Prophetic Revelation: 4-16-21 Washington DC – Geese – Floodgates – History Rewritten!

Prophetic Revelation: 4-16-21 Washington DC – Geese – Floodgates – History Rewritten!

Transcription of the word the Holy Spirit gave to Annamarie Strawhand during her prayer broadcast on Life in the Faith Lane on April 16, 2021.

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ANNAMARIE: “All right, he’s showing me a history book—a school textbook, a school history book, a school textbook. Looks like a high school size. It’s, it’s thick. He’s saying, “Watch what I do. Ha! These evil ones thinks, think they can write the history, but I have already written the history,” says the Lord. “It is my story. It has already been written. It’s already been written in heaven for this time, and the evil ones think, think they can change it? No, for I hold the scrolls. I hold the history books.”

This is the Lord speaking. “They will have to rewrite their school textbooks. They will have to rewrite them. Their pens are running out of ink. Their ink wells are going dry—the evil ones. They think they hold the pens. No, they do not. It has already been written in heaven, so it shall be.”

“And we have heard the prayers of the people. The Father has heard the prayers of the people. The textbooks shall be written by my righteous ones. I am raising up righteous authors. I am raising up those who will seek the true history, and I will give them revelation to rewrite the school textbooks. My children will know the truth. Not only will they know the truth of history, they will know who’s in charge of it. My word shall be in the schools again.” 

“The enemy has tried to use this virus to come against the schools, to come against the children, but I am using it for the good of the children. I am using this time for those who have been in homeschool—that the moms and the parents and the, those who have been homeschooling their children—to bring the children back to me, back to righteous learning. The textbooks that shall be written for the schools shall reflect my truth,” says the Lord.

“Those evil ones who would think they have signed things with their pen, their ink has run out. Do you not see the geese that are grazing on the lawns of Washington? That is the new quills—the new pens of the feather pens that are filled with the anointing of my Holy Spirit. It is my laws. It is my rules. It is those who are carrying my pens that shall have the authority, but the evil ones, their ink has run out. Their quills have run dry. Their pens have run dry. Ha! I laugh at their ideas and their laws and their ridiculous textbooks. I laugh at them. Watch and see who I raise up to write the textbooks and do the teachings for the children. And this just isn’t in America; it shall be in many nations, for I’m sifting. I’m raising up my authors, my teachers who will teach righteously. My angels are dropping mantles right now on the teachers, the writers, the authors.” Lift up your hand if you want to receive a mantle for authorship, a scroll and scribe anointing for this time.

He’s showing me geese. Is this America and Canada? He’s showing me Canadian geese. He’s showing me the Canadian geese that have been grazing in Washington, you know, on the lawns there in the parks. He’s saying that’s a sign. Is this Canada and America, Lord, coming together? 

What’s flowing onto America will flow into Canada and then onto the nations. That Canada will follow from a, America. And the new scribes and the history, that the geese represent the anointing of the Holy Spirit and also the feather pens that were made to write the constitution, the Bill of Rights. They must have been made out of a goose feather. The geese represent a divine visitation of the, the, the anointing of those who will have the authority to rewrite the laws, but he’s, the ink in the pens of the evil ones has run dry. It has no authority. It carries no authority. 

New textbooks, that these textbooks are already written in Heaven. These, these history textbooks are already written in heaven, and God is choosing certain writers and giving them an anointing and a pen—a, a, a scribe anointing. I believe he’s going to show you geese if you’re called to write history. He says, “Proclaim it over yourself right now. Do not be afraid.” 

He, there’s somebody here who’s been saying, “I want to see true American history back in the schools. I want to see patriotism and the truth written in our textbooks again.” You! You have been called to write it! Lift up your hands right now and receive it. Say, “Father, I receive the scribe anointing. I receive the, the, the Holy Spirit feather pen to write the truth. I receive these, these textbooks of true history and learning, according to your will, that are waiting in heaven. I receive them into my spirit right now. I, I will, I will help write them.” 

