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UNDERSTAND We do not have to go into the COURTS OF HEAVEN for every need or situation – it’s just like in the natural realm of life you don’t have to go to court in your city or county to solve every problem.   When you go into the courts of heaven it’s for something that you have been dealing with for a while and the basic solutions are not working.  For example when you need to see a breakthrough and no matter what you have been doing – it does not seem to be coming. This is a sure sign that there is a legal right of the accuser (the devil) to hold back your breakthrough! Discern that it is time to take your case into the Courts of Heaven.  What gives the accuser a legal right to hold back your breakthrough? SIN. Your own sin and the sins of your bloodline.

As a faith and victory coach and mentor, I have experienced great breakthroughs in my own life and in the lives of my clients and students by going into the Courts of Heaven with our cases.  We have the right to do this as the redeemed of Jesus Christ. You must be a born again believer in Christ to access the courts of heaven and to be able to ask for the Blood of Jesus to speak on your behalf.   I want you to get good at this, for your own lives, for your family and to help others. It is time for the Body of Christ to go boldly to the throne of Grace and Mercy and enforce the finished work of the Cross and the Blood of Jesus against any legal rights of the enemy and get these demonic accusations and curses removed so they are never allowed to come back and have any effect ever again! Let’s get this taken care of once and for all!

Teaching note: In the Courts of Heaven, forgive those who have hurt you or your children, and release/renounce all bitterness and negative words against them on the Cross of Jesus. Forgiveness strips the enemy of any legal right he is using in your relationships.  The more you repent for holding bitterness and unforgiveness of those who hurt you or hurt your kids, this breaks any strongholds the enemy had. Don’t blame your ex husbands/wives, family members or their friends or teachers for causing your kids to rebel.  It’s the legal right of the accuser to operate through these people, once you forgive and release all bitterness and blame – those influences will leave and you / your children within weeks you will see breakthrough. Trust me on this, I had to do this with my own child and forgive and release all bitterness against a horrible friend she had in her life that I was doing warfare against for years. It was not until I forgave, loosed all bitterness and prayed for their salvation was my daughter finally released from that ungodly influence! The enemy uses our own bitterness, blame and unforgiveness against us. I have spent countless hours in the courts of heaven for myself and my child and others and their children/families and the accuser has screamed this at me in the courts in the spirit. I am grateful I finally know this and my child is set free.  Look at yourself first, and stop blaming others and instead destroy the case of the accuser operating and strip him of his legal right! Remember most likely the issue that you are dealing with that you need a breakthrough in is usually connected to a sin in that area. For example if you need a breakthrough with finances, there is usually sin in your life or your bloodline with money or not being good stewards to the Lord with your money.  This is how I have learned and been set free of these accusations and see breakthroughs within weeks of repenting in the courts. –  Coach Annamarie



Prepare and Pray: Ask the Holy Spirit what is holding back your breakthrough or causing a negative issue in your life or family.  Tell Him of your specific issue or need and ask if the enemy, the accuser is using a legal right to hold you captive to this, and what is the accuser accusing you of?

Then Ask The Holy Spirit For a Court Appearance in the Courts Of Heaven – The Court of Judgement/Accusation

Just Before Your Appearance – Pray: “Holy Spirit, I am asking in Jesus name that you will reveal all to me clearly during my court appearance,  so that I can repent clearly for my wrong and follow through after the verdict is rendered.  I am also asking for my Angels to accompany me. Thank you for your help Holy Spirit, Amen”

  • Picture yourself standing in a courtroom with your Angels and the Holy Spirit beside you assisting you (I physically stand while doing this)
  • Picture yourself facing The Father God on His throne
  • Picture Jesus to the right of the Father
  • Picture the Mercy Seat just to the front of the Father, near Jesus and in front of you (ark of the covenant)
  • Picture Jesus Blood on the Mercy Seat
  • Picture the accuser’s place on the other side of Jesus (Jesus stands for you in-between the accuser and Almighty God our Righteous Judge
  • Picture the Recording Angels with desks and scrolls and pens recording what is being said in the courtroom
  • Picture the Cloud of Witnesses witnessing in your case and agreeing with Jesus and the Verdict

