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MY NOTES FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT FOR THIS WORD:  (scroll down for full transcript)






34 – “Time to Overcome or God’s Overcoming Victory through His Miracles” – Troy Brewer


222 WORD? 2 CAN ALSO MEAN THE 2 WITNESSES (2 can mean faithful witness – key person)

Michael McDowell  2021 DAYTONA 500 WINNER



Follower of Jesus, Husband, Father and NASCAR Driver for











Recorded in many forms including MacDowall, MacDowell, McDowell, MacDowal, MacDoual, McDugald, McDougal, McDuall, McDill, McDool, and McCool, this is a surname of Scottish origins, which is also well recorded in Ireland. It is a development of the pre 10th century Old Gaelic “MacDubhghaill” from the male given name “Dubhghall”, composed of the elements “dubh”, meaning black or dark, and “gall”, a stranger. It is said that this was frequently used as a nickname for Scandinavian-Viikings, and in particular to distinguish the darker-haired Danes from fair-haired Norwegians. The clan are descended from Dugall, the eldest son of Somerled of the Isles.







ONE OF THE BROTHERS WORD FROM PROPHET KIM CLEMENT https://www.houseofdestiny.org/prophecy/word/?trid=534  FROM

February 22nd, 2014 – Prophetic Alert – BY HOUSE OF DESTINY




WHY POST THE BOOK OF ENOCH AND SAY: The Book for The Final Generation?







Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America.

I want to first thank my team of dedicated lawyers and others for their tireless work upholding justice and defending truth.

My deepest thanks as well to all of the United States Senators and Members of Congress who stood proudly for the Constitution we all revere and for the sacred legal principles at the heart of our country.

Our cherished Constitutional Republic was founded on the impartial rule of law, the indispensable safeguard for our liberties, our rights and our freedoms.

It is a sad commentary on our times that one political party in America is given a free pass to denigrate the rule of law, defame law enforcement, cheer mobs, excuse rioters, and transform justice into a tool of political vengeance, and persecute, blacklist, cancel and suppress all people and viewpoints with whom or which they disagree. I always have, and always will, be a champion for the unwavering rule of law, the heroes of law enforcement, and the right of Americans to peacefully and honorably debate the issues of the day without malice and without hate.

This has been yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of our Country. No president has ever gone through anything like it, and it continues because our opponents cannot forget the almost 75 million people, the highest number ever for a sitting president, who voted for us just a few short months ago.

I also want to convey my gratitude to the millions of decent, hardworking, law-abiding, God-and-Country loving citizens who have bravely supported these important principles in these very difficult and challenging times.

Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun. In the months ahead I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people. There has never been anything like it!

We have so much work ahead of us, and soon we will emerge with a vision for a bright, radiant, and limitless American future.

Together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

We remain one People, one family, and one glorious nation under God, and it’s our responsibility to preserve this magnificent inheritance for our children and for generations of Americans to come.

May God bless all of you, and may God forever bless the United States of America.



