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Last week, I went on vacation to visit my family in New York. He taught me so much about being a kingdom traveler on this trip, and I’m excited to bring this teaching to you all today. 

Watch the whole video of the teaching, How to be a Kingdom Traveler, below. Then, come back here for the scriptures, prayers, declarations, and the impartation!




FEET – “Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon I have given you, as I said to Moses.” (Joshua 1:3 NKJV)

MOUTH – “So is my word that goes out from my mouth; It will not return to me empty,

but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. (Isaiah 55:11 NIV)



In the name of Jesus, I speak over this $____  that I paid to the state of ______, and I speak over it as a seed into your kingdom, Father God. I name this seed the Salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ and the baptism of the Holy Spirit for every single person that works for the state of _____. This word will not return void according to your word in Isaiah 55:11. It will prosper for what it is sent in Jesus’ name. Father, I ask your Holy Spirit to water this $_____ seed, multiply it a thousand times a thousand times a thousand fold that I shall see a harvest for this $_____ of the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ for every person that works for the state government of the state of _____ and for the baptism of the Holy Ghost for their households, in Jesus’ name. So be it.


Father, in the name of Jesus, I take this money that I paid to (name of business) in (city/state), and I sow it as a seed into your kingdom. I name this seed the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ and the baptism of the Holy Spirit for the owners of (name of business) and for all of the executives, the employees, including their families and households at every location (if franchise/multiple locations) of (name of business/company). I pray that they shall all come to the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ and the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I declare that this word will not return void according to your word, Father God, in Isaiah 55:11. It will prosper for what it is sent, and I shall see a harvest for this word. Holy Spirit, water this seed, in the name of Jesus, for a full and complete fruitful and abundant harvest, in Jesus’ name. Amen. So be it.    


Father, in the name of Jesus, this $_____ that I spent for the rental car on my trip to _____, I dedicate and consecrate to you, Father God, and sow it as a seed into your kingdom. I name this seed the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ and the baptism of the Holy Ghost for the executives and every single person that works at (name of rental car company) and their households and families, as well as everyone who rents a car from (name of rental car company) from this day forward. This seed will prosper for what it is sent, according to your word, Father God, in Isaiah 55:11, and I shall see a harvest for everyone who works at (name of car rental company), from the executives down to the people who vacuum the floors of the cars and polish the wheels and even those who rent these cars. They shall all receive the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ and the baptism of the Holy Ghost. This word will not return void. It will prosper for what it was sent, according to your word, Father God, in Jesus’ name. Amen. 


Father God, I want to go to _____. I want to go there and speak your word over that place. I want to be like Joshua, and, according to your word in Joshua 1:3, I want to go and put the soles of my feet in ______ and speak your word and claim that territory for you, God. I am anointed by God to go to that place and get to the other side even in hostile territory, in Jesus’ name.


Father, in the name of Jesus, I decree and declare the $____ that I spent to go over/through the _____ bridge/tunnel, I sow as a seed into your kingdom that every single person that passes over that bridge and/or through the waters over that tunnel shall receive the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ and the baptism of the Holy Ghost. In the name of Jesus, this word will not return void. This seed shall prosper for what it is sent for an abundant harvest that every single person from this day forward that passes over that bridge, either on the road or by sea, shall receive salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ and the baptism of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus’ name.   


In Jesus’ name, I declare that: 

I will serve the kingdom of God today. (Ask God what he would have you do every day and everywhere you go.) 

Everywhere I put the soles of my feet, Father God gives it to me according to his word in Joshua 1:3.

The atmosphere shifts when I speak fruitful words and take my authority in Christ Jesus.

I am not a complainer. I am a commander.

According to God’s word in 1 Chronicles 4:10, the Lord will expand the place of my tent. He will expand my land, my territory. (Pray, asking him to do it for you, and then declare it.)

I’m a kingdom trailblazer.

I’m marking miles for the kingdom.

The Holy Spirit is my travel director and travel agent.

The Holy Spirit is my confidence. He’s that powerful force of water before me. Holy Spirit, give me more.

God will protect me even in hostile territory because I am called by him to speak over the territory and to advance the trails and the roads for the kingdom and claim it for his plans and purposes, according to Joshua 1:3, and according to Isaiah 55:11, his word shall not return to him void but will prosper for what it is sent.

I am God’s anointed one. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against me shall be condemned because this is the blessing of the servants of the Lord. This is my portion.

I’m running the gauntlet for God. Nothing can harm me. Nothing can touch me. I’m running the gauntlet for God.

Thank you, Jesus, that I’ve received my harvest of _______. Holy Spirit, I ask you to water it, and I receive my harvest right now, in Jesus’ name. 

I decree and declare that I take authority over (name of place/location) in the name of Jesus Christ. I enforce the blood of Jesus Christ over _____ where I had my feet. I claim _____ for the plans and purposes of God, in Jesus’ name. Father God, you said you’d give me everywhere I put the sole of my feet according to your word in Joshua 1:3 and that every word that I speak over ______, that word will not return void. It will prosper for what it is sent according to your word in Isaiah 55:11. Therefore, Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask you that your kingdom shall be activated right now in the name of Jesus over _____ where my feet are, where my feet have been in the spirit and in the natural. That your angel armies will go to work right now in ______ to bring everything in ______ into the will in the word of God right now, in Jesus’ name.

I will speak over every dollar you give me for your kingdom, Father God. It will all go to work for your kingdom. I will command that money what to do. I will keep receipts and speak over them and ask the Holy Spirit to water those seeds for a full harvest. 



Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for revealing to me this revelation while I was traveling this week, Father God. I thank you, Father, for your goodness. I thank you for your son, Jesus Christ, who makes this all possible for us, Lord. I thank you for your kingdom, God. I thank you for your Holy Spirit. Father, I thank you for everyone who is here today. Through the sound of my voice, Father God, I thank you right now for showing us how to operate in your kingdom with our feet, our mouths, our money, and your word; that we are all trailblazers for your kingdom, Father God; that we go forth powerfully with the move of the Holy Spirit flowing to us and through us, Lord. 

