Transcription of the word that the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand, which was delivered during her broadcast of Life in the Faith Lane on June 11, 2021.

Watch the video, and then read the transcript below.


ANNAMARIE: “I’m seeing a vision of children, children and young people who are gonna come forward with horrible stories of what happened to them during these times of sex trafficking. And the, these children that were saved out of these tunnels and these children that were saved out of captivity, he’s showing me them. And he’s showing me them doing interviews, and they’re gonna say that they’re forgiving those people. Oh, my gosh. Yes, Lord. He says we must forgive. He says he will take care and avenge the evil and the wickedness, but we must be like little children and forgive.

There’s a spirit of forgiveness that will come, and it’s gonna be through the children who had the most horrible situations, but their sweet little hearts are gonna be so forgiving that we must take a lesson from them. 

He’s showing me these children. They’re gonna be like doing interviews and sharing testimonies, and they’re gonna say forgive. And, you, you’re gonna say how can these children forgive these horrible things that happened to them, that their horrible captors did to them, satanic practices on them? But the Lord is gonna be teaching us something from what is to come. He says, “Watch the children.” They will be so forgiving, and that’s what we must be. We must take our lesson from them. This is coming from the heart of the Father. Watch the children and see their forgiving hearts. That is how we must be.

He’s showing me Corrie ten Boom. He’s showing me Corrie ten Boom. He’s showing me when she was in the Nazi camp, and she was all by herself in that cell. Oh, my goodness. Corrie ten Boom. He’s saying, “Was I not with Corrie ten Boom in that Nazi camp the whole time? Thus, I’ve been with these children and these people who have been in captivity the whole time.” He says there will be Corrie ten Booms that will come out of this captivity, these places, and tell their stories about how God was with them there, even in the deepest darkest pits of hell God was with them. And they’re gonna come out of those places and be forgiving and be forgiving of their captors. It’s like all these Corrie ten Booms, and we’re gonna see them, and they’re gonna be interviewing, and they’re gonna, they’re gonna say about forgiveness.

I told you about the angelic visitation I had the other night. It was Thursday night, so it would have been June 5th? Five is the number of grace, and I had a angel come to my bedside. I’m gonna take that video and, and, and, you know, condense it so there’s just that part. And the angel was standing next to me. He was huge. And, I tested the spirit; I said, “Can you, can you confirm that Jesus Christ is Lord and came in the flesh and died on the cross, the third day rose again, is seated at the right hand of the Father?” And I got the confirmation from the angel, and he said yes. And he was very, very big, and he … All of a sudden, I saw him take his hand, and he had a long sword, but the sword looked like the hand of a clock. And he had it diagonally over my bed like it was pointing to the number 11. And I looked at him and I said, “Who are you?” He said, “I’m the angel of timing. My name is Timing.” I said, “Timing.” And I looked at his chest and he had a big clock. And then the clock opened up, and in the clock was, it looked like infinity. It looked like the whole universe was in there. And I was like, “Okay, I’m listening. I’m listening. I’m listening.” And I was, I didn’t know what he was trying to tell me. And then he said, “It is time.” And then he stopped, and I heard a supernatural sound, and it was the sound of one note being played on a harmonica. It was just [Sound effect] like that, and it reverberated through my whole body, and I heard it with my whole entire being, and then he was gone. 

I was like, “Whoa!” I, I, I, I had to just try to wrap my head around it. I was like, “What was that? What was that? What was that?” I said, “A sound is being released. Is that a sound of a train?” I, you know? And then I realized it was a harmonica. I was like, then I heard, I heard in my spirit, “Harmonica. It was the sound of a harmonica.” And I said, “Harmonica, harmonica. Harmony, harmony?” And then I got the confirmation of the Holy Spirit, “It is time for harmony. Harmony.” And I said, “Holy Spirit, show me a confirmation of a harmonica if this is what you’re saying.” 

So it’s three, over three days, and I got my confirmation of a harmonica. He showed me a harmonica, and then he showed me a harmonica again. One of my listeners, named Leslie, she sent me a message that the other day she was gonna send me a picture of this harmonica she has from Johnny Cash because she knows I love Johnny Cash. And she has this harmonica from Johnny Cash, and she said the Holy Spirit had told her days ago to send me this picture of this harmonica she has of Johnny Cash. And she was gonna play like a little tune on it and send me a recording of it, and she didn’t do it. She said, “Forgive me for my disobedience.” She said, “I was like ….” 