i have a prophetic word for you all
today a prophetic revelation
that the holy spirit gave me um
connecting to
the daytona 500 race
that was raised this past sunday
uh on it was on february 14th which was
valentine’s day here 2021.
so the daytona 500 many of you know that
i spent many years in nascar racing as a
so i have i’ve had many many daytona
500s in my career
i worked many of those races uh very
um connected to the racing analogies
that the lord speaks
through well yes the lord does speak
through professional sports
the holy spirit is trying to communicate
with us all the time
giving us signs and wonders and those of
who are are saying lord show us what’s
going on
and show us what you’re speaking right
he will speak through professional
sports he will give a message that way
and um so the lord he speaks to me
through nascar and he is
he has given me many prophetic words uh
and prophetic revelation about what’s
going on
what he’s doing in the earth right now
and what he’s doing in america right now
through uh what’s happening in
professional sports the lord has spoken
through racehorses and now he’s speaking
through race
cars and now you know i don’t want you
all to think this is frivolous i want
you to understand
that i take this very very seriously uh
i get get in front of the the lord and i
say lord speak to me
i consecrate myself to the lord jesus
christ i consecrate myself to god
i i submit my mind body soul and spirit
as a vessel of the lord
and uh i say lord what are you speaking
and i tell the holy spirit to quicken me
to these things
and bring me to the word bring me to
scripture always to confirm his word
okay and so uh i have a word i’ve got
this all written out for you i’m going
to be reading it from my notes
uh and this is an amazing word of
encouragement uh from the lord and what
he’s doing right now in the united
states of america
what he’s doing in his church and what
he’s doing with our president
donald j trump so you’re gonna find this
very very encouraging and we we receive
this revelation right now from the holy
okay so i’m gonna read to you my notes
as as i
as i uh uh release this word to
you today okay
the 2021 daytona 500
was rain delayed okay
it was rain delayed uh for quite a few
and when they finally got the race
finished it was 20 minutes after
midnight and i said lord wow that’s
that’s speaking right now that a lot of
great miracles
happened right after the midnight hour
many of you have been seeing 11 11 and
what is 11 11 11 11 is the 11th hour
that a great miracle is about to happen
in the 11th hour
uh to pay attention to wake up
right and in the 11th hour there comes
that midnight hour and you will see
the great glorious miracles of god that
it you know in
in the in the after midnight right and
the thing that we have to remember is
jesus always said that we have to keep
our oil lamps
filled that you we do not know when the
cometh and you know it’s going to be
like an
after midnight type thing now we know
12 the number 12 many of you are going
from seeing 11
11 now you’re seeing 12 12 and the
reason you’re seeing 12
12 12 means god’s perfect government
the apostolic government of the 12
apostles and the 12 disciples
and the the the 12 tribes of israel
government right
that is god’s perfect government coming
together it’s coming together
over america it’s coming together over
israel it’s coming together over all the
nations okay
so you’re going to be going right now
you know we’re
what this is showing us is that we’ve
been in this race
uh we’ve been in the 11th hour
okay we’ve been patiently waiting and
now we’ve passed that 11th hour now
we’re coming into
the 12th hour where god’s perfect
government is is coming into the earth
coming into
america all right and um
this door is being opened this door is
being opened
that this race finished 20 minutes after
and so i started looking up scriptures
i said lord you know i always ask the
lord to bring me to the word
and i said you know lord uh send me to
that are after midnight scriptures and
so i did a search of course
and um you know you you have to it’s
it’s the glory of kings to search out a
matter we are supposed to
seek the lord and um you know focus
on what he is saying um you know and
what does the bible say about midnight
you know and we talk about
what happens after midnight in the bible
well first of all
uh paul and silas they were in the
and they were singing and praising god
while they were prisoners
and they were released after midnight
that there’s a release
that happens after midnight a release
bondage okay so that’s pretty awesome
there’s a busting fourth of the gates a
that happens after midnight and uh
that’s in acts 16
25 and then matthew 25 146 says
and the kingdom of heaven will be like
10 virgins who took their lamps and went
to meet the bridegroom
five of them were foolish five of them
were were wise
for the foolish before when the foolish
took their lamps they took no oil with
them but the wise
took flask of oil with their lamps as
the bridegroom was delayed
they all became drowsy and slept you see
but the thing is is those who
who stay filled with the holy spirit
those who stay filled with the oil right
even though we have to wait after
in this in this race even though you’re
feeling like it’s being
rained elaine get ready because you’re
about to see the glory of god
and when he comes he’s going to be
busting in and you got to be ready
okay and so you know then we have
revelation 3 3 remember
what you have received and heard keep it
repent if you will not wake up right i
will come like a thief in the night and
you not know what hour
what hour so we got to understand that
we’ve got to stay awake in the lord we
got to stay focused on the lord
and that you know when the glory comes
it’s it’s going to be like boosh you
know sudden and so
we talk about things that happened you
know after midnight
and you know um we also have scripture
where uh samson uh samson won a huge
after midnight uh he was in a long
bloody fight
but you know after midnight uh he he won
the battle so you know these this is
this is
where uh we know that jesus
talks about the 11th hour in the 11th
hour but
suddenly there comes a miracle we know
about abraham
as he brought his son isaac to put his
only son
in obedience to god to sacrifice isaac
uh and it was at the very last minute
them at the at the very 11th hour in
very last minute as soon as he was about
put the knife in an angel of the lord
and brought a ram in the thicket and
do not lay a hand on the boy that the
lord has provided
a sacrifice for you so we are in this
11th hour
time and coming into this after midnight
where god is coming in with
a rush of his glory and
um so this is going to be a really
encouraging word how does this connect
to the nascar race
okay well let me tell you all right let
me pull up my notes
the race finished 20 minutes after
not only listen to me here’s the word
not only is jesus going to open a new
door for us
he’s gonna plow it open like a bulldozer
it is gonna be bashed open like a
it is gonna be sudden this new door
that is opening for us we’ve been
waiting and we’ve been waiting and we’ve
been waiting patiently
and we’ve been watching for the glory
and we’ve been waiting we’re in this
11th hour
and 11 11 means wake up pay attention
you are about to see the glory of god
right john
11 11 and lazarus is sleeping but i’m
going to wake him up
you’re about to see the glory of god on
display in
in after the midnight hour you you’ve
waited you kept your oil lamps full
watch what i do not only am i going to
come in
to this gate and bash open this new door
but it’s going to come through like a
bulldozer it is going to just
be sudden it’s going to bash through and
it’s just going to shock everybody
it’s going to be like this this surprise
thing and how does this connect to the
daytona 500 well let me tell you what
the winner of the daytona 500 was
michael mcdowell
michael mcdowell proudly and boldly
proclaims jesus christ
as his lord and savior through his
racing uh nascar racing
uh you know when i was in it we were
very much
most of the drivers we had a ministry
most of the drivers
professed their faith professed the
glory to god
profess their their their faith in jesus
christ very
openly but uh like a lot of sports it’s
kind of gotten away from that
uh some of the political correctness has
creeped into nascar
but uh michael mcdowell michael mcdowell
is is a nascar driver
that has stood on his faith he has not
to the political correctness uh he has
strong in his faith he gives glory to
jesus christ
and everything he does if you follow him
on twitter it’s at
mcmc underscore driver his his twitter
handle says
that first and foremost that he’s a
follower of he’s a follower of jesus
a husband a father and a nascar driver
for what
front row motorsports so this is all
michael mcdowell um has always
proudly and boldly proclaimed jesus
christ as lord and savior
on his helmet on his helmet he has a
on his helmet the helmet of salvation he
is a man who is
racing to win with a helmet of salvation
this is why i tell you all to suit up
every morning keep on your
armor of god keep on that helmet of
salvation all right
so how did michael mcdowell win this
race and
why is it prophetic well number one
michael mcdowell
drives the number 34 loves travel
stop car the number 34
okay is 17 plus 17
equals 34. we’ve been seeing the number
a lot 17 means victory biblically
the number 17 means victory this is
in double portion 17 plus 17
means victory when it adds up to 34
the number 34 means over
comer the number 34 biblically means
over comer all right
now this is
very very very good for this time and we
have to stay focused
on what god is speaking here through the
daytona 500
through this is like a double portion
victory that’s coming for god’s people
for those who have salvation of the lord
