.

And, uh, I believe this is all about to happen very soon. I believe there is going to be the power of the Holy Spirit coming over the mothers, the daughters, the grandmothers, the sisters, and even women that have worked their way up the ladder in corporate America, and they’re going to throw all that corporate stuff away. They’re not even going to care about it anymore. It’s not going to mean anything to them. They’re going to want to come back to the home fires, uh, and, and building up their home again. And the Proverbs 31 woman is back, and it’s going to, actually the Proverbs 31 woman is a prophecy. 

Did you know … go back and read Proverbs 31. It’s a prophecy. Your su, as a woman, you are supposed to be speaking Proverbs 31 as a prophetic word over yourself and your daughters. Did you know that? Proverbs 31 in the Bible is a prophetic word of who God says his daughters are, and we’re su, and, yes, you can be a Proverbs 31 woman. It’s not impossible. It’s who God says his women are. It’s a prophetic word that  you speak over yourself and your own daughters. 

So let’s quickly turn to Proverbs 31 because I believe this is the scripture that the Lord was pointing me to in this dream, right, the three in one, the one in three—Father, Son, Holy Spirit—for the daughters. And I’m going to read from my King James.

“The words of King Lemuel, the prophecy that his mother taught him. What, my son? And what, son of my womb? And what, the son of my vows? Give not thy strength unto women, nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings. It is not for kings, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine; nor for princes strong drink.” 

This is how you speak to your sons, mom, so that they will receive a Proverbs 31 woman that the Lord has for them.

“Lest they drink and forget the law and pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted.” Wow. “Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish and wine to those that be of heavy hearts. Let him drink and forget his poverty and remember his misery no more.” 

Wow, in other words, those that have a mindset, a poverty mindset, a defeated mindset, a mindset of no faith in God, a mindset of, uh, you know, we have to have the mindset of a king. We have to have the mind of Christ, of the good things, right, but those who just want to be in fear and, you know, be bitter and have a poverty mindset, well, fine, you know, you just go drink and just drink your sorrows away. I’m going to think like a king. I’m going to think like my King Jesus, and I’m going to focus on the good things and the blessings.

“Open thy mouth for the dumb and the cause of all such that are appointed to destruction. Open thy mouth. Judge righteousness righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.”

So we are to think like kings and priests. We are to have the mind of Christ, and we are to pray for those who are in a poverty mindset and who are in need that they will come up out of that and come into the mindset of a king.

The virtuous woman – Proverbs 31:10: “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.”

What is virtue? What is virtuous? Bold, brave, courageous, righteous, a woman after God’s own heart.

“The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he should have no need of spoil.”

What that means is her husband trusting her and knows that, “You know what, I have a good wife. I have a good woman. She’s righteous, and she doesn’t have to prove to me every five minutes, uh, her, her love for me. I just, I know she loves me. She doesn’t have to spoil me. She doesn’t have to, right. I know I’ve got a good woman.”

“And she will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.”

Remember, this is a prophecy, and you’re going to speak that over yourself. So how do you speak that over yourself? You say, “Father God, I speak Proverbs 31:10 over myself as a prophecy that I am a Proverbs 31 woman and so is my daughter.” And I speak this over all the women and daughters and sisters and mothers and grandmothers here today, that you are a virtuous woman for your price is far above rubies. The heart of your husband doth safely trust in you, so he has no need of spoil. You will do him good and not evil all the days of his life. You seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with  your hands. You are like the merchant ships that you bring your, your food from afar. You riseth also while it’s yet night, and you give meat to your household and a portion to your maidens.

This, my dream was a Proverbs 31 dream. You considereth a field and buyeth it. With the fruit of your hands, you plant a vineyard. You’re a land owner. You’re supposed to be a land owner with a fruitful land. You gird your loins with strength and strengthen your arms. Right, you put on your armor of God every day. You put on your belt of truth. You’re strong in the Lord in the power of his might. You perceive that your merchandise is good. Your candle goeth out by night. Right, God is blessing the work of your hands and blessing what you’ve been mantled and anointed to do, and you perceive that it’s good. Right, you look at it and you go, “It is good.” Just like when God created the world, he looked at it and he said, “It is good.” You’re satisfied with your work. You lay your hands to the spindle and your hands hold the distaff. The spindle is something where you are, you are working diligently. You work diligently. Right. You’re working diligently. You know, you’re spinning the wool. You’re working diligently until the project is done. You, you see it through all the way. Your hands hold the distaff, right, a staff, you, you, you have strength. You have authority. You stretch out your hand to the poor. You reach forth your hands to the needy. You’re generous. You’re a generous person. You are not afraid of snow for your household, for all of your household is clothed with scarlet.

So, in other words, you’re not afraid of the storms. You’re not afraid of the cold weather. You’re prepared. You’re filled with wisdom. You’ve got plenty of blankets. Your household is set. You’ve got plenty in your cupboards. This is who you are; why I’m prophesying this over you. You make yourself coverings of tapestry. Your clothing is silk and purple.

In other words, you take beautiful pride in yourself, not in a evil, prideful way, but in a way where you, you know who you belong to. You know that you’re a child of the Most High God. You know that you’re a daughter of God, and, and you want to dress nice. You want to dress beautiful. You want to dress, uh, in a way where you, you represent   heaven because that’s, that’s where you belo, that’s who you belong to. Your husband is known at the gates when he sits among the elders of the land. Your husband is respected because you respect him. You lift up your husband. You tell him, “Husband, you are a man of, of respect. You are a man after God’s own heart. You are a man of wisdom.” A man that sits at the gates is a man of wisdom. Right.

We know that in, in, in, in the story of Ruth and Boaz, Boaz went to the gates of the city to ask for Ruth’s hand, uh, with the elders, and that’s where all the men of wisdom, where the decisions were made, right, they, they, honored at the gates. 

So we want to honor our husbands again. We want, we don’t want to act like they’re, they’re stupid or treat them with disrespect. We want to lift them up and tell them that they are men of honor, that they are men of wisdom, that they make wise decisions, that people seek them out for good advice, that they are, are filled with godly wisdom. 

She maketh, you maketh fine linen and selleth it and delivereth the girdles unto the merchant. In other words, God is blessing the work of your hands. Everything that you make, right, will be, will be fine and, and blessed, and you’re going to deliver it yourself with personal one-on-one relationships, and your business will be blessed. Faith and honor are your clothing, and you shall rejoice in the time to come. Right. You’re mantled with strength. You’re mantled with honor from the Lord. 