So, Father, in the name of Jesus, you have given us this revelation today of your kingdom. So, such as we receive this revelation today of your Holy Spirit in this teaching, let it be a seed that has been planted into us today of the revelation of this word, and let it be watered by your Holy Spirit to grow into great fruit in an abundant harvest for your kingdom to go forth, Father God, everywhere we put our feet, everywhere we speak your word, every seed that we sow with our finances, Father God, let it go forth and prosper, Father God, through me and through all who are here. In Jesus’ name, receive this impartation of the Lord of the trailblazer anointing, of the kingdom farmer anointing, of the anointing of Joshua that everywhere you put your feet that the Lord God will give you that territory. Everywhere you sow your finances, that a great harvest will come forth for the kingdom and the glory of God. That every seed that you have spoken over in faith shall prosper for what it is sent, in the name of Jesus Christ, all for the kingdom and glory of God and the advancement of the kingdom of God, in Jesus’ name. Father God, your kingdom come; your will be done on earth as it is in heaven to us, your congregation, your ecclesia, your people, in Jesus’ name. 

Receive this impartation, in Jesus’ name. Receive the understanding of this word today and of the Holy Spirit to come upon you in such a way; the Holy Spirit will flow onto you so strong; you will have so much anointing on you of the Holy Spirit that nothing by all means shall harm you—any darts, arrows, daggers, anything of the enemy—shall not touch you, shall not penetrate you. It’ll slide right off. You can even go through hostile territory and not be touched, not be harmed. You shall be boots on the ground wherever God sends you, and you shall have the favor of the Lord. May the favor of God surround you as a shield and the glory of God be your covering everywhere you go, in Jesus’ name. Receive it NOW, my friend. Hallelujah! 

Discerning, Removing and Avoiding the Spirit of Divination / Python Spirit

Discerning, Removing and Avoiding the Spirit of Divination / Python Spirit

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Discerning, Removing and Avoiding the Spirit of Divination (also known as the python spirit):

Now I am not trying to scare you, I am trying to prepare you for the public life with your ministry or calling. You must have this understanding so you know how to properly and effectively deal with it. It’s called a spirit of divination or “python” spirit.
I would not include it in this chapter if I did not think it was crucially important. I want you to be properly equipped. Jesus warned His disciples to be wise to these things.
As soon as you launch out into the public for the Kingdom there is a sneaky evil spirit that will try to mess with you.
You may even be dealing with it right now so let me teach you how to discern it and get rid of it. This spirit is very rampant in our society and we as leaders must be aware.
In 2 Corinthians 2:11 Paul said; “Lest satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.”
I want you to be welcoming of people who want to help you when you launch out in public, BUT you must also be wise that the enemy looks for a way in to stop you or hinder you through wrong relationships. He will try to send a person who is operating in this demonic spirit to infiltrate your inner circle and you must know how you discern this – the bigger the impact you will have for the Kingdom – the more this evil spirit tries to sneak in!
I want you to love people and I don’t want you to be paranoid at every person you meet that they might be operating with a spirit of divination – that’s why you must be careful to discern properly. I have had this spirit try to infiltrate my business and ministry at least three times! The more my ministry and name grew publicly the more it seemed this spirit was trying to attack. Two were women and one was a man. It is not gender specific!
Now please don’t be saying, “Gee, Annamarie if there is a chance I might get an attack from the enemy when I launch out in public with my ministry or purpose for the Kingdom, then I’m not gonna do it.”
Listen to me! You can get attacks and open a door to the enemy just sitting at home and watching the wrong shows on TV!
Your desire to be obedient to God and your calling for the Kingdom should be so passionate that you will not worry about this at all and I am going to equip you right now to discern it, destroy it and keep it away for good!
First, let’s get discernment on the evil Spirit of Divination…
There is a very deceptive spirit that has been operating in the world especially at this time and it’s an anti-christ spirit. A lot of people who you may know and many around us in society are under the deception of this spirit. It’s based in witchcraft and the occult and stems from idolatry. It’s been operating in all the 7 Mountains of Influence. One of the sneaky evil spirits that operate under the anti-christ spirit is the spirit of divination. It’s like a python and it targets those who are powerfully and boldly representing the Kingdom of God in these 7 mountains. The spirit of divination tends to target ministry leaders and those in ministry with a prophetic gifting. It sneaks in looking like it’s harmless and even flattering OR acts like a “copycat” then slowly works to squeeze you into shutting down and quitting.
Now, let’s reveal the Spirit of Divination also known as the Python Spirit …
The Apostle Paul dealt with this spirit early on in his ministry when he entered the Greek city of Philippi:
Acts 16:16-20
(KJV) “And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying; The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation. And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour. And when her masters saw that the hope of their gains was gone, they caught Paul and Silas, and drew them into the marketplace unto the rulers, And brought them to the magistrates, saying, These men, being Jews, do exceedingly trouble our city,”
The SPIRIT OF DIVINATION is someone that will placate you when they think things go their way and try to destroy you when it doesn’t. You would never know that they are if you were giving them everything they wanted. They expose themselves in different ways.
You have a mission to complete! A mission from God and cannot let anyone hinder that or try to distract that no matter who they are! This spirit has to be exposed early before it does too much damage.
You take authority over that spirit operating through them and you set boundaries with them. Even if they are “friends”. Some may even say they are “christians”. These are people with wicked spirits operating through them. Understand it’s not the person, it’s the spirit operating through them!
These are the Signs of the spirit of divination or “python” spirit operating in a person that wants to be around you and your ministry or your Kingdom purpose:
  • Gives you flattery in the beginning to pull you in – almost like a groupie or “I am your biggest fan”
  • Wants what you have but not willing to learn or work for it
  • “Acts” like they have the same gifting you have and begins to mimic you to pull your followers to them
  • Hogs up your time away from others
  • Begins to constantly pull attention to themselves in your public setting and away from your message for the Lord
  • Constantly telling you what you should do in your ministry and pushing you away from pursuing God’s guidance and they wanting to be your only ‘guide’
  • Squeezed feeling of pressure that comes on you after you have started listening to them or agreeing with them, you may even begin to experience shortness of breath, and difficulty swallowing
  • Wants you to do everything their way – gets easily hurt or offended
  • Works behind the scenes to pull people to “their side” to put pressure on you to do what they want
  • They focus on dividing you away from your people and your people away from you
  • May have been involved in witchcraft or new age practices and never got fully delivered (you will see the signs – on their social media – take the time to check them out and what they post)
  • In group settings, they are not eager to pray for anyone else’s issues – they want most of the prayer for themselves
  • Tries to prophesy over your followers and counter what God has spoke to you over them without your consent (if you have a prophetic ministry)
  • Usually avoids communion time, and any type of worship of Jesus – more drawn to the supernatural stuff
  • Trying to compare you and your ministry to what everyone else is doing – telling you should do that
  • Crying, weeping alot and using guilt to manipulate you, wants to have access to you even at night to pull you away from family
  • Usually a ‘loner’ type person. Has trouble with relationships has been through many churches
  • Focused on getting constant prophetic words and squeezing/pressuring you to give them every day to them – gets overly needy
  • Never carries out what you advise them to do – you see no fruit, just more drama
  • When they tire you out they try to act in your place, and influence your people and followers
  • Sometimes they act like a ‘prophet’ and giving false prophetic words that are coming from familiar spirits instead of the Holy Spirit
  • Tells you they have “angels” talking to them all the time but they do not have a relationship with the Holy Spirit
  • Thrives in constant drama and strife
  • Brags how they told-off church leaders, pastors or people of authority
  • Usually shows up at a time you are close to a breakthrough
  • When you try to use boundaries with them they get offended and accuse you of not being a loving Christian
  • They profess love for you, but are always questioning your message and your strategies (a person truly sent by God would resonate and support your message and respect you and your strategies.)
Understand the spirit of divination partners with the religious spirit and it will find others operating with a religious spirit to try and gang up on you and accuse you of ruining things for them, and not being caring or loving Christian if you call out their behavior. You must be careful to keep your emotions in check.
Observe all this wisely, stay calm and prepare to strike this down behind the scenes, do not get caught up is the drama around this person.
So what do you do about this situation? What if this person has embedded themselves in your life, business and ministry? How can you deal with this spirit and still love them? How do you discern this before it takes over and squeezes you until you are so distracted you cannot fully function for the Lord and your calling then your faith is struggling?
When you have faith, even as small as a mustard seed you don’t have to compromise ‘put up with’ anything or anybody that comes against your faith! Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of your faith only! What you do with your faith and calling in this life nobody has any right to try and change, attack, question, force their will, squeeze or twist it in any way!