jesus christ
okay and it’s it’s going to be very very
bold very profound and it’s all it’s
going to be about all those who are
overcomers in christ jesus all right so
we’ve got to keep
our eyes on on god we got it we got to
stay in that overcomer mindset so
michael mcdowell
was running in third place he was
running in third place and it was down
to the very last lap
of the daytona 500 20 minutes
after midnight and here’s the word
double doors opened the number 34
bashed through the number two and the 22
on the last lap to win two
means key 2222
is isaiah 22 22
where the key is on his shoulder the key
key to the house of david isaiah isaiah
22 22 the key to the house of david the
is on his shoulder whatever doors he
opens no man can shut
whatever doors he shuts no man can open
so the number 34 on the very last lap of
michael mcdowell in the love’s travel
stop number 34 and 34 means overcomer
17 plus 17 double victory he bashed
through these two cars that were trying
to block him
the number 34 was the fastest car on the
last lap
but all of a sudden the two and the 22
they they went
they went in front of them like two
gates and were trying to block him
they were trying to block him and that
the two the two of the 22 were slower
they were
slower but michael mcdowell was the
faster and so what happened was
the 2 and the 22 started getting you
know a little sideways
started getting a little like the gates
were starting to shake a little bit
the 2 or the 22 the gates were trying to
start to shake again
two means key one of the gates was a key
22-22 was an open door that jesus was
going to open
and they were starting to shake and
wiggle and here was
34 the overcomer he was about to go
through that gate
it went and these two the two and the 22
were in front of him and what did he do
he made a bold move he took the kingdom
and he took it by force
he took the kingdom and he took it by
force the number 34
michael mcdowell he saw these two right
they were slow
they were saying but he had the momentum
he had the run
and he he said you know what i’m gonna
hit the key i’m gonna hit the number two
i’m gonna hit the key and he gave a tap
he gave a tap then to the number two and
when he gave a tap with his front bumper
to the number two that number two went
wet went squirrely a little bit
he he started shaking and he moved up
and he hit the gate
he hit the 22 and the 22 and the two
spread apart
they spread apart like an open gate the
number two
went flying and bashing up into the wall
and the number 22
went spinning down to the bottom of the
track and the gates opened violently
the gates opened by force the gates
opened violently
and the 34 the overcomer he stood on the
and he went to the front he went to the
lead on the last lap and he took the
he took the victory it was fiery it was
a fiery victory there was cars spitting
out everywhere there was cars spitting
out everywhere
but the key he tapped that key he tapped
the number two he knew he had the
he knew he had god with him he took it
he said i’m not gonna let these guys
block me
i’m not gonna let them block me i have
the momentum i have the faster car
i have god i’m taking the kingdom and
i’m taking it by force and i’m gonna
i’ve got the key i’m gonna tap the
number two number two means key
and he’s gonna he tap the two and that
that car went up and
hit the gate the number 22 and boom
they spread apart and the opening
happened and he stood on the gas
he took it he took the kingdom he took
it by force he took the victory the
number 34
michael mcdowell and he went to the
front at the very last lap
in the 11th hour and the 12 hour and
right boom took the win on the last lap
in a rain delayed race
glory victory right and he stopped on
that front straightaway
and he jumped out of his car and he gave
glory to jesus christ
and he had on his helmet of salvation
with a cross on the back and he said
this is for the overcomers
this is for jesus christ and he gave
glory to god
boldly on the television boldly on the
airwaves boldly on that racetrack
34 means overcomer right and not only
we know we know my friends that that
um the gates of freedom were opened
the gates of the overcomer the king of
glory is coming in boldly
right psalm 24 lift up your heads o ye
gates and be lifted up the everlasting
and the king of glory shall come in who
is this king of glory the lord strong
and mighty
the lord mighty in battle right those
who are in the kingdom we’ve got to take
it by force we got to be bold and
and know that jesus christ is with us
so when i’m watching this and then the
lord is downloading all of this to me
i’m like lord what are you saying here
how does this how does this connect
with president trump and america and
your church
and your ecclesia and your kingdom
and so i sat with the holy spirit and i
sat with him for hours
and he gave me all of this
revelation connected to what happened
he said the double doors have opened the
34 bashed through the number two and the
22 on the last lap to win
two two two two is the key and isaiah 22
22 these are doors that jesus christ is
and no one can shut it the two and the
22 cars are
teammates the two and the 22
were teammates they’re on the same team
two doors of a gate opening up right
okay they both
drive for roger penske
and the lord said to me how is roger
penske a key
pence key was a key pence key
was a key i said lord
you’re telling me penske was a key
and then he said who did president
donald j trump
award the medal of freedom to last year
who is my gate keeper i said lord you
said your gatekeeper is president donald
trump you said it through your words
through your prophet kim clement
years ago you told your prophet kim
clement that
president trump is your gatekeeper and
he said who did he give
the presidential medal of freedom too i
said well he gave it to roger
penske he says that was prophetic the
lord said to me that was prophetic
the gatekeeper gave the key in the
to roger penske this is for a time
in a spirit okay that two of roger
penske’s cars
would be at the daytona 500 god time the
rain and everything
for this gateway and the spirit in the
natural to open
two of roger penske’s cars were the the
the key
to the gates right and he
god positioned all this to happen this
is all prophetic in the spirit
and when two of roger pence keys
cars were in front of
michael mcdowell’s car the overcomer
the key in the gate opened
and the heirs of salvation those who are
the kingdom
took the victory by force
this is all prophetic this is all
happening in the spirit of the natural
it was a marker for the gates of the
king of glory being opened over this
this was confirmation and he’s saying
god is saying to his people
take the kingdom by force it’s time to
be overcomers
it’s times for us to just go forth
for the kingdom boldly proclaiming that
are the heirs of salvation of jesus
christ the king of glory is coming in
through us through the people through
the overcomers we’re coming in
boldly and brashly okay
now here’s where it goes even deeper
are you all ready for this
remember when jesus said peter i
on this rock you are my i call you my
and i will build my church you are the
rocket with which i build my church
peter jesus
was prophetic jesus is the spirit of
jesus spoke prophetic words before
anybody else jesus
christ is prophesied in every chapter of
the bible
we are supposed to keep speaking
prophetic words because of the word of
okay and jesus said to peter
on upon you i will build my church and
the gates of hell will not prevail
against it
you see the enemy has tried to control
the gates but no more
no more god put president trump as a
gatekeeper and we are the ones storming
the gates
we are the overcomers storming the gates
and jesus christ has given us a key
to isaiah 22 22.
right because the government is on his
now the number two can also mean
faithful witness or a key
person okay so the number two can also
mean key
biblically and the number two can also
mean faithful witness
or key people key persons
that god puts into positions
excuse me i get excited my throat god
puts these in
peace keep people into positions like
god is positioning me and you
to be key people positions some of us
are gay keepers
watching over the gates some of us are
keys to those gates right
and god is positioning us for this time
in in
and not only that we are meant to storm
the gates
right we we are we are the kingdom was
taken by force
the the those who are heirs of salvation
now we’ve been waiting for a time we’ve
been in such a long waiting period we’ve
been in this
rain delay we’ve been keeping our oil
lamps filled
well after midnight but what this means
now is
that we the ecclesia the body of christ
we gotta take the gates we gotta bash
through them boldly as
overcomers we can’t hold back anymore
come on saints
all right and this is a sign
of the people of god taking the gates
and bashing through them and the enemy
hold the gates closed from us anymore he
can’t do it
he can’t do it we bash through it
michael mcdowell 2021 daytona 500 winner
michael was the fastest car was riding
along in the draft in
third place waiting for an opportunity
on the last lap
two cars in front of him began to wiggle
they slowed up a bit
michael had the momentum he tapped the
two car that then hit the 22
the two and the 22 split apart like
one up the track one down the track like
an open door to a gate
michael saw the opening he took a run
through it
with his number 34 for a last lap win
come on guys we’re in the last days
we’re in the last days
and we’re in the last days not to be
fearful we’re in the last days to be the
most powerful
that the lord has poured out his spirit
on all flesh this is where we’ve got to
this is where we got to go boldly to the
throne of grace this is where we’ve got
to be those
esthers right yes to esther we’ve got to
esther we got to go boldly to the throne