I love this part. You shall rejoice in the time to come. In other words, you know what’s ahead. You know that joy is ahead. You know that everything that’s ahead of you is a time of rejoicing. You have a very positive attitude, very blessed and positive.

You open your mouth with wisdom, and your tongue is the law of kindness. So everything you speak is blessed. You are very mindful of your words. I prophecy over you that everything you speak is blessed. You’re speaking kindness to others. You look well to the ways of your household and eateth not the bread of idleness. Right? You’re looking out for everyone; “You have what you need? Is there anything you need? Is there anything I can help you? Can I bring you some pie?” And it gives you great joy to do that.

Your children arise up and call you blessed. Your husband also praises you. Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellent, excellest of them all. Favor is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman that feareth the Lord shall be praised.

You see, I was fearing the storm. I was fearing if I was going to run out of my internet signal instead of, my fear should be in the Lord, right. In other words, my fear needs to not be in, uh, the, the things of, of, of the earth, of, of the things of men. In other words, my fear needs to be of the Lord and just pleasing him, focusing on pleasing God, staying in his presence, right? And when your fear is in the Lord and not in the things of man where you don’t care about the things of man, you’re focused more on caring of the things of God, you’re, no, you’re not focused on pleasing man. You’re focused on pleasing God. You shall be praised for it.  Wow. Give her the fruit of her hands. Let her own works praise her in the gates. 

So in that dream, unclutter your mantle, just, just be good in what God calls you to do. Don’t try to make it something it’s not. Don’t try to force it through, you know. Don’t try to be in the ways of the world. You know, God had to totally deprogram me of the marketing ways of the world because I did sales and marketing and public relations in, in commercializing with the corporate sponsors for years, and I, God had to totally deprogram me from that and teach me his ways and trust in him in, in how to, to be fruitful and blessed and, and successful with my business in my ministry only by him being my chief marketing officer, right, and, um, that, that the blessings of the Lord will come, that God will multiply your videos. 

You know, I, the Lord told me, he said, “You stop,” he says, “Do not buy one Google ad, and do not buy one Facebook ad.” He told me to stop it. He said, “You rely on me and make the Holy Spirit your Chief Marketing Officer,” and I did. And, and when I, I took my my cards off of, uh, Google, I took everything off. I said, “I will not buy one ad, Lord. I will not put my faith in Google ads. I will not put my faith in Facebook ads.” I stopped doing it, and the Lord, as soon as I put all my faith in God, he prospered this channel. He prospered those videos.

So I prophesy today that you and your daughters, your mothers, your sisters, your grandmothers, your, um, all your sisters in Christ are Proverbs 31 women, and this is who we are, and this is who God is saying we are right now. And this is happening right now to his daughters. This is happening right now to his daughters. 

That dream that I had last night is for us right now. We are becoming Proverbs 31 women right now. Receive it, in Jesus’ name! Whew! Glory to God! “Jerusalem, my darling.” He talks about Jerusalem like a daughter. He talks about America like a daughter, and we are his daughters, and he has preserved us. And we’ve made it. We’ve made it through the storm, and we are going to be so incredibly blessed.

All right, let’s take your questions, my friends. I had to share that with you all this morning, that dream the Lord gave me. I’m going to make it into its own video, and, uh, talk about being in faithful expectation of what the Lord is doing. And he knew I was going to share that dream with you. He knew. He wanted me to. And it connect … a prophetic word or prophetic dream should always confirm in the word of God, and it confirmed with the Proverbs 31 woman. God is bringing forth the Proverbs 31 woman. Is it you? Is it you? Yes, it is, and me and you and our daughters and our mothers. Glory to God.

Brenda Jones says, “I receive this word, in Jesus’ mighty name. 

Janice Berry says she’s a Proverbs 31 woman, and so is her daughter. 

Anne Dryer, praying for her daughters, herself to receive the Proverbs 31 prophecy. “Thank you, Annamarie, praying for God to bless your ministry.” 

Amen, thank you.

Dolores Lyles, “I receive the Proverbs 31 words, in Jesus’ mighty name.

Joanne Salvia, “That dream covered everything.” 

I know! That dream is definitely the Proverbs thir, the, the, the fulfillment of the Proverbs 31 prophecy. Isn’t that something? I just love it, Proverbs 31, right, the three in one, one in three—the woman that is in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That’s you. That’s me. That’s your daughters. And when you, when you speak the Proverbs 31 woman, when you read it, say, “Lord, I prophesy Proverbs 31 woman is me, is my daughter.” The woman that builds up her house, right?

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, by the power of his blood, I renounce the spirit of feminism and a Jezebel spirit off this nation, off America, off our daughters, off our mothers, off our grandmothers, off all the women right now, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. You hear me, Jezebel spirit? You hear me, spirit of feminism? I rebuke you. I renounce you, in the name of Jesus Christ. GET OUT, in the name of Jesus! You have no authority, Jezebel. You have no authority, feminism. LEAVE NOW! GO TO THE UNINHABITED DRY PLACE, IN JESUS’ NAME, AND STAY THERE UNTIL JESUS CHRIST COMES AND TELLS YOU WHERE TO GO, IN JESUS’ NAME! We close the door right now to the spirit of feminism and seal it forever with the blood of Jesus Christ. It’ll never touch us, as women, our daughters, or anyone ever again. It’ll never touch our sons again. It’ll never touch our husbands again. It’ll never touch us or our daughters again. Feminism is dead! 

Now, in the name of Jesus, we put it under the feet of Jesus Christ, and we say, “Jezebel is roadkill, and the dogs are eating her and lapping up her flesh off the pavement, off the rocks,” in the name of Jesus! Jezebel is no more! Feminism is no more, in Jesus’ name! Come forth now, spirit of adoption, Abba Father, upon your daughters, and the Spirit of the Lord is upon the daughters now. The Proverbs 31 woman prophecy is being activated and manifested in the, in the daughters of God, the sons and daughters of God because the sons are marrying the Proverbs 31 women right now, in the name of Jesus. 

I call forth the prophecy of the Proverbs 31 women, right now, for the sons of God to marry the Proverbs 31 daughters, and those who are married right now have become Proverbs 31 men and women, right now, in the name of Jesus. 

Jezebel is dead. Jezebel is roadkill. Feminism is dead. Feminism is roadkill and under the feet of Jesus Christ forever, in Jesus’ name. And we say that the Proverbs 31 woman is alive and flourishing and prospering. And all the daughters and the women are building up their houses again, and the men are honored at the gates again—men of righteousness, men after God’s own heart. And men and women are living in beautiful marriage—God’s masterpiece—as, as Proverbs 31 men and women, and every false teaching that has been taught to our daughters is erased forever by the blood of Jesus Christ. And the knowledge of the Proverbs 31 woman and the desire to be a Proverbs 31 woman is now instilled in all the women and our daughters now and prospering and growing and flourishing, in the name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit! 