I said, “Well, there’s my second confirmation on that word.” Right? He’ll always send two witnesses. And so she said that to me yesterday. She said, “I was supposed to be one of the confirmations on your harmonica, but I, I was disobedient, and I didn’t,” she said, “I didn’t send it to you.” The conf, the actual confirmation that I got on the harmonica was a guitar store sent me a picture to buy a harmonica. A guitar store? And that was my confirmation.

But this is the word of the Lord for you at this time. He’s taking the revenge. He’s taking care of the spirit of wickedness. He’s taking care of all of this, the Lord God is. Our job is to pray; believe God; pray for the souls of others that none shall perish; pray that everyone that is in unholy, ungodly covenant get, gets a, uh, uh, a gift of grace and repentance and comes out of those unholy, ungodly covenants, and that we use sharp discernment at this time and we have hearts like little children and be forgiving. 

And he’s saying, “Watch the children, even the children that are coming out of captivity.” They will have hearts of forgiveness, and we are to take a lesson from this. And we are coming into a time of harmony and of the goodness of God and just trust God to take care of the wickedness and even stand in the gap for those who have done wicked, wicked things. And pray for them to have a second chance. 

And watch the children; we’re gonna have all the Corrie ten Booms coming up—these little boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Maybe that’s what he meant by boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. That it’s not just physical booms that are gonna happen. There’s gonna be spiritual booms that happen. And all these little Corrie ten Booms are gonna come—those who have been in the worst prisons; those who have been in the worst situations in captivity like Corrie ten Boom was with the Nazi concentration camp. But God was with her the whole time in the deepest, darkest place that you could ever imagine. And she came out with a heart of forgiveness preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ; teaching people about forgiveness, a heart like a little child. And a little child shall lead them. The lion and the lamb shall sit together—a time of harmony. You see how he’s bringing it all together? Oh, my goodness. He is truly our Father of shalom, of shalem, of peace, of harmony. 

I’m so overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit right now. And a little child shall lead them. These children that are coming out of captivity are gonna have precious hearts of forgiveness that’s gonna be teaching the grownups something—little Corrie ten Booms everywhere. We cannot, we can, we have, we, we have to be forgiving. We cannot have hard hearts. We cannot be resentful at this time. Oh, my goodness. We have to trust God that he’s taking care of the wickedness, and our job is to be loving, forgiving, and, and pray for those who come out of deception and come to the Lord Jesus Christ, and he said watch the children. Watch how forgiving they are, even coming out of the deepest most horrible things—Corrie te, little Corrie ten Booms everywhere. 

We have gotta have the mind of Christ. We’ve gotta have the heart of Christ right now, my friends, now more than ever. And trust God that he’s taking care of the evil and eradicating it and the wickedness; he’s eradicating it. And our job is to be the hands and feet of Christ and be forgiving and loving and go and pray. 

Spiritual warfare is repentance. Did you hear what I said? Spiritual warfare is repentance. We just ask for repentance for those who are the most wicked. Jesus did the biggest spiritual warfare, the biggest kick in the teeth to the devil his last moments on the cross—”Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” 

This is why he’s told us to go and stand on the land and repent and repent, repent, repent, repent, repent.  That’s our spiritual warfare, and get the communion in the land so the land can be healed. 

I’m telling you, I’m so overcome with the Holy Spirit right now. He’s bringing this all together. He’s showing us his pattern just like he said in that word in 20, uh, 1 Corinthians 28:19. He, he will give us understanding of what he’s doing, of his pattern.

I’m gonna go in, in, in, uh, edit out that angelic visitation of the angel of timing and his word for harmony, and I’m gonna put that, and then I’m gonna put that as one word and then I’m gonna put this, what I just said here, what he said through me.

My gosh, I feel the heart of the Lord. It is intense right now. It’s so intense it’s almost painful. Oh my goodness, how he loves us. Thank you, Holy Spirit. 

[Singing] Show us your glory, oh Lord. Show us your glory. Let’s worship him. [Singing] Show us your glory, oh Lord. Show us your glory. 

Oh Holy Spirit, teach us how to be like little children. Give us hearts of forgiveness, mercy. Give us grace. Help us to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ at this time. Give us sharp discernment, Holy Spirit. Give us words of wid, wisdom and not judgment. Give us words of love. Give us words that build up these people who are coming out of deception. Help us build them up and bring them closer to Jesus. Thank you, God, for eradicating wickedness so that we can come into harmony and peace and your billion soul harvest in Jesus Christ can begin. 

The lion, the lamb shall lay together, and a little child shall lead them. This is what you mean by this. Watch the children and how forgiving they will be coming out of this horrible thing. 