of grace with our petitions to god we
got to we got to take the gates to our
take the gates in every area of
influence come on
michael mcdell drives for front row
front row
front row right we are going to the
front what did jesus say
in the last days the first shall be last
and the last shall be first all these
elites those who have tried to put
themselves in the first place
jesus is like guess what
my people will be in first place now
those who have been waiting those who
waited in humility
those who the the the elites have tried
to trample on guess what
those elites who try to put themselves
in the first place they’re going to last
i’m putting my people in the front row
i’m putting my heirs of salvation those
who carry the helmet
of salvation on their head those who
believers in jesus christ
those who are covered in the blood of
jesus christ they’re in the front row
now come on
michael mcdowell has a cross at his
racing helmet the helmet of salvation
he drives a yellow car we know that
yellow is the color of the glory light
of jesus christ
it’s the color of the glory remember i
told you earlier that if you want to
know what a color meanings are
biblically you go to the meaning of
worship flags
okay if you want to know what color
meanings mean biblically
you go to the meanings of worship flags
because the people who make worship
that worship the lord those flags those
beautiful silk flags
they they study very deeply in the bible
the color meanings biblically so
the holy spirit sent me and said if you
want to know what a color means
you look at the color meanings of
worship flags and that’s what i’m
speaking here in the color the color of
michael mcdowell’s
car was yellow with
bright fuchsia pink hearts with the word
love on it right love overcomes
all love overcomes all the love of
christ the yellow
glory light of jesus christ actually had
the word
love on it right god is love it is the
love of god for his people
that keeps us overcoming it is the love
of god that told abraham
do not lay a hand on the boy i’ve
provided a ram for you in the last
you see this is why we got to stay
faithful because god is providing what
we need in the last minute
it had a fuchsia pink a heart you know
that fuchsia pink
means joy fuchsia is joy we’ve been
talking about the joy of the lord
the hearts on the car the love of christ
the heart of god
right a man after god’s own heart the
lord brought me to scripture
of king david he said
i’m talking about my davids and my
michaels right now
trump president donald j trump he called
president donald j trump his david
through prophet kim clement
god said trump is his david he has a man
after my own heart that’s what god said
about king david
he’s god is looking for men and women
that are after his own heart
the heart of god god what do you want
what is on
your heart god instead of like their own
desires they’re saying god
what is your desire okay and
michael for michael mcdowell means who
is like god archangel michael is
is is uh he is the defender of
israel archangel michael is the defender
of israel
we prayed and i’m not the only prophet
that has said this there’s been other
prophet that has said this
that archangel michael is here in
america fighting for us
why because america is defending israel
you see those who bless israel shall be
blessed those who curse israel shall be
that is god’s promise therefore america
has blessed israel through president
donald j
trump and this way we know that we get
we get archangel michael to fight for us
because we’re defending israel
now we know his first name michael
who is right that’s connected to
archangel michael now this is all
prophetic revelation
i’ve got this all written down this was
downloaded to me by the holy spirit
we are my friends we are in exciting
okay the last name mcdowell here we go
this is y’all this is going to blow your
this is going to blow your mind last
name mcdowell
is scottish
the lord said look up mcdowell i’ve been
talking to you about scotland in america
i’ve been talking to you about president
donald j trump’s bloodline
that president donald trump trump’s
bloodline is scottish
that his bloodline goes all the way back
to judah that his bloodline goes all the
way back to king david
that donald j trump actually has the
right to rule
he actually has the right to rule
through the bloodline and i told you
that prophetically
god showed me that president trump has
this paperwork
he has his lineage documented
that he’s shown it to the queen of
england he showed it to all the rulers
he showed them that actually he’s the
one that has
the biblical right to rule the promise
from god god promised king david
that everyone in his bloodline will
always be kings will always have the
right to rule
jesus christ is of the bloodline of king
david through mary
then we talked about jacob’s pillow
right we go back to jacob
jacob had a pillow that was a stone he
slept down that stone
and he had the dream about the angels
going up and down from heaven bringing
and then when he woke up god said anoint
that stone and name this place
and that’s where they built jerusalem
okay but listen
history has it that’s jacob stone
jacob pillar became the destiny stone
that’s what every king has sat on
to be crowned king of israel
king david sat on that stone to be
crowned king of israel
the israelites carried that destiny
stone with them across the desert across
and that destiny stone ended up in
with descendants of king david
and president trump is of scottish
descent through his mother’s bloodline
and england england absurd
that stone and stole it
they wanted their own kings
instead of the bloodline so queen
her bloodline is not of the king david
bloodline it was
upserped i think it got upset right
uh henry viii i’m not sure you have to
go back and and and study it
but anyways i’ll put the link down where
you can you see
and president donald j trump knows his
scottish colors
he knows where he came from
right this is i’m going really deep with
this but i’m telling you
mcdowell the winner of the daytona 500
that took the gates by force is scottish
it connects to the gatekeeper the one
who has the right to rule
president donald j trump back to that
scottish bloodline that goes all the way
back to judah
that goes all the way back to king david
with a destiny stone with a right to
rule with jacob’s pillow
remember prophet kim clement said
he will take a simple stone
and he will hold it up and they will
laugh at him
to take down the giant to take down the
wicked ones
those who have put themselves in as king
but they don’t have the divine right to
god gave it to the lineage of king david
why so in the last days king david’s
tabernacle could be rebuilt i’m not
talking about the temple
we are the temple now in christ jesus
i’m not talking about the temple
i’m talking about king david’s
tabernacle will be rebuilt
it was like a shanty it was like a
wooden shanty where the ark of the
covenant state
and what did david do in that little
tabernacle tent
shanty that he built he worshipped god
he worshipped god
he danced and worshiped this is what
we’re coming into now this is what
donald trump is ushering in the time of
the time of worship where we’re
worshiping god outside
where we’re having revival we’re coming
out of the four walls of the church
the gates have been busted open the
is in the land so i look at michael
mcdowell’s scottish
um coat of arms i looked at president
trump’s scottish coat of arms
it’s got a lion and a crown
michael mcdowell the name mcdowell
has a lion and a crown on the coat of
arms and it’s got
two crowns it’s got a crown around the
neck and a crown on the head
double portion double portion
wow so that’s david and christ right
the the the keys to the house of david
is on his shoulder
son of david son of man look i know i’m
getting really deep here
but i’m just showing you in my notes
what god showed me
how this connects how god is bringing
this all
beautifully together that that
the the the the demonic bloodlines
the bloodlines of esau that the the ones
who rejected god
who rejected right jacob’s brother esau
he rejected the blessing of god he
he rejected all of it and jacob got it
because jacob wanted it
and jacob got the blessing from god
and jacob got to be the father of the
tribes of israel
and the father of the tribe of judah the
lion tribe
who birthed david who was a man after
god’s own heart
who god rose up his king and gave him a
god never breaks his covenants and he
said david
your your family your bloodline will
always rule
will always be kings and through that
bloodline came jesus christ
and now we’ve we’ve got we got proof
through uh and you can research us at
google you can research us anywhere
that president trump his bloodline goes
all the way back to judah
now listen to me when i looked at the
name mcdowell
and i said so you’re saying lord
that those of us who have salvation in
jesus christ listen to me
those of us who have salvation of jesus
we become of the bloodline of jesus
the bloodline of the lion of judah which
is like the double crown
okay when we become heirs of salvation
we come into the family of god we accept
jesus christ
we receive the blood of jesus christ
upon us we become of jesus blood
we become of jesus bloodline we also
have listen to me
the right to rule
right to rule
the heirs of salvation of jesus christ
on earth as it is in heaven
we’re taking the kingdom by force the
kingdom belongs to those who are in
christ jesus
president trump is just part of this
this picture
bringing it all in so god’s promise and
through king david and god’s promise and
covenant through jesus christ is all
coming together as
one and the gates of hell will not
prevail against
it come on so when i researched mcdowell
scottish the lion the lion of the coat
of arms
the mcdowell family history mcdowell
means a