And I prophecy, right now, that everyone who is married that their marriages are now Proverbs 31 marriages, and everyone who is about to get married, that their marriages shall be Proverbs 31 marriages. And I prophecy that all your sons shall have Proverbs 31 women brides, Proverbs 31 women wives, and they shall be Proverbs 31 husbands honored at the gates, men of great wisdom and righteousness. And their wives shall be called blessed. Their price, price shall be far above rubies—virtuous women keeping the home fires burning, and their husbands shall honor them. And so it is; so it shall be.

Jezebel is dead—roadkill—under our feet and under the feet of Jesus Christ. Feminism is dead—roadkill—under our feet and under the feet of Jesus Christ. Every teaching of feminism has been erased by the blood of Jesus Christ and remembered no more from the heavens and the earth, in Jesus’ name. 

And Father God, I ask you to restore the time back to your sons and daughters. Redeem the time back to your sons and daughters. Ret, redeem the time back to those marriages, a blessing of love, of righteousness for we are at a time of new beginnings. We are in the time of great and mighty things of God, a time of great cleansing, a time of purging of all the evil things and of all the lies—have been purged and washed away—and now the truth is coming forth, and the sons and daughters of God are arising in the earth. Sons and daughters of righteousness are arising in the earth. Proverbs 31 men and women are being established all for the kingdom and glory of God. So it is; so be it, in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah! 

And Jezebel shall never be heard of again. Feminism shall never be heard of again. The babies shall have breath. All the babies shall live and not die and proclaim the great and glorious works of the Lord in their life, in Jesus’ name. And we shall enjoy our pies and our blessings around the tables, around the home fires. We have no need to fear for the Lord is with us. 

Let’s do a prophetic act of faith right now. Slam your feet down and say, “Jezebel is crushed under our feet because she’s crushed under Jesus’ feet right now, in Jesus’ name!” Slam your feet down! Jezebel is crushed under our feet because she’s crushed under Jesus’ feet right now, in Jesus’ name, through a prophetic act of faith. Come on; crush under your feet! Crush under your feet, right now! Jezebel is road kill crushed under our feet because she’s crushed under Jesus’s feet! Je, Jehu’s wheels have run her over and crushed her in the name of Jesus. Jezebel has fell, crushed flat on the pavement, crushed under our feet, crushed under our wheels, in Jesus’ name! Feminism is dead, crushed under our feet forever, never to be heard from again, in Jesus’ name! Come on, do a prophetic act of faith! Take your arm, your right arm and throw down Jezebel! We throw Jezebel down! We throw her down, in the name of Jesus! We throw feminism down, in the name of Jesus, flat on the pavement, crushed under the wheels of Jehu, crushed under our feet, crushed under Je, Jesus’ feet, in Jesus’ name! And we say now, “Jezebel is dead. Feminism is dead, but the Proverbs 31 women lives and is thriving. The Proverbs 31 men and women live and are thriving in the land, and your sons are marrying Proverbs 31 women. And your sons shall be honored at the gates, and your daughters shall be called blessed. Come on! Woo hoo hoooo! 

[Singing] Ding dong, the witch is dead. The witch is dead. The witch is dead. Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead. Hi ho, the merrio, witch is dead, witch is dead. Hi ho, the wicked witch is dead. Woo hoo. Woo hoo! [Chanting] Jezebel is dead. Jezebel is roadkill. She’s crushed. She’s crushed, never to be heard from again. Hallelujah! Glory to God! 

Thank you, Father. Thank you for your beautiful promises, Father. Thank you for prophesying the Proverbs 31 man and woman over us. Thank you that marriage is your masterpiece. Thank you, God, for destroying Jezebel. Thank you, God, for destroying feminism. Thank you, God, that you are rising up your sons and daughters as Proverbs 31 men and women. Thank you for your promises, Father God. Thank you for your prophecies, and your prophecy of the Proverbs 31 is manifesting in the earth and multiplying right now, in the name of Jesus. We praise you, Father. Hallelujah. 

Ah, I’m so excited. Woo hooo! Who’s going to make a pie tonight? Let’s build up our house, ladies and gents. 



Spoken to me, Annamarie Strawhand, by the HOLY SPIRIT on the morning of AUGUST, 18 2021 – with permission and confirmation to release on AUGUST 24th 2021 @2:41pm


















– Written as spoken by the Spirit of God to me, Annamarie Strawhand


Original words to The Battle Hymn of The Republic By Julia Ward Howe 1861





Transcription of the word that the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which she delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on July 9, 2021.  #prophetic #possesstheland #kingdombuilders 

Watch the video as the word comes forth:



ANNAMARIE: “My goodness, my friends, I am just overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit right now. I am so overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit right now. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, God. I feel your presence, Lord. Holy Spirit, I surrender to you right now if you want to bring a word. I surrender to you, Holy Spirit, right now, in the name of Jesus. I’m your humble servant, Holy Spirit. I invite you, Lord, to come. Speak through me. What do you want to say? I will speak it. I’m in, I’m in the presence strong right now, my friends. Let’s just give God glory. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus. 

The Spirit of God is speaking, and he’s saying right now he is tearing down, tearing down the evil structures, tearing down the evil structures, and he’s building up his structures. He is giving each of us a portion of bricks, of mortar. Brick-by-brick, we shall build. He’s saying his builder angels are on the earth and are being assigned to people who have been asked to build, who feel called to build. We’re going into a great season of building.

He says, “Why do you think the enemy has tried to burn down all the trees? Ha! Does he think that if he comes against the lumber that will stop my people from building? No, I have given my people bricks. I’ve given them stones on which to build on because my houses are built on stone.” This is the Lord speaking. “You! Have you been called to build? Ask for your bricks. Ask for your stone. Ask for your mortar. Ask for your materials. For the builder angels shall be assigned to you because the plans have already been written in Heaven. The blueprints have already been released. Receive them now. Speak into the land what you want to see built there for the Lord God is with you. Go and put your feet on the land like Joshua. I will give you every place you put your feet. Go up and possess your land,” the Lord is saying, “and build what I’ve called you to build there for his kingdom is coming, and nothing shall stop it.” 

