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How To Remove Demons From Your Home – Spiritual House Cleaning Strategies with Prayers

How To Remove Demons From Your Home – Spiritual House Cleaning Strategies with Prayers

I make sure my home honors God in the natural and in the spiritual. – Annamarie Strawhand


The Bible is CLEAR about bringing and having items in your home that do not honor God.  The Bible calls them “detestable” to God!  I want to honor God in my home and life and I know you do too – this is a tactic of the enemy to use these items as a legal right to come against you and have entry in your home! We must remove the things that are giving the legal right to the demonic out of our homes.   I have come to realize that the more I do spiritual house cleaning – the breakthroughs and blessings are immediately behind it and acceleration of blessing happens almost overnight!

Spiritual house cleaning is not a religious ritual – it’s making your home a place that honors God because you love Him and You want to obey His Word!

Bible reference to spiritual house cleaning:

Deuteronomy 7:26  You must burn up the images of their gods; do not covet the silver and gold that is on them or take it for yourselves, or you will be ensnared by it; for it is detestable to the LORD your God. 26 And you must not bring any detestable thing into your house, or you, like it, will be set apart for destruction. You are to utterly detest and abhor it, because it is set apart for destruction.

Neither shall you bring an abomination into your house, lest you be a cursed thing like it: but you shall utterly detest it, and you shall utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing.

Isaiah 30:22

Ye shall defile also the covering of thy graven images of silver, and the ornament of thy molten images of gold: thou shalt cast them away as a menstruous cloth; thou shalt say unto it, Get thee hence.

Ezekiel 11:18

And they shall come thither, and they shall take away all the detestable things thereof and all the abominations thereof from thence.

Joshua 6:18

And you, in any wise keep yourselves from the accursed thing, lest you make yourselves accursed, when you take off the accursed thing, and make the camp of Israel a curse, and trouble it.

Joshua 7:13

Get up and consecrate the people, saying, ‘Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow, for this is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: Among you, O Israel, there are things devoted to destruction. You cannot stand against your enemies until you remove them.

These “detestable” items can cause demonic attachments that open doors to the kingdom of darkness in your home to curses, demons and familiar spirits (that people think are ghosts). This is not to be played with and must be taken very seriously.  Allowing this evil to be in your home can come against your life, marriage, family, finances and health and more! Let’s identify and remove, trash, burn these things up asap!

Acts 19:19

“And a number of those who had practiced magic arts brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted the value of them and found it came to fifty thousand pieces of silver.”





Romans 12:9

Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.

2 Corinthians 6:17

Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,

Ephesians 5:11

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.


IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR SPIRITUAL HOUSE CLEANING: When you pray the prayers out loud do them for yourself in a private place and then do your own items that belong personally to you BEFORE you work on the family members! Do this calmly! Then when it comes to your family, DO NOT just go in and start grabbing things away! I specifically tell you NOT to do this in my teaching if you read through it. You are to wait and pray and send the Holy Spirit to work on them for them to come to the conclusion to throw it away, this needs to be handled gently and calmly and they have to want to do it! This has to be done a step at a time and with patience and understanding. Your kids/husband/wife may not understand this and it will take time. You could cause more turmoil and discord in your home by just barging in and just taking their stuff, so you need to sit back, calm down and rely on the Holy Spirit to help you, have sit down talks and teachings with them, and lead and guide them gently so they can come to their own understanding. You can cover them in the Blood of Jesus, and cover their stuff in the Blood of Jesus and ask God to give them grace, mercy and protection as He works on them and brings them to understanding to remove these items too. This MUST be done in steps and with love and patience. – I say this from love and experience 🙂


You start your spiritual house cleaning with a commitment and partnership with the Holy Spirit.

Pray Out Loud: “Holy Spirit, thank you for being my life helper in everything.  I want to make my life and home a place that honors God.  I want Your Holy Spirit to flow powerfully and freely in my home and in my life and family!  I partner with you now, the Holy Spirit to help me with my spiritual house cleaning in Jesus Name.  Show me Holy Spirit the things and items that need to be removed that have ungodly soul ties.  Reveal to me Holy Spirit any items that have demonic attachments or are cursed,  reveal to me Holy Spirit if there is anything in my life and my home that is giving the kingdom of darkness a legal right to come against me, causing problems or coming against my blessings – thank you Holy Spirit.  I also ask the Father to send His Angels of Protection, Heavenly Hosts and Breakthrough Angels to Assist in pulling down any demonic strongholds! Holy Spirit give me sharp discernment to carry this out with You boldly and decisively with no fear or hesitation in Jesus name! Let’s begin!”


Remember to do your Suit UP Prayers every day to be ready to take on anything that day (take your seat of Authority in Christ Jesus next to the Father) Your seat of authority you have dominion, you fight from Heaven to earth, not earth to Heaven!



Pray out LOUD:  “Father, it is written that we have dominion in all the earth and right NOW I plead the Blood of Jesus over this home (address)_____________ and I evict every wicked, unclean, defiled, LYING word that has been released into the atmosphere of this home and property and I loose it and kick it out right NOW in Jesus’ Mighty Name! 

***WE NEED TO DO THIS EVERYWHERE WE GO IN OUR HOUSE – EACH ROOM) AND AROUND YOUR PROPERTY FOR THOSE WORDS ARE STILL THERE (if you have an old house the words are there from previous owners – hell has one language and that is profanity)

“Father, I bind Your love, peace, joy, happiness, and Your TRUTH to the atmosphere of THIS HOUSE AND PROPERTY (address) ____________ in Jesus’ Mighty Name!”


INVITE THE HOLY SPIRIT AND ANOINT YOUR HOME (see anointing oil prayers and how to anoint your home here)

You can also anoint your home with oil over all the doors and windows, and say: “I dedicate and consecrate this home to you Father God, bless this home and sanctify this home by the blood of Jesus Christ and the anointing of your Holy Spirit. I invite you Holy Spirit into this home, come fill every room and stay forever, You are welcome here Holy Spirit! In Jesus name, Amen” (make sure you have prayed over the oil and dedicated it to God in Jesus name – decree over the oil that anything it touches will release the power of the Holy Spirit and anything anointed by this oil will be sanctified and set apart for the plans and purposes of Almighty God in Jesus name!) 



