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Cancel Any ‘Soulish’ Prayers, Negative Words and Curses Off Your Life!

Cancel Any ‘Soulish’ Prayers, Negative Words and Curses Off Your Life!


Cancel Any ‘Soulish’ Prayers, Negative Words and Curses:

Sometimes there are people around us who love us and want the best for us, but they may be praying their own will, opinions, or religious beliefs over your life and causing major entanglements with your progress.  These are called “soulish” prayers.  These are prayers and words being spoken over you, but, however the intention, can be coming against your prayers and worse, against God’s word and will for your life.  The spirit realm responds to what is being spoken over you, good or bad!

These ‘’soulish” prayers, negative words, and curses spoken about you or over you—even the ones you have spoken yourself—can be working against what you are praying for now.  It’s like a “spider’s web.”  These negative words and prayers are in the atmosphere and are trying to entangle our prayers and decrees.  We need to break down any webs or entanglements in the spirit realm now. We need to cancel any negative words or soulish prayers anyone has prayed for us that is not in alignment with our prayers and decrees and forgive the people who did it. Then, ask the Angelic Hosts of Heaven to come and get our prayers and decrees out of any entanglements and expedite them to our Father God to be fulfilled in Jesus’ name and ask God to release his Holy Fire to burn up the webs so your prayers never get entangled again!

For about a year, I found myself making progress with my prayer life and my breakthroughs.  Then there would be times of great stalling.  I kept rebuking the enemy and still much stalling.  I asked the Holy Spirit to show me what was going on.  One morning, I saw a praying mantis caught in a web outside my bedroom window right near my place of prayer!  I heard the Holy Spirit say to me that I was asking the wrong people to pray for me and my prayers were caught up in a web—getting entangled and not going anywhere.  There were well meaning people in my life praying “soulish prayers.”  They were praying for their own will, opinions, and religious beliefs on me!  These people meant well and some were in my own family!  However, it was totally coming against and throwing confusion into the spirit realm against my own prayers.

Now, I don’t ask certain people to pray for me anymore, or I tell them how to specifically pray for me!  I realized in a conversation with my Mom that she had been inadvertently praying something completely different for me than I had been praying!  She meant well—BUT NO—it was stalling me.  I asked her to pray like this: “Mom, just say, Lord, I come into agreement with what my daughter is praying for at this time.”  She happily agreed to do that.  I also realized that prayers prayed on the rosary to Mary (and catholic saints) were actually religious prayers and UNBIBLICAL.  We are supposed to pray directly to the Father in the name of Jesus, as Jesus instructed us to.  Soulish prayers that I had prayed in the past when I was “religious,”  were still in the spirit and causing entanglements with my new prayer life as a Born Again Believer.

Those old soulish prayers were holding things back!!  I was alarmed at the fact that all these soulish and religious prayers needed to be cancelled and renounced immediately.  If not cancelled, you could be stalled and stalled and stalled.  I know you are here to learn about acceleration of blessing and breakthroughs in your life, and this could be a major thing coming against it!  I want to be clear, I honor Mary and her faith and all the faithful ones who went before me.  However, we are all saints as believers and followers of Christ.  We are all Kings and Priests.  I do not need the intercession of a saint in Heaven with God when Jesus clearly said He is the only one between us and the Father!  We do have a “cloud of witnesses” that the Bible states in Hebrews 12.  They are witnessing Jesus Christ’s intercession for us.  They are cheering for us to fulfill our assignments on the earth for Jesus to receive His reward and us to receive our rewards in Heaven.  We do not need them to go to the Father for us—only Jesus Christ.  He is our High Priest.  We agree with what Jesus prays about us to the Father.

I might offend some of you with deep set religious beliefs.  I had to overcome these old beliefs myself.  I will tell you, I love all believers in Christ.  I love all people.  I know many Holy Spirit filled Catholics.  No matter what Church or denomination you attend, I pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and for you to fulfill what God has called you to do.  I believe Jesus is dealing with all the religious denominations right now and getting His church back as “one” like it was in the Book of Acts.  I want each person to hear from Jesus themselves on this matter, as I have.  Jesus said we will know everything by its fruit.  Jesus also did not like “religious law.”  He was all about the kingdom and revealing who He was and is for us.  I want to tell you, as soon as I cancelled these soulish and religious prayers off my life I had a huge breakthrough, great fruit, and acceleration.  Confirmation!  Thank You Jesus!

