Transcription of the word that the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which she delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on December 11, 2020.

Watch the video, and then read the transcript below.


ANNAMARIE:  And so I want to tell you something interesting about Sight & Sound Theatres in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. So I’ve been wanting to go back, and I would try to get somebody to go back with me. You know, get a group of people together to go back up there because they’re, they’re doing Esther. But they were supposed to do Esther … Esther was supposed to open up way back in May, but they couldn’t open up the Esther play because of the, the, the shut down, the lock down and all this Covid stuff. So they had a week to do it. Hang on; this is gonna get really amazing. 

So it’s amazing that Esther is playing at Sight & Sound Theatre with all these Esther words going out right now about “an Esther will come.” Right? We know that the word of the Lord that came from Prophet Kim Clement that said during President Trump’s presidency, an Esther would come, an Esther would come. Right? And she would pour the oil on the nation. 

So Sight & Sound Theatres was gonna open back up to do a performance only for a handful of people. They had to be socially distanced, and they were gonna film this performance, and you could get on the livestream for like $15.00 or something. So I signed up for the livestream so I could watch it. And they just had a handful of people in the audience, and, um, there was just a few like honored guests that were invited to this opening of Esther.

So I happen to follow Ivanka Trump, President Trump’s daughter, on Twitter and Facebook. I follow her. So I knew that night that I was gonna watch the livestream of Esther and that it was the opening and only a few people were invited to this play. Okay, so it was gonna be like in September/October, I think it was. I can’t remember when it happened.

Guess who was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that day of the opening of the play of Esther? Ivanka Trump. I’m sorry, the Lord … that is no coincidence to me. The Lord has told me many times that Ivanka tu, Trump is a type of Esther. She’s a type of Esther. And the Lord confirmed that to me. When I saw Ivanka Trump there in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the, the play, Esther, that was opening that night, I said, “Esther has had her feet in Pennsylvania.” Hear me out. 

The play, Esther, was postponed but opened back up, and it was livestreamed all over the world for the first time from Sight & Sound Theatre. Everybody has said we’re in a Esther season of what? Divine reversal. What is Esther? Esther is literally the spirit of divine reversal. Okay? What happened with Esther? The enemy, Haman, who had built the gallows for God’s people. It ended up turning back around on Haman, and he was the one, the evil one, and, and, and who has been the worst state, one of, other than Georgia, what has been the worst state in this voter fraud? Pennsylvania. Esther is in Pennsylvania. The Esther mandate is in Pennsylvania—divine reversal. Pennsylvania shall have a divine reversal, reversal, and the spirit of Esther is in Pennsylvania. We shall see a divine reversal in Pennsylvania. What the enemy meant for evil in Pennsylvania shall be turned right back around on the enemy. 

I knew that I knew that I knew we were gonna see a divine reversal in Pennsylvania, that the Lord was aligning the, the whole Esther. I’m telling you, my friends, we are gonna see things, and we’re not gonna know what they mean, like why would Ivanka Trump happen to be in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on the opening of, of the Esther play with, uh, and you see how God pieces the puzzle together? And we were told the divine reversal; we’re in the Esther time, that Haman’s gonna hang on his own gallows. And now it’s happening right now, and a ruling is gonna go out from the Supreme Court in the land.

Who was the Supreme Court in the land at that time in Persia? The king. He was the judge. Right? And a divine reversal went from the decree that went from the king’s throne, and Haman ended up hanging on his own gallows and all of his sons. 

I’m telling you, my friends, we are getting so many prophetic confirmations in this time, and the Lord just reminded me of that. 

I think Ivanka Trump knows this. I think she knows she has the Esther anointing. She, she’s Christian, but she’s also Jewish. Her husband is Jewish. She, she’s like a Jewish princess. Who is a Jewish princess? Esther. I’m sorry, it’s just, it’s, it’s, uh, no, I’m not sorry. It’s just connected. It, it’s, it’s just God connecting the pieces, God connecting the dots. It’s just a sign of God saying, “My Esther anointing is on Pennsylvania, and I’m gonna do a divine reversal here.” Come on, God. I’m so excited.

You see, this is how the prophetic works. He, God is gonna give you little pieces, and you gotta, you gotta pay attention! You gotta say, “Okay, I saw this on this day. I’m writing it down. I saw this on this day. I’m writing it down. God told me this on this day. I’m writing it down.” This is why you gotta keep a journal. This is why you gotta write these things down, and then he’s gonna put the pieces of the puzzle together for you. And then there’ll be a whole, complete prophetic confirmation, and you’re gonna know that you know that you know that it’s God that’s doing this. Come on! 