Do you think you may have ‘ghosts’ or demonic spirits in your house?

LET’S BE CLEAR: There is no such thing as ghosts only demonic entities that take on the appearance of humans. This is a familiar spirit. They get attached to families and are hard to get rid of. They also can jump into pets. You need to SUIT UP, anoint your home, then dedicate every room and every person and pet in your Home to God and invite the Holy Spirit to come and fill your home. Then take your seat of authority in Christ and say out loud: “YOU VILE FAMILIAR SPIRIT, YOU OF THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS, LISTEN TO ME! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE! THIS IS NOT YOUR FAMILY! THIS IS NOT YOUR HOUSE! IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST I TAKE AUTHORITY OVER YOU AND COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE THIS HOUSE NOW AND GO TO THE UNINHABITED DRY PLACE AND STAY THERE! GET OUT AND NEVER COME BACK IN JESUS NAME – I NOW ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT TO COME AND FILL EVERY PLACE THAT EVIL SPIRIT VACATED AND STAND HOLD THERE, I CLOSE ANY AND ALL DOORS TO THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS AND SEAL IT WITH THE BLOOD OF JESUS!!

Now let’s close those doors to anything ungodly, unholy or demonic forever!


SOUL TIE  ITEMS: A soul tie happens when you have had a sexual or very close relationship with someone other than your spouse. It stays on you until you break it off and remove any gifts, clothing, jewelry or letters, pictures, keepsakes etc . It can affect your current marriage negatively if you never removed your old soul ties to past relationships.  You are showing the enemy you are still in covenant with that other person.  You should ONLY be in covenant with God through Jesus Christ and your own spouse. 

Soul ties can also come from close friendships that did not end well, and also you can be stuck in a ‘blood covenant’ with someone if you did a ‘blood sisters’ as a kid. Like you pricked your thumb and pressed your blood with another person as a gimmick. Not good, God looks at that as a covenant, and so does the enemy. You can break that off with a simple prayer.  Also you can ask Jesus to apply His blood over anything that is out there that you gave to the other person and break the soul tie off that. 

Soul Tie Covenants can also be connected to people you were employed by and any kind of agreement you signed to do that job or project – break off all agreements and your signature off that document (such as a non-compete) erased with the Blood of Jesus in heaven and on earth. This could be holding back financial and other blessings toward your purpose.

Ungodly Soul ties and items from any sinful relationships can also open door to the kingdom of darkness in your home and marriage – remove, trash, burn them asap.  

NOTE: Spiritual housecleaning includes removing toxic relationships and also friendships that cause you to sin or those who try to drag you down or pull you backwards in your faith walk. Do not throw your pearls to the swine anymore. It’s time to walk away. I have done this with many relationships. I even wrote them goodbye letters. Some I had to block on social media. That was my old life and I will not allow anyone to try to pull me back or discourage me or mock my faith. I forgive them, bless them and block them.

JEWELRY, FURNITURE, VALUABLE ITEMS: If the soul tie item is an expensive item, The word of God says to actually burn these items even if they are of value, however we do have the powerful Blood of Jesus. You can repent for keeping them all this time, cut and sever all soul ties to that person with the sword of the spirit of God , lift the items up to God give them to God, consecrate them to God and plead the blood of Jesus over your sin and the item, ask the Lord to cleanse it  and sanctify it with His blood, and remove all curses and demonic assignments off them in Jesus name. if you have anointing oil you can also anoint them and bless them for the next person who will buy it. Take the money you make and make an offering of the first part of it to the Lord as gratitude for His forgiveness grace and mercy.  God did tell Joshua to give HIM the silver and gold plunder from the FIRST victory at Jericho.  But God did not want the Idols – He told them to heap them up and burn them!!   I would only sell items that don’t have any occult symbols on them!  Trash or burn anything with the occult and repent repent repent!


IDOLS OR DEMONIC DECOR: If the item is an idol or has a demonic/occult design do not sell these!  Burn them or smash and trash them!  Repent for having them and break their demonic power off your home and life with the Blood of Jesus.  See the list below for these type objects.


HIDDEN DEMONIC ATTACHMENTS: Furniture that had idol worship on it, items used in violent or criminal acts, mirrors used in witchcraft or curses spoken over it, jewelry used in robbery, family jewelry with bloodline curses, SOUVENIRS from foreign lands where witch doctors and voodoo is still practiced. (These souvenirs may look harmless, but these witch doctors put curses on them and un-knowingly tourists buy them and bring a curse into their home!) Also check stuff bought at antique or consignment stores/yard sales – you must ask the Holy Spirit to reveal if there are curses attached, hold it up to God and ask for revelation and confirmation.  I used to love to shop at yard sales, thrift shops and consignment stores, BUT now that I know what I know – I try to never buy anything from those places anymore, especially furniture or jewelry!   Years ago I had a consignment shop I used to go to all the time.  I loved the shabby chic look in my home design so I wanted to create a sink for my bathroom made out of an antique dresser.  I found the one I wanted and waited for weeks for it to go on sale. I went back there one day with a wonderful Christian girl who used to work for me, I bought it and she helped me load it in my van and bring it home.  I did not know the dresser was cursed.  I put it in my bathroom ready to convert it to a vanity sink.  Immediately I had a huge ugly fallout with this wonderful girl who worked for me.  It was terrible.  We had never had a problem before – she was so sweet and I had loved her and her work.  She left in tears.  Then all kinds of strife began in my home with my family. My cats were even creeped out by it and would hiss when they walked by the dresser sometimes.  This went on for years and something kept happening to where financially we could not finish the bathroom.  I then moved the dresser to my teen daughter’s room – she needed the drawer space.  Almost immediately I saw a change in her, she started getting rid of her cute clothes and started wanting to buy dark type clothes with skulls and stuff like that on them and filling those drawers up with that stuff in that dresser!  One day I was reading Jeanette Strauss’ book – Redeem Your Home.  She talked about demonic attachments on furniture.  I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to go look at that dresser and stare at it. So I did – my spiritual eyes were opened!  I saw that there had been Idol worship on top of that dresser before I got it!  I was shocked!  It all made sense!  I went to my daughters room and I calmly told her I would be buying her new furniture.  I did not tell her why, I made a fun shopping trip with her and we got all (brand new) stuff for her room, Then removed the cursed one out, did the prayers of repentance!!  We saw a change and shift for the better almost immediately when it was gone. I reached out to that Christian girl who used to work with me and we reconciled in forgiveness.  Thank you Holy Spirit!  