Let’s worship him and praise him. See, this is how his glory shines through all of us. Be the light. Walk in the glory of God. Walk in the light of the Lord. God is destroying the wickedness. He’s appointed his people to do that, and he’s appointing us—his ecclesia, his church, his congregation—to pray and be like little children. And know that our loving Father is for us, and he has brought us to himself.

[Singing] Holy Spirit, you are welcome here. Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere. Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for, to be overcome by your presence, Lord. We love you, Holy Spirit. We want you, Holy Spirit. We treasure you, Holy Spirit. We don’t want to move forward without you, Holy Spirit. You are precious to us, Holy Spirit. Oh, presence of the living God, come and dwell with us in an even greater way. We rent our hearts open and receive you, Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, come. Fill us up, every part of us. Fill our homes. Fill our land. Fill our cities. Fill our states. Fill our nation. Fill every place, Holy Spirit. Come in like a flood, Holy Ghost. Pour out, Holy Spirit. We receive you, Holy Spirit … presence. Let them feel you. Give me eyes to see you, Holy Spirit. If there’s anybody I haven’t forgiven, I forgive them now. I repent for any unforgiveness. Create in me a clean heart, Holy Spirit. 

Those of you who want to do this with me, worship God. Invite the presence of the Lord. The main thing is the main thing—getting into his presence, receiving his presence, giving his Holy Spirit. 

Thank you for sending your angel of timing, Lord. I receive his message that now is the time for harmony. Help us to be a part of all of that. Teach us; show us; train us up. Teach us how to be like little children of faith. Restore our innocence. Restore our innocence, Lord, because you are the righteous judge taking all of our tears like it says in your word that we just read. We just read it. We just read it. We just read it. We just read it, that he’s gonna take our tears. Oh, my God; oh, my gosh; oh, my goodness, bask in his presence.

I’m ready re, to receive all these little Corrie ten Booms, all these children, all these women, all these children, all these sons and these daughters, Father, that you have gotten free. They’ve been released from captivity. I’m ready, Lord, [Inaudible] they’re all being healed by your Holy Spirit. You’re gonna use them like little Corrie ten Booms everywhere. They’re your little booms, your booms, your booms, your little booms teaching forgiveness. Even they came out of the darkest of darkest depths, they’ve forgiven. They have forgiven their [Inaudible], and you’re gonna teach us something from that. Thank you, Lord, for showing us this.

I just feel the fire of the Holy Ghost. Let him light his fire in you. [Singing] All consuming fire, you’re our heart’s desire. Living flame of love, come baptize us. Come baptize us. Let us fall so in love with you. Let us fall so in love with you. Oh, Holy Spirit, come baptize us with your fire. Burn all the chaff off of us—any cynicism, any judgment, anything that keeps us from having a clean heart. Burn that all away from us, Holy Spirit. We want to ascend to the holy place, according to Psalm 24.

[Praying in tongues]

A looking glass, a looking glass, there’s a looking glass coming towards me. A looking glass. What will we see, Lord? Is that what was, was on the angel, a looking glass? It looked like a clock but then it was like turning to, going into infinity, stars, a looking glass. 

He’s saying, “Ask to see. Ask to see.” He’s saying, “Things are closer than you think.” Things are close. He’s showing me the looking glass, and then he’s showing me the little writing that you see, like on your rear, your, your rear view mirror that says, “Things are closer than they appear.” Things are closer; it’s coming, coming closer. Things are coming closer. This timing that we’re in, it’s accelerating. It’s accelerating. We’re coming into this time of harmony, and it’s accelerating. 

He’s saying, “A looking glass.” He’s saying, “Look. Look. Ask for eyes to see. Look.” Hm. It’s like this looking glass is coming towards us, and things look like they’re coming very swiftly, very quickly, very closely. And he’s saying, “Ask me to direct your steps.” Because we need God to direct our steps right now to keep us sure footed. It’s like when, you know, like when you got a looking glass and things are like really close and you’re trying to figure out where to put the next step, and it looks like it’s closer than it is and your foot’s going like this. Your foot’s going like this. You think the step is there, but you’re like this. He’s showing me that things are gonna come very swiftly, but we have to ask the Lord to direct our steps right now because these are spiritual steps. We’re gonna see it. We’re gonna see, but we have to say, “Lord, direct our steps right now. Direct our steps. Direct our steps in this time of acceleration.” Things are closer than they appear. Wow. 