dark-haired scot who comes out of hiding
i was like so the name mcdowell
in scotland and the family history of
the name mcdowell the winner of the
daytona 500 mcdowell
the lord led me to that you guys know
i’ve had many prophetic words i had a
in heaven back in may of this year this
of last year
the lord said there’s a convergence of
america and scotland i heard the
scottish bagpipes
and the america fife and drum coming
together as one sound one convergence
i said okay so scotland and america are
they’re brothers how is this connected
this is something amazing
so the mcdowell family history it’s the
dark-haired scots
it’s the scottish people with the dark
hair that come
out of hiding recorded in many forms
including mcdowell
mcdowell mcdowell mcdowell mcdoul
mcdougald mcdougall
lots of you know different names mccool
thought that was interesting
um and it was to distinguish the darker
scottish people the clan is descended
from the dugal and the summerlet of the
we knew that the scottish convergence
with america was shown to me in a vision
last may of the brothers coming together
scotland in america that america is
and scotland is menessa
which are the sons of joseph the
grandsons of
jacob jacob’s pillow the right to rule
going into all this it’s just amazing so
i said lord who is the hidden
scottish person the dark-haired scottish
that’s going to come out of hiding who
is who is one of the brothers and the
lord brought me to
a word from prophet kim clement
guess what it was prophesied february
there was a word that was prophesied by
prophet kim clement on february 22nd
2014. now remember we got
we got the 22 february 22nd we we
talked about something to look at
february 22nd
well prophet kim clement the lord said
remember when my prophet
spoke on february 22 2014
he called president trump one of the
and i went back to that word and i read
it and it said
i have found a man after my own heart
one of the brothers a good one of the
good brothers
i’m like well who’s the other brother
we know that president trump’s both of
his brothers have passed away
who’s the other brother who is this
dark-haired scot
the scottish person that’s dark-haired
that’s going to come out of the darkness
that’s been hidden for a time
and is one of the brothers like
you know ephraim and manessa
who is gonna bring this together
so i start studying about the mcdowell
clan in scotland
the man who emigrated to america that
one of the first
chiefs because the scottish people have
chiefs of their clans his first name was
ephraim right the only two grandsons
that jacob gave the blessing to were
joseph’s sons
they were ephraim and manessa and god
said ephraim ephraim
how can i forget you even though you
have been very naughty
i still want to bless you ephraim is
right america ephraim is right ephraim
represents the younger one because
jacob crossed his hands at the blessing
he put his right hand on the younger one
and his left hand on the older one the
older one is manessa the other one
is ephraim and he told ephraim you would
be more fruitful
well america is the most fruitful nation
in the world
i’m like okay this is all connected
so as i’m looking at this scottish clan
i see the name fitzgerald
i see the name fitzgerald connected
as a clan that also immigrated to
a scottish clan fitzgerald
now we know that president kennedy’s
grandmother i’m sorry president
mother rose kennedy
rose i believe if it’s gerald you might
have to correct me on that
and then president kennedy’s the f
the f and jfk is
john fitzgerald kennedy now they were
irish but they were also scottish
john f kennedy’s mother was a fitzgerald
of a scottish uh
background okay
so i was like okay you’re saying
something about jfk
john f kennedy you’re saying something
about president donald j trump you’re
connecting them as brothers
you brought me back and i said lord does
this have to do
with the dark-haired scot that’s coming
out of
hiding and i i i mean
i might get some backlash because of
this y’all might think i’m crazy
i don’t care i’m just going by what god
is showing me
i said is the dark-haired scot that is a
brother that with president trump side
by side with him is that john f kennedy
that’s all i could that’s all i could
that’s all i could connect it to that’s
all i could connect it to
now i personally believe i’ve gotten a
lot of
backlash from this a lot
now i’m not saying this is what god has
told me i’m saying this is my
personal belief my personal belief
is that jfk jr is not dead that he is
actually alive
and that he had to go into hiding
because they were trying to kill him
they pretty much killed his old his
whole family
you know so jfk uh was
murdered by the deep state and the deep
state the evil ones
prophet kim clement calls those brothers
of goliath
he calls the evil ones who her murdered
john f kennedy
who the deep state the globalists the
elites all those evil people
that he has that god has ordained
president trump
one of the good brothers right and that
same word
from february 22 2014 the words of god
that came from prophet kim clement he
that trump is one of the brothers that
he set aside
a good brother would take down the
brothers of goliath
the evil ones the elite the same people
that killed
john f kennedy i this is my personal
opinion i’m telling you right now god
did not
say his name he did not say john f
kennedy jr
this is my personal revelation this is
something that
i personally believe that the doc the
dark-haired scot the mc
the mcdowell because that’s what that
means he’s going to come out of hiding
and i believe it’s it’s
todd kennedy junior uh i mean and
there’s some kind of brotherhood
a good brotherhood going on with the
kennedys and the trumps
and i believe it goes back to their
scottish bloodline now
we know fitzgerald is a scottish name of
jfk’s maternal grandmother lyme
we know that mccloud is donald j trump’s
maternal bloodline confirmed back to the
tribe of judah
and that donald trump has the paperwork
on this and that he’s shown the queen of
and that the stone is the destiny stone
that was stolen from scotland by england
they they have no right to rule they
upsurfed it
and it goes back to the kennedy line
and the trump line the mcleod and the
fitzgerald line
okay as i’m speaking this the holy
spirit’s coming on me very strong
okay there is a connection with a divine
a divine birthright and these two
bloodlines have been fighting for a long
but god’s dealing with it and it’s us
the ecclesia the overcomers
the errors of salvation that we’ve got
to pray we’ve got to bash through it
we’ve got to take it by force
kim clement prophesied that trump was
one of the good brothers
on february 22 2014
that would take down with a simple stone
the bad brothers the brothers of goliath
the demonic brothers he called president
trump his gatekeeper he called him his
his his david a man after his own heart
we know that from the daytona 500 all of
the signs that we saw the man that won
the daytona 500 was mcdowell
a a scottish name it means dark-haired
scott and the lord said the dark-haired
scot coming out of hiding
it’s a it’s a brotherhood and i said
lord is it the kennedys and the trumps
the fitzgerald’s and the mcclouds and he
brought me back to that word from
prophet kim clement on february 22nd now
you can go back and read
that word again from prophet kim clement
i’m going to put the link here
or you can search uh houseofdestiny.org
prophecy and go to february 22nd 2014
and read that word again and read when
specifically what god said now remember
these are the words of the lord
one of the brothers trump is one of the
brothers what is this okay this is
okay now god is making a point
he went from valentine’s day for the
daytona 500
right to president’s day bringing the
after midnight
wow okay the 2 and the 22
splitting apart the key and the gateway
the two witnesses the two splitting
right boom the number 34 which means
bashing through that open gate taking it
by force
taking the victory by force he’s wearing
the helmet of salvation
right the heirs of salvation those of us
are in christ jesus
he showed me that trump is the
gatekeeper penske
pence key right he gave him a key
connecting all those dots together right
it goes back to the scottish connection
the scottish bloodline
the brothers the good brothers somehow
with the kennedy bloodline
and the trump bloodline which goes back
to the maternal side
jesus was in the the the david line i
believe with
mary the mother’s bloodline
ruth we talked about ruth in the bible
ruth in the bible
ruth went on to be the great grandmother
of king david
it came through the mother’s bloodline
the princess of judah that escaped they
killed see
the enemy knew about this promise god
had to
king david to the line of judah that
they will always have the right to rule
that they will always be kings
so the enemy tried to kill off all the
sons but he forgot about the daughters
and it was the daughter of the king of
that escaped and she ended up in
she carried the bloodline
now you can go back through all this
research you can research it yourself
i’ve done a lot of research on this
confirming this now i’m probably going
to have people on here saying all kinds
of crap to me i don’t care the lord has
told me
to get this information out to you you
take it you take it to the lord yourself
you do your own research it is the glory
of kings to search out america we are
kings and priests this is what the bible
you see the holy spirit is devoting this
information to us
he wants the body of christ to know this
he know this he wants us to have
he is speaking to us it’s time for the
church to rise up
be awake take the kingdom by force know
that we
are overcomers in christ we will have
double victory
he’s using trump as a gatekeeper
he’s bringing his his covenant back
god is bringing his covenant with david
so why why is god doing this so the