OTHER PEOPLE’S STUFF THAT LIVE WITH YOU: If the cursed or demonic item belongs to another person (such as your child or spouse), ask the Lord for grace and mercy for them and you, cover your home and everything in it in the Blood of Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to go and convict that person to remove the items. Your children if small will be better about the stuff being removed – having a gentle talk with them, teens and other adults can be difficult, so you need my Holy Spirit prayer (see below.)


KID SAFETY FROM DEMONS:  The ‘virtual games’ are a demonic portal for kids and your house. Like anime’ and anything where they set up an online house or hotel. You can repent for allowing them to play it and commanding any familiar spirits or demons to leave! First cut them off your kids with your sword of the spirit, bind them and command them to leave now, ask your Angelic Hosts of Heaven or Almighty God that are assigned to you to arrest and chain up these demons and familiar spirits and take them to the dry place! Cleanse and seal your kids and your house and computers in the Blood of Jesus and close up any place they came in with the fire of the holy spirit and forbid them from ever returning in Jesus name (make sure no games or stuff from them are around or left) I am asking the Holy Spirit to reveal and remove w angelic help.) The deal with video games and virtual reality is if they “become” a character so that’s what God was showing me.  This is a quenching of their identity in Christ.  Make sure you invite the Holy Spirit to come and take over that place forever!


VIOLENT OR DEMONIC VIDEO GAMES PLAYED BY TEENS OR SPOUSE: Plead the blood of Jesus over them and the game. Send the Holy Spirit to hover over them and begin a work in them to guide him to the truth. Ask the Father for grace and mercy over you and your loved one and home and angelic protection while the Holy Spirit does a work in them to see the truth.


I want to be clear. If you live in a house with other people, you cannot remove their ungodly or cursed things from the house unless they agree to it and you cannot “push” or “convince” them. They must be led by the Holy Spirit. You remove your own things what you have control over in your home. Even with your kids, this is a process and you need to send the Holy Spirit ahead of you to work on opening their eyes first. They can witness you doing it with your own stuff and get them thinking – you can say, “I am getting rid of this stuff because I really love Jesus and I don’t want anything that would not honor Him around me, and in my space. I also don’t want anything in my space that has anything evil attached to it because that could be holding back my blessing!” (then when your blessings and breakthroughs come you make a big deal of it right in front of everyone “Praise God! My blessing is here – I knew if I got rid of that stuff miracles would come!” (get what I am saying here? ) they need to WITNESS to the glory of God operating in what you are doing – it makes them think and you can keep sending the Holy Spirit to work on them.




(Mom Tip) When they are not around, you can pray over and anoint the kids computer where they play the games – phones, internet modem etc – See the end of this teaching on how to anoint the objects and your home.




How to send the Holy Spirit to a loved one – Pray: “Holy Spirit, my helper in all things, I send you to my loved one __________ to do a work in them.  Hover over them and do creative miracles in them.  I ask you Holy Spirit to reveal to them the activities, things and items in their lives that do not honor God.  Convict them in their hearts to remove forever these unholy and ungodly activities and items out of their lives and reveal the love, grace and mercy of Father God – fill those places where those items and activities were with your Holy Spirit. I place the Blood of Jesus on every portal, gate or door where those demonic assignments were operating around my loved one and close those demonic portals, gates and doors forever and seal it with the Blood of Jesus! Holy Spirit, I ask you Now to  Point ___________ to Jesus Christ to desire Him and to lead a life that reveals life, light and truth in Christ Jesus. I declare Jeremiah 24:7 over my loved one _______ that God is giving them a heart to know Him right now!  I am in faithful expectation to see your miracle working power Holy Spirit in my loved one. Help me to work with You Holy Spirit to be an example to them, give me the words to speak to them that will stir their hearts to love all things that magnify our Father God, In Jesus mighty name, Amen.”




  • Horror, murder and crime movies/dvd’s
  • Vampire movies/vampire romance novels
  • Harry Potter Books/dvd’s (or anything with sorcery or magic)
  • Yoga Books/ dvd’s (yoga is based on occult worship)
  • Pornographic movies, DVD’s. magazines, books, 50 Shades of Grey (sexual fantasy) etc
  • Tribal Decor – Dream Catchers, Voodoo, Totems, Indian wedding vases, Kachina Dolls, African Masks
  • Wooden Carved items with tribal faces or animal spirit gods (souvenirs from vacations) 
  • Mexican sun god decor, Mayan or Aztec
  • Anything New Age or Occult /Witchcraft (crystals, books, decor or clothing with symbols upside down star, hindu elephants or, ying/yang symbol etc)
  • Occult /decor, buddha’s etc incense holders that burned incense to false gods
  • Statues and pictures of catholic saints, rosary or prayer beads, candles to saints
  • Demonic video games  – Dungeons and Dragons etc     
  • Demonic music/CD’s/records (rock bands such as black sabbath, AC/DC etc)
  • Personal items from a former owner of the house (possible curse or negative attachment) such as finding old whiskey bottles (alcoholism) etc
  • Good luck charms, rabbits feet, clovers, horseshoe on the wall for luck, anything you wear/display for luck – repent and throw away
  • Soul tie items from former lovers or former close relationships, jewelry, rings, gifts, love letters, emails, texts (remove/delete)
  • Furniture that may have had idol worship on it or was in a house before you that was cursed (ask the Holy Spirit to reveal) 
  • Guns or knives/weapons that may have been used in a murder or blood sacrifice (ask the Holy Spirit to reveal)
  • Death related decor/items  – skulls etc
  • Masonic (freemasons) cult items (this will have to go through the courts of heaven if you were a freemason or had someone in your bloodline that was a mason) See my “breaking unholy covenants prayer”
  • Water witching rods, energy related pendulums, ouji boards, mood rings, magic 8 balls that are used to answer questions (witchcraft, magic or sorcery)
  • Collections/decor that include occult characters, fairies, dragons, smurfs, goblins, elves, mermaids, monsters, vampires etc
  • Angel decor items that are female (no angel in the bible is female they are all masculine names)
  • DELETE Old social media posts, files on computers, apps on phones that are sexual, profanity, ungodly, dark, new age, magical or occult. Remove any subscriptions to pages or channels that are new age or occult – “energy healing, chakras, law of attraction, hypnosis, past lives, reincarnation, psychics, angel numerology, etc” 
  • Remove anything related to Halloween
  • Remove Starbucks Coffee and anything to do with it (demonic water spirit – mermaid goddess symbol)