The Lord is going to bring remembrance to those who want to help write these textbooks. He’s going to lead them to all truth and even the hidden things of, of Benjamin Franklin and, uh, our founding fathers. You’ll be able to go into deep research. And even what’s happening right now, the truth is going to be unfolded very quickly. He’s saying, “Have your pens ready. You are about to see history.”

Oh my gosh. Okay, the geese on the lawns of Washington are representation of the new writings that are coming from heaven—God’s history, what he has wrote, what the Lord Jesus Christ has wrote for this nation and other nations. Wow, I’m feeling the anointing strong. Oh, my gosh. Okay. We’re about to see something very historical. Literally, it’s going to cause history books to be rewritten and new history books to come forth, and God is already gathering up his new writers, his new scribes that are going to be writing this. 

That he’s taken, he stripped the evil doers of their, uh, any authority they have in their pens. We’re about to see history. Get your pens ready. The Lord is showing me himself speaking to crowds, and his disciples writing down what he spoke. He’s showing me disciples with their, their scrolls and writing this and scribing it. It’s a discipleship. Even those who are writing the true history, it’s a discipleship to the Lord. This is how important the scribes are and the writers are. 

We’re about to see history. We’re about to see something major happen—to get ready; to write it down. The history books are going to have to be written. He has stripped the evil ones of any authority they have in the pen. What, whatever they try to sign or whatever, the evil ones, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on. 

You know, I asked the Lord about that. I a, I’ve been asking him about that. I’ve been praying into that, and I kept, he kept pointing out the geese to me and again now. The geese. Holy Spirit is saying, “Those evil ones, their goose is cooked. This, uh, those evil and wicked ones, their goose is cooked.” They’re done. 

We’re about to see history. Get ready to write it down. Get ready. Scribes, get ready. There’s somebody here that has been saying, “I want to write a history book. I want to redo the textbooks. I want to redo real, real history, real American History. How do I, how do I research it? How do I …” 

You are being called up right now. He’s going to show you geese for confirmation. I don’t know who this is, but this is for maybe one or two or more of you. Wow, I feel so much excitement in the spirit realm. I feel the cloud of witnesses jumping up and down in excitement. I feel the  excitement of the kingdom of God. I feel excitement in the spirit, like we’re about to see history. Get ready to write it down. 

Do not geese swim on the tops of the water? Oh, my goodness. Okay. He’s showing me some type of flooding coming into Washington and the geese that are pecking in the park, they’re going to be lifted up and floating on the water. People will even say, “Look at the geese. They were on the ground here pecking at the grass, and now they’re floating on the water…same, same place.” 

Wow, he’s highlighting geese for the scribe anointing, for the Holy Spirit, and now he’s showing me the waters coming in Washington. What is this, Lord? And then the geese being lifted up on the water. It didn’t, doesn’t affect them because they’re covered in the anointing! They’re covered in the oil! Geese are oily! They’re lifted up above the, the waters. 

Is that why there’s plywood all around the Whitehouse? Do they know that a flood is coming? He’s saying, “Watch the geese.” A breaker’s been opened in the spirit like a floodgate in the spirit. Keep praying. Stand strong in the Lord. 

I remember right after the, um, election, election day, November 3rd, according to the Hebrew calendar—the Lord’s bringing my remembrance to this; thank you, Holy Spirit—was the day that Noah entered the ark. Hear me out. This is all biblical. This is, everything that’s going to happen in Washington, D.C is all connected to biblical situations. Everything that’s happening in America, everything that’s happening against the wicked ones is connected to everything biblical that God has done for his people. I see the, I see what he’s doing. 