Your kingdom is coming, God. Your people are building what you’ve called them to build. You have given them a portion of bricks and mortar and stone. You will supply the lumber from wherever you want to supply it. Lord, we receive our building assignments right now. We receive our land. Show us where it is. We will go and possess it in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We claim the land that you have given us for your plans and purposes. Give us the finances to build. We receive these finances. We receive our land. We receive our blueprints that are written in Heaven for us. We receive the builder angels to come and assist us. We receive the leading of the Holy Spirit and our master builder, our chief carpenter—the Lord Jesus Christ. 

“For the plumb line has come,” says the Lord. “It is a season of building, and my people shall build what I’ve called them to build. Do not run away from this assignment! Do not be afraid. Do not say, ‘Oh, it’s too big for me.’” “Say, ‘yes, Lord.’” And the Lord is saying he will provide all that you need. He has brought you to this land for a reason. He has put your feet to the place for a reason, and he’s rebuilding his government. 

For the Lord God has spoken. His kingdom shall prevail, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. He’s saying, “I’m destroying the gates of evil.” Oh, my goodness. He’s saying that’s why I saw the sign of those two flags on a gate, on a brick gate to that house—the American flag and the Appeal to Heaven flag—for it has been done. Our appeal to heaven has been heard, and our land is being healed, and it’s being rebuilt the way God wants it to be built. That’s why I saw the flag on the gates of that house. It’s all about your gates, God, Yes, It’s always, always been about your gates, your gates. And the 12 tribes of Israel are all gates. Take the gates. 

[Gasp] Oh, my goodness. Okay, the revelation is just coming like a, it’s like whoosh. Okay, Lord. Hear the word of the Lord. Hear the word of the Holy Spirit. He’s showing me again the Battle of AI—the second battle of Joshua, in the book of Joshua, and this is what the Lord is saying. “Watch how I take the gates of AI—artificial intelligence.” He’s saying, “I gave those gates to Joshua and my people. So I shall again.” 

And what happened at those gates? What happened to the enemy at those gates? The leaders of AI were stacked in a heap in front of the gates, and there, they were burned for all to see. God is tearing down the evil gates, and he’s rebuilding his righteous gates. We are in the battle of AI right now with Joshua. We’re going up to possess the land. Jesus Christ was with Joshua, you know, all the way, all the way, the Lord Jesus Christ himself. Because and when Joshua went to begin his battles in the book of Joshua …

Go to my Joshua teaching here on my YouTube channel. I know that I know that I know that was Jesus Christ in the presence of Joshua. Joshua had an angelic visitation, and he said it was an angel. But the angel said to him, “Take off your shoes. You’re standing on holy ground.” An angel would not say that. You do not bow down and worship an angel. But the Lord Jesus Christ and the Lord God himself, you bow down and worship and you take off your shoes. The captain of the host, the captain of the Lord’s army was with Joshua—Jesus Christ himself. And Jesus Christ himself was with us, and it’s prophetic—the Battle of AI. 

And what happened the other day? President Trump—God’s anointed—proclaimed battle against AI—artificial intelligence—against, against the big tech companies. What do you think they were trying to do to us? Track our every move. Control us with their technology. Artificial intelligence, it’s going down. Their gates are being trashed. It’ll be burned right in front of us, and we’re taking the land, the people of God. Come on! Oh, Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, I see it. I see it. I see it, Lord! Yes, Lord; do it, Lord!

We shall build for the Lord. We are possessing our land for the kingdom and the glory of God. Jesus Christ is with us all the way. He’s giving us all bricks and mortar and stone. He is providing our building materials. He’s saying, “Do not be afraid. Go up and build what I’ve called you to build.” Possess the land, and he will give it to you. It’s already ours. [Inaudible] Come on. 

Yes, Lord. I’ll speak what you want me to speak, Lord, for your kingdom and for your glory. What do you want to say, Lord? Tell me more, Lord. He’s saying we have reached a goal, a goal. He’s showing me a goal post, a goal post. Could be a Hebrew letter. I don’t know the Hebrew letter that’s shaped like a goal post. Yahweh. We have reached a goal. We have reached a moment. We’ve reached a goal in time. We’ve reached a goal. Hm. Yes, Lord. More, Lord. “For this is the will of God for the servants of the Lord. For this is the will of God for the servants of the Lord, that we shall reach these goals of the kingdom of God for this time.” [Sigh] Wow. “Do you not remember when your president, my president,” says the Lord, “Donald J. Trump, my anointed, my man of this time, my David stood before the goal posts?”

That was prophetic when President Trump went to that football game and stood before the goal posts. [Gasp] I remember that now. That was prophetic. It was the Lord showing us that we are facing the goal through our leader, President Donald J. Trump, and the Lord has chosen him to help us get to the goal of the Lord. And he’s saying we’ve reached a goal. We’ve reached it. A goal that was set, we’ve reached it. 

Lord, show us more. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Thank you, Lord. He saw it, it’s gonna just keep going forward, another goal, another goal, another goal to a championship. This is gonna be like win after win after win after win to, to a championship, but we’ve reached a goal. Thank you, Lord. 

We’re not seeing exactly what that is in the Spirit, but I believe these court cases that President Trump is going to do are already won in the Spirit against this big tech. It’s already been won. It’s already been set. It’s already been spoken in Heaven. And he’s saying get behind the president. Get behind him and support him because he is leading us to these goals. Again, God’s anointed, God’s leader, get behind him. He’s leading us to these goals that God has set because God has given him the strategy for us, and not just America, other, I’m seeing other nations.

He’s saying these big tech companies are like demonic principalities. I said, I’m thinking, “Lord, we’re using YouTube. We’re using Facebook. We’re using Twitter. We, we’re using these platforms.” It will be given to the people. [Laughing] It will be given to the people. He’s just, he’s saying right now, “Did I not allow Joshua and my people to plunder everything in those cities?” Yes, you did, Lord. Yes, you did. We’re gonna get the plunder. We’re gonna get those platforms. They’re gonna belong to us! 

I just said, I just said to the Holy Spirit yesterday, I said, “Lord, I named my business Faith Lane Media. I want to be a good media, a media for you. I want to help others have platforms for you. I want to teach them how to get out and speak and do videos and, and, and things like that.” I just said to him, “Lord, I want to be your media.” I want, I just asked him that yesterday. Oh my goodness, it’s all gonna belong to us. Oh gosh. He’s gonna take these platforms that were run by evil and wicked principalities and turn them over and give them to the people. Goodness! Talk about a divine reversal.

Thank you, Holy Spirit. You’re, you’re hearing the word of the Lord. He, he is, he is like [Sigh] right now. I can feel the Father right now in me, and how angry—righteous anger—of these evil, wicked people that have come against his children, that have come against his land, that have come against his ecclesia, that have come against his son … hmm-mm … God … no. 