tabernacle of david
can be rebuilt which is the house of
worship not the temple the temple we’re
the temple
now jesus christ the veil of the temple
was torn we don’t need blood sacrifices
anymore we have our sacrifice in jesus
we are now in his bloodline
you see and now all we need is
is the tabernacle of david worshiping in
the presence of god
this is god’s dream this is what he
us worshiping outside to god
in the tents in the highways and the
it is presence worship and glorifying
this revival
this is what’s being ushered in this
now there’s a channel here on youtube
george news j-g-e-o-r-g-e
we know that george was a magazine that
was started by jfk
jr on sunday
uh i am following george news on
on um not on twitter but i’m following
him on uh
what’s that other one anyways
george news which was originally founded
by jfk jr
which is now being still being run
it’s a very interesting news
place here on youtube if you go to
george it was started by jfk jr it’s now
on youtube
and it’s interesting because this george
news is posting
a lot of insider military information
a lot of insider military information we
know that the lord told us a few weeks
many weeks ago that this was a full
military operation now
that our government has been taken over
by the military uh
that uh the enemies are being taken down
we’re not seeing
what’s going on a lot of it’s going out
but it’s really interesting because this
george news it’s a telegram account yes
telegram account i will follow it on
telegram account uh has been putting up
all this
insider military stuff and i’m like this
person has got
whoever is running this george news that
was founded by jfk jr
uh has got a lot of insider information
my my interest is peaked you know what
i’m saying holy spirit what’s going on
why is this george news have insider
military information
more than anybody else what’s going on
so the other day i was on telegram
and george posted
the book of enoch now the book of enoch
is not included in the bible but it was
meant to be i think
um and it’s one of those lost books of
the bible
uh the new testament refers to the book
of enoch many times
and enoch was a like
a great great great grandson of adam and
uh and enoch did not die
an earthly death enoch walked with the
in such a tight relationship with the
lord that he was taken up to heaven
alive so enoch was there was only two
people that were
that were that were taken up to heaven
alive uh
you know that did not die an earthly
and rose again they were just taken
right up and that’s enoch
and elijah
uh and then of course the lord jesus
christ the lord jesus christ actually
died was buried and
rose again and he he he walked in his
glorified body
on the earth which is what we all try
are going to be transforming into
so but enoch wrote a book
and he wrote a very prophetic book and
it was left out of the bible
and but when the dead sea scrolls were
found it confirmed the book of enoch in
the book of enoch talks about these two
witnesses coming it talks about
the end times and it’s pretty exciting
when you read the book of enoch
it’s not really a lot of gloom and doom
it’s connected to the book of revelation
a lot of it confirms the book of
revelation um
but george news
that was founded by jfk jr
is posting the book of enoch why
why would he post a teaching of the book
of enoch he’s been showing all this
insider military stuff
and i said lord why would he post the
book of enoch
and it says the book for the final
it was all about the family bloodlines
and i said lord is george news making a
about all this insider military and now
the book of enoch
and he posted it right under president
donald j
trump’s statement from
the 13th of february
and donald trump’s statement from the
13th of february
was all about the cherished
constitutional republic what it was
founded on
and all about his acquittal
and it was again president trump
confirmed again
that together as one people
one family and one glorious nation under
it’s our responsibility to preserve this
magnificent inheritance for our children
and for generations of americans to come
that’s a quote from president donald j
from the 13th
again president trump says we remain
one people one family one glorious
under god and it’s our responsibility to
preserve this magnificent
inheritance for our children and for
generations of americans to come
may god bless all of you and may god
bless forever the united states of
and right after that george news posted
this book of enoch
that says the book for the final
generation teaching about the family
blood route lines talking about the two
i’m telling you it’s it’s too much for
prophetically in my spirit to be a
coincidence do you know there’s no word
for coincidence in the hebrew language
no word for coincidence in the hebrew
language because it’s all god
we have to open our eyes and say with
speak to us lord now the lord spoke to
us through the daytona 500
that the overcomers in christ have
bashed through the gates
boldly we’re taking the kingdom by force
that the key is on jesus christ’s
we’re taking the gates by forts the king
of glory is coming in
through us right the gates are opening
the gatekeeper is connected to president
trump and the key
right the ecclesia all this this
connection with scotland and america
the two brothers um the glory of god
revival coming the tabernacle of david
rising upwards just
praise and worship for jesus and
this is where we are my friends now when
i saw what happened to the daytona 500
and i wrote this word down i’m gonna
take all my notes
from this word i’m gonna take this video
and i’m gonna i’m gonna condense it for
you and i’m gonna put the notes from my
i’m gonna put it up on my website i’m
gonna ask my person who does my
to transcribe this word so you can go
back and read it
and i want you to take it to god
yourself those of you
that say oh how could this be true
i want you to take it to god yourself it
would be irresponsible of me
as a prophetic voice not to tell you
as a believer in jesus christ to take
this word to god
yourself let him lead you to revelation
you see the bible says it is the glory
of kings to search out america matter
we are all kings and priests from christ
jesus we must search out this matter not
just me
but all of you as the body of christ is
the ecclesia because the holy spirit
is giving us instruction right now to be
bold and courageous and take the kingdom
by force and to be overcomers in christ
what does jesus say in the book of
revelation he says the overcomers
shall wear the victor’s crown
it’s us and if this is time for us to be
bold and courageous
don’t hold back be glory carriers
i know that we are living in an amazing
that many secret things are going to be
revealed to us
things that are going to come out of
hiding that are going to be revealed to
god is gonna be making things open up
suddenly we are living in amazing times
my friends
and we cannot huddle in fear no we have
to come out
boldly for god
and worship him boldly and carry the
and wear the victor’s crown because
that’s who we are
winners for jesus christ
my friends this has been an amazing word
and i want you to take this and take it
to god
and i want you to ask god these
questions and look at the daytona 500
again and look at my research
and take that to the extra
mile go an extra mile with it say god
what are you saying here
we are all called to be prophetic we are
all called to take these signs and seek
them out
and research for ourselves and i’ll have
these links for you
uh so you can research this stuff you
can look it up yourself
you can research it for yourself and
make your own conclusions
i’m just the messenger that the lord has
told me to
reveal this to you to awaken your spirit
to open up your eyes to the things
of the holy spirit to the things that
are beyond the veil
right we got to lift up our eyes and say
god what are you
saying here right jeremiah 33 3
oh the lord says jeremiah call unto me
says the lord and i will show you the
hidden things
the things you do not know that you need
to know right now we are to ask
god to show us these hidden things
according to jeremiah 33 3
we’re not meant to stay in the dark we
are to seek
keep asking keep seeking keep knocking
and the
kingdom will be open for you
glory to god glory to our lord jesus
glory to the word of god glory to the
revelation of the holy ghost
the holy spirit our revelator that
reveals these things in due time
that we must seek out a matter and the
lord will reveal us
to us what we must know right now
for it is set for a certain time to be
revealed to the sons of the daughters of
who are arising in the earth all for the
kingdom and the glory of god
to worship him to give him glory so the
kingdom of god shall come to earth
it is here my friends your kingdom come
o god your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven forever and
let our lord god almighty god
and the lord god of israel the god of
abraham isaac and jacob
and the lord jesus christ king of kings
the lion of judah
rule forever hallelujah
praise be to god all right i’m gonna go
and i’m gonna edit this and put this all
together for you all
and bless you and get my notes together
so you can uh have these
links and this research to go and
research this yourself
be a king be a priest in christ jesus
it’s time my friends we are the kingdom
and we take the kingdom by force
you are victor in christ jesus christ is
the victory
christ is the victory oh
glorious victory is jesus christ
our lord glory glory
hallelujah glory glory hallelujah
yeah glory glory hallelujah
his truth is marching
glory to our king yeshua jesus
father god almighty god we
are the kingdom we are of the kingdom
by the kingdom for the kingdom forever
and ever
hallelujah i love you all god bless you
STRONG VISION 1/8/21 Prophetic Revelation: Coming Days and Weeks in America and Trump Victory

