One of my Facebook followers named, Jeni James, sent a picture of the lyrics of the “Camel Song” to me, and I read it on the Camel Day Broadcast on 9/8/21.

Why do we call Wednesdays Camel Day? Because, in the Bible, camels represent your provision, blessings, and prosperity from God. God is bringing forth your prosperity and blessings, and he can bring them from any place he wants. Genesis 24:63 says, “And Isaac went out to meditate in the field at the eventide: and he lifted up his eyes, and saw, and, behold, the camels were coming.There was a whole caravan of camels heading his way. Who was on that caravan? His beautiful wife, and she was bringing gifts for her husband. Those camels were loaded down.

Father God also sent a caravan of camels for his son, Jesus Christ, that was loaded down with gifts and blessings. He’s loading down the camels for you too, so receive your camels today because your Father God wants to lavish blessings on you. The Bible says that Father God is the giver of good gifts.

Below are the lyrics of the “Camel Song” typed out for you followed by a link so you can listen to it. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you, Jeni, for sending it to me.


Camel Song

On a day in early springtime,
By an ancient wayside well,
Eliezer stopped to rest his camel train.
He had found a bride for Isaac
Ere the evening shadows fell,
For his weary journey had not been in vain.

So he took the fair Rebekah,
Dressed in jewels rich and rare,
Back to Abraham and Isaac far away.
Where Rebekah loved her Isaac,
And he loved Rebekah fair;
Oh, it must have been a happy wedding day.


Oh, get ready! The evening shadows fall.
Don’t you hear the Eliezer call?
There’s going to be a wedding,
Our joy will soon begin,
In the evening when the camel train goes in.

For the blessed Holy Spirit
From the Father up above,
Has come down to earth to find a worthy Bride.
For our Isaac over yonder
Has prepared our tents of love,
And He wants His fair Rebekah by His side.

We have left our kinfolk gladly;
We have bade the world goodbye.
We are going to a land beyond the sky.
We will soon behold our Jesus
In that blessed eternity;
What a happy, happy meeting that will be!

CLICK HERE to listen to “Camel Train” performed by the Broken Strings Bluegrass Band. Lyrics by Hansel P. Vibbert.

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