1.) Repentance –  Pray out loud:  “Father God, I come before you now to repent for my sin of allowing this cursed and detestable thing _________ to be in my home and in my life.  I am sorry Father for sinning against You and Your word.  I want to honor You Father God with everything in my life.  I am asking You Father for forgiveness, grace and mercy.  I am grateful for the finished work on the Cross of Your Son Jesus Christ and His shed blood that redeems me and is my only defense and covering for my sins.  Lord Jesus, please cover my sins with Your Blood, wash them clean off of me and off my soul. Thank You Jesus for Your Blood.  Father, according to Your word in Hebrews 8:12 that You will forgive my iniquities and will remember my sins no more. And you will do this for Your sake Father God.  I ask that my sins that I have repented of here today is remembered no more, and wiped from the record books of Heaven by the Blood of Jesus.  Thank You Father for Your Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness.  In Jesus Name, Amen”

2.) Remove and Renounce  – Pray Out Loud:  “Father God,  In the name of Jesus I am removing this sinful, cursed and detestable thing _____________ from my home and life forever. I renounce, nullify and cancel any words, agreements, money transactions and soul ties connected with it.  I place this ____________ in the Blood of Jesus!  Lord Jesus release the power of Your Blood!  Your Blood Lord destroys all darkness!  I cleanse myself, and every person, place or thing that touched this ___________ with Your Blood Jesus!   The enemy is helpless against your blood Lord and must leave.    I now take my sword of the Spirit that You have given me according to Your Word in Ephesians 6:17 and I cut and sever all soul ties, curses, witchcraft, demons and demonic assignments attached to this ____________________OFF of me, my family, my home and my life right now in the Name of Jesus (make a cutting motion in the spirit with your sword).  I Now command all UNGODLY soul ties, curses, witchcraft, demons, familiar spirits and demonic assignments to leave my house and family NOW in Jesus name!  I take my authority in Jesus Christ, in Whom I am seated, and I renounce anything from the kingdom of darkness that has been operating in my home, I nullify all demonic assignments and break all your power, bind you and command ALL these things from the kingdom of darkness to leave now, GET OUT and go to the uninhabited dry place in the Name and Authority of Jesus Christ and by the power of His Blood!!  I thank my LORD Jesus Christ, the ONLY Lord I serve and  I ask you Lord JESUS to send Your Heavenly Hosts and Warrior Angels to arrest, shackle and chain up these demons, their assignments  and their curses, pull down all demonic strongholds and platforms and release the fire of God against them!    I close the door forever to all ungodly soul ties, curses, witchcraft, demons and demonic assignments and seal this door in the Blood of Jesus Christ.  Father, raise up a hedge of your Holy Fire of protection around me and my home. Let your Holy Ghost Fire come now into my home and around my family to burn up any remnant of the kingdom of darkness in the spirit realm.  Holy Spirit fill every empty place these soul ties, curses, witchcraft, demons and demonic assignments vacated and stand hold there in Jesus name!  THE ONLY SPIRIT IN MY HOME IS THE HOLY SPIRIT FROM THIS DAY FORWARD IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME!”

Any item connected with witchcraft or the occult should be trashed or burned. If the item is something you can sell or give away, you can ask God to sanctify it, plead the blood over it and and bless it for the next person. You must do prayer 1 and 2 before you can do the Sanctification and Anointing of the item.

Sanctification and Anointing of an Item – Pray Out Loud:  “Father God, I lift up this item ___________ and I offer it up to You Almighty God, Creator of The Universe in Whom all things were made!  I surrender this item to You Father and into Your Kingdom.  I consecrate and dedicate this item ________ to you Father and ask You to Bless it and Sanctify it.  I plead the Blood of Jesus over this item ___________. Lord Jesus release the power of your Blood and destroy all darkness on this item, wash it clean.   Restore it Lord to You.   I take my anointing oil that I have also dedicated to you Lord,  I anoint this item __________ with the oil of the Holy Spirit and the Blood of Jesus Christ.  I bless this item _________ in the Name of Jesus.  I decree that this item is now blessed of God ________ will now to be used for the plans and purposes of Almighty God and for Your Glory Father God.  Let the next person who has this item be blessed and highly favored Father and let this item now carry your anointing of your Holy Spirit in Jesus Mighty Name,  Amen”



(Each individual in your family should pray this out loud.)

“Father God, I come before you to confirm by faith that I stand on and agree with YOUR word now fully according to Galatians 2:20, That I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. Therefore, Father God, my testimony is this: Through the blood of Jesus Christ, I am redeemed out of the hand of the devil, Spirit, soul and body, I belong to Jesus Christ, Sanctified and set apart to You Father God by the blood of Jesus. Thank You Jesus, that Your blood speaks for me before our Father God night and day on the mercy seat! Thank You Father for Grace and Mercy! Father God I come before you and I renounce, rebuke, revoke and cancel all unholy covenants I have ever made in my life, and the lives of my ancestors going all the way back to Adam and Eve in Jesus Name! I repent, Father God for these unholy covenants in my life and my ancestors lives and I ask for Your Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness! Lord Jesus wash away my sins with your blood and wash my ancestral bloodline clean with your precious blood Lord Jesus! I decree today the only Covenant I am in from this day forward is one HOLY Covenant with Almighty God through the Blood Of Jesus Christ! I also decree this over my bloodline in Jesus name! Father God I ask that all records of unholy covenants be wiped off my record books and the record books of my ancestors in the Courts of Heaven by the Blood of Jesus and remembered no more for Your Sake! In Jesus Name! I ask that the NEW HOLY COVENANT that I have with You Father God through Jesus Christ is written and decreed in my record books in Heaven, and this record of repentance is made available for all my future court appearances in Your Holy Courts Father God from this day forward in Jesus name, AMEN!”

