Annamarie's Christian Detox Plan
Get detoxed and shine your light for Jesus!

Recently the Holy Spirit led me to detoxing my body.  I have started on this journey. The Holy Spirit has been on the move leading His sons and daughters to purify their bodies to prepare to do their assignments fully on this earth for the Kingdom of God.  I have been seeking God for answers for my own health issues and my daughters and this is where He is leading me.  I am already seeing good results from this.  I will be sharing some steps that I am going through, and maybe you and others would like to join me.  Understand there are things we can do spiritually that will lead us to health answers and revelation of what our bodies (temples) are really needing.  I am at this point and it has been amazing what is being revealed. Particularly heavy metals and mold/toxins in the body that have been passed down in-vitro from up to three generations to us. This means if our mom has toxins, you have them, then you pass them on to your children, plus what we pick up from toxins in our own lives.  These toxins cause all kinds of problems and also if you have metal fillings in your teeth or tatoos that is a constant leeching into your bloodstream.  I had my fillings removed, however mercury can be stored in the brain for years. Lead is the worst and comes from tatoos and being around industry. I was involved in motorsports for years, around welding smoke, exhaust fumes from high performance leaded gas, chemicals from automotive cleaning products and more. Plus, I smoked cigarettes when I worked on the NASCAR circuit back in the 1990’s.  Cooking with aluminum and other metals can be stored in your body from childhood.   This revelation that the Holy Spirit has been leading me to, has really convicted me and set me into action.  I want this junk cleaned out of me!  The Holy Spirit wants me to share this strategy with all of you.  He wants us to put our feet to our faith and get healthy and be good stewards of our bodies where HE lives inside us!  I hope you will join me on this journey to cleanse your temple too!  


Understand before you start this with me: I am not a health coach. I am a faith and victory coach. My divine calling is to help you fulfill your divine calling.  In order to do what God has called us to do we must be healthy, fresh and flourishing. This is God’s will for us to be healthy, strong, fresh, flourishing and still bearing good fruit in our lives into old age according to Psalm 92!   We cannot be all God has called us to be with toxic bodies – our temples.  This detox I am doing is simply sharing step by step what the Holy Spirit is guiding me to do right now and if you feel led by God yourself to join me on this.  Pray on this for yourself and we can help each other. I want to see you thrive and prosper and be in health as your soul prospers! – Coach Annamarie


Let’s get started!

Set A Goal: My goal is to cleanse my body, right down to the cellular level!! Removal of all heavy metals, chemicals, lead, mercury, aluminum, mold, candida (fungus in your digestive system) and old pharmaceuticals that are in my body – in an effort to cleanse, heal, repair, lose weight and be my best for God and His calling on my life!

Note:  Toxins come from your own environment and habits, and can also be passed down to you through the womb from your mother from up to three generations!  Toxins have been scientifically found to be a major cause of auto-immune disorders, digestive disorders, mental disorders, sickness, diseases, dementia and autism!

The more heavy metals you have stored in your body the harder it is to lose weight, because heavy metals are trapped in fat cells, it’s a protective response in your body. Once the metals are detoxed out, your body can easily lose the fat.

Aluminum and Mercury passes into the blood brain barrier and causes many mental disorders.  Including depression, anxiety, ADHD and more!  The brain is mainly made of fat and needs to be detoxed of heavy metals.  Then the brain needs to be fed new healthy fats to rebuild those new clean areas. 

Metal dental work and vaccines (mercury) are the main culprit of heavy metal toxins that constantly leech into your bloodstream.   If you have old metal amalgam (mercury) fillings in your mouth, try to get them removed. If you cannot then stay on a good detox regimen.  I have learned that the mercury is being released into your bloodstream and brain barrier every time you eat, chew gum, etc. and is very toxic to your brain, and can be trapped there for years until you detox it.