So we, on this day, are in faithful expectation of divine reversal in Pennsylvania, in Georgia, come on, in Michigan. I’m even gonna say the state of Virginia, even California, every state where there has been voter fraud. I say today is the day of Esther, of divine reversal in favor of President Trump, in favor of the people of Almighty God! And Haman shall hang on his own gallows. Those who meant evil for President Trump, those who meant EVIL, those who meant EVIL for the people of America, those who meant EVIL against God’s people shall fall into their own trap, into their own pit. So be it, in Jesus’ name. This is the day of Esther! 

Come on, everybody, we’re going to be like Kim Clement. Let’s everybody say YES TO ESTHER! YES TO ESTHER! YES TO ESTHER! YES TO ESTHER! Come on, everybody! Just like prophet, the words of Prophet Kim Clement are coming back to me right now. Come on, let’s do it again! YES TO ESTHER! YES TO ESTHER! YES TO ESTHER! Come on, everybody! Let’s do it together! 

You know, I had a dream about Kim Clement right after he passed away. The Holy Spirit revealed a message to me from him. I was standing in George Washington’s house at Mount Vernon. I was in Mount Vernon in the dream. I was standing in Mount Vernon in the big, huge kitchen fireplace, those big, huge Colonial kitchen fireplaces with the big mantel. Okay? I was standing there, and Prophet Kim Clement, in full, he had full, like Revolutionary War outfit on. He had the hat. His hair was pulled back in a ponytail, you know, Revolutionary War style. He looked like Mel Gibson in, in the movie The Patriot. I mean, that’s what he looked like. He had on the coat, the knickers, everything, and he was kneeling at the fire. And he was, he was putting kindling wood in the fire, and he had like one of those bellows blowing air on the fire. And he was poking the fire, and he’s getting the fire going. I was standing there watching him, and he turned to me—this was Prophet Kim Clement in this dream—and he said, “Annamarie, keep the fires burning,” he said to me. I said, “Yes, I will.” And now I know what that dream means. 

What that means is the words that were spoken by that prophet, those are God’s words. They’re holy fire is what they are, and we, as the ecclesia, we have to keep that burning. We have to keep it ignited. We have to keep these words and keep, keep them out, out there. Keep them burning brightly and strongly. We are the fire of the Holy Spirit that is still burning within us. These are the words of the Holy Ghost that are spoke through a prophet, and we’ve gotta keep speaking them and keep them burning. Oh, I know. I get it. I get it. I understand now.  

The devil, he tried to take out Kim Clement, but Jesus says that his words will never perish. Jesus’ words will never perish. And that’s why we have to take the words of the prophet, Kim Clement, and Bob Jones for the billion soul harvest and the words of Prophet Kim Clement—yes to Esther—that Trump will have two terms. We gotta keep that fire burning. It’s the fire of the Holy Ghost that’s in those words. We can’t let the fire go out. 


Thank you, Holy Spirit. Your holy fire is still burning, Lord. These words are burning, but we’ve just ignited them even higher. A major holy fire is burning right now in your Spirit over this nation. We say yes to Esther. Today is the day of Esther in the United States of America. We say divine reversal in the favor of President Donald J. Trump and in the favor of your people. O God, you love America, and we are obediently keeping the words of your prophet, Kim Clement, WHICH ARE  YOUR WORDS, GOD, on fire. 

We shall see a great and mighty miracle. Even today, we are in expectation of it, God. America belongs to you, God. And so your words have gone forth, Father God, over this nation and over this president, Donald J. Trump, and they shall not return void. They shall prosper for what they are sent, in Jesus’ name. And we shall have justice even today against our adversary, in Jesus’ name.  

You see how the word of the la, Lord was brought here by one person who came here to be obedient to ask for prayer? And the Holy Spirit saw that as an opening to start speaking about Sight & Sound Theatres. See, we are the body of Christ. We work together in the prophetic. The Holy Spirit is, um, like igniting his fire all on each of us. You see how the Holy Spirit brought this word forth? Isn’t it beautiful? This is our God. This is our God. 

I want to thank you all for being faithful and coming on this broadcast today and getting in the chat and typing your prayer that the Holy Spirit could move here, and the fire of the Holy Ghost could move here and this word could come forth. And in all of your obedience in coming here today so this word of the Lord could go forth, I pray a great blessing of the Lord upon you and your household. That all of your prayers are answered today because of your obedience just by being here, and that the favor of the Lord surrounds you as a shield and the glory of God is your covering, and great and mighty miracles upon you and your household and your loved one, loved ones—prodigals coming home, treasures from afar coming into your doorstep, health, wealth, prosperity, breakthrough for you and your families. Today is the day of great and mighty miracles, in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah! 

Honey, guess what? Today is the day of great and mighty miracles. Are you ready? He is. Even Mike’s ready. Wow! My friends, that was amazing. 

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