Jesus gave you AUTHORITY to destroy and crush anything that would come against you!
“Listen carefully: I have given you authority [that you now possess] to tread on serpents and scorpions, and [the ability to exercise authority] over all the power of the enemy (satan); and nothing will [in any way] harm you.” – Luke 10:19 (AMP)
What did the Apostle Paul do? He took authority over the spirit of divination/python operating through the girl and commanded it to leave! He did not rebuke the girl, he rebuked the evil spirit.
Paul discerned it quickly and nipped it in the bud! How did Paul discern it? Read the scripture – the girl kept on pressuring him and even drawing attention to herself while Paul was trying to preach the Gospel, something Paul did to bring “Good News” to a new town. He was usually filled with the joy of the Lord doing this – however when this girl was around it says: “But Paul, being grieved”…. (that’s the opposite of joy!)
Paul began to feel grieved in the spirit – that means this evil spirit was coming against the work of the HOLY SPIRIT operating through Paul!
This is exactly what I went through when I had this happen to me and let me tell you – you will feel this too if you have this situation. The python/divination spirit will cause you to feel grieved, frustrated, and distracted. Even stressed and depressed. Pressure comes around your throat and heaviness on your chest – you begin to feel weary and do not feel like moving forward. If this persists it could cause you to question what you are doing, maybe that person could do it better, blah blah blah… this gets worse the more you agree with this evil lying spirit.
I want you to understand something – people can try to copy you, try to steal your ideas, try to do what you do – but they can never do what God gifted you to do just like you. Never.
People will try to steal your special “recipe”, but it will not taste the same when they try to use it without your anointing! Stay focused even when an attack like this would come. The best thing you can do is stand and not be shaken one bit.
Stay focused on the words of Jesus Christ when discerning relationships. Is it building up and creating abundance? Or tearing down?
Jesus made it clear how to discern what was from Him and what was not in John 10:10: “The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I [Jesus] came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).”
The spirit of divination will try to play with your emotions, make you feel unsettled, unfocused and try to trip up your work in public and pressure you to make you quit. They will try to shadow your light. It wants to tear down what you are building. You cannot allow it!! You have to take authority over it ASAP and here are the steps.
How To Take Authority Against The Spirit of Divination:
1.) If the person is being overly difficult you do not have to confront them. You can take care of this all in the Spirit realm in prayer. Remember it’s not the person, it’s the evil spirit operating through them.
2.) Suit Up – Get on your Armor of God, Take Your Seat of Authority and Apply The Blood Of Jesus to yourself, your family, your ministry and your business.
2.) Forgive the person who is doing this and repent for any bitterness or offense you have toward them, ask Jesus to wash your sins in His blood and put all offense and bitterness on the Cross. Ask God to bless the person you are forgiving and for the Holy Spirit to go to them and lead them fully to Christ and remove all veils of deception from their eyes of understanding and bring them to deliverance. If we do not forgive them, the accuser can use our unforgiveness against us and the evil spirit will still have a legal right to operate.
3.) You can ask God to remove the person and all their influence out of your business and ministry with His “Ax Of Judgement”. Do this prayer after you have forgiven the person. If you can clearly see that this individual is not there to produce good fruit for you or anyone else, you can stand on the word of God in this situation. Jesus said we would know them by their fruit, and the bad fruit is to be removed. Relationships in the bible are mentioned like trees that either produce good fruit or bad fruit. Fruit coming from a relationship should always bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit, if not, that relationship will be removed by God. You must be able to bear good fruit in all your relationships for the Kingdom. If any relationship is clearly coming against that, such as those operating in divination you can pray this powerfully…
The Ax Of God’s Judgment Prayer is based on Matthew 3:10 – “Even now the ax of God’s judgment is poised, ready to sever the roots of the trees. Yes, every tree that does not produce good fruit will be chopped down and thrown into the fire.”
Pray: “FATHER GOD your word says in Matthew 3:10, now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Father I believe your word and I want to activate it right now in the spiritual and in the natural in my life and in all my relationships! I do not have to accept anything that is not the will of God for my life and my family, ministry and business. I BELIEVE The word of God is the will of God! I DECREE As for me and my house we shall Honor and Obey the word and the will of God and serve the Lord Jesus Christ for all generations thereof! Father in the name of Jesus Christ, I ask You to take your Ax Of Judgement and permanently remove any ungodly relationships around me swiftly, particularly ____________ in Jesus name! Chop these ungodly relationships and influences at the root, pull the stumps up out of the ground, shake the stumps with no roots remaining in the ground and cast this relationship and any influence it had into the fire to burn to ashes in Jesus name! I will never eat fruit from this ungodly relationship again! Father let all remaining influence from this relationship be burned up forever by your Holy fire in Jesus name. Let this be swift and calm, with no recourse or backlash, let your Holy Fire burn up any bad seed left from this ungodly relationship and it’s the relationship that is removed and burned to ashes and all their influence and not the person. I have prayed for the person to move on and into what you have for them Lord, but far away from me and my ________in Jesus name! Thank you Father for your word and your promises and the ability to discern good and bad fruit! Father replace any bad ungodly relationships with Holy Spirit filled relationships to bear good fruit together for your Kingdom and Glory in Jesus name, Amen!”
Now, sever all soul ties with that person: Declare: “By the Authority of Jesus Christ I break the power of and SEVER off ALL the demonic and ungodly strongholds, agreements and soul ties off myself and _________________ FOREVER IN JESUS NAME, I NOW WASH MYSELF AND __________ IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS AND INVITE THE HOLY SPIRIT TO COME AND FILL THOSE PLACES IN MYSELF AND __________________ WHERE THE OLD SOUL TIES HAVE DEPARTED IN JESUS NAME”
4.) Get the python removed off you if you have been getting a ‘smothering or choking feeling’. I would still do this prayer either way.
