Daughters Of Victory! Step Into Your Land of Promise! – Prophetic Word by Annamarie Strawhand

Daughters Of Victory! Step Into Your Land of Promise! – Prophetic Word by Annamarie Strawhand

The Lord Jesus Christ – The Lion Of Judah is calling up His daughters for this time!  I heard Him speak this to me out of a powerful vision – and I knew it was a message for many of His daughters currently in the time of waiting and wilderness:

“You My daughter are being called out of the wilderness.  You have been seeking Me, spending hours at My feet. Even into the night watch you have come before Me with your prayers and petitions.  I have been preparing you. I have been growing you, strengthening you. My Spirit has been working with you, mentoring you to hear My voice and instruction, bringing you the revelation and clarity you needed and the wisdom to be ready for your Divine Purpose.  It is time. Come now daughter! Rise up, walk and follow Me boldly! I, the Lion Of Judah am leading you out of the wilderness into Your Destiny. It is time to step into Your Land of Promise!”

While in prayer, I felt the strong presence of the Holy Spirit come upon me and I went into a deep vision.  In this vision, I am standing on the edge of a green, grassy fertile land looking far off into a dry, sand driven desert. I begin to hear music in my spirit.  It sounded like an ancient Hebrew tribal sound, with a steady slow drum beat. I look as far as I can to the desert horizon to where the music is coming from.   I see a Lion, a mighty Lion coming out of the desert. He is flanked by two very large Warrior Angels on horses. They are walking with a strong stride, almost in slow motion, but I can sense the power, purpose and authority.  Walking behind the Lion, I see in a large ‘V’ formation are women – lines and rows of women! I hear in my spirit the voice of the Holy Spirit: “These are the Daughters of Zion! My daughters of Victory! I have prepared them and now they are ready!”  I watched this amazing scene. Hundreds of women walking out of the desert with strength, determination and purpose! Women of all colors, shapes and sizes! I could tell these were women of strong faith and a deep love for the Lord. I had a sense that they have overcome much to be here.

I looked, and each of these women are carrying different things – some of them had scrolls, large books and gold feather pens. Some had baskets of fruit. I also saw some carrying full satchels draped over their shoulder, the satchels were filled with beautifully designed things they had made.  Some women had what looked like blueprints or house plans. These women looked strong, confident and capable. I even saw young and older women with bows and arrows, some with axes and tools, some had musical instruments. There were mothers carrying their babies on their hip. I noticed the women in the front were carrying large jugs of water, oil and wine. The women with the water are actually pouring some of it on the dry soil before the rest of the women as they step ahead.  They were wearing golden sandals – when I looked at their feet my spirit quickened to the word in Isaiah 52:7:  “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”   

The hundreds of women in the rows and rows as far as I could see were wearing flowing fabrics that were billowing in a wind gently pushing them forward.  On the ends of each line of women I saw more Warrior Angels on horseback. I looked further back and bringing up the rear behind all the women were more Warrior Angels on horses.  It was a sight to behold. I looked again at the great Lion who was leading them – I then saw a magnificent crown on the Lion’s head. I knew it was the Lion of Judah! The Lord Jesus Himself!  I hear in my spirit: “These women have activated their gifts and anointings during this wilderness time. Today they step into their promise to fulfill what they have been called to do for My Kingdom.”

Then I saw some of the women with mantels – bright colored flowing scarves of silk draping over their shoulders!  I realized those women had asked for these mantels and received them by overcoming great adversity while they matured in their wilderness season – I realized that these women were called to be leaders in their area of influence.  I looked over myself for a moment – I was dressed in the same way.

In the vision as I am witnessing all this into my spirit, I ask the question in my mind; “Where are these women going with what they are carrying?”  The answer comes to me from the Lord Jesus, The Lion of Judah in my Spirit: “My faithful daughters are here and taking the Land for Me! You see? I have anointed them! It has always been their Promise! I have a place prepared for them in government, libraries and schools!  The women with plans and blueprints will build homes, churches, raise up tent meetings and revivals and restore buildings and towns for MY Glory! The daughters with the tools and axes will chop down the old, clear the fields, expand tents and pound in the tent pegs and help My people plant and grow great harvests for Me! The daughters with fruit, oil, water, wine and satchels will be in ministry and the marketplace!  The women with the scrolls, pens and musical instruments have books, music and films I have commissioned them to write and produce! The mothers and their children will be restoring family life according to My Word and bring healing and restoration to families and My children! They will be the nurturers of the poor and broken in their community.  Families will grow with more children, fathers and husbands shall return home and be blessed! The daughters with bows and arrows will be the prayer warriors and the intercessors! Do you see? Do you understand? I have prepared them for this time of Promise and by faith they have boldly stepped into it today! I am pleased with My Daughters!”

Then as I observed the vision with that last question in my spirit – I looked to the Lion and He became King Jesus as He stepped across the green line and turned, overlooking them – raised His Scepter up to heaven and then towards them and Blessed the women. He was giving them the command to step into the green land of Promise!  I felt His satisfaction, pleasure and He smiled and said, “Go and tell this Annamarie! It is time! My daughters must not be afraid and trust Me! I need them now and I am calling them out of the wilderness! Teach them to come to Me boldly and ask of Me! I have reached My Scepter out to them!  I will answer their request! I will lead them out of the wilderness and My Angels are with them! But they must seek ME so I can prepare them. It is time for My daughters to step into their Promise!”

Then the vision ended. I knew what to do.  I was assigned by the Lord to reveal this word prophetically today.  I thank You, King Jesus for trusting me to share this important word for Your daughters.  Women of God, I encourage you! It is time to take your destiny boldly and in faith! Activate today, go outside of your homes, speak to the heavens and by faith say: “Lord Jesus, thank You for coming for me! I now by faith take my first step into the Land of Promise that You have for me!  I am ready to be prepared and led by Your Holy Spirit and I accept the destiny You have for me right now in your name King Jesus O Lion Of Judah! Amen!”

Then take a physical step, right where you are, symbolically, by faith and praise Him!  The Lion of Judah is here and He is leading you out of your wilderness into your Promise, O Daughter of Victory!!  Hallelujah!!

Love, Annamarie

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