Okay, God is, ooh, he’s tearing them down, and he’s going to turn around and give it all to us. And we’ve already, we’ve reached a goal already. It’s already done. It’s, we’ve already won in the Spirit, and God’s gonna give us the plunder. But we gotta keep praying for President Donald J. Trump and these men of righteousness that God has put at the helm—our Joshuas, our Calebs. Thank you, God. Wow, yes, Lord, we receive it. We receive your word today. We receive it, yes, yes, Lord, and we will be good stewards of these, this plunder. We will be good stewards of it, God. Help us stay faithful and obedient that it always honors and exalts you, Father, and your kingdom for your glory, in Jesus’ name. 

I’m thinking right now, now, now this is just my discernment. I’m thinking right now when President Trump is saying … now this is just my discernment, and I’m going to ask the Holy Spirit for confirmation. I’m thinking right now that’s why President Trump hasn’t come out with this social media platform that he keeps saying he’s gonna come out with because he’s going to win in court with all of us class action suit—We the People against Facebook, YouTube, Twitter because Google is the same as YouTube. YouTube and Google are one company. They’re, they’re the same company. 

He’s gonna end up owning them! Oh, my goodness. Oh, my gosh. I’m gonna ask the Holy Spirit for confirmation on that one because this is just discerning in my spirit right now. He showed me the battle of I, AI, how those evil leaders were destroyed. God’s people went in and took the gates, took the plunder.

[Gasp] This is connected back … oh, my goodness. All right. I know. Okay. Holy Spirit is showing me the word from Prophet Kim Clement when Kim Clement said that God’s gonna take Bill Gates and open up, use Bill Gates to open up something huge for the church. I discern what that word meant is the, stripping the wealth of the wicked and giving it to the righteous, but we know that Bill Gates has got his hands in all this evil big tech. We know he does, on the evil side of it. That he’s one of those big tech giants that’s coming down in the Battle of AI. It’s, he has an evil gate. God’s all about gates! All about gates! It’s considered the place of authority, the going in and the going out. Whoever takes the gates controls it, controls it. 

What that prophecy of Kim Clement meant was that God, through this Battle of AI that’s happening right now, which we already have the victory, the transference of wealth is gonna happen. All of the wealth of those big tech giants is gonna be stripped and given to the ecclesia for us to use for the church, to use for the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Oh, my goodness, we’re gonna take their platforms. It’s gonna be given to us because God’s people got to go in and take the plunder and take the land, take the gates to be used for God’s glory. 

That’s why I always say, “Lord, do you want me to be on Facebook? Do you want me to be on Twitter? Do you want me to be on YouTube?” And he would just tell me, he would just say, “Stay in there. Stay on there.” You know, just dedicate it to him. Continue to have that influence in here. Claim it for his purposes. Here we are. And those of you who have been thrown off of these platforms, get behind President Trump’s lawsuit. You can sign up for it to get, you know, if you’ve been thrown off of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any of those places. Okay? Get behind President Trump’s class action suit. This is gonna be glorious. 

You remember the other day when I told you 777 when Wednesday was July 7th—the seventh month, the seventh day, and the 21 is 7+7+7, and God has completed a thing. That’s God’s number when he stamps when he’s completed a thing. Well, when I started to do my biblical research the other day, on, on the number seven, right, God has completed a thing; it’s also the seven eyes of the Lord, the seven spirits of the Lord. 

The seven eyes of the Lord go through all the earth, right, the seven eyes of the Lord. Did you know that the seven eyes of the Lord are on a rock? It says the seven eyes of the Lord are on a rock. A rock. “And he will take a simple stone,” says the Lord, “remember the name, and they will laugh at him, but the plan is so brilliant it can only be given by God.” The rock of God, the stone of God that hit Goliath, seven eyes on the stone of God. The rock of ages is gonna hit these evil people so hard they won’t know what hit them. 

In the Battle of AI and Joshua, Joshua just had to stand like up on a hill, like up on a rock, you know, and with a javelin on his shoulder and just face that city while God gave them a stealth plan of, uh, armies of Israel to, to, to get them from behind; take them by surprise. Whew! Come on! “




Transcription of the word the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which was delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on May 17, 2021.

Watch video – then read transcript below….


Annamarie Strawhand: “Okay, so got something really cool to share with you all. This is so amazing. Now, y’all know I’ve been talking about this little horse—this little thoroughbred racehorse named Medina Spirit. I put out a word a couple of weeks ago right after the Kentucky Derby that the Lord was speaking to me through this horse, Medina Spirit. And right after the Kentucky Derby … 

I love horses. We have a horse, Pongo. I’ve always been, always been a girl about horses. I love the Kentucky Derby. I actually had some thoroughbred horses. I used to ride hunter jumpers back when I was a teenager. Uh, I used to help a horse rescue up here. They rescued, uh, racehorses, uh, that were retired and things like that. So, I’m really into this. And the Lord speaks to me through these racehorses. 

Now, several months ago, we had a word of the Lord. Now, if you want to go back and listen to all of my prophetic words, I have a playlist on my YouTube channel and a playlist on my Facebook page that says “Prophetic Words of Annamarie Strawhand.” It’s all in order by date.


 Well, a few months ago, we had a word from the Lord that says, “The Joy is coming.” That we shall have joy. Well, I kind of tucked that word away. I, I didn’t think anything of it. 

Well, um, Medina Spirit—the little racehorse—we know we had a word about him right after the Kentucky Derby. (See Annamarie’s 2021 Kentucky Derby Prophetic word first given about Medina Spirit here.) He was a little unknown racehorse. Just, they bought him for a thousand dollars. He got an opportunity to go to the best stable, the best trainer. He was trained, and he, uh, and he went out and be, and became a winner at the Kentucky Derby—the greatest race, the greatest horse race—and he dominated the race. And not only did he dominate the race, but it was, it was just a total upset. You know, he, he came from behind and dominated the race. 

Well, the Lord gave me a word about Medina Spirit. As soon as that horse won. The Lord said to me, “Esther, Esther.” And you know we’ve been talking about Esther. We know that it’s been prophesied that, that we will be in a time of Esther, uh, between President Trump’s two terms, and that we are to say yes to Esther, yes to Esther, yes to Esther during this time. We also had a Esther word that there will be a divine reversal with the election, okay, you know, a divine reversal with the, the election fraud, in other words. We know that President Trump won, but there’s going to be a divine reversal of exposure, right, exposure of the cheating, and the election fraud will be reversed back on those who did it. Okay? In other words, Haman will hang on his own gallows. 