Yes, Lord, time is being accelerated, this time of harmony. All, he’s bringing it all together, all together. He’s saying, “Do not fear. Have a heart like a little child.” He’s lifting us up. He’s got us. He’s saying, “Don’t be focused on revenge, revenge.” He’s got the, he’s got that part. He’s got that part. You focus on looking ahead and what God has called you to do at this time. It’s very important to say, “Father, help me see. Help me see. Help me see and guide my steps.” He’s saying, “This is for each of you.” That’s for each of you. 

This has been like, wow. We didn’t get to pray over you each as individuals today, but the Lord had something important he wanted to say today, which is the most important thing. And the main thing is the main thing.

So, I encourage you to follow me on Telegram @faithlanetv so we can continue this conversation. I’m gonna go back and edit my videos and, and try to condense them down into some smaller things. But I want to thank you all for being here today and being a part of this and partaking in communion with us. Take everything that you heard today to the Lord yourself, and ask for discernment, and I just …

He’s still speaking. He’s bringing me back to Corrie ten Boom again. Ten booms. Ten booms. Ten boom. So, he gave me the word Helsinki. He just does this sometimes. He just does this. He gave me the word Helsinki where things are gonna be sunk that are not of God, that are of the demonic. Then, he’s saying 10 booms. He said be like a little child. Have faith. You’re going to see great forgiveness, and he’s saying, “When I said Corrie ten Boom”—the woman that came out of the concentration camps and went and spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and how to forgive her captors and taught us forgiveness .. but he’s saying, again, “10 booms.” And I, I just asked him a few minutes ago, “Are these booms gonna be spiritual?” Ten booms. We know 10 biblically is the number of, of, of God bringing everything into his alignment, right. Ten, 10, 10 commandments, everything into his alignment according to his law, according to his word. So, things are coming into alignment with the 10, the 10 in the 10. Right? Things are coming into his alignment. Ten booms—he said booms back after the election. He said booms, booms, shock and awe, booms, big booms. Remember, he showed me that piece of machinery the day of the election when I went to vote, and I left the voting, on November 3rd. And he showed me that piece of machinery that stopped in front of me that wouldn’t move, and it said, it said, “Big boom.” Now, he’s saying 10 booms? These booms are all connected. Yes, Lord.

Lord, I ask you for understanding on why you’re saying 10 booms. Is this connected to what you’re doing, bringing everything into alignment, bringing everything into your alignment, bringing everything, uh, into alignment with your word and your will, that we are just to come into agreement with it?

Lord, we come into agreement with your 10 booms. We come into agreement with your word in your, and your ways of bringing everything into alignment. We may not understand it, but we come into agreement with your word, your ways, your booms. 

Okay, I ask the Holy Spirit to continue to unpack these words for us; continue to show us what’s going on. Give us eyes to see. Give us understanding. Be in sharp discernment right now. Ask for more discernment. 

We’ll continue this conversation on Telegram. Meet me over there @faithlanetv. I’m gonna go get, uh, my husband. We, we’ve got some things we need to do this afternoon, um, but I will try to, to, to, uh, continue to post on Telegram for updates, and I’ll try to continue to post on updates here and on my Facebook page. And, uh, I’ll, I’ll go in and edit these videos sometime tonight.

I want to thank you all for being here today listening to this word of the Lord, listening to the revelation of the Lord. Thank you for praying with us. Thank you for, uh, taking, uh, the, the time. And I bless you all in the name of Jesus, and remember all of heaven is cheering us on. We are the heroes of the faith now. Stand strong in the Lord in the power of his might. Be that oak of righteousness. So many people are gonna need that stability and that love and that forgiveness. They’re gonna need people that are, they, they know that are Christians that are gonna receive them with open arms the way Jesus does. We’ve gotta be that with, with love and with discernment. Okay? All right?

And I just, I’m just so grateful for God, our Father God and his goodness. I’m grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m grateful to the Holy Spirit. I’m grateful to all the angels he has on assignment and his angel armies. I just thank Father for his glorious kingdom that covers us with his protection and his glory and his divine plan because it’s brilliant, and we have to trust him, have faith. All of heaven is cheering us on, my friends, and I’m cheering you on. 

And I love you all so much, and I’ll see you Monday morning for Motivation Monday. Like I said, these prophetic things are happening at a rapid rate, accelerated rate, so please continue to join me on Telegram @faithlanetv as these things are happening, as they are all, all happening. That we can come together and discuss this and, and come into these prophetic confirmations and help each other have understanding and continue to support and love and pray over each other. Amen? I love you all so much. [Kiss] God bless you.”

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