How To Discern A Person of Truth and Honor For The Lord

How To Discern A Person of Truth and Honor For The Lord

Discerning a Person of Truth, Virtue and Honor for The Lord – “Discernment Alert”…….
As a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ, In these days of multi-media, so many different voices of influence coming at us, how can we properly discern someone who is a voice of influence and leadership in the Body of Christ that proclaims to be a Christian is the real deal?  How can we use discernment and understanding if that person really is led by the word of God and the Holy Spirit and is speaking truth?


1.) Does the person pray to Father God in the name of Jesus Christ?

2.) Does the person focus more on asking questions than accusing?

3.) Is the person’s hope in God and Jesus Christ and not man?

4.) Is the person focused on what they can do to encourage others and give hope that God is good?

5.) Is the person focused on their assignment for the Lord and for the love of country and the people/children more than their personal gain?

6.) Is there a level of sacrifice for their obedience?

7.) Do they get attacked regularly by the MSM media?

8.) Do they stay away from rabbit holes and distractions and instead stay grounded in God’s word?

9.) Has what they stood for and spoke up for in the past produced good fruit?

10.) Are they quick to correct a mistake and are OK with correction from the Holy Spirit?

These are the steps I follow – given to me by the Holy Spirit and He never steers us wrong!
I am also a person who holds people accountable to what they say they will do and I also give grace if they come up against adversity when they are trying to do those things – we know we must extend grace – but also pray for them that they can complete what they intend and are called to do for the Lord and the Kingdom of God and ask for their protection and favor from the Lord.
Many times that person will have to step away from being the “influencer or leader” for a season to allow the Lord to grow them or do a specific assignment – the key here is are they focused on obedience to God in their lives?  I have to be understanding if that person needs time away and not look at it as abandonment but instead look at them as an example that even someone who is a leader is taking time to grow more in the Lord.  They should always be growing too. I see that as humility to God.  I feel if they are a person of truth they will always be transparent with those they are leading and influencing with their own walk with the Lord.
It is so imperative that we pray daily for discernment on what people we should follow and listen to – God’s chosen leaders and influencers.  However seek first the Kingdom, Father, Son, Holy Spirit to be your first and most important voice in your life.  I will tell you one of my favorite ways to pray for truth and understanding is to call unto the Lord to show me the hidden things – according to Jeremiah 33:3.  I call that God’s phone number!  When I pray that scripture and ask the Father to show me the hidden truths, the secret things around a person, I even say show me what the enemy does not want me to see in  Jesus name!  I have always had amazing and quick revelation from the Holy Spirit on these hidden things and He will immediately prompt me to either move on from that influence if He shows me bad or if He shows me good I can know that person is someone I want to continue to follow, connect, support and learn from.
Much Love, Coach Annamarie

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