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Prophetic Update – President Trump – January 6th – Second Term – Visions of The National Monument Garden

Prophetic Update – President Trump – January 6th – Second Term – Visions of The National Monument Garden

I am getting many questions about January 6th 2021 with President Trump, and God keeps bringing me back to His word He gave us back in November “WATCH MY BRILLIANT PLAN UNFOLD / BE CONFIDENT!“

(watch/listen to the word the Lord gave us back in November regarding the 2020 election here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk2HWDBkemM)

I feel totally at peace for President Trump’s second term and already The Holy Spirit is showing me prophetically what President Trump is going to do in this year 2021. I am getting prophetic glimpses of President Trump touring the beginning of the building of the National Garden of Monuments to our National Heroes that he instituted by Executive Order. God is with him on building this Garden, because God loves Gardens and monuments. (monuments are not idols – God had Joshua make a monument to remember what God did for them when they crossed the Jordan so all their children of the coming generations would remember). Many of the Heroes depicted in the new Garden President Trump is building are in the Cloud of Witnesses in Heaven with Jesus for America, and are agreeing and witnessing with Jesus Intercession and the prayers of the people for America to Father God. I feel in my spirit powerfully that Heaven is excited for this Garden as many children for generations will visit and learn the truth of American History, which Jesus wrote from beginning – America’s purpose is and always will be about a Nation Founded on The Gospel of Jesus Christ and Judeo-Christian Values – Biblical Values. Jesus intention for America is to grow His Ecclesia and be a brother to Israel. God loves generational thinkers – who want to continue and agree with God’s Plans and this is why He calls President Trump His anointed and a man after His own Heart like King David. Visually, I see an entrance to the Garden with the one of first of the monuments being the Ten Commandments, It’s important to our President to make sure God is honored in this Garden. I also saw a vision of the President and First Lady Melania watching an Eagle being released and flying over the Garden (this was confirmed by the Holy Spirit showing me Isaiah 40:31). The Holy Spirit of God says: “This is why I chose a builder to lead my beloved America – Donald Trump and this Garden shall be built – you will see MY Love for America, and I will be honored in this Garden as well as those who were anointed by ME to fulfill the destiny of this Nation for MY purposes!”

– Annamarie Strawhand


Executive Order on Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes, Issued By President Donald J. Trump on July 3rd, 2020