So the day that Noah entered the ark, which was election day, that means those who are in Christ Jesus, we were gathered up in the spirit into the Ark of the Covenant of Jesus Christ, and as the flood comes—of judgement for the wicked, not those who are in Christ, the wicked—we are raised up in the ark because we’re in Christ Jesus. Who’s the ark now? The ark is Jesus Christ. So those who are in Christ Jesus will be lifted up above this as God comes in and washes away all this evil. But we’re in the Ark of the Covenant. We’re lifted up in Christ Jesus, so that’s why we have to stay covered in the blood of Jesus. That’s why we’ve had to pray. That’s why we’ve had to stay faithful all this time. 

And I know in early Christianity in the very, very early church, they used geese as a sign of the Holy Spirit because of how oily they were, you know, and, um, you know, the oil, the anointing, and, um, they, they used geese as a sign of the Holy Spirit. And what do geese do? When the water raises up, it doesn’t affect them. They float on top of it. That’s staying covered in the anointing, the covering of the Holy Spirit. And then the quill, the writers, those who are to, to write down true history and those who have the authority, the, the, the, the quill, right, the feather pen. It came from the goose. 

Oh, my goodness, I kept asking the Lord every time he would show me Washington, D, D.C. he would show me geese. I said, “Lord, why are you showing me geese?” And then here today, he brought up the geese again. It’s connected to those who, uh, will have the authority to write, from God—new textbooks, new history books. We’re about to see history happen.

He’s showing me floods coming into D.C., the geese rising up. That’s a representation of his people, we, that we won’t be affected; that a blessing’s going to come from it. And we’re to write it down. We’re to witness to it, and that new history books are going to go forth—all this new. And he, he stripped the evil ones of the, the power of their pen—dried up their ink. 

This is incredible. I’m going to keep praying on this, and I’m going to keep asking him for confirmation of this. 

You’re probably going to start seeing geese, all of you. And many of you who have been called to write. You may not know you’re being called to write, but there may be a passion in you to write about true American history—to, to research it, to, to, you know. And these textbooks are waiting in Heaven—of true history that’s been written by Jesus Christ—to be released into the earth right now and to receive this scribe anointing, uh, to, to do it. 

What did Jesus say about those who would hurt, what would happen to those who hurt the children? What did he say about those that would hurt the children? You know, we pray for the salvation of everyone no matter how wicked or evil or how deep into sin they are. We pray that even at the last minute they will cry out for salvation to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus [inaudible]. Thank you. Lord, I was obedient to speak what you showed me. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Lord, we just ask you, the Holy Spirit will give those who are in sin, touch them one more time to come to you, Jesus, to turn to you, Jesus, and repent for their sins. Those who are, have been in our government that have been doing these wicked things, Lord, we just ask you, Holy Spirit, to go to them even right now and give them a chance to receive salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ. Right now, convict their hearts. Lord, we thank you that you are going to make a mighty move here, a historical move. We thank you for hearing our prayers. We thank you for your grace and mercy. We thank you that it’s your history that is written in our land, your textbooks, that you are taking back the schools. You are taking back the children, and that the government is on your shoulders, Lord Jesus. And you are shutting all these evil doors forever. 

We say, come in, King of Glory. The floodgates of Heaven have been open. Floodgates in the spirit have been open. Your kingdom come, Lord God, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 

Lift up your heads, oh ye gates, and be ye lifted up ye everlasting doors, and the King of Glory shall come into Washington, D.C. and every city thereof. Come in, King of Glory. Come in, Lord of hosts. Come in, oh Lord, king, mighty in battle, King of Glory, show us your glory, God. 

Wash away this evil. Destroy this idolatry. We receive what you’ve told us today, Lord. We will be faithful to comply. Thank you, Jesus, that we are in the Ark of your Covenant, and you are lifting, uh, us up above any floods of judgement. Thank you for saving our children. Thank you for pouring out your Spirit, Father God, on all flesh. Thank you for raising up your scribes at this time. Thank you that it’s your history that is written in our textbooks. Yes, your word is back in our schools. 

