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Excerpt Chapter 1 “You Are Built For Performance” From The Book – Faith At Full Speed, By Annamarie Strawhand

Excerpt Chapter 1 “You Are Built For Performance” From The Book – Faith At Full Speed, By Annamarie Strawhand



Reaching a major goal or achieving a dream is like a winning race strategy. God has set us up to WIN if we follow His strategies in complete faith, and fully use what He has gifted us with. We will come into our divine purpose with amazing success.  

Everything in your life is like the preparation and laps in a race – bringing you to the finish line and ultimate victory.  It’s up to you how much power you want to activate behind it to accelerate it. If you are anything like me – you want to live a victorious life, doing your true purpose and be able to have the tools, the funds, the resources and people you need around you to live your dream with great blessing that overflows for your family and loved ones.

Ask yourself this question: What were you born for? Do you have enough faith to get there? God sees your potential.  He designed it in you. It’s time to activate it!

I saw this quote on social media recently, “When you meet Jesus, He activates the destiny blueprint within your spirit.” – Lance Wallnau

That quote really spoke to me.  Jesus is our master builder. I believe that it’s no accident that God had His only son, born in the flesh on earth to save us,  to be raised in the house of a carpenter (Joseph). What does a carpenter do? He starts with a design, draws it up (blueprints it), and creates it.  A great carpenter or builder not only fulfills a need with his creations, it actually can be celebrated as a work of art, that stands the test of time and serves many people for many generations.  This is a design like no other.  

Many times when I pray, I pray these words;  “Jesus, You are my master builder, activate the great plans and blueprints you have designed for me and let’s build build build together!”

In the Bible, Jeremiah Chapter 29 verse 11, God tells Jeremiah this same thing: “I have great plans for you”.

That means me and YOU, too.

You are designed for superior performance.  Like a high powered racing engine. 

When I was a little girl, my earthly father, Carmen Malfitana was a champion drag racer.  He had a very fast winning race car, a ‘55 Chevy Bel Air that he modified for speed. This car was legendary around the Upstate NY drag strips. My dad, with this very special car, set many speed records in the 1960’s that stood for years!  The track promoters even set up a race with a jet powered car to see if it could break the record against my dad and his Chevy. My dad still won by a smidge and held his record! As a child, I spent countless hours on a little rolling stool in the garage watching my dad work on his car, handing him wrenches and asking him questions.  My mom says my bedtime story with my dad, was reading Hot Rod and National Speed Sport Magazine, pointing to the beautiful shiny race cars on my daddy’s lap! No wonder my passion for fast cars! It was instilled in me at avery early age.

But, my dad’s biggest pride and joy in that race car was the custom built high performance engine, a 327 small block that had been built by the best engine guy in town.  My dad had collaborated with this engine builder to create a powerplant with “secret” characteristics and components that nobody else was using or knew about. This was to give it that extra pull off the starting line and all the way down the track.  Now get this – this engine was so unique it was “blueprinted” by the engine builder. 

In the motorsports world, when an engine is blueprinted that’s a pretty major thing – it means you have something so custom that when the engine performs, the engine builder wants to be able to have a blueprint to be able to keep recreating that same super fast performance for you. Building upon the original and keeping the specs unique to you, his special customer.  When you win, he wins. Because more customers will come wanting a special engine designed for them, too. Blueprinting an engine is also a winning edge for the racer, because he or she can keep the blueprint as a document for safe keeping for their race engine that nobody else can copy.  

You are built for special performance like nobody else has!

God wants to collaborate with you to take what He put in you – your specialized divine gifts – and make amazing things happen through you in your life!  He wants to ADVANCE you, and advance those around you through you and your unique calling! When you succeed and give Him the Glory you inspire more people to turn in faith to God for their lives too!  When you win, He (God) wins!

“A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men.” Proverbs 18:16

Here’s the deal.  A high performance engine is no good sitting on the engine stand in the garage.  It might look fast and powerful, but unless it’s “activated” with the rest of the things it needs to run and win – it’s just there collecting dust. 

Is your high performance purpose collecting dust?  Is your engine just sitting there waiting for you to start putting it to use?  

Maybe you have tried to put your gifts, purpose and calling to use but it never seems to get going or it needs to pick up some serious speed? 

That’s a question that we are going to answer right now!  Are you ready to rev up your purpose and activate your gifts so you can step off the starting line full speed into your divine calling? 

If the answer is YES then take a deep breath, close your eyes, hands on your heart and DECLARE this out loud:

“Father, I am ready to use the gifts you have put inside me and activate the divine purpose you have designed me for! I say YES to my calling right now in Jesus name, Amen!”