Time for you to get FREE of all unholy entanglements that would try to hold back your divine destiny!  It’s time for great blessings and breakthroughs to come forth in your life, family, household, finances, ministry and business!  Whooo hooooo!!!

Love, Coach Annamarie Strawhand

Watch MY  full video teaching here on breaking off all ungodly and unholy covenants:



Book with Anointing Oil – Redeem Your Home By Jeanette Strauss

How to send The Hosts Of Heaven, Heaven’s Army To Pull Down Strongholds in your Life By Kat Kerr:

Prayers That Rout Demons By Apostle John Eckhardt  (play recording out loud in home)

Sound The Shofar (play recording on loop in home) The sound of the Shofar is the Trumpeting Voice of God and demons hate it – it’s God’s frequency and sends the demonic realm into confusion.   When sounding the Shofar decree:  “Sound the Shofar, Yahweh is fighting for us! Lord, scatter my enemies and drive them out just like you did for Gideon in Jesus name!  I decree the battle is the Lord’s and the King of Glory, Lord of Hosts is Here!  Jesus Christ is VICTOR! Every knee must BOW to the Lordship of Jesus Christ! I decree that the frequency of the VOICE of ALMIGHTY GOD is the only Frequency allowed in this house in Jesus name!”

Shofar recording:

Home Blessing (Aaronic Priestly Blessing) Learn the importance of it here:

Play out loud in your home first in Hebrew then in English – recording:

Dedicate, Bless and Anoint your home, yourself/children/animals and possessions with oil: You can use olive oil or anointing oil from the biblical recipe given By God.  The important thing is that the oil has been prayed over and dedicated to God. 

I have also used this oil from Jerusalem:

How to anoint your home – this is me anointing my front door and teaching on this


How To Pray Over and Apply Anointing Oil

How To Pray Over and Apply Anointing Oil

I love anointing oils and I have been using them for the last five years or so since the Holy Spirit began teaching me the importance of the anointing ourselves, our children and our homes with oil that has been specifically dedicated to God.

For Christians we must understand that anointing a person, home or something in your house with oil is not a ‘religious ritual’.  The anointing with oil is a prophetic act of faith.

When you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you become part of His priesthood. You have been made a King and a Priest through Christ Jesus.

The book of Hebrews Chapter 7 refers to Jesus as a King and a Priest of the order of Melchizedek.  In the book of Genesis, Melchizedek was the King of Salem. Abraham brought his tithes to Melchizedek, then Melchizedek brought out bread and wine, and did both priestly and kingly duties for his people and Abraham.  Melchizedek had authority in both ministry, marketplace and even more.  This is who we are of God’s Kingdom.


This what Jesus did for us, gave us this authority.  Priests were called to anoint the sick, anoint a home or livestock and and most of all anoint a King or leader that God had chosen and set aside for a special purpose for God’s plans – such as young David the shepherd boy who went on to become King David.  So when you anoint something by faith, you are performing your priestly duty according to the word of God.




I have spoken these prayers that I have for you below to pray over your oil and consecrate it to God.  Also the declaration to speak when you apply the oil.


Prayer over your anointing oil: (Do this before anointing anything)


1.) Take your oil out of the box and before taking off the cap, lift the oil and bottle up to God.



2.) Pray out loud over the oil and the bottle:  “Father God, Thank You for this oil to be used for anointing.  In Jesus name, I lift up this oil and the bottle that it is in and dedicate it and consecrate it to You Almighty God and to Your Kingdom.  Lord Jesus, I place this oil and the bottle in your precious Blood.  Lord Jesus I ask You to release the power of Your blood over this oil and sanctify it.  Your blood Lord breaks all curses and demonic assignments now off this oil and cleanses and destroys all darkness.   Through the Blood of Jesus I declare this Anointing Oil is now redeemed out of the hand of the devil and into the hand of God,  set aside for the plans and purposes of God all for the Glory of God by the Blood of Jesus!  Thank you Jesus for the power of Your Blood now activated on this oil and this bottle is now made pure and holy for anointing purposes by the Blood of Jesus Christ.  Father God I ask You to to Bless this oil and pour your Holy Spirit upon and into this oil.  Holy Spirit I invite you to take over this oil in Jesus name and everywhere this oil touches from this day forward releases Your Dunamis  Power,  Protection,  Healing, and Divine Presence of Your Holy Spirit is fully and divinely activated upon this oil.  Father God, Your Word says in Zechariah 4:6 “This [continuous supply of oil] is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel [prince of Judah], saying, ‘Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit [of whom the oil is a symbol],’ says the Lord of hosts.” Therefore by faith and by my own Authority in Jesus Christ given to me according to the Word of God and the Finished Work of the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ I proclaim that Your Holy Spirit, Father God is now activated upon this oil and every place it is poured, applied, everywhere it touches and passes near shall release the Power of Your Holy Spirit.   In Jesus name I call this oil blessed, holy, sanctified and set aside to be used only for the plans and purposes of God and of the Kingdom and the Glory of God in Jesus Name, Amen!”


3.) Now plan where you are going to apply the oil.  It’s a good idea before you begin your priestly duties of anointing to get “suited up“.  This is taking your seat of authority in Christ, and putting on your armor of God, You can find my “suit up” prayers here.


4.) Do the prophetic act of anointing now by faith and by your priestly authority in Jesus Christ.