Stand and Pray: In the name and authority of Jesus Christ I command the python spirit to drop off my body and on the floor in Jesus mighty name! Python spirit, I renounce you and all your evil and I command you off me and under my feet right now in Jesus name! Drop off me NOW python! I take authority over you in the name above all names, Jesus Christ! Drop NOW to the ground in Jesus name! ( then take a breath and raise your sword of the spirit…..) “In the name of Jesus Christ I crush the head of the python spirit (stomp your foot on its head in the spirit) and I take my sword of the spirit and chop this python to pieces! (make a chopping motion on the floor below you) I chop you up python! Your head was crushed by the Cross of Jesus Christ and I crush you! You have been cursed by God you vile python spirit and I curse you and destroy you to pieces! You will never touch me again python! I scrape your chopped carcass into the fire of God to be burned to ashes (do a scraping motion with your sword of the spirit) and let the breath of the Holy Spirit of the Living God to blow what is left of you python into the dry uninhabited place where you will stay forever in Jesus name! I raise up my sword of the spirit and let the Fire of the Holy Spirit cleanse my sword! Let the fresh breath of the Holy Spirit fill my lungs! I breathe you in the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. I am free and delivered from python forever! Holy Spirit I ask you to pour fresh oil on me, so much oil that no python can ever attach to me again, it will slide off me because of the abundance of anointing in Jesus name! I declare I move free, breathe free, in the natural and in the spiritual and whom Christ has set free is free indeed! I am fully free in Christ Jesus! I place myself mind, body, soul and spirit in the blood of Jesus Christ forever! Through the blood of Jesus Christ I am redeemed from all evil and set apart for the plans and purposes of the Kingdom of God and nothing shall come against it in Jesus mighty name!”
5). Ask for God to assign and station “Sentry Angels” at the gates of your business and ministry to block these evil spirits.
Decree: “In the name and authority of Jesus Christ in whom I am seated, I thank You Father that you send your angels to keep me in all my ways. I ask You Father God to release to me Sentry Angels that will protect all my gateways. Thank You Father God. Therefore, in Jesus name and authority, I command and post my divinely assigned Sentry Angels of the Lord to these gateway areas to my ___________ both in the natural gates and the spiritual gates to my ________, including all gates to all the gates of communication, phones, computers, internet, social media, email and websites that I have. I command the Sentry Angels of the Lord that I have just posted to these specific areas to stand and protect these areas from all evil with fiery swords and shields 24 hours a day, seven days a week from this day forward in Jesus name! I command my Sentry Angels of the Lord, to not allow anything that is not of God to enter or come near any of my gates in Jesus name. I apply the Blood of Jesus Christ to all my gateways to my ____________ in the natural and in the spiritual. All my gates belong to Jesus Christ! I ask my Sentry Angels of the Lord to also go and locate, arrest, bind and remove any evil spirits that may have come in my gates and block those evil spirits from ever coming in or coming near my gates or near me ever again! I renounce those evil spirits, especially the spirit of divination is strictly prohibited from entering or coming near me my ___________ or my gates from this day forward in Jesus name! Thank you Sentry Angels of the Lord for your obedience and faithfulness to God and thank you Father for my authority in Christ Jesus to receive and command my assigned Angels of your Kingdom, for your glory forever and ever, Amen!”
Do these steps until you see the breakthrough!
It’s crucial that you do not waiver or let this spirit of divination/python manipulate you for too long! It comes against the good fruit that you are meant to produce for the Kingdom of God!
Ask God to release His Holy Fire into you:
Pray: “In the name and authority of Jesus Christ, I renounce and come out of agreement with all religious spirits and words and out of agreement with all spirits of divination and words and command them off of my mind, body, soul and spirit right now in Jesus name! LEAVE ME NOW YOU VILE SPIRITS! I send the fire of the Holy Spirit against you! Get out and go to the uninhabited dry place and stay there until Jesus Christ comes and tells you where to go and never come near me again! I close the door to these evil, vile spirits and seal it with the blood of Jesus Christ forever! I invite the Fire of The Holy Spirit of Almighty God to come in me now and burn in every place in me and around me to destroy any remnant of these evil spirits and refine me and make me excellent of soul with your DUNAMIS power Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Holy Spirit I ask You to fill every place in me and stand hold there forever! I declare a divine wall of Holy Spirit Fire is now around me protecting me and if any evil spirit tries to pass through this wall of Holy Fire they will be burned up to ashes in Jesus Mighty name!” Amen
You will begin to feel a huge positive difference. I am telling you will feel lighter and that heaviness and guilt will be gone! You will begin to accelerate in your public life and message like never before! Myself and my students have had incredible results from doing this. The growth and increase will come almost immediately. It’s like burning off the dead grass in a pasture, driving out the snakes to have new green beautiful pastures with nothing harmful hiding that can trip you up! FREEDOM!
The people in question also need deliverance from these evil spirits! Pray that the Holy Spirit will go to them and lead them to full deliverance. You can also pray those deliverance prayers over that person in the natural or in the spirit. In the meantime, don’t let one or two deceived people that are trying to upset your mission ruin it for so many more who really need you and are truly sent by God.
Get mad at the devil, not the person. Be solution oriented in the spirit realm! These evil spirits are more afraid of us when we come in the name of Jesus Christ – we are their worst fear! Remember that!
The devil can’t stop you through any person or situation. You have authority over all of it. You are a representative of the King of Glory who crushed the kingdom of darkness! All you have to do is enforce the finished work of the CROSS and the BLOOD of Christ in the name of Jesus! You have all access credentials to everything the Kingdom of God has!
The Cross and the Blood of Jesus is your KEY but you must use it and enforce it in your Seat Of Authority. The Fire of The Holy Spirit can be called forth by faith to burn up and chase out any remnant of operating in and around you that is hidden.
Flash your badge of the Blood and The Cross and blind the enemy! Make the enemy bow the knee to Jesus Christ! You carry the authority through Christ! The devil has no teeth!
Jesus already gave YOU victory over all the works of the enemy! You must put it ON the Blood of Christ every day in the spirit and wear it like an official credential to get you through every gate and door of influence you want to get into!
Keep going – do not stop for any distractions! Even people who try to distract you! Do not allow it. Deal with it swiftly!
– Coach Annamarie Strawhand
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How To Break Out Of A Season Of Lack