Did you feel it?  Did you feel your spirit power up inside you?  

Remember what Jesus said: “The Kingdom Lives Within You!” (Luke 17:21)

You just activated God’s unlimited Kingdom with its unlimited power in you with your words!  The power of life and death are in the tongue! You will learn as you go along in this book that the words that come out of your mouth are either added horsepower or dead weight to your purpose!  I want more horsepower, how about you? YES!





This is an excerpt from my upcoming book, “Faith At Full Speed – Your High Horsepower Manual To Success” I told this story on my Youtube broadcast on March 20th 2019 – and everyone was so moved by this story I wanted to share it here.
Uncle Dan – Basement Millionaire……
I was much younger when this amazing thing happened for my Uncle Dan, a Retired NAVY Chief. In the late 70’s and early 80’s after the NAVY my uncle had tried his hand at many different jobs and businesses looking to create something good for his family after leaving the NAVY, Including running a farm stand during the summers where we would go and help stack watermelons and lettuce – we had so much fun working with him and our cousins. Uncle Dan was a hard worker – he always put 110% into everything he did and a he was a natural leader. He loved people, and was good at creating solutions for others. These were his God given gifts.
One year in the mid 1980’s he was working a 9-5 job at General Electric Company in Upstate NY. He was building and organizing their computer systems and client training, which included military contracts. He had done a great job for them, and they sent him and his family to the west coast to build a program out there for the company. As soon as he arrived in California – he threw himself fully into the project, created the program, hired people and had everything in place, purchased a home and bought furniture ready for his family to move in.
A few days later, the GE Executives came to him out of the blue and said they wanted to drop the program out west with no real explanation. My uncle could not understand why, because everything was all set up perfectly and ready to go. He went and had meetings with them and no matter what he did, he could not convince them to keep it. They wanted him to just shut it down and move back east. This really upset my uncle and he looked the GE Executives in the eyes and said, “Well, I resign from this company and I will go and get these contracts myself!” The GE Executives laughed at him! This made my uncle even more determined, and he told them: “Watch me.”
Uncle Dan and his family moved back home to Syracuse, NY to a rented house. My aunt was working in a shoe store to make ends meet. She started to see her husband go down in the basement every day into a makeshift office with a phone and an old desktop computer and spend hours on end working on something top secret. One day, he came upstairs and said, “Maryellen – I am going to go and get these military training contracts. I am going to go up against GE and all the other big companies and get it. I am going to be working on my proposal and I just need you to make me coffee and meals – and be patient while I do this.”
My aunt was always a devoted military wife, and fully supported her husband on this next adventure. She trusted in his gifts and believed he could do it. As for me, in my early twenties at the time – I remember when my uncle was taking this serious “basement time” because when I went over there to hang out with my cousins – my uncle came upstairs and it looked like he had not slept for weeks! He was wearing a rumpled t-shirt and his beard was all grown out – I hardly recognized him!
My aunt said to us, “Try to be quiet because your uncle is working on something very important, please do not disturb him.”
At the time I really did not “get” what was going on or the importance of it until later in my adult life.
One day after weeks and weeks of “basement time”, my Aunt said my Uncle got up early in the morning, shaved, put on a nice suit and with his finished proposal, he said to my aunt: “Maryellen, when I go out this door today our lives could change immediately, I am going to give this everything I got – when I come back home we could be millionaires if they accept my proposal.” He was off to his meeting to present his proposal to the government to go up against all the corporate big guns.
Now that is FAITH and knowing without a doubt you have the gift to do something great with no fear.
A few days later an official letter came from the US Government, my Uncle Dan opened it. It was good news. He got the military contracts. He beat out GE and all the other big corporations! My Aunt said he held up the letter and yelled “Maryellen, we are millionaires – go quit your job at the shoe store and then we are going out to dinner!”
I remember things changed quickly for my uncle and his family, and there were celebrations and joyful happenings at their house with lots of food! Uncle Dan went on for many successful years doing these military contracts, they traveled to Spain, and took my grandmother on a trip to Italy. My cousins all got new computers almost every Christmas and they moved to a beautiful big house in Maryland. He retired 15 years later to Virginia Beach with a nice financial nest egg and was asked back into the NAVY as a Master Chief (which is one of the NAVY’s highest honors to serve as a mentor to other officers and upcoming officers).
I loved my uncle and I looked up to him – but I did not realize the lesson in all this and the impact of what he had done back in that “basement time”. I was young and all I saw was one day he was wearing an old t-shirt and growing a beard, and the next day he was driving a brand new Lincoln Continental and we were all going out for steak and lobster. Looking back, I really wish I had taken the time to understand what was really happening and asking more questions and learning more for my young mind.
In October of 2011, my Uncle Daniel Malfitana sadly passed away from cancer. He knew when his time was near so he told my aunt to take him to the NAVY Hospital where they stood and saluted him “Master Chief” as he left this world. At his funeral, they told the story in detail on how he got the big government contracts, the time in the basement and what he was preparing down there – and I was absolutely floored. I was so inspired and so encouraged by the fact that he knew what his gifts were, and he was upset that the people he worked for would not use and appreciate his gifts! He knew he was meant for something greater and he had enough faith and determination to go up against one of the biggest corporations in America (GE giant). Uncle Dan used what he had at hand, had faith and took his “garage time” (basement time) to make it happen. Uncle Dan, by great faith went up against the giant and defeated him. (who’s laughing now…)
I come from that DNA, that strong family bloodline, but I now also have the DNA of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. I sat in that funeral saying goodbye to my Uncle, in his very last moment he left me a huge gift – I knew I could do anything and I could defeat my giants in front of me! I could get that big dream. Yes I can! It changed my life when I came to that realization.
We are meant to use our God given gifts fearlessly. Even if people laugh at us. God is behind it, nothing can come against it.
Think, what is in your DNA – who in your family did something extraordinary and brave? What did God put into your family bloodline that you also have? Most of all WHO lives inside of you now? Jesus said, the KINGDOM of God is within you. You have the power and might of Almighty God – King of the Universe is with you! Time for you to RUN towards that Giant. You will take the giant down and you will win!
“ David said to the Philistine, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.” – 1 Samuel 17:45
Love, Coach Annamarie
Book Excerpt – Building and Equipping Your Team – Taking Authority Over Your Relationships