Pray this prayer to get these soulish prayers canceled ASAP:

“Father in the name of Your Son, Jesus, I thank You for Your grace and mercy and hearing my prayers.  Right now, I cancel and mark null and void any soulish, superstitious, or religious prayers that have been prayed by myself or others over me and my life!  I repent for these types of prayers because they are not in accordance with your word and your will.  Lord Jesus, cover these sins and soulish prayers with Your blood.  I ask that all these soulish, superstitious, opinionated, judgemental, religious, and false prayers are now washed from the atmosphere, blotted out of the record books, and wiped away forever by Your blood, Lord Jesus!  I forgive those who have been praying these soulish, religious, and opinionated prayers.  I ask Your Holy Spirit to guide me in my prayer life.  I ask that all soulish, religious, and opinionated prayers coming against my breakthrough be completely removed, cancelled, and marked null and void forever!  I decree today that my true prayer is this_______________________.  I ask that this prayer come directly to You Father in the name of Jesus, and I ask for my own prayers and decrees according to Your will, Father, that have been held up in the spirit realm be released now directly to Your throne, Father God, and I ask for restoration of any time that was held back or stalled.  Thank you, Holy Spirit, for revealing this to me!  I ask for Your angels to be assigned, Father God, to block any soulish, religious, or opinionated prayers being prayed against me and God’s will for me, so they will never entangle or come against my prayers or decrees again, in Jesus’ name!  Father, In the name of Jesus send your Holy Fire to burn up all webs and anything entangling my own prayers in Jesus name! I decree I am no longer in agreement with the prayers of __________________________.  I cancel them in the name of Jesus!  Holy Spirit, please go to these people and give them guidance in their prayer life with the truth.  Also, alert me any time a soulish prayer is coming against me and who I need to not ask for prayer from.  I believe in the power of agreement in your word, Father, and I will now ask for my advocate, the Holy Spirit, to come into agreement with my prayers today.  I also ask for Holy Spirit filled prayer intercessors to come into my life who pray according to your will, Father, and in agreement with my personal prayers and decrees and I with theirs.  I also come into agreement with your intercession for me, Lord Jesus!  Thank You for your mercy and grace, Father, I am excited to see Your glory at work in my life, in Jesus’ name!  Amen!”  (If the Holy Spirit shows you a specific person in your life who is praying soulish, opinionated, or religious prayers over you, ask that their prayers be cancelled in Jesus’ name!)


Canceling Curses and Negative Words Decree:

“In the name of Jesus, I rebuke and renounce every assignment of the enemy and cancel every curse or negative word ever spoken over me or my family right now!  I cover every negative word in the Blood of Jesus Christ, including every negative word I have ever spoken over myself.  I repent for speaking any negative words over myself or anyone else.  I decree that every negative word and every curse spoken against me is now null and void in Jesus name!  I decree I am blessed, redeemed, and covered in the blood of Jesus!  I have been set apart for the plans and purposes of Almighty God as a blood-bought believer in Jesus Christ!  I decree the favor of God surrounds me as a shield!  I decree the glory of God is my covering!  I also keep up my shield of faith and extinguish every fiery dart coming against me.  No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and I command every curse of witchcraft sent to harm me be returned back to the place it was sent, in Jesus’ mighty name and by the power of His blood that covers me and protects me!  Amen and so be it!”

Get Laser Targeted:

Recently, I had another conversation about prayer with my mom, and she said, “Annamarie, you are my daughter and I want to pray for you.”  Then I asked her, “What do you want to pray for me?”  She told me very basic prayers like health, safety etc.  I told her; “Mom, right now, I need a breakthrough on a very specific thing.”  I then gave her my direction and strategy and she was very excited to be able to pray that specifically for me!  Now, she can celebrate with me when the breakthrough comes!  It’s awesome having my mom asking me to send her specific prayers and it’s a beautiful thing we share together!  She knows now to pray directly to the Father in Jesus’ name.  We have seen great breakthroughs together!

If you have a specific prayer strategy and then multiply it with more people praying for you in unity with laser targeting on a detailed specific prayer, it’s going to add power to your request to God like high octane rocket fuel!  This is the power of agreement.

“Pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored, as happened among you.”  2 Thessalonians 3:1



Love, Coach Annamarie

Prayers and Decrees Against Witchcraft

Prayers and Decrees Against Witchcraft




Prayers and Decrees Against Witchcraft – (as spoken by Annamarie via her broadcast – this is an edited transcript)

Speak Out Loud For Your Own Prayer: (This is even more powerful to speak while taking communion)

“I proclaim by the authority of Jesus Christ and by the power of the blood of Jesus, I speak against every curse of witchcraft that has been sent to harm me, my household or my children – In the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Blood of Jesus I renounce all witchcraft curses. I take authority over them in the name of Jesus. I break the power of all witchcraft and all witchcraft curses in the name of Jesus. I command all witchcraft and all witchcraft curses to be null and void in Jesus name. I enforce the blood of Jesus Christ against all witchcraft. I enforce the blood of Jesus Christ against all witchcraft curses, and I command all witchcraft to go under the blood of Jesus Christ right now.  I proclaim the word of God that a curse causeless cannot light! Therefore all witchcraft curses have been made causeless by the Blood of Jesus right now in Jesus name!