STRONG VISION 1/8/21 Prophetic Revelation: Coming Days and Weeks in America and Trump Victory

Strong Vision and Prophetic Revelation OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Given to Annamarie Strawhand during her Live Broadcast on 1-8-21: The Coming Days and Weeks in America, President Trump Victory


FULL Transcript:

“WOW!  He’s showing me Sampson with the jawbone of the, of the A S S . I might as well say it because the Bible says it. Sampson destroyed all the Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. The Lord is saying there might be some things that we’re going to see that are going to be ugly, but it’s necessary. He’s actually showing me this of Sampson—I’m like seeing it in real time—of Sampson bashing with the, these Philistines with this jawbone, and it,  it’s bloody. Lord, are you saying this is what’s happening right now? He’s saying for everyone to continue to hold up the banner of Jesus Christ and be bold. 

Were there, in Washington, D.C., did somebody put up a cross? When they came and marched on Washington, D.C., did somebody put up a cross? He’s saying, “Keep raising up my cross and keep raising up my banner. Keep raising it up.” He’s saying there are Sampsons in the military—Sampsons that have been designated—that certain military people have been designated as like Sampsons, and like the anointing of Sampson is on certain people in our military and even, even leaders that are going out against this evil—they’re all going, the evil’s, they’re all going down. They’re all, the evil, they’re all going down. They’re all going down. They’re all going down, but they’re, they’re, this, it’s a fight. It’s a fight. 

He’s saying, “Tell my people to keep raising my banner. Keep raising my banner. Keep raising up the name of Jesus. Keep raising up my banner.” That the military is fighting for us and these leaders that have a Sampson anointing in the United States military, but the evil ones, which are under this Philistine spirit—this Goliath thing—that they’re putting up a fight, but he’s saying…

Lord, has President Trump released this simple stone? I mean, I have a question, Lord, and everybody’s wondering this, has President Trump released this simple stone that’s, that’s going, that’s going to be like…

Lord, reveal this to us. He says even though the ground fight right now is, is bloody and he’s given the Sampson anointing to these—there’s fights going on. There’s fights going on. We’re not seeing some of this, but it’s going on.  The, our military’s out there fighting right now, and I’m seeing combat, and it’s domestic. It’s here in America, but He’s like, “Do not fear” because he’s given the Sampson anointing to our warriors and that the angels are with them. We just have to keep holding up the banner of Jesus Christ. 

Now He’s showing me Moses holding up his arms. He’s saying, “Keep praying for President Trump. Keep holding up his arms.”

And, Lord, when will this simple stone happen—this one big boom? When is it going to be released? I’m asking the Lord to show me—just give me a sign. Give me an idea, if you, if you would, Lord. We need encouragement, Lord.  

He’s showing me Goliath, at the height of Goliath’s taunting. He says, “When you see the taunting of the president get to its highest thing—like to its highest level…. He’s saying, “Goliath taunted my David. He laughed at him. Do you see that they are taunting the people? That they are taunting the president? They’re taunting and mocking.”  He says, “Watch when the taunting and the mocking gets to its highest level, and then you’ll receive, you’ll see the release of the stone in the midst of their taunting and laughing.” That’s happening now. That’s happening like right now.

He says, “Keep holding up my banner. Keep holding up my banner. I see what everyone is doing. Keep holding up my banner. Keep praising my name. Keep saying America is a Christian nation. Keep repeating that. Keep holding up my banner.”

There’s a ground war happening. There’s something going on domestically in this nation and, and, these, there’s, it’s, there’s a ground war. He’s showing me Sampson hitting people left and right with the jawbone of an ass, and the anointing of Sampson has come on our military leaders to wipe out these Philistines, these, these enemies of God—domestically, they’re here ground, boots on the ground in America. But He’s telling us to keep holding up the banner, and then I’m asking him about the simple stone. He’s saying when the taunt…, again, when the taunting gets the, at the highest, at the loudest that’s when it’s, it’s, it’s going to be released. He’s saying, “They are such fools. They are such fools to think that they can come against almighty God.They are such fools to think that they can come against my ecclesia, my Holy Spirit, my people. They are such fools to think that they can mock God! But no, they will no longer be laughing and mocking.”

Lord, I want to know—we will hold up our arms like Moses. We will not weary. We will hold up the president’s arms in prayer. We will hold up your banner, Lord, and we will keep singing “Glory, Glory Hallelujah,” and we will pray through this time, this process that is happening. We understand it’s necessary, Lord. And when the height of the mocking happens that’s when that stone is going to be released to take, take down that, that giant, that, that one big sweep. But the ground war’s happening. 

[singing] Christ is the victory. Christ is the victory. Oh, glorious victory is Jesus Christ our Lord. Christ is the victory. Christ is the victory. Oh, glorious victory is Jesus Christ our Lord. 

He wants us to sing songs of victory—”Glory, Glory Hallelujah,” “Christ is the Victory.” Hold up the banner of Christ. Keep holding up that banner. Keep holding up our president’s arms in prayer like Moses. 

He’s saying that there’s an, a, a, a bloody ground war happening, but do not be shaken! Do not  be afraid, that the simple stone will be launched against the giant. All of these evil, these like, they’re like Philistines. He’s saying all of them are going down. Those who have mocked God are going down! And when you see the height of the mocking, the height of the arrogance where they’re laughing, that’s when that simple stone that he’s put in President Trump’s hand is going to be released, and we’re just about there. 

We’re very close to this. Jesus, thank you, Lord, we will continue to sing our songs of victory. We will continue to pray and hold up our president’s arms. We will continue to hold up each other. We will continue to hold up the banner of Jesus Christ. We will not weary. No matter what we see in the natural, we will keep our eyes on you, Lord. 

Thank you for giving us understanding today, Lord. It’s very encouraging. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Thank you, Lord. He’s saying, “Do not weary. Do not grow faint.” He’s saying, “There are eagles and there are snakes, but the snakes have no chance against my eagles.” He’s saying, “Stay high in the glory. Stay in your third heaven authority. Stay high.”

He’s showing me there was a, like a, a meme or a little video somebody sent me a, a long time ago that a eagle, when it catches a snake and, even though the snake is fighting and wrangling and all that stuff, that the eagle clasps the snake in his talons, and he goes higher and higher and higher and higher and higher, so high that the oxygen level, uh, is, is—for the snake, uh, isn’t enough, and that the snake can’t live at that level. It can’t, it can’t go that high, and it, it, it, like gives, it gives up. It gives up and it, it dies, and the Lord is saying that we have to choose on this day whether we are eagle or snakes, and we have to decide—are we going to rise above this?  Are we going to, to seek His glory? Are we going to stay lifted up? Keep your eyes high. Keep your eyes lifted. Keep looking ahead. Keep raising the banner. We are eagles that will soar. We will, we will not, we will walk, walk and not grow weary. We will not faint. On this day, choose that you are an eagle. It’s going to be very obvious who are the eagles and who are the snakes, and the snakes will be no match for the eagles. As long as we stay in our authority in Christ, we stay operating in the glory. Wow! Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Holy Spirit.

Lord, we love you. We thank you for these words of encouragement. We thank you, Lord, that you always strengthen our faith because you are the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus. We believe you, Lord. We put our faith in you, Lord. We thank you for your Holy Spirit. We know, Lord, that you never lose a battle. You are our mighty, mighty God. We are in expectation of your glory. We are weathering the storm, and we know, Lord, that, even though it’s going to be ugly at times, that there’s a ground battle going on, that we will rise above it. We will keep our president’s hands lifted up like Moses. And we understand that we might see some things that are very ugly on the ground, but we need to stay high. We need to stay lifted up and keep our eyes lifted up. We need to come up to this level of Your glory. We need to be eagles at this time and keep raising up your banner—Jesus. 

We will do it, Lord. We will do it. We will do it, Lord. Thank you for being with us, Jesus, all the way. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for being with us all the way. Thank you, Father, for sending your angel armies to fight for us, to fight for our President, Donald J. Trump, to fight for your people, to fight for America for Your kingdom and Your glory forever, in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Lord. 

You know, it’s really interesting because I was putting away my Make America Great hat. I got it as a little Christmas decoration, and I had it on my Charlie Brown tree—Make America Great Again. I was getting ready to, to put it away and wrap it up for Christmas, and, just as I was getting ready to put it away—I was going to show you this earlier—uh, just as I was getting ready to wrap it up and put it away, I was opening up the box where all my decorations go, and, I don’t know, I saw this bag, and I thought, “Why is this bag in here? Why is this bag in the box?” And I pulled it out—look what it has on it—American Eagle Outfitters on it. American eagle—it had an eagle, and the Lord said to me, He said, “Take the MAGA hat,” He said, “And put it inside the bag,” and then He told me to lift up and pray. So I was getting ready to do this—and He’s just now giving me some more confirmation on this because ever since I started praying for this nation and praying for President Trump, He has shown me an American Bald Eagle every single time to confirm it. 