How To Break Out Of A Season Of Lack


This is what was revealed to me:

  •  Time does not determine my seasons my seed does
  •  The seeds I sow today determine my tomorrow
  •  Seeds can break you out of a season of lack into a season of abundance


Word: “Then Isaac sowed in that land, and reaped in the same year a hundredfold; and the Lord blessed him. The man began to prosper, and continued prospering until he became very prosperous;” (Genesis 26:12-13)

What seeds are you sowing right now that you are expecting a harvest in the next season?

I have learned to sow seeds into the Kingdom of God, into learning, into people, into my children, into my own ministry, others ministries, my own businesses and others businesses. It’s all about sowing and reaping for your success!



– Love, Coach Annamarie

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A decree is an authoritative order to be carried out to completion, and prophecy is an event or thing to come at an appointed time in the future.

Both are done by the level of your faith, and by your seat of authority as a King and a Priest in Christ Jesus.

Ephesians 2:6 (KJV) “And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus

Kings issue decrees, and their armies and messengers run with them and carry them out and report back to the King. Angels are ready to be activated by your decrees and carry out these assignments on your behalf!

Job 22:28 (KJV) “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.”

Priests make intercession for others, yourself and represent the things of the spirit – in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

Revelation 1:6 (KJV)And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever.

First you have to believe, activate and use this authority and never let the enemy shake that.

Secondly understand this comes together with God’s timing.  Things have to be put into place for these things to come to pass. Heaven is activated by our words of faith in the name of Jesus.  These decrees and prophesies come to fruition in your life in steps.  The Holy Spirit is in strategy mode with you.  He gives you a step, or you get a piece or a part of this and you must be hungry and in expectation for more!  These are a sign of God’s faithfulness that He is putting all together for you!  I say: “SPEAK IT UNTIL YOU SEE IT!”  Keep asking for the next step, the next piece!  Praise God for the part that He brought and praise Him ahead of time that He will bring the rest of it!  This is the walk of faith.  If He gave it to us all at one time, that would not take any faith and it would not cause us to grow and seek a deeper relationship with Him.  Faith pleases God.  Starting with DECREES leads to you seeing more and hearing more in the Spirit which leads to PROPHETIC VISION, (seeing what God sees) which leads to growing in the gifts of the spirit and your authority in Christ.