Bow the knee to Jesus Christ, all you witches, all you warlocks, all you witchcraft curses, all you witchcraft incantations! I enforce the blood of Jesus Christ against you! Bow the knee unto the Lord Jesus Christ! Kingdom of darkness, I take authority over you in the name of Jesus, in whom I am seated in the Name above all names, King of Kings Jesus Christ!   I remind you now Kingdom of Darkness you were defeated at Calvary by the finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ. I enforce the blood of Jesus Christ against you right now, kingdom of darkness! Be now helpless against the blood of Jesus Christ. Bow the knee to the Lord Jesus Christ NOW, in Jesus’ name. Witchcraft curses cancelled null and void, causeless in Jesus’ name, by the power of the blood of Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. 


I proclaim right now in the name of Jesus that in place of witchcraft, everywhere in place of witchcraft, shall come the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus’ name. Holy Ghost fire, Holy Ghost fire, Holy Ghost fire be released against all witchcraft and anywhere where witchcraft is operating, in the name of Jesus! Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus. 


Let the power of the fire of the Holy Ghost come upon everyone that’s practicing witchcraft. Oh, Holy Ghost fire, come upon everyone that’s practicing witchcraft—so hot, so hot, so hot. Bring them to their knees. Put them on their faces before Jesus Christ. Release repentance into them—a free gift in Jesus Name!  Holy Ghost Reveal their savior to them, Jesus Christ!  They shall cry out to Jesus to save them and He will hear their cries and bring them out of sin into salvation in Jesus name!


In the name of Jesus, I proclaim that everyone who has been practicing witchcraft on any level, that the fire of the Holy Ghost is upon them right now burning up every remnant of witchcraft and driving that individual to their knees and on their face into repentance to the Lord Jesus Christ, crying out to Jesus, right now. So be it, in Jesus’ name. 


In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and by the power of HIS blood, I speak to every curse of witchcraft that’s coming against  ( ____  ) right now—any curses of witchcraft that are coming against the life, blessings and divine purpose of  (____), every curse of witchcraft that’s coming against God’s plans for (_____), every curse of witchcraft that’s coming against (_______) t0 go right back to the place from where it was sent, right now, in the name of Jesus, in Jesus’ name!  I close the door to any and all witchcraft curses coming against (_________) never to come near them again and I seal those doors with the blood of Jesus and cover (_________) in the Blood of Jesus Christ!


I speak to every curse of witchcraft that’s been sent to harm God’s prophets, leaders and teachers, go right back to the place from where it was sent, right now, in the name of Jesus and by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. I close the door to every curse of witchcraft and seal it in the blood of Jesus. Holy Spirit, come and fill every prophet of God with a greater anointing, in Jesus’ name. 


I speak to every curse of witchcraft that’s come to harm God’s people and our children, every curse of witchcraft that’s coming against the intercessors of God, to go right back to the place from where it was sent, right now, in the name of Jesus. I close the door to all witchcraft curses and seal it in the blood of Jesus Christ.


Holy Spirit, I ask you to come upon every person that is interceding and praying to God, every intercessor, Lord, let your Holy Spirit come upon them and give them a greater anointing, favor and answered prayer, in Jesus’ name.  


Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask you to release more angel armies on the earth and around your people. In the name of Jesus, I ask for more heavenly hosts and more of your angels and more special forces armies of God to come right now into the earth and destroy every unholy, ungodly power and principality that’s been operating in the earth. Bash it; trash it; kick it out; drag it all out to the uninhabited dry place. Bind it; shackle it, and imprison every unholy, ungodly principality for it no longer has power to remain, in Jesus’ name. 


Father, I ask you, by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, to send your special forces angels, your arresting angels, Father God, to go and arrest any remaining demonic principalities that are operating in the earth. Bind them; shackle them; cage them up; drag them to the uninhabited dry places where they will stay until Jesus Christ comes and tells them where to go, in Jesus’ name. Close the door to them and seal it forever like Joshua did with the evil kings, with the despots. You had Joshua take the despots out of the promised land and seal them in a cave and burn them. We stand upon that right now, in the name of Jesus, that you, Father God, are doing the same right now for us, in the name of Jesus. 