We receive the scribe anointing. We receive the mantle for, for these, these areas that you’ve called us to for education, for government, for all areas, Lord. We receive it in Jesus’ name. We receive the quill from you, Father God, from heaven. We receive everything that is to be in these books that flow the ink to us, Lord. What you want us to write, we will write it. 

Thank you, Father God, for drying up the ink and stripping those evil ones of their ink and of their authority that what their evil intentions, anything they sign will be worthless on earth and in Heaven. Any wicked thing that they sign, Lord, is worthless. You’ve dried up their ink. Hallelujah. Their goose is cooked, but our geese, our thriving and strong, our strong swimmers are filled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit and have given us these quills filled with good ink for your kingdom and for your glory and for all of our generations thereof shall be blessed, shall know the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Your nation, God, and I love how you said it will flow into Canada as well. America and Canada, Israel, and more nations; we are all brothers and sisters together in Christ Jesus. 

He’s saying everywhere where there was rioting, there shall be dancing in those streets—rejoicing in him. We’re about to see history. Glory to God. 

I feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit. My whole body is vibrating right now. I just feel this so strongly. God is so faithful. We keep, we keep our faith in him. We keep our eyes on him. He’s given us a sign of his faithfulness, and it’s the geese—geese in Washington, and it’s even connected to Canada as well. 

My friends, this has been an amazing time. I opened up this broadcast with the revelations that God was showing me last night over America and over Washington, D.C. Now, we invited the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit to our table. We had communion. He’s come and spoke to us in such a beautiful way because we invite him. If you invite him, he will speak to you. He wants to speak to you. He wants to help you and show you, give you understanding of what he has been showing you. And the fact that the Lord, when he comes and when he speaks, raises up my faith so strong because the enemy is, is nothing. He’s laughing at the enemy. God is a mighty God. 

I just, I, I feel this strong celebration happening in Heaven, like this anticipation. Wow. My friends, you remember all of heaven is cheering you on. All of Heaven is cheering us on. We are living in amazing times. We’re about to see history being made. Do I know the date and the time and the hour? No, he did not give that to me, but he did say, “Watch for the geese.” 

We’re coming up on Pentecost. We’re coming up on Pentecost—outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We’re in that timing prophetically. Stay in prayer. Stay in communion with the Lord. Know that God’s brilliant plan is going forth. If you’re called to write, write. He’s calling up his writers, his true writers of true history. Those textbooks are waiting in Heaven. I saw them open in the Spirit. You see, everything is written in Heaven first. It’s all written in the Spirit. It’s all written in Heaven first by Jesus. It’s all … and then it’s released into the earth for a time, but we have to come into agreement with God and say, “I’ll do it, God.” 

That’s right, Lori McNeill; Psalm 2:4, “He that sitteth in the Heavens shall laugh.” Lord, have [inaudible]. That is exactly in my spirit when he was speaking [inaudible] laughing at the enemy. They, they can try their little escapades, but it, it’s getting them nowhere. Their ink has run dry. Our God is a mighty God. I’m excited! Whew. 

Okay, my friends, I love you all so much. This has been a powerful time. I bless you all in the name of Jesus. Take this word. Pray on it. Ask God what he wants you to do. Receive that scribe anointing. Let the Lord work through you—what you are called to write in this time. It’s incredible. 

You know, it’s interesting to me that, during this time, so many new, uh, godly, truthful journalists have come forth. So many godly, uh, righteous, truthful and bold, uh, you know, bloggers or, you know, those … And I’m wondering if God puts them under the scribe anointing too? I’m going to pray on that because I believe, yes. I believe those who are even, you know, just not writing books, but those who are writing, uh, for the internet, you know, those who are writing for doing blogs and videos and, you know, they’re called content creators now, but even those of us who are content creators, Lord, we receive that scribe anointing too—to write and speak and teach and report electronically onto the internet. So let the scribe anointing come on us too for your kingdom and for your glory and for your righteousness for the internet, in Jesus’ name.”


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