The Holy Spirit and the Angelic realm goes into activation mode when you speak decrees (orders/commands you want to see) and when you prophesy (see in the future by faith based on glimpses God showed you).

Do this all by the authority of Jesus Christ in Jesus name speak it until you see it come to pass and apply your faith and keep pressing in even when you don’t see anything happening in the natural!

Once the Holy Spirit and the Angelic are activated people and places begin to be moved around in the natural and in the spiritual to bring this to pass for you.  You may not see this happening, but it is.  It may even look as if it’s going in the opposite direction, BUT with this, you must trust that things are being moved around in your favor, according to what you see, speak, decree and prophesy by faith.

Habakkuk 2:2-3 NKJV “Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.”

Also Prophetically, God shows us glimpses of what is to come.  This is always in pieces, fragments, dreams, visions, clues that we must partner with the Holy Spirit to help us see the full picture. This is to urge you to come deeper with God and a full partnership with His Holy Spirit.

I started with decrees, then I moved into prophecy.

Let me share something personal with you. A few years ago, I was in a difficult and painful situation in my family, my teen daughter who once loved Jesus and being home with us all of a sudden went prodigal.  She left home and went to live with a friend and their family who was not walking with the Lord.  It was so horribly painful, but the more I tried in the natural to get her home the more it seemed impossible.  I decided to take my seat of authority in Christ and activate heaven on my behalf of my daughter.  I decreed she would be back home that day.  I would say: “Today my daughter comes home in Jesus name.”  Even though it took weeks, I declared “DECREED” by faith and authority it would happen that day!  Then one night God did it! She came home! I realized that God had to bring the ‘perfect storm’ to bring her home one night.  Certain people and situations had to come into play all at once around her and BOOM she was calling her Daddy to come and get her and bring her home! It was God’s Kingdom aligning things that took a bit of time to bring my decree to pass.  So then my faith really grew!  I asked God to show me a ‘glimpse’ of my daughter’s future.  I asked for the Holy Spirit to come upon me and show me what He sees about my daughter’s future.  He showed me some ‘future pictures’ in my spirit.  That this is who she is and this is who she will be. These pictures were for me to receive by faith and speak by faith over her life.  Little by little I am seeing what were once ‘pictures’ shown to me in the spirit coming to pass in my daughter’s life.  Do I get upset because the FULL picture is not here yet?  NO!  I keep believing and speaking it.  I say, “God, this is what YOU showed me, so it will happen!” Don’t get discouraged even if you don’t see any of the prophetic word happening – even if the opposite is happening in the natural, stay firm on what God has said!  No matter how impossible it looks right now, no matter what bad choices other people are making in their lives – YOU are called to speak over their lives what God says for them!  If you don’t do it who will?





I want all that Christ died and rose for us to have!  How about you?  I want to SEE what HE sees!  I want to SPEAK from the RIGHT HAND of the Father and see Armies of Angels activated on my behalf!  So let’s do it!  This was all gifted to YOU!

So let’s get an understanding here just to be clear:

Prophecy are those glimpses that God has shown you that He has prepared for the future time.    It is our choice and free will to come into agreement with what God shows us for the future. You decide to agree with Him or not, and act out the steps in faith. The more you come into agreement, the more power comes behind it to accelerate it.

Decrees or declarations, are what you want to happen, what you want to see happen, the desires of your heart.  These are things that God has knitted into your heart to desire even before you were born!  God is waiting on you to realize these things and speak them boldly by faith.  A King knows what he wants, has confidence and boldness that it will be carried out.  God wants us to have that kind of boldness and confidence. He has Angels stationed around you ready to activate on these words spoken by YOU.  When you speak your decree and pair it with scripture, you are literally activating heavenly forces on your behalf.  The word of God is the will of God, the word in scripture in your mouth is a command of God’s word.  Angels are excitedly waiting for this to come out of your mouth.

 Psalm 103:20  “Bless the LORD, all His angels mighty in strength, who do His word, who hearken to the voice of His command. 21Bless the LORD, all His hosts, you servants who do His will.…

Jeremiah 1:11-12 KJV “Moreover the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Jeremiah, what seest thou? And I said, I see a rod of an almond tree. Then said the Lord unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it.”

I give prophetic words to many people, and many have come to pass – but for some they struggle with what has been spoken over them – let’s talk about that.  The “words” that a prophetic person prophesies over you are based on what they discern the Holy Spirit is showing them, glimpses of your life and future.  Sometimes I decree over a person and sometimes a prophecy comes forth – let’s discern the difference…..

If I have a student or an individual that is struggling with faith for what seems an impossible situation – during prayer over them I will say, “I have enough faith for both of us!  I DECREE and COMMAND ___________ in the name of Jesus!”  This is my bolder faith and authority that I am exercising over that person’s life.  It’s a command I did on their behalf in the name of Jesus! If that person was not able to do for themselves at that moment, my faith takes over – and I get into my seat of authority in Christ that they also have but are not quite ready to use it.  That’s a DECREE and I can command specific things in that decree!  I believe by faith for that person that Heaven was activated for them in that moment.  A decree is not a prophecy – God did not show me anything in the spirit.  It was done solely by my faith for that person.