Good medical resources that the Holy Spirit led me to, with plenty of videos and free valuable information (Both Doctors are Christians):  


My personal 21 Day Detox Plan (Annamarie’s)



You can follow the Basics of my 21 Day Holy Spirit Fast that I have on my website here, It is also good to do along for the detoxing plan because these are very clean foods:



  • Fiji Water – 1 – 2 liters per day – this is expedite your cleansing – the Fiji water was HUGE for me.
  • Or add Silica Drops To Bottled Spring Water (I like Poland Springs or Crystal Springs)

Fiji Water – I am drinking 1-2 liters a day of Fiji Water.  It has a good PH 7.5 and has silicate in it to heal your cells and flush out toxins – especially flushes out aluminum.  Excellent for healing the gut. (I have seen amazing results).


Silica Drops – If you do not want to buy Fiji brand water you can just get the silica drops to add to water or herbal tea: Cellfood Essential Silica Formula, 4 oz. Bottle – 40 Day Supply, Highly Effective, Contains Necessary Nutritional Cofactors – Liquid for Superior Absorption – Gluten Free, GMO Free Learn more:

Evening/Afternoon: Herbal Teas – Organic Dandelion Root and or Lemon Ginger help the liver and kidneys do a better cleaning function for your body and relax you.



  1. No hair color: I am not coloring my hair anymore (hair color is loaded with toxins and heavy metals, and some brands have lead!) Go natural with your hair! Opt for a cute style instead.
  2. Organic cosmetics/soap: Staying away from aluminum,  NO parabens, talc, sulfates and other metals or toxins.  Clean out your cosmetics case. Read the ingredients. I am mainly using the Physicians Formula brand.  I am using aluminum free,  natural coconut oil based deodorants. Organic shampoo, conditioners, laundry soap, cleaners etc.  Good resource to check shampoos and soaps:
  3. Teeth: Natural toothpaste/fluoride free.  Fluoride is a TOXIN so eliminate it from your body.  Activated Charcoal toothpaste works great for whitening and also helps with mouth and teeth/gums toxin cleansing.  You can also use aluminum free baking soda to brush your teeth.
  4. Oil Pulling for teeth and gums: OIL PULLING is something I am doing on this detox that is very helpful especially if you have any metal dental work.  I take one teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil and in my mouth daily. I swish it around for about 3 minutes, making sure to feel that “pulling” action from my gums and teeth.  Then I spit it out in a trash can. (do not swallow or do not spit in sink!)  The oil captures heavy metals and bacteria, even deep in your gums.  Then I swish with warm water and sea salt.  Remember fluoride is toxic! This is a natural way to keep your teeth healthy!  Eat less sugar if you are worried about cavities. You can also brush your teeth with baking soda or a natural toothpaste with activated charcoal. But the oil pulling is key to remove toxins from any deep bacteria, and metals.  Root canals hold bacteria and also have metal that leeches for years, as well as highly toxic metal fillings that leech mercury.  Other Metal dental work has nickel that leeches.  This will help keep it in check.


Daily Vitamins and Supplements:

Sublingual B-12:

I take one dropper of b12 in the morning on an empty stomach under my tongue for energy, B12 is crucial for your cells to be healthy and function normally.  Here is the brand I use: NASA B’ahava Vitamin B12 Liquid Drops – 5000 MCG Supplement with Methylcobalamin…


Warm Bone Broth: 

I drink a cup of warm bone broth – (for collagen and cell restoration): Pacific Foods, Organic Bone Broth, Original Chicken by Pacific Foods 32oz Car…


Eat a protein for breakfast, with a veggie – omelet with mushrooms, onions, spinach and a little bit of garlic, I am doing some dairy but only hard aged cheeses like fresh grated parmesan or aged cheddar or swiss – this is just to mix on my eggs once in while or sprinkle on roasted veggies. I stay away from gluten, and white sugar.  I use organic honey, coconut sugar and real maple syrup for sweetener and very little.  If I have coffee (organic) I use almond milk. 