Ask Jesus to be your Intercessor in this Case and for the Court to Convene

  • Thank and praise the Father for allowing you to come to court and hearing your case
  • Thank and praise Jesus for being your intercessor and attorney with your case
  • Thank the Holy Spirit for His help in showing you and telling you what is being said
  • Ask the Father in Jesus name  to demand that the accuser be summoned to appear
  • Ask what is the accusation against you (things you have said or done against God or His commandments or someone in your bloodline has done)
  • In the spirit you may hear, remember, or even see a visual of that accusation
  • Agree with the accusation
  • Confess to the accusation and the sin associated with it – express fully that you are very sorry
  • Repent to the Father for this sin against Him and His word
  • Renounce all your actions or words connected to this sin
  • Ask the Father for His Grace Mercy and Forgiveness
  • State that the Blood of Jesus is your ONLY defense
  • State that the Blood of Jesus on the Mercy Seat speaks for you now
  • Ask Jesus to cover your sins with His Blood
  • Wait while Jesus does this and thank and praise Him
  • Thank the Father for His Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness
  • Ask the Father for His Judgement in your case
  • Ask to be found “Not Guilty” because of the Blood of Jesus
  • You will receive a “Not Guilty” Verdict – agree with this (because of Jesus we are all found Not Guilty)
  • Thank The Father and Jesus that because of His Blood, you are Not Guilty
  • Ask the Father in Jesus name to tell the accuser of His Judgement and Not Guilty Verdict in your case
  • Ask the Father to now move you from the Court of Judgement/Accusation to beside His Throne of Grace and Mercy with Jesus
  • Ask the Father  in Jesus name to strip the enemy of his accusation and any legal rights he has to you because of the Blood Of Jesus is now covering these sins
  • Ask the Father in Jesus name to tell the recording angels to wipe your record books/scroll clean of these accusations because they are now under the Blood of Jesus
  • Ask  in Jesus name for all curses connected to this accusation to be removed and rendered null and void on earth and in heaven and ask the Father to release you and your family bloodline from all consequences of these sins
  • Ask in Jesus name for this new “not guilty” verdict regarding your case to be written in your record book/scroll
  • Ask for a new document to be rendered for you from the court with the new verdict for you to take with you
  • Reach out and receive your document with your new not guilty verdict
  • Ask the Father in Jesus name  if you can tell the accuser to leave and never accuse you or any of your descendants again of this same thing ever again because the Blood of Jesus has spoken on yours and their behalf
  • Turn to the accuser and tell him his assignment is over. He no longer has a case.  By the blood of Jesus and this Not Guilty Verdict rendered by the Court of Heaven and God Almighty in your hand, he must leave! Every curse and demonic assignment has been cancelled according to the word of God, a curse causeless cannot light!  Then in the name of Jesus forbid him from ever accusing you or any of your descendants ever again – No Recourse! Tell him this case is OVER and He has NOTHING on you because of the BLOOD and the righteous judgement of God!!  Tell him he is FIRED and take his curses with him in Jesus name! (you may see him stomp out of the court!)
  • Ask in Jesus name for the Father to command His angels to decree your new Not Guilty verdict out loud in the Heavens
  • Ask for any restitution that is available to you and your family (from the curses being removed there may be blessings, healings etc that have been held back)
  • Ask if there will be need for a specific Angels to be assigned to you to carry out restitution

Upon Preparing to leave the Court:

  • Thank the Father and Praise Him for His grace and mercy, thank Him for allowing you to come before Him with your case
  • Thank Jesus for interceding for you, thank Him for the power of His Blood which is your only defense
  • Thank the Angels who are recording, thank your angels for accompanying you and thank the Holy Spirit for His help
  • Ask the Father in Jesus name for the Verdict to be immediately to be fully carried out and enforced on earth and in your life and family line by the Authority of Jesus Christ, the Angels on Assignment fromGod and the by the Anointing of the Holy Spirit
  • Hold up your Verdict and decree:  “By the Blood of Jesus and the Grace and Mercy of Almighty God – I am no longer guilty of this sin. I am free of all accusation and curses in Jesus name!

Annamarie Strawhand Ministries / Faith Lane Media




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