The difference:

Now, a prophecy comes when I get under the anointing (the presence of the Holy Spirit) I will get a picture in my spirit, or hear a word in my spirit for that person that is coming from the presence of God who wants me, a prophetic intercessor to speak that word into that person at that moment in obedience. Sometimes it just comes on so strong and I cannot stop it, I have to speak it!  There is a supernatural power behind it!  I always say to that person, this is from the Holy Spirit and not me.   I do my best to be responsible as a representative of God’s Kingdom to let the person know whom I am speaking to – this is the Holy Spirit prophesying through me to them.  Almost always the other person will feel the presence of God on that word! I have had that happen so many times.  God wants to get a word to someone, He looks for obedient messengers to speak it.  Sometimes people are so wounded and blinded by the stuff happening in the natural that they struggle to receive from God’s messengers.  I have many stories where that has happened too – that breaks my heart, because as a prophetic person you give that word out of obedience, then you can’t help but want to see it come to fruition for them!  But they have to want it and believe it for themselves.

So what happens if someone else sees or hears something under the anointing from the Spirit of God and speaks it as a prophecy over your life?  These glimpses can be a picture or something God speaks through them, that the Holy Spirit prompts them to speak over you in obedience. They become God’s messenger to you. Do you want to receive the message or focus on the reasons why not?  God can speak through a donkey!  When He wants to get a message to you He will find an obedient vessel! Don’t beat up the messenger.  You can always check that person out, have they given words before? Have they come to pass? What is the fruit in their life, do they walk by faith? Have they produced fruit in other people’s lives?   Did God lead you to that person?  Did you pray for a divine appointment?  Did you pray for a word from God? Did you pray for a mentor?  Don’t ask for it, then scoff at it when God sends it.  Sometimes it might look like a donkey (not what you think it should be).  BUT God wants to get to you and He will send messengers that might not look like what you expected!  I mean who would have thought a gal like me who worked in NASCAR racing for over 30 years would be called now by God to have me speak His victorious purposes into people’s lives!  That’s our God!  He’s calling YOU to speak Victory too!

Again it is YOUR CHOICE to come into agreement with that word from that person/messenger or not.  You take this in prayer and if it confirms in your spirit, confirms with the word of God and you can ‘see it’ by faith then you take ahold of it for yourself.   Then you speak it in from that point by faith.  You ALWAYS take a word from another person to God yourself! 

The Holy Spirit will send divine appointments to you for a word that needs to be spoken over you to be released.  It’s up to you to discern this.  Ask God for the gift of discerning of Spirits to help you discern.  If it confirms with you and you take it to God’s word, then grab ahold of that word and take it for your own!  Remember, God’s word in the Bible is His will for your life.  Any word from anyone speaking into your life, or you speaking over your own must align with the word of God.

If another person who is prophetic and has stronger faith than you, they should pray and speak decrees over you through the authority they have in Christ.  They are speaking a command by faith what they want to see happen for you, this must be in the power of agreement from your faith as well – even if you use a tiny bit of faith – God will be faithful to these commands to be activated by His Kingdom forces!  Because of Jesus Christ, all of Heaven is working for us!  Ask God and He will send the right people into your life to do this for you while you are growing in your own faith!  We are all called to make intercession, someday you will be doing this for someone!

If during a period of time, if your ‘word’ is not coming to pass then go back to God with it. Remind God what He said, what He showed you!  A prophetic word is like a seed that has been planted and it must be watered and called forth to fruition.  Keep calling it forth!  Then you have a TESTIMONY to give God glory and encourage others!

I think about my students and how I decreed faithful commands over them. I did the decrees to encourage them and to intercede for them where they were not confident yet.   Sometimes the anointing would come in our classes or sessions and a prophetic word from the Holy Spirit would show us something specific.  I wanted to make sure that the other person felt the Holy Spirit on that too,  I encouraged them to seek God on each thing that was spoken, and I taught them how to decree, and how to get into the presence of the Holy Spirit.  However they all had free will whether they wanted to come into agreement with the decree or the prophecy.   I encouraged it, and I wanted to see good fruit in their lives.  But ultimately it is up to them to seek these words, take them to God and partner with the Holy Spirit themselves to see it to fulfillment.  Any responsible prophetic person that God leads you to or sends you to should tell you always to seek God yourself for confirmation.

Some students grew very powerfully and quickly and saw these words that were decreed or prophesied come to pass in their lives.  Some struggled more, I believe it all comes down to really BELIEVING it can and will happen. That it’s been spoken so it’s done and it will surely come.

Jesus even had this happen to Him and he dealt with unbelief.  Before He did many miracles, He asked the person if they believed He could do it. He wanted to make sure they had the faith to receive.  My friend, if someone speaks a word over you, whether it’s a decree by authority or a prophecy from the Holy Spirit – it’s not so much about believing the person that spoke it, it’s about believing GOD spoke it through them.  The messenger giving the prophetic word is only the quarterback.  Once it’s released to you, you now carry that ball.  You can carry it to the goal by faith.  God brings the army of protection and assistance around you to get you to the goal line!

The key here is we are ALL to Decree and Command over our lives by faith and authority.  We are all called to seek God to show us our future so we can Prophesy what we He shows us! We don’t have to wait for a prophet to come along and speak over us.  Jesus already gave each of us this authority, and sat us right next to the Father with Him – we have access and authority to ASK AND RECEIVE!

John 14:12-13 NIV  “Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.  And I will do whatever you ask in My name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.…


It’s time to take that seat of authority, come into agreement with what God has shown you prophetic glimpses of and speak it and see it by faith.



Combine the two DECREE AND PROPHESY and you have a powerful force of faith to call things forth at an accelerated rate!!


– Coach Annamarie


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Angelic Assistance Is Standing By For You!

Angelic Assistance Is Standing By For You!

I have to share with you what God has been revealing to me during my 21 Day Fast!  It’s been amazing because I began to get vivid prophetic dreams and visions on the first week of the Fast and I have been trying to keep up to share with you all.

The first dream was about those of us who are in Christ Jesus asking for and utilizing Angelic Assistance.  This is what I wrote from the dream when I woke up.