After breakfast:


Before Bed :



  • Must get sunshine each day, and take off your sunglasses and let the sunlight in your eyes, too for Vitamin D – get 15 mins of real sunlight or more.  Keep taking a Good Vitamin D3 supplement.
  • Limit blue light on screens – get amber colored covers for computers and phone screens.  There are apps for that. 
  • If I you get a headache take a glass of water sprinkled with sea salt or pink himilayan salt works amazing!
  • Tip if you are craving sweets, try a drop of pure maple syrup instead of sugar.  Soon the cravings will fade.   My go-to is tea with coconut cream and a drop of maple and some cinnamon…  you can use spices to help you through.  Avoid white sugar as much as possible, that is the biggest thing you want to detox is the sugars and any candida growth (bad fungus) in your body that comes from eating too much sugar.
  • Also try not to use your microwave to heat up food – warm plastics leech chemicals.  I cook on my stove in cast iron pans, ceramic or glass baking dishes that are safe.   I love my ceramic stir fry pan for stir fry veggies and chicken in coconut oil:  Ozeri 14″ Green Earth Wok Smooth Ceramic Non-Stick Coating
  • For foods  I stick with fresh cooked meat, no lunch meats – stay away from processed meats.  NO TUNA! (Tuna has mercury – BAD)
  • I make alot of rotisserie chicken salad with avocado mayo and serve on a bed of lettuce, you can take that with you in a container to work. Avocado is a good fat for your brain.
  • I have recipes on my website, too and a shopping list:
  • In the evening I do a dead sea salt (magnesium) warm foot soak for magnesium to calm me, and help heal my nervous system and brain and also take 250 mg of Milk Thistle before bed, to relax me and help my liver and kidneys while working to cleanse me overnight.  This has been huge to help along this cleanse and keep your liver and kidneys from getting overloaded and overworked, plus I have less herxheimer reactions. (flu like symptoms from candida die off, parasite die off and toxin dumping)
  • While you are doing your detox this is good to listen to healing music to help your body through – 444 frequency should be from a Christian source such as Michael Tyrrell
  • I am also suggesting taking a hair analysis test in the beginning of the detox to see where your levels of heavy metals and toxins are so you can monitor this as you go. Hair Analysis:




Ionic Foot Detox: 

I do this weekly – works like a magnet pulling out toxins through your feet in a foot bath,  It’s been amazing to see what this has pulled out of my body through my feet.  This is not a scam.  My husband tried it too and he had different stuff come out of his body than I did.  The first time I did it I could smell a strong odor of a medicine I took when I was being treated for an infection in my intestine from over a year ago!  It was pulling it out of my liver! The next time I did it I could smell tobacco (I have not smoked cigarettes in 20 years!)  This foot detox has also helped my daughter detox from vaccines, heavy metals and flouride! She has seen a huge difference in better sleep, and anxiety relief!  Many parents have found that even young children with autism who were non verbal become verbal after doing these detox foot baths!   I love this thing – its my favorite detox tool.  You can get the one like I have here on Amazon. Ionic Detox Foot Bath Machine, Personal Ionic Foot Cleanse Ionic Foot Bath


Zeolite Sprays:

Advanced TRS: There is also a great product on the market to maximize your detox and speed it up called Advanced TRS Spray – safe for kids and nursing moms. They have seen kids with vaccination damage healed and autism symptoms healed, as well as healing many auto-immune disorders

Advanced TRS Benefits – Safe Heavy Metals Detox has an informative Facebook page here:






Benefits and Gains From Detoxing:

My personal gains from my detox after four weeks: I went through some mild detox symptoms for about two weeks, metallic taste in my mouth, crusty discharge from my eyes from sleep, (you can detox out from your eye ducts) some drainage in my sinuses, mild headaches, some itchy eczema flare up spots on my skin, some old injuries aching, more sweating in my underarms, and some dreams where I needed to release some old wounded cell memories.  Overall I was glad to go through it.  Once I was over that hump, I feel AMAZING.  I am sleeping better, normal bowel movements, my aches and pains gone, great all day energy, my mind is clearer and my skin feels so soft!!   I am still cleansing and now focusing on healing my cells with supplements, and continuing weight loss. I can feel the pleasure of my spirit and the Holy Spirit in me for doing this. 