So, I’m watching this horse, Medina Spirit. The Lord says to me, “Esther.” You can go back and watch the word that, that I got. And the Lord said to me, “Take the name Medina and look it up in the Hebrew Bible.” So, I took the word Medina. I looked it up in the Hebrew Bible, and it’s only in one place in the Hebrew Bible, one place in the entire Bible, even in the English translations. Esther Chapter Eight verse 17—the word Medina only shows up one time in the whole word of God. Esther, the book of Esther Chapter 8:17. 

Now, if you read Esther Chapter Eight verse 17, it’s a verse about joy. Joy. We’re talking about joy today. So, let’s just, let’s, let’s just recap real quick Esther 8:17. So the Lord said he was speaking through that little horse, Medina, and he was saying, “I’m giving you a word about Esther. That you are in a season of Esther right now, and this is what I’m speaking through this horse.” And he showed me Esther 8:17. That’s the only place that the word Medina … Medina is an ancient Hebrew word. It, it’s a word before the Arabs had it. It’s a word before the Muslims had it. It’s a word that God had first. It’s a ancient Hebrew word, so we have to go the root. 

We have to go to God’s word to confirm what he’s saying. Esther 8:17 “And in every province, and in every city whithersoever the king’s commandment and his decree came, and the Jews had joy”—there’s that word joy—”and gladness, a feast, and a good day.” Today is a great feast day. This is a double feast day, right? This is Shavuot when, when, when, uh, God gave Moses the word, the, the first books of the Bible, and this is Pentecost when the disciples of Jesus Christ received the Holy Ghost in the upper room. Oh, my goodness, what a great day this is, and today is a good day because we are speaking joy. 

This is the word of God for you. Today is a day of joy. Esther 8:17 “And in every province, and in every city whithersoever the king’s commandment and his decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast, and a good day, and many of the people of the land became Jews for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.” 

Esther 8:17 is all about the joy of the Lord coming upon his people, because why? Because God did a victory for them. God did a divine reversal that what all that the enemy meant for evil against his people were turned to good for his people, and it says in every province and in every city. 

Now, that’s where the word Medina comes in. If you look that up in the Hebrew, the word province and city, the word Medina is used. It’s a Hebrew word which means sovereign city, sovereign state, sovereign, right? It’s the people that are in charge—the people, right, under God. It’s just, it means sovereign city or sovereign state.  

My friends, what are we seeing happening? We are seeing the states in America take their sovereignty. I just saw, uh, uh, Ron DeSantis, who is an amazing governor, and he said, “It’s time for the states to take their sovereignty back.” Israel taking her sovereignty back. The states of the United States of America and America taking her sovereignty back—of the people, by the people, one nation under God, getting out from under these, these, uh, oligarchs and these elites and the, these cabal and all of these evil, demonic, controlling, antichrist systems. We’re getting out from under it, and we’re gonna have joy and feasting and, and this is what God is talking about. 

Somebody said to me, “Well, isn’t Medina a name of a city in Arabia?” Listen, my friends, I go to God’s word when he gives me a word. I don’t go and look at Arabia. I go to his word to confirm his word, and the word Medina is a Hebrew word. Hebrew is God’s language. God had the word Medina before the Arabs, and did you know, did you know that the Hebrew Aramaic language is the base of the, the Arab language, you see? God’s language first. God’s people first. Medina was first in Esther before it was in Arabia. And do you know what the word Medina … Medina just has a meaning. It just, it means sovereign city. That’s what it means. And God’s saying it’s his sovereign people, his sovereign city, and there is joy coming. It’s a good word. It’s a happy word. It’s a word of hope and expectation from our Father God. We are in a Esther season. 

Okay, so that was the first part of the word, Medina. Then, this poor little horse, Medina, the enemy comes at him. Enemy comes at him and starts accusing him. So what happens when the joy of the Lord is, is starting to go forth, right? The, the, the, the, the people are, are starting to, to get joy, right. The people are starting to get in the flow of the joy, right. Here comes the accuser, the accuser. Who did Jesus say the accuser was in the book of Revelation? The devil, the devil. Jesus says the accuser stands in the courts of heaven night and day, day and night trying to accuse the brethren, the people of God. 

Esther had to go boldly to the courts, to the court of the king with her petition, right. What are we doing right now? We’re going boldly to the throne of grace with our petition to God, right, for our nation praying for Israel, right. And who’s always … Haman, Haman, the devil, evil, right, he’s always trying to accuse. [sound effect], right. 

So, what happens? The accuser jumps in there, and tries to accuse this horse, Medina Spirit, that’s trying to bring a good message from the Lord, that’s trying to bring a Esther word to the people of joy is coming, uh, happiness is coming. All right. The only time the word Medina shows up in the Bible is Esther when there was joy and, and, and celebration, and here comes the accuser trying to accuse that little horse of being on steroids. 

And I, what did I say to you? Some of you … I had people telling me to retract my word. “You need to retract your word. You need…” I’m like, “NO! God told me that that horse, Medina Spirit, is a Esther 8:17 word, and it’s a good word, and it’s a happy word, and it’s a word of hope. And God is speaking hope to us, and I will not retract that word. I stand on what God says. Now, keep watching this horse. God is speaking. There’s more. God is speaking from this horse.”

 So, I stood my ground. I stood my ground, and I did not retract that word. I said, “God you said Esther 8:17, and I am not budging.” So, they find out that the horse really didn’t have steroids; that it was some antifungal cream that they put on the horse that mimicked the steroids. 

Now, we have horses. I know all about horses, and if they spend any time out in the pasture or they get any rain on them or they get sweaty, uh, and they’re not rinsed off really good and cleaned up really good, sometimes this little fungal stuff will get on their hind, like on their, over their rump, you know, and it gets real itchy. So, sometimes you have to put this cream on there. Now, our horse, Pongo, he’s never gotten it. He’s never gotten it, so that’s good. Uh, they call it sweet itch. They call it sweet itch on horses, and, so you have to put a little bit of a antifungal cream on it to heal it up. So, they were doing that. I mean, the horse was gonna run in the Kentucky Derby. He had to look his best. You don’t want him to have a rash on his butt; you know he’s running the Kentucky Derby. So, they found out that the horse really didn’t have any illegal drugs in him—Medina Spirit. See? It was just from this cream they put on his butt, so they allowed him to run the Preakness. 

And I’ll tell you what; y’all watch the Preakness. This Medina Spirit, he ran his little heart out. He ran his little heart out. He led that whole race. He led that whole race, and he was going. Boy, I’ll tell you what, and I [inaudible]. I was cheering for Medina Spirit. 

