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Angelic Assistance Is Standing By For You!

Angelic Assistance Is Standing By For You!

I have to share with you what God has been revealing to me during my 21 Day Fast!  It’s been amazing because I began to get vivid prophetic dreams and visions on the first week of the Fast and I have been trying to keep up to share with you all.

The first dream was about those of us who are in Christ Jesus asking for and utilizing Angelic Assistance.  This is what I wrote from the dream when I woke up.

January 14 at 10:44 AM

Prophetic Dream. Angels are waiting for instruction to carry out what you need. They are here, with their tools, utilities to move at our instruction! They are getting frustrated that we are not asking them to assist in Jesus name. If we don’t utilize them they will move on. Ask God to send Angels for specific tasks in Jesus name, thank them for coming and ask them to stay and wait for instruction. Also send them to your family members. Make sure you take your seat of authority in Christ and begin to command your angels specifically what you want them to do, in Jesus name.


It is so important that we write down our dreams, especially during times of Fasting and Prayer. God will speak and show us what He is doing in your life and plans to do in your life through your dreams. This is INSTRUCTION for you to carry out faithfully.

The bible says in Hebrews 1:14 “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out for service on account of those who shall inherit salvation?”

This means Angels of the Lord.  Jesus had angels come to minister to him after he had just come off His time of fasting and prayer in the wilderness, and again when He was in the Garden.

Heirs of salvation are those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and we are now seated with Christ in heaven next to the Father in a seat of authority in Christ Jesus, as a King and a Priest.  What do Kings do? They send out messengers, command decrees, command armies to go out and battle, have their servants carry out what is needed to keep the Kingdom running smoothly.

We who are now are of the Kingdom of God should be operating as such, and with the benefits that come from what Jesus did for us – we have access to angelic assistance.

Now let’s be clear, we don’t pray to angels.  The bible says in Psalm 91 that the Lord sends them to keep us in ALL our ways.  I love that. He sends them if we ask for any and all things we need help with.  So we ask the Father in Jesus name to assign angels to us to help us carry out specific tasks, in Jesus name. Then by faith we believe they are here and we give them commands in Jesus name.

Let me give you a testimony.  Last Saturday I was shipping out our Pongo The Rescue Horse books to our free recipients, plus other ministry items to box and ship.  We had a lot to ship out, pack and get addressed.  I asked my daughter Landry and her boyfriend Cory to help and I would pay them for their time from my ministry.  They both needed the extra money and want to help the ministry. We had a blessed time packing up the items as I prayed over and anoited each book, I was praying and they were packing. Plus teaching them as I went.  I told them I would pay them cash out of the ministry this week. I was excited to sow a seed into each of them so they can help on more ministry projects.  So Monday comes and I had the money for them in my paypal account, just as I was to go out to the ATM to get the $55 cash (I was paying them $25 each) an automatic billing for my website hosting hit the account!  I was like Oh no I don’t have enough money now!  I was not sure when my account would be replenished with a donation or offering to be able to pay them.

So I remembered about the angelic help.  I knew the Lord had assigned angels to my ministry. I have actually seen four of them around me, especially when I am broadcasting.  (some of you have seen them fluttering around my shoulders on the broadcast)…. So I thought, well they are here to assist me with my ministry needs.  Jesus had a “purse” holder or treasurer of His ministry that took care of their cash needs on the road. So I sat down, took my seat of authority in Christ and said, Father, In Jesus name I ask you to assign me an angel that handles the cash needs, a purse carrier  – treasurer angel to my ministry.  I thanked and praised the Father and reminded Him of His word in the Bible about angelic help.  Then a few minutes later, by faith, I thanked the purse holder/ treasurer angel for coming and joining my other ministry angels.  I then commanded in the name of Jesus for the Purse Angel to go and get $55 I needed and bring it to me to pay for this ministry project.  I told him I needed it promptly, and if it was already in the purse, give it to me by the next morning.

The next morning I awake and I see an email that Youtube had made an automatic deposit in my bank account.  Usually I have to wait over 30 days each month for the offerings from our wonderful listeners on YouTube to be available.  I was so surprised and it was more than I needed!