Father, raise up your holy, godly, anointed leaders. Give them favor, favor, favor. Give them more angel armies to fight for them. Oh, defender of Israel, Archangel Michael, raise up an even mightier army. More, God; more, God; more angels to fight alongside Archangel Michael for Israel, for Israel is forever. God’s plans and purposes shall prevail in the land of Israel. Jerusalem is God’s darling, God’s jewel. Let the plans and purposes of almighty God go forth for Israel and Jerusalem, oh Archangel Michael, defender of Israel. Destroy the enemies in your wake. Destroy them beneath your feet! Trample them with your angel armies. Nothing shall come against God’s people. Nothing shall come against Israel, in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord. 


Father God, you had us study the book of Zechariah. You’ve told us what you’re doing with the spirit of wickedness. You’re taking that vile spirit of wickedness and putting it into a basket and sealing it with a heavy talent of lead and making the demons take it out to a special place you have for it where it will stay in exile forever. Wickedness shall never bother your people again. This is what we want, Father, and we want it right now. We ask for it in the name of Jesus, Father God, for you to take that vile spirit of wickedness that has been operating in the earth, according to the book of Zechariah, stuff that spirit of wickedness in that basket that you have and put that heavy talent of lead on it. We ask you to crush the mouth of wickedness and seal it in that basket with that heavy talent of lead and, just like it says in the book of Zechariah, that you will have the demons take out their own trash and put them all in that special place you have for them where they will stay until Jesus Christ comes and tells them where to go, and that wickedness will never bother us or your children again because this is the time of your glory, God


 This is the time of the outpouring of your Holy Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy. This is the time of the billion soul harvest for Jesus Christ. This is the time for the preparation of the bride of Christ without spot or wrinkle. Raise up your teachers, your prophets, your leaders, oh God. Raise up your evangelists. Revival, revival, revival, restoration, renewal—let the fire of the Holy Ghost ignite over the United States of America and over every nation thereof, in the name of Jesus. Blow the victory trumpet of the Lord. Yahweh has fought for us. Yahweh is victorious. Jesus Christ is Lord and king of all the nations. So be it, in Jesus’ name. “

– Annamarie Strawhand



Having a hard time praying or even dealing with distraction, discord and strife in your home?  It’s time to deal with these demonic frequencies and get them moved out and usher in the frequency of God!





2.) REPENT FOR SINS ON HOME, LAND AND FAMILY (repenting in the courts of heaven here)

3.)DEDICATE HOME LAND AND FAMILY TO GOD (do a land assignment here)

4.) INVITE THE HOLY SPIRIT AND ANOINT YOUR HOME (see anointing home here)

5.)DO SPIRITUAL HOUSECLEANING (see cleaning demonic clutter here)



PRAYER: “Father God I ask in Jesus name for You to send Your Warrior Angels and Heavenly Hosts over me and my household to take us off the frequency of the demonic. Scatter Your enemies Oh God far far away from me and block them and smite them down with Your fiery swords and shields so the demonic cannot see, hear, perceive or touch me, my family and household at all today in Jesus name! I invite the HOLY SPIRIT to come and hover over me and FILL my household so the ONLY frequency we operate on is YOUR FREQUENCY and YOUR KINGDOM Almighty God! Amen!”

You can also play a recording of the #shofar to usher in the Angelic of God and bring in the Frequency of God in your home.

UNDERSTAND there is a ‘frequency’ that is a sound and vibration that is of the demonic, as there is also a sound and vibration that is of God. This is not “new age” they stole that term and twisted it! It always belonged to God! God created the world with a sound, a word, He spoke it into existence and HIS sound is what is holding creation together. This is in the Bible. The demonic tries to come against this with their sounds, particularly in music. God’s frequency is 444 MEGAHERTZ. This is the KEY OF KING DAVID. Young King David played his harp in this key and demons fled! Read about David playing his harp for Saul! The sound of the Shofar – the rams horn is the sound of the voice of God in battle and summons the Angel armies and releases a Heavenly vibration and frequency to destroy demonic strongholds. This is what took down the walls of Jericho! Now this is all being re-discovered. Our music used to be tuned to Godly frequencies such as 444, 396, 528, 432 and, then during the Nazi era they changed it to 440 which is demonic! Look at the Holy Spirit based teachings and music of Michael Tyrrell of Wholetones, he has a list of GODLY FREQUENCIES. Johnny Cash and old Gospel Musicians knew to tune their instruments to 528 which is a Godly frequency! Study up on this and fill your home and atmosphere with GODLY FREQUENCIES.

– Coach Annamarie