Anointing a person:
Decree out loud when anointing a person: (apply to forehead, back of neck, hands and feet)


“Father God, In the name of Jesus Christ I anoint this person ___________ with this Holy Anointing Oil.  I dedicate and consecrate this person _____________soul, spirit, mind and body to You Father God!  I place this person _________ in the Blood of Jesus Christ.  Lord Jesus release the power of Your blood over __________.  Your Blood Lord, destroys all darkness and brings Your Glory Light!    I invite the power of the Holy Spirit to come now and be activated now in and on this person _________________in Jesus name.  I decree Your word Father God over ________ now that the anointing breaks the yoke (annoint back of neck).  In Jesus name I command every yoke of bondage, slavery, infirmity and discord to shatter off _____________right now in Jesus name!  I declare that __________________is only yoked to Jesus Christ from this day forward and His burden is easy and light.  Father God by faith we believe that this anointing over ___________that your Holy Spirit, Kingdom and Glory is now activated over them.  That ___________________is now dedicated and set aside for the plans and purposes of Almighty God in Jesus name!  Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, in ______________ and in ________________life on earth as it is in heaven, In Jesus name.  Thank you Father God, thank you Lord Jesus, Thank You Holy Spirit we are in faithful expectation to see the Glory of God come now upon _____________.  Amen!” (praise and thank God and if the person you are anointing is able, have them come into agreement with this prayer and praise God with you)


NOTE: When anointing the sick, you can anoint the specific effected areas and invite the Holy Spirit to take over those areas and restore them to their divine order in Jesus name.


Children: When you anoint your children and dedicate them to God this is good to do right before bedtime.
I would anoint my child’s head and feet at night to help her sleep, dedicate her sleep and dreams to God and speak scripture over her.  I would anoint her forehead and declare she has the Mind of Christ and that all her thoughts are good, pleasing and in the will of God and the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ is upon her.  I would anoint over her heart and decree:  “Father God, according to your word in Jeremiah 24:7  You are giving my child a heart to know You.”  I would anoint her feet and decree: “These are the beautiful feet that stand upon the mountain and proclaim the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”   Children love to be anointed and prayed over and soon they will be asking you to do this every night because they feel the presence of God!  I have had so many Moms and Dads that I have mentored do this over their children and have made it a special bedtime blessing. (when you buy the anointing oils pick out a scent the children would enjoy, that is soothing and help them sleep, like frankincense & myrrh) You can teach them how Jesus was anointed and how he loved it (John 11:2).  You can teach your children about the anointing and they will someday do this for their own children.   You can also anoint a baby and speak these same words.  The power of the Holy Spirit will be released upon your children and their lives.


Anointing a home/land:
Apply the prayed over oil to the ground on the corners of your property, your gates, the end of your driveway, your mailbox and even any outbuildings. I also apply to the corners of my garden and around any fruit bearing trees.  You should always take communion on your land first before you do the anointing and repent for any sins on the land.  It’s the blood (communion) that will cleanse the land of any curses.  Learn how to take communion on the land here.  After taking communion on the land, then you can dedicate the land to God by the oil.


Decree for anointing the Land:

Prayer as you pour oil on the borders and gate areas of the property and all four corners and over the main doors of all buildings on the land.
“Father God, thank you for this land.  I dedicate and consecrate this Land to you Father God!  I claim this land and all this property and all its gates and buildings here  ___________( say the address of the land here or the name of the land) for Your plans and purposes Father God in Jesus name.  Father I ask you to bless this land and all who live and work here that they shall be fruitful and prosperous.  I invite You Holy Spirit to come upon this land and dwell here! Holy Spirit, come, hover over this land and pour out your breath of life on this land and do creative miracles, restore this land to it’s divine order In Jesus name!  I bless this land, and bless all who dwell here!  I decree on earth as it is in Heaven for this land in Jesus name!  Father God, I ask you to station Sentry Angels to keep watch over and protect this land and property at its gates and borders with their fiery swords and shields!  Let the anointing of Your Holy Spirit come upon this land and the fruit of the Holy Spirit come forth now in abundance from this Land from this day forward in Jesus name!  Father God, Your Kingdom and Glory be the covering of this Land forevermore in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!”   (While applying the oil you can prophesy over the land, what you want to build and grow there)


Decree for anointing your Home:  The anointing oil is to be applied over every door and window inside your home, or at least every main doorway. Decree as you anoint – pour some on your fingertips and apply with a swiping motion to the tops and corners of the doors and windows, I also do the window sills and the sides of the door frames:

“Father God, In the name and authority of Jesus Christ and by the Power of Your Holy Spirit with this oil I dedicate and consecrate this home to You Father God!   I thank You for this Home Father God and I ask you to bless this Home and I decree that this home is now set aside for YOUR plans and purposes Almighty God.  I place this house in the Blood of Jesus Christ, and I plead the blood of Jesus over every door and window,  Lord Jesus release the power of Your blood over this house.  Your Blood Lord, destroys all darkness and brings your light and purity.  I invite You Lord Jesus to take over every room in this house.  I invite You Holy Spirit to come now and fill every room and every inch of this home in Jesus name!  Father God bless this home and everyone in it, bless it from the very bottom to the very top in Jesus name. Your Kingdom come Father God,  in this Home as it is in Heaven. Let the anointing of the Holy Spirit be activated in this home and stay here forever Holy Spirit You are welcome here!  Come Holy Spirit and dwell with us here in Jesus name!   Let every yoke of slavery, bondage, strife, infirmity and discord be destroyed forever off this place in Jesus name!  The anointing breaks the yoke!  This home and this family is only yoked to Jesus Christ and His burden is easy and light!   Father God I decree Your Blessing over this home and all who dwell here as You spoke over Your people in Israel according to Numbers 6:22,  The Lord bless thee, and keep thee, The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.   I declare Your Glory God is now the covering of this Home from this day forward in Jesus name, Amen!”


Decree when anointing an item: We buy things and bring them into our home without realizing where they could have been before. We should anoint main things in our home, our beds (all four corners), our furniture, mirrors, TV’s computers, I even anoint my internet modem and my phone (communications coming into your home) .  I especially anoint anything the Holy Spirit points out to me that’s questionable like antiques or anything second hand.  Now take your oil and dab some on the top corners, and bottom corners of the item.
Pray: “Father God I thank you for this _____________.  (apply the oil with your finger tips/hands on the item as you pray) In the name of Jesus Christ I dedicate and consecrate this ____________to You Father God and declare it is designated and set aside for your plans and purposes from this day forward.  I place this ________________in the Blood of Jesus Christ, Lord Jesus release the power of Your blood over this _____________. Your blood Lord Jesus destroys all darkness, breaks all curses and demonic assignments.  By the blood of Jesus this ______________is now sanctified.  I anoint this ______________ in the name of Jesus and I invite You Holy Spirit to come upon this ______________ with your power, protection and presence.  Father God, bless this ______________ and let it be used only for your Glory in Jesus name, Amen.”