I knew the angels had faithfully carried out their task and were able to “pull strings” and get the YouTube deposit to come early!  I praised and worshipped God for the breakthrough!  I thanked the angels for their faithfulness to God and thanked Jesus for making this all possible through the authority He has given us!

I ran down to the bank and withdrew what I needed.  I put the $25 each into envelopes for Landry and Cory and prayed over each one.  I prayed and declared that they would both grow in Jesus Christ and that God would use them mightily for the Kingdom and His Glory.  I also prayed as this was a seed that would grow for them to continue to help our ministry.

What a precious moment that was! My heart was so full.  I have been praying and praying that my daughter would join me in ministry and God is making a way and also to bless her and a sweet friend.  The more I sat with them and prayed and packed books that day, the more they wanted to bless and help more, their hearts were being moved for what we were doing – getting these books to kids and teens who have been bullied and abused.  My daughter Landry even said that she would love to do speaking to kids and teens to encourage them and get the book out there about God’s love for them.

My friends, our God wants the work to begin, and he does not want us held back if we feel we have no help or money to do it!  He wants us to believe His word, and ask for help from His Kingdom!  This is the Angelic realm – it is very real.  I cannot say that I got verbal confirmation from the angels, I did this by faith – but I see the fruit!  They showed up and carried out this command that was asked of them in the name of King Jesus by me, an heir of salvation – a King and Priest through Jesus Christ.  We have this authority and it’s time to use it for the calling of God on your life!

I am going to continue to take God at His word and keep engaging the angels assigned to me for tasks. We are in the Kingdom age, a time of great awakening.  A time of acceleration in the earth. God wants us to accomplish what He has assigned us to do.  We have our advocate the Holy Spirit – who guides and directs us, and gives us instruction.  But we also have the Angels to carry out the tasks!  Not only that – they are waiting to do it! Eagerly!

I am so grateful for this revelation.  I want to encourage you!  I hope that you will seek the deeper things of the Kingdom and know all the benefits of being a Child of God.  We have not because we ask not!  We have to ASK.  God will do it and He will send whatever you need to carry out His plan for your life!


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All of Heaven is Cheering You On and I Am Too!!  Let’s finish this race strong! Our Victory is in Jesus Christ!! whooo hooo!