January 14 at 10:44 AM

Prophetic Dream. Angels are waiting for instruction to carry out what you need. They are here, with their tools, utilities to move at our instruction! They are getting frustrated that we are not asking them to assist in Jesus name. If we don’t utilize them they will move on. Ask God to send Angels for specific tasks in Jesus name, thank them for coming and ask them to stay and wait for instruction. Also send them to your family members. Make sure you take your seat of authority in Christ and begin to command your angels specifically what you want them to do, in Jesus name.


It is so important that we write down our dreams, especially during times of Fasting and Prayer. God will speak and show us what He is doing in your life and plans to do in your life through your dreams. This is INSTRUCTION for you to carry out faithfully.

The bible says in Hebrews 1:14 “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out for service on account of those who shall inherit salvation?”

This means Angels of the Lord.  Jesus had angels come to minister to him after he had just come off His time of fasting and prayer in the wilderness, and again when He was in the Garden.

Heirs of salvation are those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and we are now seated with Christ in heaven next to the Father in a seat of authority in Christ Jesus, as a King and a Priest.  What do Kings do? They send out messengers, command decrees, command armies to go out and battle, have their servants carry out what is needed to keep the Kingdom running smoothly.

We who are now are of the Kingdom of God should be operating as such, and with the benefits that come from what Jesus did for us – we have access to angelic assistance.

Now let’s be clear, we don’t pray to angels.  The bible says in Psalm 91 that the Lord sends them to keep us in ALL our ways.  I love that. He sends them if we ask for any and all things we need help with.  So we ask the Father in Jesus name to assign angels to us to help us carry out specific tasks, in Jesus name. Then by faith we believe they are here and we give them commands in Jesus name.

Let me give you a testimony.  Last Saturday I was shipping out our Pongo The Rescue Horse books to our free recipients, plus other ministry items to box and ship.  We had a lot to ship out, pack and get addressed.  I asked my daughter Landry and her boyfriend Cory to help and I would pay them for their time from my ministry.  They both needed the extra money and want to help the ministry. We had a blessed time packing up the items as I prayed over and anoited each book, I was praying and they were packing. Plus teaching them as I went.  I told them I would pay them cash out of the ministry this week. I was excited to sow a seed into each of them so they can help on more ministry projects.  So Monday comes and I had the money for them in my paypal account, just as I was to go out to the ATM to get the $55 cash (I was paying them $25 each) an automatic billing for my website hosting hit the account!  I was like Oh no I don’t have enough money now!  I was not sure when my account would be replenished with a donation or offering to be able to pay them.

So I remembered about the angelic help.  I knew the Lord had assigned angels to my ministry. I have actually seen four of them around me, especially when I am broadcasting.  (some of you have seen them fluttering around my shoulders on the broadcast)…. So I thought, well they are here to assist me with my ministry needs.  Jesus had a “purse” holder or treasurer of His ministry that took care of their cash needs on the road. So I sat down, took my seat of authority in Christ and said, Father, In Jesus name I ask you to assign me an angel that handles the cash needs, a purse carrier  – treasurer angel to my ministry.  I thanked and praised the Father and reminded Him of His word in the Bible about angelic help.  Then a few minutes later, by faith, I thanked the purse holder/ treasurer angel for coming and joining my other ministry angels.  I then commanded in the name of Jesus for the Purse Angel to go and get $55 I needed and bring it to me to pay for this ministry project.  I told him I needed it promptly, and if it was already in the purse, give it to me by the next morning.

The next morning I awake and I see an email that Youtube had made an automatic deposit in my bank account.  Usually I have to wait over 30 days each month for the offerings from our wonderful listeners on YouTube to be available.  I was so surprised and it was more than I needed!

I knew the angels had faithfully carried out their task and were able to “pull strings” and get the YouTube deposit to come early!  I praised and worshipped God for the breakthrough!  I thanked the angels for their faithfulness to God and thanked Jesus for making this all possible through the authority He has given us!

I ran down to the bank and withdrew what I needed.  I put the $25 each into envelopes for Landry and Cory and prayed over each one.  I prayed and declared that they would both grow in Jesus Christ and that God would use them mightily for the Kingdom and His Glory.  I also prayed as this was a seed that would grow for them to continue to help our ministry.

What a precious moment that was! My heart was so full.  I have been praying and praying that my daughter would join me in ministry and God is making a way and also to bless her and a sweet friend.  The more I sat with them and prayed and packed books that day, the more they wanted to bless and help more, their hearts were being moved for what we were doing – getting these books to kids and teens who have been bullied and abused.  My daughter Landry even said that she would love to do speaking to kids and teens to encourage them and get the book out there about God’s love for them.

My friends, our God wants the work to begin, and he does not want us held back if we feel we have no help or money to do it!  He wants us to believe His word, and ask for help from His Kingdom!  This is the Angelic realm – it is very real.  I cannot say that I got verbal confirmation from the angels, I did this by faith – but I see the fruit!  They showed up and carried out this command that was asked of them in the name of King Jesus by me, an heir of salvation – a King and Priest through Jesus Christ.  We have this authority and it’s time to use it for the calling of God on your life!

I am going to continue to take God at His word and keep engaging the angels assigned to me for tasks. We are in the Kingdom age, a time of great awakening.  A time of acceleration in the earth. God wants us to accomplish what He has assigned us to do.  We have our advocate the Holy Spirit – who guides and directs us, and gives us instruction.  But we also have the Angels to carry out the tasks!  Not only that – they are waiting to do it! Eagerly!

I am so grateful for this revelation.  I want to encourage you!  I hope that you will seek the deeper things of the Kingdom and know all the benefits of being a Child of God.  We have not because we ask not!  We have to ASK.  God will do it and He will send whatever you need to carry out His plan for your life!


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All of Heaven is Cheering You On and I Am Too!!  Let’s finish this race strong! Our Victory is in Jesus Christ!! whooo hooo!

Annamarie Strawhand – Your Faith and Victory Coach