Decree when anointing pets and livestock: I have anointed my pets and our horse, Pongo (that took a full bottle!) I have also anointed their pet beds and Pongo’s barn, stall and pasture gates!  You might be thinking wow, that might be extreme to anoint your animals.  Actually in the Hebrew culture, God’s Chosen People, the anointing of the oil BEGAN with pouring oil with spices and herbs on the lambs and sheep to keep off the fleas and parasites.  This is why God does everything He does so His people, an agricultural people – could understand the meaning behind things!  When God told Moses the recipe for His Holy Anointing oil, they would have already understood the meaning behind that and had many of these spices and oil readily available.  Also, “Christ” means “anointed one”.  Jesus is also the Lamb of God.  Amazingly prophetic how God connects all these meanings of things and it’s not by mistake.  I went into prayer about anointing my animals and that very next day God showed me about the Hebrew shepherds pouring oil on their sheep to confirm I must do this too!


Pray over your pet or animal while anointing their head, their feet and their tail or back.
“Father God, Thank you for this pet / animal _____________________ that you have brought to my household.     In the name of Jesus Christ I anoint ______________ now and dedicate and consecrate _____________to You Almighty God for Your plans and purposes.  I ask for Your Holy Spirit, who created _______________to now come upon ____________ and do creative miracles (healing if needed)  and make them healthy and whole in mind, body and spirit.  Bless ______ and give _______________your protection, favor, peace, joy and Glory covering in Jesus name, Amen.”


I anointed my dog. “Junior”  when he is afraid of thunderstorms and asked the presence and peace of the Holy Spirit to come upon him.


For our Rescue Horse, “Pongo” – we don’t know much of his past before we saved him from the auction pens,  but we know by some of his fears and some of his scars on his back end that he may have had a traumatic thing happen to him.  I anointed him on his head, back and over his scars and commanded all those fears and memories to leave him in Jesus name and for the Holy Spirit to come upon him and do creative miracles in his mind, body and spirit, and restore him to divine wholeness that he will be a blessing for the Kingdom of God.
Animals do not have a soul like we do, but they have a spirit, and yes, they do go to heaven and wait for us if we have accepted salvation from Jesus Christ.  These animals are part of our household. We are promised in the word of God that “you and your household shall be saved”.  That is why when you anoint your pets and livestock proclaim them as part of your household and dedicate your household to God.  I take God at His word.


I have seen amazing changes in my pets since anointing them and our horse Pongo is so much calmer and trusting now.  Thank you Holy Spirit!


Remember the Holy Spirit with the Word (Jesus Christ) brings creative power. This is how God created life on the earth!  In the Book of Genesis,  The Holy Spirit hovered and God spoke creation into the Spirit!   By the authority of Jesus Christ that has been given to us (Ephesians Chapter 1-2) we speak these decrees in faith while inviting the Holy Spirit to come.  That’s when the Glory is activated and we see miracles, signs and wonders!  I feel God’s love for His creation when I anoint my animals. I feel God’s love for my child when I anoint her.


Decree when anointing a gift for another person:  I love to pray over and anoint a gift before I give or send it out to a person.  I also pray and anoint every book that I autograph and send out as an author and ask the presence of the Holy Spirit to come upon that book to bless the reader.  Again, by anointing that gift you are doing a prophetic act of faith and the power of the Holy Spirit comes upon that item and sets it aside for God to do a wonderful work through that anointing.  The Apostle Paul, prayed and anointed ‘handkerchiefs’ and they were sent to the sick and they got healed. (Acts 19:12)  The anointing (the Holy Spirit) was on Paul so powerfully because he had dedicated and consecrated his life to God, so if a person is anointed and set aside for God, that power of the Holy Spirit is on them, and even when an item touched Paul the anointing was released.  So it’s not the oil, its the power of the Holy Spirit that touches the oil, and when another touches it that power is released.  You are giving the Gift of the Spirit!


Pray this over your gift before you give it to the person or mail it.  I just dab a little oil around the corners of the gift and make sure my hands are anointed as I hold it up to God.


Prayer over anointing a gift: “Father God,  Thank You for this gift I am about to give to __________.  I dedicate and consecrate this gift to You Father God.  I place this gift in the Blood of Jesus Christ.  Lord Jesus release the power of Your blood over this gift.  Your Blood Lord, destroys all darkness and brings your Glory light.  Let the light of the Lord Jesus Christ be upon this gift and bring joy, peace, prosperity, favor and blessing to the person who receives it.  I anoint this gift and ask the Power of the Holy Spirit to come upon this gift.  I bless the gift, and I bless the Gift Giver.  You are the Gift Giver Father God, and your word says that every good gift comes from You.  I decree with this anointing now upon this gift, it is a good gift that comes from You Father God – and the recipient _______ will feel and receive Your presence, love and care for them with this gift by the power of your Holy Spirit that is now upon this gift through the anointing, in Jesus name Amen.”