Annamarie Strawhand – Your Faith and Victory Coach

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

As we prepare for the Fall season, I want to share with you what God spoke to me about halloween. I fought with this for many years. My daughter wanted to celebrate because of the costumes and decorating – a time to be creative. She grew up with me doing alot of decorating with this. Then, when we became baptized together and joined Oak Grove Baptist Church in 2015, the religious spirit hit me hard. I got very judgmental and controlling about halloween! I wanted to stop it all and started telling my daughter all this religious judgmental stuff and it caused her to draw away from me and rebel. I took all the wrong approaches! I was battling a religious judgmental spirit! It actually made my relationship worse with my daughter and drove her further away! We went to the Harvest Festival and Trunk or Treat at my Church, I was trying not to be judgmental and religious even though my church was showing just fall related decor and games and nothing scary or demonic – I sat there and looked over the festivities and I spoke under my breath, ‘look at this, this not representing Jesus right!’ the next very second, I was STRONGLY reprimanded by the Holy Spirit very loudly and almost bounced me off my chair, I heard “DO NOT JUDGE MY CHURCH!” I was floored!! I repented quickly! Then I went home and I prayed and prayed. Asking the Lord to show me what to see, how to look at this through His eyes and deliver me from a judgmental religious spirit! It took some time, but I got deliverance. I learned that halloween, is a pagan holiday. We as Christians should not celebrate it as such. However, the Holy Spirit instructed me to “Take It Back For God” instead of being all religious and judgmental , use that time to bless and evangelize. Be the light. Last year, my daughter wanted to have a party at halloween. I said, ok, great I will dress up! We got all the kids here. I dressed up as “The Fruit of the Spirit” I handed out fruit of the spirit candy with scripture to each teen. I had my fruit of the spirit T shirt on! I had a colored stone for each teen with the fruit of the spirit engraved on it! (Galatians 5:22-23 “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.”)
My home was festive with a “Harvest Blessing” theme! I became the LIGHT! I told each teen that Jesus loved them very much! When they were all under my roof, my friend and sister in Christ, Gina and I prayed and decreed over all of them in the next room (they were in my garage hanging out) God’s blessing and praying for their salvation! IT WAS SO POWERFUL!! I felt the pleasure of the Lord in my obedience. I was so excited I knew that my daughter was seeing a different side of me, something fun – not judgmental. It was a good party and my daughter softened up to me and my faith. I apologized to her from before being religious and judgmental and I told her I was all wrong. That Jesus is really light and love. I felt a shift that night. I knew I was fully delivered from the religious spirit and I knew now how Jesus wants us to approach these things in our society. Jesus will judge the church – not us. We are to be the LIGHT. PRAISE GOD! I wanted to inspire you all with that today because the Lord showed me this picture yesterday and reminded me of it. Gina and my prayer I believe is coming to fruition for many of those kids. Remember Jesus was not religious or judgmental. He went to the dark places and was the light and spoke the decrees – He took authority in the dark places. The place at Caesarea Philippi was a shrine for demonic idols. Jesus brought His disciples there on purpose! He stood with them at those gates, where the people worshipped idols and those gates had been offered to idols (demons) but what did Jesus do? At that demonic place, He stood and asked His disciples: “Who do you say I am?” (He wanted it decreed out loud there! To make a show of the enemy!) Simon Peter said: “You are the Son of God!” Jesus confirmed, blessed Peter and decreed His CHURCH would be built and the GATES of hell would not prevail against it!” (Matt 16:13-17) Do you see? This is how we DO IT! We take it back for JESUS! It’s through the words and actions of our testimony to who HE IS over what the enemy has tried to influence. We must OCCUPY with the HOLY SPIRIT and the LIGHT of Christ in these dark places! BE THE LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS – BE THE INFLUENCER NOT THE JUDGE. – Coach Annamarie



Today I was looking at a picture of my family from several years back and a Bible verse pinned on my vision board and it brought to mind to me a time when God did a SUDDEN and major MOVE in my life. When God moves in your life He will move SUDDENLY. Even if you feel like you are not ready – or don’t understand. It’s one of those situations where you really have to TRUST Him. When we moved to Virginia from North Carolina ten years ago – the opportunity to move for me and my little family came suddenly. They were giving us my Hubby’s granny’s house and wanted us to move in right away. It did not make any sense to me. How would I work and keep my status in motorsports from Virginia Beach when everything I was connected to professionally was in Charlotte NC?? But my faith was not as strong back then as it was now. My husband wanted me to agree whole heartily before we would move. It really was a blessing – a free house! (He was always good like that) I was so doubtful, but I agreed half – heartedly. We moved to Virginia and moved quickly. I did not “get it” in my brain or even in my spirit what God was doing then – but I had a bible verse a friend had given me – it was Jeremiah 29:11. It was a “trust Me” verse from God. I knew what it said but was I ready to believe it? After the move I did not adjust well and was miserable because it was not where I logically thought I should be. I felt sorry for myself. BUT GOD. Ten years later look what the Lord has done! He has brought us closer to Him – strengthened my marriage – and brought out my gifts for coaching and teaching. In 2015 we as a family fully committed ourselves to Jesus and were baptized, joined a wonderful church, launched me into full time ministry – did many miracles in my husband and daughter! I am now a published author and working on my second book. Brought horses back into my life and restored my health. Grew my faith and taught me to trust Him no matter what. Yep – He moved suddenly for a great breakthrough for my life and family – but it took me a while because I couldn’t see it. BUT HE SAW IT. Looking back – I realized it was a lesson and testimony to share with you all. God sees the end from the beginning – He really does have great plans for you – to prosper you, to give you hope and a future – and His expected end – which is WAY BETTER than anything you ask or think. Now – I LOVE God’s Suddenly’s – I say YES LORD Bring it!! whoooo hooooo!!!

All of heaven is cheering you on and I am cheering you on too!

Love, Annamarie