Well, come to find out, these two other horses came up beside him, right, and they were running, and they just nudged ahead for the first, second, and third finish. So, it, it, it, it came like this—first place, um, uh, so, okay, so let me go back. Uh, let me get the exact finish, okay? So, y’all ready? Okay. All right, so here we go. Okay, so they finished like this: Rombauer (R O M B A U E R) won the race, so Rombauer was first. And second was, uh, Mid, his name was, uh, Midnight Bourbon, and third was Medina Spirit. Okay? 

So, I said, “Okay, Lord, I’m, I’m putting this before you, and I ask you to show me what you’re still speaking through this little horse, Medina Spirit, and through this Preakness, uh, race.” Because I knew the Lord was still speaking, so I waited. I, I just gave it to the Lord. I asked him to speak to me. 

Well, someone who follows me on YouTube messages me. And I did a screenshot, and I shared it with you. Uh, Cory Keplinger messages me and says, “Annamarie, this is no joke. I just got done watching the, the Preakness Stakes. Medina Spirit finished third, but the official order of the finish was six, six, five, three. I felt led by the Holy Spirit to look in my Bible on page 653, and I kid you not, the very la, last verse on that page is Esther 8:17.”

Come on, God!! You see, when the Holy Spirit starts to flow in a ministry, when the Holy Spirit starts to flow, when the word of the Lord has gone out in faith, right, watch what the Holy Spirit does. He starts to bring people in alignment with the word. He starts to speak, right, to, to all of you to bring his confirmation. 

He is giving us hope, my friends. He is showing us joy is coming. So, when Cory Keplinger said that to me, looked in, in her Bible—I don’t know if Cory is a girl or boy, but I think it’s a girl—on page 653, that [inaudible], so, again, the word of God is confirmed. 

See, this is how you know it’s a true prophetic word. Is there a witness to it? Two or more witnesses to it, right, come forth, and it confirms in the word of God. It confirms in the word of God. So, again, God confirmed it in his word again—Esther 8:17. We are in a Esther season. Get ready. The joy of the Lord is coming. Celebration is coming. God is making good on his promises to us. He has heard our bold prayers. The accuser will not prevail. Come on!! And God confirmed his word in Esther 8:17. Come on! 

So, the Lord says to me, Holy Spirit says to me again, “I want you to take those numbers—six, five, three—and add them together in Hebrew gematria. 

Now, listen. Hebrew gematria is not numerology. Numerology is of the enemy. Hebrew gematria is of the Lord. Our God is a mathematical God. The Hebrew alphabet is a alpha-numeric alphabet. The letters mean numbers. And this is not anything that is evil. It is how God speaks to us. The Holy Spirit speaks to us through numbers very powerfully. 

So, the Lord says to me, “Add up the numbers 6+5+3.” So, I add up the numbers six, five, three. They come up to the number 14. Listen to me; this is amazing. Biblically, the number 14 represents generational promises of God and the genealogy of Jesus Christ. It always has to point to Jesus. That’s when you know a prophetic word is true. Ultimately, it points to Jesus Christ because everything in the Bible points to Jesus Christ. The spirit of prophecy is Jesus Christ, my friends. Love you, Lord. 

So, Hebrew gematria—6+5+3=14. That’s how the finish was. Biblically, the number 14 represents the generational promises of God and the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Let’s go to Matthew 1:17 … and Jacob, father of Joe, of Joseph, the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus who was called Christ. Okay, here we go, Matthew 1:17 “In all then were 14 generations from Abraham to David. Fourteen generations from David to the exile of Babylon and 14 from the exile to Christ.” 

This is how the word of Jesus Christ came about. I love the book of Matthew because he’s so meticulous with the genealogy and the numbers, and 14 … I told you God said to me, “Watch this horse, Medina Spirit. I’m gonna be speaking through everything he does.” Keep watching him. He told me not to retract my word, to keep watching. 

So first God is speaking to us about Esther. Esther going to the throne of grace and the king’s favor coming upon Esther is a picture of us with Jesus Christ. Again, Medina Spirit finishes third. On the third day, redemption. Medina Spirit got to race again in the Pre, Preakness, and guess what? All the accusations were taken away from Medina Spirit just like they’re taken away from us. Come on. This is a word of joy and promise, and what is God’s greatest promise? Jesus Christ, again, and 14 is generational promises. 

What did I tell you about President Trump’s lineage? President Trump is of the tribe of Judah. I, we, I, I’ve showed you all the proof for that. I’ve showed you the research. And God said the scepter shall never depart from Judah, from the bloodline of Judah. 

This is the time we are in, my friends, great and glorious times. All of God’s generational promises are coming forth for his people. He has not forgotten us. We are having a time of great, great celebration. Get ready. 

Okay, so, guess what? I decide, “Lord, is there more to this word?” I said, “Talk to me more, Holy Spirit. Speak to me more. Speak to me more, Holy Spirit.” Okay, you see, you, you, you know not because you ask not. It is the glory of kings … the Bible says it is the glory of kings to search out a matter, and we are all kings and priests. And I, I am to speak these things out to give you the message from the Lord, and the message is all about joy, celebration. Blessings are coming. God’s generational promises are coming forth for us. This is a message of hope from our Father God. Will he speak through a horse, a racehorse? Absolutely. Absolutely. God can speak through anything. We just have to be awake. 

All right, so listen to this. This is so good. This is so good. There’s more. Wait, there’s more! Wait, there’s more! This is so good. Y’all are gonna be like jumping up and down with joy. Okay, so we know we’ve got Medina, means sovereign city and state—Israel taking back her sovereignty, not allowing the evil Hamas, Haman, Hamas, Haman, come on. Israel shall prevail. There shall be joy and celebration. America, the people, those in the cities in the states that are taking back our freedom, our constitutional rights, we shall prevail and have joy. God is making good on all his generational promises to us—the number 14. 

Okay, so I got all that from the Lord. Wait, there’s more! So, I said, “Lord, what about the two horses that finished in front of Medina Spirit in the Preakness?” And the Lord said to me, “Look up the meaning, look up the meaning of the name Rombauer, and study about the horse, Rombauer.” So, I look up the meaning of the name, Rombauer. The name Rombauer—the horse that won the Preakness—the name means gratitude in great joy. You can’t make this stuff up. The name Rombauer, the word Rombauer means gratitude in great joy. It means joyful gratitude. The horse that won the Preakness, that’s what his name means—joyful gratitude. 

Then I study about the horse. The horse that won the Preakness is from California. The family that owns this horse, Rombauer, whose name means joyful gratitude, own a winery, okay, Rombauer Wineries in California. It was one of the only wineries in California that survived the Glass Fire. Remember the fire that was in California? It was called the Glass Fire, and it burned up about everything. But Rombauer, Rombauer Wineries survived that fire. The vine, the winery, right, the wine … hang on; it gets better. It gets better. 