Decree when Anointing Yourself:
Long version: “Father God,  I thank You for creating me and your plans and purposes for my life.  In the name of Jesus Christ I anoint myself from the top of my head to the soles of my feet with this Holy Anointing Oil.  (rub oil on forehead/temples)  I dedicate and consecrate my soul, spirit, mind and body to You Father God!  I place myself in the Blood of Jesus Christ.  Lord Jesus release the power of Your blood over me.  Your Blood Lord, destroys all darkness and brings Your Glory Light!    I invite the power of the Holy Spirit to come now and be activated now upon me in Jesus name.  I command my soul, mind, body and spirit to come into alignment with the Holy Spirit now in Jesus name!  I decree Your word Father God over myself now that the anointing breaks the yoke (rub oil on back of neck/shoulders).  In Jesus name I command every yoke of bondage, slavery, infirmity and discord to shatter off me right now in Jesus name!  I declare that I am only yoked to Jesus Christ from this day forward and His burden is easy and light.  Father God by faith I believe that the anointing of  Your Holy Spirit, Kingdom and Glory is now activated upon me and my life. (dab oil on bottoms of feet)  I declare that I am fully dedicated, consecrated  and set aside for the plans and purposes of Almighty God in Jesus name!  Father God, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, in me and in my life on earth as it is in heaven, In Jesus name.  Thank you Father God, thank you Lord Jesus, Thank You Holy Spirit I am in faithful expectation to see the Glory of God come now upon me in Jesus name, Amen!”


Daily Refreshing Short version:  “Father God, thank you for the blessing of another day!  In Jesus Name,  I anoint myself  from the top of my head (anoint forehead or temples) to the soles of my feet  (anoint top of feet and center of the bottom) and I dedicate and consecrate myself, my life and all that I do today to You Father God for your Kingdom!   Holy Spirit I invite you to come upon me and fill me up with your Spirit, refresh me and activate Your Glory covering over me and in me!  Release the anointing of your Spirit upon everything I do and encounter today,  I decree the joy, peace, presence, favor and protection of the Lord surrounds me and goes before me today in Jesus Name. Amen”


Traveling with the anointing:
Many times when I travel, I anoint my vehicle (front and back bumpers and over each door) and when I go on land prayer assignments I anoint the tires on my vehicle so that the oil / anointing is released on the roads on the way there!  It’s like the oxen and the camels were anointed by God’s people coming to the Promised Land so we should do the same by faith.  I have peace that my vehicles and belongings are dedicated to God and the Holy Spirit has been invited to activate His Spirit, and where the presence of God is so are the angels of the Lord!  It’s protection and and the favor you will see in your life from doing this.  When I travel by airplane I anoint my luggage and carry-ons and I have some anointing oil on my hands and touch the entry door to the plane and my seat when I sit down and pray quietly dedicating the plane to God for a safe trip.  Remember those who are in Christ Jesus carry the Glory! EVERYWHERE you go!


The anointing (Holy Spirit presence)  loves adventure and surprises ….
I have a funny story about anointing my luggage on a flight trip from Virginia to New York.  I anointed my carry on bag and wheels with my prayed over anointing oil, and I declared anywhere these wheels touch and any contact the bag has with anyone I asked the Holy Spirit to release His anointing and His Spirit on contact.   I had a long layover in the Washington, DC airport and I went to the busy coffee shop in the airport to get a coffee, my bag in tow.  I ordered my coffee and a breakfast sandwich.  They messed up my sandwich so I had to go over to the side of the counter and wait while they made me a new one.  They called a number for a coffee order and a man came rushing up to get his order and bumped his rolling bag into mine.  I looked up and the man was CNN reporter Jim Acosta!  I gave him eye contact and he started apologizing for bumping into me and I said, “Oh that’s Ok” and I smiled.  Well, I will tell you I am not a fan of his reporting, but I felt the Holy Spirit strong and as Jim walked away with his coffee, I heard the Holy Spirit say to pray for him right now.  So I did.  I knew the anointing had been transferred onto his bag because I had asked God to do that before the trip!  So, now I can can keep asking God to activate His Holy Spirit to do a work in Jim’s life.   Once the anointing is applied it’s there forever activated in the Spirit realm.


God is amazing and the Holy Spirit loves to go on adventures with you especially when you travel, so when you get your anointing oils make sure you also get a travel size!


In my ‘anointing Holy Spirit adventures’  have prayed over and anointed homes, land and cars, wedding rings,  new babies and even the beds of those who have hosted me at their homes.  I love to do it and we have had so many wonderful breakthroughs and blessings that have come from this!


When you do a prophetic act of faith like this,  it pleases God.  Faith pleases God.  It’s also an act of obedience.  Obedience brings breakthrough.   One of my favorite verses to decree when anointing myself or another person is Isaiah 61.  This is the verse that Jesus spoke over Himself at the start of His ministry.  I encourage those going into ministry to also do this.  It’s very powerful.


Where to buy your anointing oils:
Note: Olive oil from your grocery store is sufficient for anointing purposes, because it is the prayer and decree that you speak in faith in Jesus name that activates the anointing of the Holy Spirit over the oil and where it’s applied.  The oil does not have the power, the spirit of the Living God has the power, by the authority of Jesus Christ, spoken by faith.  The Holy Spirit is activated on the oil and the place it is applied because of what you speak over it in faith in the name of Jesus Christ.


These are some oils and I love that they are from Israel and Olive trees grown where our Savior walked and ministered and did miracles and His Blood poured into the ground. To me that is very special and sacred.  We know that Jesus first bled into the ground in an olive grove – the Garden of Gesthemane near Jerusalem.  The word Gesthemane actually means ‘olive press’.  Jesus was being pressed when praying before his arrest and going to the cross.  To me that is very prophetic, confirming He was and is forever the Anointed One.  So yes, pure olive oils from Israel are the best to do anointing if you want to pray over them giving glory and honor to Jesus for what He suffered in the Garden.  Jesus will also return on the Mount of Olives facing the King’s Gate in Jerusalem, very near that same olive grove that is still there today!


I like to use different oils to do different things in my ministry.  I look for companies that sell anointing oil that are Judeo-Christian / Messianic Hebrew and pray over their oils, and also offer teachings on the oils on their websites.  I especially love anointing oil companies that are reverent to these important meanings of the olive oil surrounding ‘Yeshua’ Jesus Christ, and get the oil from Israel and pray over every part of it preparation process.  That is very meaningful, and gives the oil so much purity and sanctity.


My personal favorite to anoint myself, my head and feet before bed and in the morning The New Jerusalem Holy Anointing Oil – very soothing scent: 



Covenant and Intercession Oils I use for dedicating land, homes, intercession and other ministry needs I get from Abba Oils.


More variety of anointing oils for different personal uses from Israel:


Much Love,


For a deeper teaching on the anointing with oil watch my video here: