I have an encouraging and powerful prophetic message for America shown to me from the Liberty University Football Game Win on 12/26/20:

Yesterday I happened to catch the last part of this college championship game and the Holy Spirit made me pay attention that He was speaking about America in this game. The Liberty Flames Football team won 37 to 34 over the Coastal Carolina Chanticleer’s in the “Cure Bowl”.

A few things He quickened into my spirit:


  • The Holy Spirit sent me to 1 Samuel 17:37 of the words of God’s anointed King David bravely and faithfully knowing God would be with him to destroy Goliath.
  •  “The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.” This is directly connected to our overcoming faith and we will have Victory over the Giant.
  • Many prophets including myself have heard the Holy Spirit reference President Trump as a King David Anointed of God and of the blood line of King David, who will take the evil giant down of the deep state. (17 biblically represents Victory).
  • Saul said to David, “Go, and the Lord be with you.” IT’S GO TIME! THE GIANT IS COMING DOWN AND GOD IS WITH US.


  • This brought me to the word 2 Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” This directly represents the Liberty and Freedom in America will prevail because of the Lord being with us!


  • Liberty’s Team is Christian and called the “Flames” This was representing the Holy Spirit fire, that comes and burns the chaff and prepares a field for new good growth. This is telling me the fields are being prepared for revival.


  • The Liberty Mascot is an Eagle, also the Symbol for American Pride, but good pride for God and Country that soars above the storms and has great long term vision, and its dominion is high above and large – much like the Third Heaven Authority that has been given to believers in Christ, they shall have the Victory. The Eagle represents America and the People of God.
  • The Rooster for the Coastal Carolina Team represents a Chanticleer Rooster – a bird, that struts around on the ground, and cannot fly – has a small dominion in its small area, never truly can have any long term vision – wants to dominate in its “barnyard”. To me this represents the “elites” who have no good vision for the land or the future, no faith, but prideful in a way were they only think about having personal power and control, to the point were all they will be left with nothing – only loss.


  • Malik means ‘King” in Hebrew – “The King’s Will” This is also connected to the #7 which means God has completed something major and it’s God’s number that He stamps on things like His own signature. This morning’s headline: “Malik Willis breaks Liberty record for touchdowns, rushing yards in a season.” Record breaking acceleration is coming for the people of God. Malik is a great man of faith and was giving glory to God for the win on his social media. The men of God shall be Victorious and shall have even more than before!


  • The name Joshua in Hebrew is also Yahoshua, which is also the name of our Lord Jesus. Joshua / Yahoshua means “He Saves”, the number 8 is the number of Jesus Christ and New Beginnings. Joshua Mack came in behind Malik with rushing yards in the game. I was reminded by the Holy Spirit of the “advancement” of the leader of the people of Israel, Joshua in the Bible, who God advanced into the Promised Land, and because of Joshua’s faith and obedience the People of God had victory and entered God’s rest on all sides. This directly connects to America right now and the Army of God who has been faithful led by our President, Donald J Trump who has been promised the Victory by God and is for the People to have the good of the Land. So it shall be, because Jesus Christ has put His number on this.
  • “Mack” is a Scottish surname and Scottish nickname and it means “Son”, this directly connects with President Trump, as all year the Holy Spirit has been showing us Scottish symbolism to represent our President in signs and visions. The 8 also represents Infinity – The Alpha and Omega – Jesus Christ who is The Savior of the People and America, and our President has been referencing (and reverently) Jesus Christ in almost all of his recent speeches.  I am discerning prophetically that in this his next term 2021-2024, President Trump’s faith in Christ will grow exponentially and he will be directly involved in ushering in the great revival for thousands to come to the salvation of Christ, that will begin in America and flow to all Nations. This is also connected to the “Sons and Daughters” of God being birthed in the earth at this time, that many prophetic words have come to me about that this year, and the Dec 21st sign in the Heavens was a marker for this. The Liberty win is more confirmation.


  • The Bible clearly states in the book of Revelation that the prayers of the saints (us) are stored in bowls in Heaven, that at an appointed time these bowls will be poured out on the earth by the Angels of God, I believe this connects to thousands of prayers being answered at this time, and new cures and hidden cures for diseases and conditions will be released and revealed to us in America and around the world and this is directly connected to President Trump’s second term. The Holy Spirit has been speaking about this to us about miracle cures coming and even President Trump has said there are cures that are like “miracles” that he wants to get out there, he specifically said that in an interview after his co-vid recovery.


  • The favor and growth around this school has been huge as this is one of the fastest growing universities in America and it is an Evangelical Christian University. A headline from Feb 2020 reads: “Liberty’s endowment remains in nation’s Top 100, outpacing Ivy League schools and recording fourth-fastest growth in the Nation” It has even overcome a scandal of its leader and the school is a huge supporter of Israel. This directly reflects the people of America. (God’s promise: those who bless Israel shall be blessed). God said in that in these days His people (His Sons) would take over and stream to the mountains of influence/inheritance in society/land (Micah 4:1) and God will take the mountains of influence away (make it desolate) from those who are NOT His Son’s and Daughters (Malachi 1:3). This includes the education mountain.  Many prophets have prophesied this and I myself have received confirmation from the Holy Spirit to teach on 7 Mountains of Influence for God’s people at this time. I believe this is a sign that more Christian based schools will be built in this nation and beyond and God will prosper them – this will bring our children back to Godly ways and learning. This is also one of President Trump’s new programs that was unveiled just a few months ago regarding education.
  • I feel strongly this “LIBERTY UNIVERSITY VICTORY” is direct confirmation that God will prosper our President’s plan for a Godly, Patriotic education for our Children!

I found this all to be a very encouraging and confirming message from the Holy Spirit! HE IS SPEAKING to us and I am excited for the GLORY OF GOD IN THIS Nation!!!

– Much Love, Annamarie

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