And yesterday, I was getting a lot of warfare. I had a lot of trolls coming on the channel. I mean,  people were being nasty, and so I was sitting here in this chair praying, and I said, “Father, I need confirmation that you are pleased and that you want me to keep moving forward with this on this assignment.” 

I was needing encouragement from the Lord, and so I decided to go out and start putting away my Christmas decorations, and when I went to take the MAGA hat and I pulled out this bag—I don’t even remember what I bought at American Eagle—I, I don’t, I don’t shop there. I don’t even know, know how old this bag is. It happened to be in stuck with all my Christmas decorations, and I, I pulled this out and I knew. I knew. I had the MAGA hat in my hands ready to put it away—wrap it up in bubble wrap. I pull this bag out and the Lord spoke to me. He said, “There’s your confirmation. Haven’t I always shown you an eagle when you’re on the right track? Keep going. Keep encouraging my people.” He said, “Do not put that MAGA hat away with the rest of your Christmas decorations. Put it inside this bag, and then lift it up to me” and keep proclaiming the words that He’s given us and encourage us to stay strong. 

We are eagles, my friends, in this whole thing, and the Lord has confirmed His word. And when I look at American Eagle Outfitters—right, what’s an outfit? An outfitting or an outfitter is to equip you. You’re being outfitted with something. You’re being equipped, right? And, wow, is the Lord equipping us right now! He’s equipping His people. He’s equipping us to come to the higher place. He’s equipping His ecclesia for the Kingdom Age that is here now, and the enemy’s fighting, and it’s, it’s, it’s ugly. But, you know what, we are eagles and we got to keep going higher and higher and higher. 

So I just thank the Lord for coming to our table today and supping with us and the Holy Spirit coming and speaking to us today and confirming His word and strengthening us and encouraging us and giving us some more on this word to, to receive and to pray on and to have understanding in this time and to stay in the high place with Jesus.

And we’re getting outfitted. We’re eagles, but we’re getting outfitted. He’s equipping us. He’s equipping us to, to fly above this and to have that eagle vision—to look ahead into the year 2021, ‘22, and ‘24 and see all the good that he’s about to do. “Do you not perceive it? I am doing a new thing,” says the Lord. “Do you not perceive it?” 

When President Trump says “the new administration,” he’s not conceding the presidency. No! When President Trump says “the new administration,” he means HIS, President Trump’s all new administration with all new people that God has ordained for the second term. That’s what President Trump meant yesterday in his speech. He’s saying, you know, the transition into the new administration—he means HIS administration, President Trump’s administration. His second term with his all new cabinet with the new people that God has ordained for this new time, this new thing God is doing in America. 

As you can tell, in President Trump’s old administration, there were traitors in there. There were Judases, unfortunately, sadly, but I believe that was all part of God’s brilliant plan. And, now, we see it all. We see all the traitors. We, they’re exposed. This all had to happen. The roots of this, the ugly roots of this had to be exposed. Now the bloody battle is happening and the, and the mocking, but God says, “No, watch what I do!” We’ve got to rise high above this, and President Trump is talking about his second administration, his new administration, his second administration with all his new people—his new vice president, his new cabinet members. It’s going to be awesome! People that God ordained to be there that President Trump picks. Wow! 

Be encouraged, my friends. Rise high like an eagle. Keep looking forward and know that ALL OF HEAVEN IS CHEERING YOU ON! We are the heroes of the faith now. All of heaven is cheering you on, and I’m cheering you on. I love you all so much. 

We’ve been on for a full two hours, oh whoa, almost three, well, three hours, yes. And, you know, it’s worth it to me because so much right now has to be the move of the Holy Spirit, and it’s going to get more and more and more, and this broadcast, this ministry is in the move, in the obedience of the Holy Spirit. If He wants me to go five hours, I’ll go five hours. Whatever, however long he wants to go, you see? But the thing is, is we’ve got to surrender to that move of the Holy Spirit, allow it to work in our lives, right, step into our, our rightful place for the kingdom, boldly, rise above all this stuff like an eagle, and keep raising up that banner for Jesus Christ, unwaveringly, unwaveringly. 

And even if there are some Christians that are discouraged right now, encourage them, even if they don’t want to listen, okay? Just plant that seed of encouragement to them, and, if they really don’t want to listen, send the Holy Spirit to do a work in them, to open their eyes to the truth of what God is doing because it’s glorious.

We love you, God! Thank you for your glory, Father; we praise you! It’s your government, God, that is in the United States of America, your government, God, through your servant, Donald J. Trump, through your David, and Goliath is going down. The Philistines are being destroyed. Hallelujah! 

Be blessed, my friends. I love you. Have a nice Shabbat. Uh, you know, when the sun goes down this afternoon, rest in the Lord. Light some candles. Make a nice meal. Thank the Lord for His goodness. Just bask in His goodness. Rest in His goodness, okay? Because the Lord has already promised us after this battle we’re going to enter His rest on all sides. President Donald Trump will have rest on all sides. We will have rest on all sides. So enter His rest right now, in the Lord. Enter His covering, and be blessed. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s important that we take this rest in the Lord. It’s very, very important. I take Shabbat every Friday. 

Shabbat shalom, everyone. Shalem, shalom. Be whole. Be complete—nothing missing, nothing lacking, nothing broken. I bless you, and I bless your households in the name of Jesus. I love you all so much. 

If you need more prayer, please, come on to our Facebook group, and we will pray for you, okay? And, uh, it looks like I have a couple of questions before I say goodbye this afternoon. I have a couple of questions. Elaine Barnet says, “Yes, keep looking at the things that are unseen and walk by faith, praise, God can do it. Our God is well able to take this battle.” That’s right. God already has the victory. Donna Ray Benz, she is an eagle. That’s right. You are an eagle, Donna. Yes. 

I won’t be back on Monday. I won’t be doing a broadcast on Monday.I’ll be heading to North Carolina on Monday, but I will be checking in. 

Lori Mcneil says, “The giants are going down by us, the living stone in our prayers.” Amen. Elaine Barnet, “Speaking blessings over all here and over all who come and watch this program later. Speaking blessings over Annamarie—restoration and refreshing.” Amen.

All right, I love y’all so much. God bless you. Be blessed and remember to suit up. Stay suited up. Keep that armor of God on. Stay in your seat of authority in Jesus Christ. Rule and reign from your third heaven authority. Be an eagle. You know, stay in the high, the high place, right? And, uh, just know, that, um, that God is fulfilling His words to us because He is good and He is faithful. I love you all so much. God bless you. 

And I won’t be back Monday because, uh, I will be in North Carolina, so Monday, Wednesday, Friday’s broadcast, uh, maybe I’ll be back for next Friday’s, it just depends on how long I need to stay in North Carolina. But I’ll be popping on here on and off from North Carolina, so make sure you’re subscribed and the bell is clicked to get all of my notifications, all right? All of heaven is cheering us on. All of heaven is cheering President Trump on. All of heaven is cheering us on, the saints, right? And, my friends, it’s going to be glorious. Glory, Glory Hallelujah! I love you all! God bless you.