The people that own this horse, Rombauer, whose name means joyful gratitude, own a winery that survived the fires, oh wow, and their most famous wine that they’re famous for, the wine is named, Joy. I told you I had a word of joy for y’all! These people that own this winery, that own this horse that won the Preakness in California, Rombauer, okay, they have a wine named Joy. The horse’s name, their last name, means joyful gratitude. We had a Esther word from the Kentucky Derby through Medina. The word Medina only shows up once in the Bible in Esther 8:17. That’s all about joy and celebration. You think God is trying to speak to us about joy? 

Okay, wait, it gets better. It gets better. It gets better. Y’all aren’t gonna believe, no, you’re gonna [inaudible]. This is God. Okay, this is God. So, this horse’s name, his horse, the horse named Rombauer means joyful gratitude. He’s from a vineyard and a family whose name means joy and joyful gra, gratitude. It’s the only vineyard that survived the Glass Fires in California, and guess who this family … and the, their most famous wine is named Joy. Their wine, joy, wine, the wine, Jesus, the fruit of the vine. What is, right, the fruit of the Holy Spirit—love, joy, peace. Come on. Come on. This is so amazing. I told you God told me to keep watching this horse and not retract my word because he had more for us. I, I feel the excitement of the Holy Spirit right now. 

There’s more. This family, Rombauer family, California, you know who their mother was, their mama? Their mom wrote the most famous cookbook in American History. I know all your grandmothers had this cookbook—The Joy of Cooking. Irma Rombauer wrote The Joy of Cooking back, I think, in the 1950s and the 1960s. I’m telling you, this wa, this cookbook was in every single American kitchen. Many of you, your grandmothers may have had The Joy of Cooking. I know my grandmother had this, this cookbook. I know she made a lot of recipes out of this cookbook. So, this little horse, his grandmother was Irma Rombauer, who wrote The Joy of Cooking. And what, what are the main recipes that are in this cookbook? American comfort food. American comfort food. Comfort, joy, comfort, celebration, feasting, food, wine. The wom, the, the grandmother, the mom of the people that own Rombauer—the horse that won the Preakness, whose name means joyful gratitude—is the woman that wrote the most famous and well-loved American cookbook of all time that is pretty much in everybody’s, was in everybody’s kitchen in the 1950s and sixties and seventies. How many of you [inaudible] remember your grandma or your mom having this cookbook—Irma S. Rombauer, The Joy of Cooking?

What does our Esther 8:17 word say? Joy, feasting, and celebration. My friends, get ready for joy, feasting, celebration, good old American comfort food. We’re coming back. America’s coming … God hasn’t forgotten us. God hasn’t forgotten us. He hasn’t forgotten the prayers of our grandmothers and our mothers and our grandfathers. He hasn’t forgotten us. He is speaking hope through this horse, and Jesus Christ is the vine, and we will once again be sitting around the kitchen table celebrating in our freedom. 

My friends, listen to me. Our Father God loves us. He’s heard our prayers. We’ve come boldly to the throne of grace with our petitions, petitions, and he’s reached his sceper, scepter out to us, and the evil ones are hanging on their own gallows. The evil ones, the pit that they have dug for the American people, they are falling into themselves. Medina Spirit, God is talking to us and telling us, “Stay faithful. Esther is here. Joy is here. I am raising up the Medina Spirit in the people again—the sovereign cities, the sovereign states of freedom for the people to take their freedom again and get out from under the, the federal government.” 

And President Trump has been trying to wake us up. He’s been trying to get us to think for ourselves. He’s been putting the attention on things. When President Trump puts out a very loud, you know, b, boisterous tweet, it’s because he wants to get our attention on something. He’s saying, “Think for yourselves. Look! Pay attention.” So is God, he’s trying to tell us, “Look! Pay attention. I’m talking to you.” 

And let me tell you something. I just told you about the man of truth, and God is confirming his word with this wine and the joy and Esther 8:17 and Medina Spirit and Rombauer, that, th, th, that all the things that God loves about America—families, comfort food, gathering around the table, and beautiful California being restored, her vineyards being restored, and what did … Talk about a message of hope. What did General Michael Flynn say in that interview several weeks ago? When the interviewer said to him, “Well, I bought a bottle of wine to celebrate trunks, Trump’s victory. Should I give that wine away?” And General Michael Flynn said, “No, do not give that wine away. Hang onto it. You’re gonna need it for a celebration.” 

How many of you have hung onto that word? I’m telling you, my friends, God is speaking. He’s telling us to have hope. He’s telling us to keep our eyes on his promises. He’s telling us that joy is here. He’s telling us that the people of God shall have victory, and we shall have joy and feasting and all the things that we love about America and the prayers of our mothers and grandmothers and the generational blessings. God hasn’t forgotten it. 

I’m so overcome with the goodness of our Father God and how much he loves us. He saves the best wine for last. All about the wine—Jesus Christ, the fruit of the wine, joyful gratitude, generational promises. This nation of America was found, founded to bring the gospel to all the world, to be of the great awakening and the great harvest of souls for Jesus Christ. We haven’t even received our harvest yet. When President Trump says the best is yet to come, he means it, and now God is confirming that with us with this word of joy and wine and celebration and that the prayers of our mothers and all the work of our mothers and all of the work of our fathers and of the generations before us, it’s all coming to fruition. And we shall have our celebrations again and our comfort food, and we are being, gonna be, and we are out, we are out from under; we are free from the oligarchs and the cabal and all those evil, disgusting, nasty, antichrist systems. This is a word of joy and hope from God. 

That’s why God told me to keep watching that horse, Medina. Now, you say to me, “Annamarie, what about the horse that finished second, Midnight?” Well, there was a time, excuse me, there was a time from, uh, the cross to the resurrection, that was a time in the tomb, in the night, right? There was a time where we had a midnight hour. The second-place horse name was Midnight—Midnight Bourbon. What is bourbon? Bourbon comes from wheat or corn, and it’s fermented in oak barrels, and it’s, it’s, it’s known for its perfect aging. So, we’ve got Midnight, and we’ve got the perfect timing, the perfect aging of this. We’ve been a ti, in a time of some darkness. We’ve been in a time of not knowing. We’ve been in a time of waiting, right, for this perfect coming of age. But, my friends, it’s here, and I believe it’s gonna be, there’s gonna be some suddenlies, some suddenlies that are gonna happen in the midnight hour.”

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