Book Excerpt – Building and Equipping Your Team – Taking Authority Over Your Relationships

Chapter 4 of my upcoming book, “Faith At Full Speed – Your High Horsepower Manual To Success” Here is an excerpt – I felt like somebody needs this today….

Building and Equipping Your Team – Taking Authority Over Your Relationships:

When it comes to building and equipping your team – you have to first look at your environment of the supporters (and non-supporters) you have around you. Is there anyone on your “crew’ right now that would send you out on the track with a loose wheel? Would they not care enough to double check your nuts and bolts to make sure all is safe and tight for you? (hypothetically speaking here) Would they keep your windshield dirty, maybe even throw more debris and mud on it when you come in for a pit stop of support? Who around you would not have enough respect and value in your relationship to make sure you are excelling, helping you keep a clear vision and pumping you up for the win? How are they influencing you – are they cheering you on or holding you back?

This may be one of the hardest strategies of your success plan – but truly one of the most important. We need to finish this race strong – and when your crew is not for your victory, guess what? There is no way you are going to make it to the finish line, let alone be victorious.

Listen my friend – I know it’s hard to separate yourself from certain people and relationships in your life – I have been there!

What we refuse to deal with now will create worse issues later, so lets rip off the band-aid quickly and get ‘er done. It might sting for a minute, but once you do it, you will be relieved. Then you can see things really start to move forward.

It’s time to disconnect yourself from negative, unsupportive and critical people. Pray for them, but stop putting the time and energy into them. Stop allowing them to walk all over you. Stop allowing them to discourage you. Stop sharing your God given dreams, ideas and goals with them when all they do is chew up and hold back what God wants you to do! Focus on Him and His assignment for your life and purpose – Jesus told us exactly what to do about this situation in Matthew 7:6

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

But, you might be thinking – “Jesus also said to love my neighbor… I am supposed to love all people.” Yes, that is exactly what He said. Never stop loving them. BUT don’t allow them to take advantage of you and treat you like a doormat. This is like tough love as a parent does with a child. You love them, but you show them the authority you have in Christ because you are actually teaching them something that will help them with their own walk with God. You are showing them how to have DISCIPLINE and OBEDIENCE to God. You are representing God’s kingdom on earth when you are following His word and purposes for your life. The word “Disciple” starts with “Discipline” for both you and them.

To be a winner, you must first be a leader. Leaders first become disciples of Christ, and lead like Christ would. Your crew is like your disciples. Jesus would have run an amazing race team!

So, HOW do you tell these people? How do you approach this without offending them? What if these negative people are actually family members?!

Let me share how the Holy Spirit led me to do this successfully in my own life. It’s a bit uncomfortable the first time, but when you see the blessing and immediate breakthroughs that come from doing this – for both you and them,  and WOW – it’s so worth it!


Learn more about this book and get on the pre-order list here.