The Meaning Of Seeing the Number 555 Repeatedly

The Meaning Of Seeing the Number 555 Repeatedly

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I love the number 5 because biblically number 5 means Grace. Many students ask me about seeing certain numbers over and over and I love it when they say they are seeing lots of 5’s, 55’s and 555! That is the HOLY SPIRIT reminding you how much grace you have from Father God! The Triumph of Faith in Jesus Christ is Grace! God pours out His love and grace upon grace to you through His Holy Spirit and He wants to remind you to come to Him and you can even ask for more when you mess up! God will give you so much grace that He even redeems the time back to you that you lost when you were making those mistakes. WOW.

Pray this: “Father God, thank You for Your Grace! Because of Jesus I have Grace and I come to You today Father to ask for more Grace for these mistakes I have made that cost me some time, pain and relationships. I ask today Father for more Grace, I ask for Grace upon Grace through your Son Jesus Christ. I ask Father if you would redeem the time and things I have lost because of this Grace. I do not have to be disappointed or ashamed of my mistakes and shortcomings! I ask for Grace to be poured out to me through Your Holy Spirit according to your word Romans 5:5 ” And hope does not make us ashamed, because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, the One having been given to us.” Thank You Jesus! Thank You Holy Spirit!! I have an ABUNDANCE of Grace!! I receive the outpouring of Your Grace right now Father God, I love You Father and Thank You for this precious gift in Jesus name, AMEN”

Now you can thank the Holy Spirit for showing you these numbers and for this Grace and remember He is prompting you and reminding and guiding you of what is promised in the word of God when you see these numbers. – Coach Annamarie #graceupongrace #555 #grace #meaningof555 #number555meaning

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