Detoxing dreams: While your body is detoxing you will have wild emotional dreams. These are your “cell memories” and soul wounds coming to the surface. As you detox the body is releasing toxins from your cells and tissues. This also means cell memories, worries, trauma and wrong beliefs stored in those tissues. Joan Hunter teaches about this in her books: Healing The Broken Heart. That cell memories and old fears and old emotions and soul wounds that you thought you had already overcome are stored in your cells, organs and tissues as “cell memories” (sort of like ptsd from a soldier who was at war). While you are detoxing, these cell memories are being released especially while you dream. You may think you are having a demonic dream, but no – its a cell memory and soul wound dream, being detoxed! Do not come into agreement with these dreams! Instead thank God they are being detoxed out. Do a prayer to command everything in that dream to be loosed off your mind, body, soul and spirit and off your cells, organs and tissues and be released off you and onto the Cross of Jesus! Then ask Jesus to wash you clean in His Blood and command new cells and new tissue to be formed, and soul wounds healed forever by the creative power of the Holy Spirit! Command all your cells to line up with the DNA of Jesus Christ! These detox dreams will only last a little while. Keep praying through them, come out of agreement with them and speak over yourself who you are in Christ Jesus! Thank you Lord Jesus that we can cleanse these negative emotions off our bodies by Your blood and be healed!!


Holy Spirit Fire Soaking: Something I am doing during my physical detox is also a spiritual firesoak (I learned this from Katie Souza). This is a very powerful spiritual cleanse of the Holy Spirit to burn off the chaff and dross in you that is not producing fruit, it also drives out any hidden snakes out (demons/demonic assignments) that have been in hiding trying to hinder you or keeping you squeezed. Fire drives out the snakes and even the vipers that come from gossip, snakes around your ankles, or pythons wrapped around you. So to start you need a good few hours where you can rest and you have no place important to go. You lay down and invite the Holy Spirit fire to come upon you and in you. Then you soak in the Fire of the Holy Spirit and sing these “Fire Songs” out loud on repeat (loop) you will feel hot, burning sensation and even sweat. It’ s powerful and it also is a refinement too the longer you do it. Song #1 “Set A Fire Down in My Soul” BY Jesus Culture / Song #2 “All Consuming Fire” BY Jesus Culture


Do these healing prayers while you are going through this detox:

Healing prayer #1 and #2 over yourself or a loved one in the spirit or you can lay hands on yourself or them as you decree: HEALING DECREE #1 SPEAK OVER PERSON/YOURSELF: “In the name and Authority of Jesus Christ,I command all 125 trillion cells along with all the T-cells in ______ body to line up electrically, magnetically, and chemically to the perfect DNA and RNA that God created. I curse any and all prions in ______ body. I command all the bad cells to be discarded in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Jesus! AMEN. (prayer by Joan Hunter)
HEALING PRAYER #2 “FATHER in the NAME of JESUS, I thank you for who you are and all that you have done. Right now inn the name of Jesus I decree and declare that _______ walks in Divine Health. ____________ is 100% healthy in Jesus name. Lord, your Word says in 1 Peter 2:24 that with the stripes of Jesus _________was healed; therefore, I declare that ____________is healed and whole. Every cell in ______________ body must bow down to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I command all lying symptoms to cease immediately in ___________ in Jesus name. I command anything that is not of God to be flushed out of this body right now in Jesus name! ____________ body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. Sickness and poisons cannot dwell in ___________ temple. Therefore _________walks in total victory over sickness and disease in Jesus name. I renounce all infirmity off of ___________ now in Jesus name and I invite the HOLY SPIRIT to come upon _______________ and do creative miracles now in ____________ to bring ___________ into divine alignment with the will of God in body, mind, soul and spirit. I declare _________________ is whole, shalem, complete, nothing missing, nothing lacking, nothing broken in JESUS MIGHTY NAME! Thank You Lord for the total and complete healing to our bodies. We receive the wholeness to our bodies. in Jesus Name. Amen!” (prayer by Dr. Kynan Bridges with my additions). Annamarie Strawhand – Life In The Faith Lane

Do my soul cleansing prayer and decree here!



Remember this can be done for a full 21 days for best results with my 21 day fast.

You can do just the detox by itself without the fast and for less days – however its best to push through to the 21 days.

You should detox at least three times a year or more – you will begin to get cues from your body when you feel you need to.

If you want to keep up with the suppliments and other good practices and the  all year round – I do!

Will be adding more info as the Lord leads me! Let’s get our temples cleansed!


Much Love – Annamarie 


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